Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The FBI is saving us from the terrorists - one entrapped dupe at a time

It only took two years for the FBI to get their confidential human source ("CHS") to convince two Iraqi men in Bowling Green KY to transfer inert weapons and alleged money from an FBI storage facility to an FBI tractor trailer and bust them for it. Good work fellows. I bet that was tough.

I especially liked the part where the "CHS" told the Iraqi guys that "these weapons are not only being sent to al Qaida, they are going to all Mujahidin. So you're not only serving one part, you're serving, I mean, Islam in all," and that they work for the "Hajji"" who "receives money from Osama Bin Laden." That must have gotten the Iraqis so excited  that they bragged of all kinds of attacks against U.S. troops they said they pulled off in their homeland between 2003 and 2006. These 'terrorist' guys even had the American slang down-pat with one saying they "fucked up Hummers with IEDs."

You can read the whole 'official story' in the links below. It's actually pretty funny if you're into that kind of humor.
-- Press Release from U.S. attorney for the Western District of Kentucky .

-- Alwan and Hammadi Indictment.

-- Criminal Complaint (Alwan).

-- Criminal Complaint (Hammadi).

Now the FBI can work two years on 'capturing' a couple of dupes but when comes to getting some very dangerous domestic terrorists they seem to fall short. I don't remember any indictments for the liars who sent us into Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya. Killing a million or more Muslims, stealing resources and enabling the heroin trade must be OK. Destruction of evidence at the crime scene of 9/11 would seem to be an indictable offense but the FBI must not think so. Wall Street is full of Bernie Madoff types but they just keep on keeping on. AIPAC is a foreign spy nest and bribers and intimidators of government officials but that kind of mobster activity is off limits to an FBI roundup.

Even when the FBI does its job as it did in arresting and detaining dozens of  Israelis on and right after 9/11, someone pulls the strings and no indictments are forthcoming.

It's lucky the FBI has a few dumb patsies they can chase around for years. Otherwise Congress could do  some deficit cutting at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue and we would never notice the difference.


  1. receives money from Osama Bin Laden

    How did they receive money from BL?

    Did the 'al CIA Duh' head send couriers loaded with cash into the USA and other nations?
    If so, how come all that dough wasn't detected by custom agents?

    Or did BL use banks to launder that money around the world?

    If so, then there's a digital money trail leading somewhere, so why not look into that?

    Because the PTB know where the money trail would lead to and that would muck up their decades long planned 'War of Terror.'

    What will happen first: The USSA declares victory in its war of terror or we implode from within from spending ourselves to death fighting these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel?'

  2. Is anybody surprised that now small town sheriffs are haphazardly putting people on terrorists lists? It is a real process to prove you should not be one either.

    "Abuse of National Crime Information Center (NCIC) background checks for personal use and/or without probable cause. La Paz County Republican Precinct Chairman Michael Roth maintains he was falsely arrested for "disorderly conduct" and placed on the FBI "terrorist watch list" for his outspoken criticism of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert."


  3. They probably figured the photo of Anthony Weiner's crotch wouldn't sufficiently scare people.

  4. http://thirteenthmonkey.blogspot.com/2011/06/e-coli-germany-bio-weapon.html

  5. http://www.activistpost.com/2011/06/embedding-youtube-videos-may-soon-be.html

    Soon may be a felony to embed youtube and possibly in the future linking to the great corporate news sites.