Saturday, May 14, 2011

In Full Bloom

Basak Savcigil
The Sideshow Group Exhibition

What a month! Even the best fiction writers could not come up with the scenarios we have seen and maintain any kind of believability.  But this is America and truth is in short supply. Big lies, little lies, multiple lies ... we take them in stride and move on. I've been looking for some local folks who are as outraged as I am but can't seem to find them. Silence is the rule. If we don't talk about what is actually going on then the problems must not exist. We 'got' Bin Laden so we're making progress is the common theme.

Levene Wong    

It's springtime and the "Idiocracy" of America is in full bloom. We are the sideshow exhibits and those who have the power of life and death gawk at us in amused scorn at just how stupid and gullible we actually are. 

Not everyone is a gullible idiot of course but being a 'truther' minority means in this case we are always going to be discriminated against and made to look foolish by not conforming to the prevailing deceptions. Being put in a jar of formaldehyde and preserved as an example of what happens to those who don't love their slavery may not be that far off an image. 

My grandson had a sort of  rite of passage last night, the high school prom. In his case it was where you pay $100 to rent a tux, $20 for the girl's small corsage and they didn't even get to have a live band, just the same old music industry promoted pop and country music that they hear daily on the radio. He had fun but it's over quickly, unlike another rite of passage that seems to go on and on ... the military recruiter. These lying pricks are allowed in the schools and pound on a young kid's head how it will make them a man and gain 'experience' along with some vague monetary incentives. What should be a no-brainer "Just Say No" or "Go Fuck Yourself" response to the death merchant too often turns into a "Sure, why not, I can't get a job anyway and you did say killing a few 'Mooslums' is our patriotic duty."

Just this morning I heard of a young Nashville Marine who was killed in Afghanistan and the lead line in the story was that he was doing what he was born to do. What? He was born to die in a foreign land in an illegal immoral war for the profit of bankers and war contractors? Born to be a pawn, yep, every kid's dream.

In other 'big' local news, Geert Wilders came to Nashville to stir the hatred and every fear mongering crazed neocon quack and Christian zionist whack job came out of the woodwork to praise this outside agitator and possible CIA/Mossad asset. Three days after his speech at a 'church' and the media is still going on about him but nary a peep from the presstitutes about the May 15 Nakba Day or the fraud of the 'jewish' state of Israel, without which, along with a few other zionist 'events' such as 9/11, the Islamophobia narrative would not even be taking place.

But maybe there is some good news. The managing director of the International Monetary Fund and expected Socialist candidate for the French presidency in 2012, jewish Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been arrested in New York  in the sexual attack of a maid at a Midtown Manhattan hotel. A criminal organization, the IMF, being run by a sexual criminal ... who could have guessed?  Big money will probably get this creep off.  After all, raping entire nations is his job and he gets by with that.

In another bit of good news, Israel firster and would be traitor Mike Huckabee has said no to running for president. I suppose he realized that even in America there aren't enough Republican fools to get him elected or maybe he didn't want to be the designated loser this time around.

Although we like Ron Paul's anti-federal reserve, non-intervention, anti-war, bring the troops home stance and without him that message will not be heard at all in the upcoming presidential cycle, he was disappointing in the minutes after his announcement yesterday when he just had to use the words holocaust and Nazis in response to some question by a shill reporter. He also can't get past the rhetoric of 'blowback' and that Bin Laden and arabs did 9/11. Paul is blasted by the left, the right and the middle and if you're going down, why not go down swinging with everything you've got. I'm stubborn. 9/11 is a root cause of the fascist downfall of this country and if one cannot speak the truth about it at least concerning what we do know and call for the real criminals to be brought to justice, it's hard to give them full support. Paul is playing within the system and as we all know ... the system is a failure for most of us and it cannot be changed by playing by the rules of those who have rigged the game.


  1. So the IMF's managing director is also the Socialist Party's candidate for president of France.....WTF?

    How did this incestuous relationship between the French "left" and the globalist bankers come about?

  2. Wow. Good stuff.

    - Bin Laden bs.
    - prom bs.
    - military-recruiter bs.
    - fear mongerers
    - IMF crime
    - Ron Paul, fool's gold.

    And to the anonymous commenter:

    Incest has been the rule since the International Monetary Fund was born. The IMF was begat by the supreme bankster Rothschilds long after they already controlled the money (and usually the whole government) of France, England, Italy, Austria, the USA, and others you'd care to name.

    Similarly, the World Bank. Likewise, all international banking.

    And by the way, what most people won't say is that the Rothschilds are self-described jews, as are their top henchmen around the world. Obama and the others are puppets.

  3. A Message For Ron PaulMay 15, 2011 at 2:15 AM

    Dear Mr Paul:

    Yes, the gold standard would make it more difficult for the government to borrow money but it would also make it more difficult for the little guy to borrow money too.

    In fact, workers and consumers would be hit much harder by the resulting credit contraction than the government would be.

    Instead of supporting an indiscriminately destructive gold standard, how about supporting a ban on usury?

    Usury, or lending at interest, is the real root cause of our nation's monetary problems and banning it would selectively remove the global banker parasites from the equation without harming the poor or middle class.

    Thank you.

  4. i saw this on facebook this morning:

    "Support Israel TODAY by changing your profile pic to the flag of Israel-- NOW through May 15th. 5-15 has been declared "The Third Palestinian Intifada". We support the great people of Israel! "

    of course followed by the moronic statements of support.

  5. The elimination of usury is perhaps the most taboo and misunderstood topic a candidate could bring forth. It will get them killed. I don't know that Dr. Paul has ever addressed this issue.

    It's really hard to discuss usury with the average person. Brainwashed and with no understanding of history, most cannot grasp the concept of banning it. Interest on debt is portrayed as normal and not for what it is ... theft and enslavement.

  6. Ron Paul, along with Dennis Kucinich, took principled stands against the war in Iraq from the very start, and both deserve a certain amount of respect for that. That being said, however, I think both are deeply flawed candidates. I'm kind of like you. If Paul can't even get through a speech without the customary,obligatory genuflecting to the Israel Lobby, and if he can't talk about "taboo" topics like 9-11--the very topics most direly in need of open discussion--then why bother to vote for him? Kucinich too, should he officially declare, will probably follow the same predictable pattern.

    Thanks for posting the link to the article on public gullibility. It's an interesting thesis.

  7. Of all the hurt that human hearts endure, there is little to be done by kings and queens to effect a cure.

    The dog has some interesting solutions

    "You’re a nation of nodwells. You don’t want the truth but the truth is looking for you. There’s no reverse gear on The Apocalypse. It’s full speed ahead."

  8. I like the comment "fools' gold" about Ron Paul. I supported him last time, and the last time. He would not fight to win, would not risk himself to speak the whole truth, and then left his supporters without his leadership in the end. All he could say was "we discussed a lot of good issues, so it was worth it to just be in the race." But he avoided the hard truth issues. To enter the race means to fight all the way to the end. He didn't. He even had sizable campaign money backing him up. What a deceptive waste for all his supporters.

  9. Great post and very good comments. Besides usury, the (legalized) act of private fractional reserve banking allows Rothschild and his counterfeiting IMF cronies (Warberg, Schiff, Oppenheimer etc.) to print all the money they need to control the politicians in 192 of 197 countries in the world.

    Fractional reserve banking is at least as much of a debt inslaving problem as usury.

    The entire khazarian zionist international banking system needs to be disbanded. IT is the fundamental cause of wars for profit and power, and of global poverty.

    Wars and poverty are being enacted on purpose by the criminal international banking elite.

    Their front man is Rothschild.


  10. Completely agreed about Ron Paul. Major fail on 9/11.

  11. "Fractional reserve banking is at least as much of a debt inslaving problem as usury."

    No, it's not.

    Fractional reserve banking is simply a red herring.

    That's why there's no taboo attached to it and Ron Paul isn't afraid to talk about it.

    Banning fractional reserve banking would have the same destructive effect as implementing a gold standard.

    It would hurt workers and consumers far more than it would hurt the government.

    And it wouldn't hurt the banker parasites at all.

    They'd still be raking in the sheckels.

  12. Yea they mock us. Who are they? Ann Coulter says radiation is good for you. Time mag. puts her on the cover a few years ago...she is dressed in black and looks like a tart. She blasphemes the Good One and calls herself a Christian. Lying and disguises are no problem for those from Hell that rule. She is clearly and literally a witch...a Lady Gaga...Ms Right. Dumbo Americano can't get it.

  13. Anon 12:02,

    Full reserve banking, especially when it is privately controlled, allows those creating the money to 1) put part of what they create directly in their own pockets, 2) give their cronies low-interest or no-interest loans and are non-repayable, 3) can loan only to governments and individuals that support their oligarch staus quo.

    In other words, fractional reserve banking gives infinite opportunity for corruption - especially in private hands.

    I restate my assertion; fractional reserve bankering is as least as injurous as usury.

    Glenn Dormer

  14. Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) caught in IMF 'honey-trap' with Manhattan hotel 'maid'.

    Yea, Elliot Spitzer 'honey-trap'- like isn't it?

    Something smells fishy - and I don't mean bodily fluids. The arrest off the plane just 1 hour and forty minutes after the 'chamber maid' reported it. The chief administrator of the hotel's only comment was "we are cooperating with authorities".

    Hmmm. DSK supposedly forgot his cell phone and according to police "looked like he left in a hurry". Would a real police spokesman say that to a reporter even before such a high ranking zionist was found guilty? How did they get the arrest warrant so fast - it would be needed to get onto the plane to remove DSK?

    This smacks of an E.Spitzer take down. Who and why? Someone wrote today that we should always remember those in power are always 10 steps ahead.

    And the story is changing continuously in the MSM. Was it fellacio or sodomy? Was it attempted or carried through?

    Something is amiss here. Today one pundit stated that DSK was about to put the USA into receivership for bankruptcy.

    Another pundit noted DSK was to speak at the Brettonwoods conference later in May 2011. The key-note speaker was to be China but it just cancelled, also H.Clinton had just bowed out, and now DSK will also be prevented from speaking.

    Further, a statement that the new head of the IMF is to be a JPMorgan man - announced in less than 24 hours after DSK's arrest off the plane.

    Chambermaids don't usually have the clout or power to have zionist oligarch IMF lackies like DSK detained or charged without months or years of lawyer litigations where the accusee is usually bought-off or suicided.

    Nope, someone who right now stands closer to Rothschild and his oligarch buddies than DSK himself, very probably 'honey-trapped' him. Dusting the dresser in his room with more than a little bit of cleavage showing and then res ponding positive to his flirting...bim-badda-bing...semen in the right place (for example on the maid's uniform). Then the preplanned step two: 'cry wolf' to the hotel administrator who plays his pre-ordained part and calls the vice-squad who is already ready with the warrant (written and noterized even before the fellacio occured), who drives to the airport to arrest DSK directly off his plane before it leaves for Europe. Too much like a movie plot.

    The 'honey-trap' may have been totally consensual - especially if the girl with the golden mouth was secret service just 'doing her job' to catch this zionist puke.

    Once she cries 'wolf', has the semen stain on her work clothes - DSK is done like dinner. How will he ever prove it was consensual and he was set up? He can't. He is defacto removed for whatever reasons he was in the way.

  15. Who and why was the 'honey-trap' set up? Someone closer to Rothschild and company than DSK at the present. Was it Rockefeller? Clearly someone was treading on someone else's (economic) feet, about to cost them alot of money. What is the JPMorgan replacement going to do differently than DSK was planning to do?

    Geithner recently was labelled as alienating the Chinese. Timmy also recently kiboshed an IMF bailout plan to the Irish banks through the European Central Bank. Through that IMF plan the private billionaire shareholders (mostly US?) were about to get a 30 billion dollar haircut.

    Geithner axed this plan in the 11th hour, putting the people of Irland back on the hook for the private shareholders' loses. The billionaire shareholders refused to get a haircut by DSK.

    Was it Geithner who set up Khan in the 'honey-trap'?. As Visible has already said, they are now eating each other as the apocalypse shifts into second gear (both Geithner and Khan (Cohen) are tribe).

    It could be Khan thought private (mostly US?) shareholders should lose the value of the Irish default, while Geithner thought differently.

    The placement of a JPMorgan man to head the IMF signals greater attendance to the US shareholder concerns. JPMorgan is said to be the largest private shareholder in the Federal Reserve.

    Might indeed be a case of which billionaires shall lose money over Irland's debt default. Maybe DSK decided a solution where it would be American billionaire shareholders - while Geithner, under pressure from these same (US?) billionaire shareholders said "no way".

    That Khan was ousted indicates it was sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself - because DSK was his lacky as the head of his IMF. Otherwise Timmy Geithner would be the one 'sleeping with the fishes' since Dominique Strauss-Khan is already a known maid man (grin).

    Stay tuned sports fans, the wide, wide world of zionism is getting more and more whacky as the ponzi scheme of fractional-reserve-usury banking implodes due to the current lack of economic expansion which is crucial to sustain a system where more money is always owed than exists.

    Yes, Rothschild has set up a criminal ponzi scheme of debt slavery for us all - DSK's arrest will unfortunately not bring the system down.


    P.S. Wonder if golden-mouth will keep her dress as a souvenir for years to come the way Monica did?

  16. I tend to agree Mouser, it smells of a set up.

  17. Mouser, you may on to something. No bail so he won't be saying much.

  18. "...fractional reserve banking gives infinite opportunity for corruption - especially in private hands."

    Of course there's an opportunity for corruption when it's done by privately owned banks.....duh!

    That's one of the reasons I oppose private owbnership of our banking system.

    But fractional reserve banking is not inherently evil whereas usury is.

    Usury always results in perpetual indebtedness if it's allowed to continue unchecked regardless of whether a bank is privately or publicly owned.

  19. Joan Veon When Central Banks Rule the World Part 1

  20. Nice article, thanks for the information.


    The Aso caldera erupts in Japan.

  22. Brother this is going to be like ducking out of a bad party ain't it?

    I looked over Jordan, and what did I see?
    Coming for to carry me home,
    A band of angels coming after me,
    Coming for to carry me home.

    If you get there before I do,
    Coming for to carry me home,
    Tell all my friends I’m coming, too.
    Coming for to carry me home.

  23. Agreed, these people do this and far worse every day of the week. When one gets caught, it's a set up.

    If a maid had really complained in this way about a man like this, she'd take a dive from the roof.

  24. There seems to be another story making news, that of transformers blowing up all around the country. California medical centers, Delaware, kansas, Missouri, Carolinas, Georgia, Oregon, Ohio Connecticut, New Jersey, Pakistan, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, India, Michigan, New York, New Zealand, almost everywhere etc.

    Underground transformers blow up and send man hole cover into back of bus.,0,5831729.story?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    Transformers blowing out is not good for nuclear power stations, need to keep that power on.

  25. I don't trust Ron Paul. If he were really a threat, he wouldn't be on that committee or be allowed to talk about the fed. At best he is useless...At worst...

  26. If he is eating gmo he is going out with the rest of us.

  27. Ron Paul has been saying the same thing regarding monetary policy and foreign policy for a long time, almost 30 years.

    I like him because he's brought forth attention to the Fed...but if that is "part of the plan" (to end the Fed and make it appear as though it was the actions of "the American people"...well, then hello international gold standard.

    Other parts of the world are rioting from imposed austerity measures, and here in the US, there's a grassroots movement to elect a man to implement something along those lines here.

    I've liked RP for a couple years find that he's a judas goat will be disappointing. It would have to be hard evidence...but in the meantime, I'll be promoting him. He's got to be better than what's been offered before.


  28. Hey Kenny,...Mouser, nice deductions, first a disclaimer, I have as little faith in this guy as I do in Dr. Paul, nonetheless, any enemy of my enemy...check this out;

    Certainly adds to the pot, also, don't forget, if Kahn won the elections in France, would he be the reliable yiddish stooge that Sarkozy is? All conspiratorial cliques have factions and the inherent factional disputes.

    I don't think the yids that be, can afford internecine rivalries at the moment, given that with all the HAARP caused Floods, Tsunamis and Earthquakes, they are at a crucial time in their Endgame plan for global hegemony.

    Look at any yiddish take-over in history - there's always a purge prior to a new putsch!

    Excellent Post Kenny,

    cheers y'all,


  29. Libertarianism and there a connection?

    There certainly seems to be one but what exactly it is remains a mystery.

    I've heard some people say that the libertarians function as the ambassadors for the freemasons.

    They push the masonic agenda in public while allowing the actual authors of that agenda to stay out of the limelight.

    Many libertarians openly admit to being freemasons (and vice versa) but I suspect there are many more who are still in the closet.

    Ron Paul's father, for example, is known to have been a freemason.

    Ron Paul himself denies being a freemason but has been seen giving a masonic hand sign on several occasions.

    What does all this mean?

    I'm not sure, but I think it's very disturbing.

  30. Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) resigns effective immediately from the IMF.

    This was a take down sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself.

    This was a set up honey-trap, an inside (b-) job

    Why? Somehow Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies are planning to try to implement a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency.

    How they will try and how DSK's take down factors into it is presently unclear.

  31. Freemasons are a bunch of harmless old men at this point. A diversion.

  32. Almost seems that with the arrival of high tech medicine and its resultant chemically-kept-alive Stasi BORG we are stuck in a true Zombie apocalypse with demonic beings that are so repulsive and ugly neither the Lord or Satan is willing to take them back to the fold.

  33. I like to think Ron Paul is laying in the weeds over 9/11 and knows very well it was an inside job. First, get elected. Then spill the beans and go for blood! It's impossible to know for sure, I can certainly understand why people are skeptical of him.

  34. "we are stuck in a true Zombie apocalypse with demonic being"

    That is tough act to follow!

  35. "Michelle Sabban is on to something when she says the IMF was the target. Strauss-Kahn is the first IMF director who is not lined up on the side of the rich against the poor. Strauss-Kahn’s suspicions were of Sarkozy, but Wall Street and the US government also had strong reasons to eliminate him. Wall Street is terrified by the prospect of regulation, and Washington was embarrassed by the recent IMF report that China’s economy would surpass the US economy within five years. An international conspiracy is not out of the question."

  36. The freemasons are NOT harmless.

    They are wealthy traitors who have collaborated with the zionists in creating a new world order.

  37. If you look on the back of the $1 Federal Reserve Note, you'll notice there's a strange-looking emblem with some Latin phrases written on it.

    This emblem is of Masonic origin and its presence on our currency is meant to symbolize the Zio-Masonic alliance (the partnership between the Zionists who own the Federal Reserve and the Freemasons who've aided and abetted them in their plutocratic conquest).

    Some people may scoff at the idea of such an alliance existing, but the evidence is right there under everybody's noses.

    Just open your eyes, ok?