Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just a Little Music Saturday

Featuring Buddy Miller and Friends


  1. Good stuff Kenny, especially Buddy Miller! Sorry, missed this post last night when I was reading your site.

    The only two times I was in Tennessee I was attending the Bonnaroo Music Festival just outside Nashville. I went out there with some buddies both in '04 and '05. Man it was hotter than hell, but it was a blast! The event has largely sold now out days it seems, but it was a great atmosphere and crowd of people when I went.

  2. Bonnaroo is held about 35 miles from where I live. Never been but I know it's great. My big festival days are well in the past. It seems like there's always a hot spell just in time for the crowd.

  3. Right on Kenny, I'd like to make it back to Bonnaroo one of these days. Living out in California now may make it a bit more difficult...

    The first year was hotter than hell the first two days, then it stormed real bad. We missed the shows Saturday night because of the weather. We had to stay in the tent and chill out until it passed. We went back out late night though.

    The second year was just plain hot. Great time nonetheless. You better be prepared and tough as nails to make it through a weekend in the middle of the summer in Tennessee!