Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Favorite Nuclear Plant

We've been doing a little work near Al Gore's hometown of Carthage, Tennessee and very close to TVA's monument to folly, the Hartsville Nuclear Plant. That would be the one which after an untold amount of money, maybe a couple of billion, was spent in 7 years of construction on another one of those infamous GE boiling water reactors only to be shut down when TVA decided they didn't need the capacity.

It's a beautiful area with rolling hills, the Cumberland river and great farmland which was only until a few years a major tobacco growing area. Now the unused cooling tower stands as a surreal idol to corporate and government insanity, visible for miles especially when standing in an elevated location.

All I can say is ... whew, that was close.  Many of us were none too pleased with the thought of a nuke plant in our area. About 50 miles upriver from Nashville's drinking water, had it gone on line who knows what the outcome would have been. At the least, spent fuel rods would have been accumulating waiting for someone to figure out what to do with them and TVA's  power of eminent domain would have had giant transmission lines spreading out in all directions through the farmland.  The worst case scenario would be difficult to envision but we all know now what it could be.

Speculation of using the site as an industrial park and even as a private for profit prison never materialized so TVA is still spending a ton of money maintaining the complex which of course becomes part of our monthly electric bill.

Interesting stories about the site have become part of the local lore. Some have come up with it as a HAARP outpost. More about that here and here. I actually talked Sunday to an old friend who works for the same Hartsville radio station referred to in these articles and all he could say was the stories appear to have come from one source, his former boss at the station. It also seems that the alleged eyewitness accounts/recordings of strange goings on there have disappeared from the web so there's no confirmation. Still, you never know. The government possibly could be reluctant to let this expensive site go to waste.

As we were traveling alongside the Cumberland river yesterday, the conversation turned to how strong the currents are and that a swim across the river could well end up a death by drowning. It reminded me of what TVA has been reluctant to pursue ... run-of-river electric generation.  Small scale with some environmental impact but nothing compared to coal fired, large dams and nuclear power. With hundreds of miles of river currents not being utilized, why is this not being considered as an alternative?

Anyway, despite the eyesore that the giant cooling tower is upon the countryside, the Hartsville nuclear plant is still my favorite. It's the one that never came on-line.


  1. Hey Kenny,

    Reminds me of the plant that was 1/2 built (or more) in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, back in the late 70's early 80's.

    Boy, did those people think this was going to be a boom for the economy. But the truth is that many people lost a lot of money in speculation (buying up land, to resell after the prices go up). There was a small gain locally, but then they shut her down.

    To me, I was happy and said back then many times, I'll believe it when I see it. Same for the Rocket Plant they planned and the potential for a car plant (and all the other pipe dreams that were spewed).

    Now, it is hardly used at all, but at least they tore down the tower eye sore.

  2. Kenny, I'm MAD as HEll... "cause you didn't mention lady gag gag in the article.

    Why didn't you??!!

    juust kidding!! ☺☺

  3. Kenny

    The farmer/poet Wendell Berry in one of his many
    excellent books once noted the people who build
    these plants never live near them - no consequences
    to them.
    Thanks for site - many quality reads.
    From North Carolina


  4. Hey b'man, Do you think the shut down of these plants was due to the anticipated outsourcing of so much manufacturing that the capacity would not be needed?

    Stay safe. I've never seen such advance warnings of the super cells coming our way. 90% chance of tornadoes. Violent explosive dangerous are the terms being thrown out. Nashville's mayor has set up a 'war room' to try and deal with the potential disaster. We're having an extreme spring.

    Dave, thanks.

  5. thats a really nice nuclear powerplant mr sideshow,as we have recently found out that uranium and stuff is actually really good for us,why not turn it into a fantastic glow in the dark nursey,paint the tower all sorts of weird colors,polkadots and spirals and stuff,every kid for miles is going to want to go their,...well sounds good to me anyway

    respects neil

  6. You are doing a great job Kenny.

    Regards, Mouser

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    The zionists have always threatened to take the world down with them. This is one way of doing that(or at least severely damaging it). The real terrorists in Tel Aviv need to be stopped.

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  10. By the way are you alright up there Kenny? It looks like some more stuff headed your way.


  11. We made it through round 1 of the storms OK. Lots of damage around Murfreesboro. Round 2 coming soon. Tornado warnings around 75 miles to the SW heading this way.

    Phone, internet and cell phone connections are going in and out.

    I don't know but I'm not dismissing that these storms may be weather modification enhanced.

  12. Could be but they don't need any help though. Canadian and Russia researchers say earth wobble leading to super storms. (back to that pole shift thing)