Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lies, Damn Lies and Cover-Ups

There's no end and no shame in the zionist  diversions, lies and cover ups of 9/11.

Now we have a lawsuit from some of the victims families and their jewish lawyers just to get the 'new' message out that .... 'drum roll' ... Iran was deeply involved in the attacks.

In an affidavit filed in the case today, former 9/11 Commission staff member Dr. Daniel Byman states that Iran’s assistance to al-Qaida “predated the 9/11 attack and continued after it, and it had profound implications for the 9/11 attack itself.”

Indeed, without Iran’s assistance in facilitating the travel of the 9/11 hijackers to and from Afghanistan, the attack might never have taken place, the lawsuit asserts. {many more lies here}

I bet Iran blew up the towers too but that's for the next episode.

The scriptwriters are very busy these days and they're pulling out all the stops for this 10th anniversary year. I'm not very shocked at anything they come up with. If they weren't afraid of the whole scam falling apart they wouldn't be sending in all the reinforcements. Plus they need another narrative to spin around Iran just in case Israel makes us attack them.

Ill and dying first responders now can get to move on with the help they need as Sheila L. Birnbaum has been named as Special Master of September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.  'Master' is a good term for it.  Her previous experience mastering the cover up while working with Ken Feinberg and  Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein kept all the 9/11 victims families out of court so no evidence could be entered into the record.
Birnbaum, the special mediator for Hellerstein, is a partner in Skadden Arps, one of the leading corporate law firms with business ties to Israel. Skadden Arps is one of the legal advisers to Israeli companies doing business in and raising capital outside of Israel. It offers bi-lingual English/Hebrew personnel as well.
Law360 recently profiled Ms. Birnbaum in an article that named Skadden as a “Product Liability Group Of The Year” for 2010. The publication also named her one of the 10 Most Admired Product Liability Attorneys.
Yes, she's much admired by large corporations, especially pharmaceutical companies caught in criminal fraud where she works the system to limit and erase liability for their corruption. Much as she will do for the Victim Compensation Fund.  Keep the costs down and keep any 'products' that may have caused or contributed to the responders illnesses hidden from the public eye. Is cancer to be excluded from compensation?  Could the cover up involve nuclear poisoning?

I don't know that 9/11 was a nuclear event but having Birnbaum as the 'master' would be a good government choice if it was.

I see that many folks in certain quarters of the anti-zionist movement link to David Duke videos.  His latest Wicked Witch Osama and Wizard Obama! makes some very good points but as usual he gives us the line of Osama and the Arab hijackers did 9/11. Check out the comments at the video. Many are calling him out on it.  Duke is not stupid. He knows the impossibility of the official story and yet he persists in lying about it, mixing in facts with fiction. Why would that be? Is he allowed to expose any number of crimes of the U.S. and Israel except for the one that would really pull back the curtain?  Being on the payroll would explain it.

Oh ... don't forget to watch on Fri. May 20 the Fox News report being heavily promoted,  "Secrets of 9/11."
It should be fun if you like hurling obscenities at the TV screen.


  1. I'm not aware of any 'attacks' on 911. I've satisfied myself at least that there were no 'attacks' and very few actual 'victims'. someone wrote on the let's roll forum that the FBI is creating fake identities right now(yearbook photos and stuff) that they will use 30 yrs down the road.

    Duke is on the perp payroll. The have to kill 'no plane' theory at any cost. These new lawsuits may be a lame attempt at turning their fake victims fiction into fact.
    'these are official court documents'

    'no planes' is the Achilles heel of all 911. No planes means no Arabs means no attacks means illegal war and Arab genocide

  2. Maybe mossad made the Duke an offer he couldn't refuse, you know-

    'just mention the planes, victims and the children, that's it'

    what could he say-

    'Mossad?, get lost, I'm not afraid of you guys'

  3. With every passing day, the average intelligence of individuals buying into the official story decreases. So much so that now they sound retarded. Much the same for those peddling no plane theories.

    Their day is coming.

  4. Hey Kenny,

    GREAT site you have going here!

    I wonder how I missed the 'Five dancing Iranians'? (grin)

    *BULLSHIT* to Iran having ANYTHING to do with 9/11.

    The main stream media's "War on Truth" just about says it all.

    It was not Osama (who died in December 2001), it was not al Qaeda (who is a constuct of US/UK/israel), it was zionist Rothschild through Mossad and US secret services.

    One FACT we can all agree on; there was no plane which hit WTC7 - but it was demolished.

    I do not trust or read or listen to any station, site or outlet which does not admit WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition.

    That is the 9/11 litmus test proving who is lying and that 9/11 was a false flag/inside job.

    Regards, Mouser


  6. For ANYONE still about WTC7 of 9/11 and the MSM's "War on Truth" here are a couple of simple, humorous videos designed to wake up even the deepest still sleeping denier of truth.

    Thank you again Kenny for the work you are committing to the Sideshow.



    Danish film director Lars von Trier has said he is sympathetic to Hitler.

    That statement got him bouced out of the Cannes film festival because it is funded by scads of zionist money.

    Could it be that von Trier is Truth savy and that he can see the same pattern in the Western world now that Germany faced prior to the rise of the Nazi regime against zionist jews?

    There are many parallels between Germany's reaction to the zionist jewish cancer which plagued Europe before Germany reacted and the present Western world situation.

    Since 9/11 the Western world has become more and more aware that Rothschild orchestrated it and futher that the ongoing counterfeiting (private fractional-reserve-usury) central banks which exist in most all Western countries are owned by Rothschild and his oligarch cronies.

    Also the awareness that Rothschild and the country he bought into existence (israel) are manipulating Western goyim to fight and die in wars created for further power and profits of the zionist jews.

    Lars von Trier seems correct in his sympathies for Hitler as far as hating the infiltration and control of society by criminally acting zionist jews. The zionist jews are deliberately fomenting debt slavery, war and poverty around the world.

    I am quite sympathetic with Lars von Trier.

    It has been often conjectured that:

    Zionist khazarian askenazi false-jews = the synagogue of Satan


  8. Hey Kenny,...Yep, funny you should mention the latest Duke vid, I actually shut it off when he got away from the title issue; on 9/11, he's like Dr. Paul, he's either on the government bus or having issues with some of his synaptic processes. Perhaps they have been Mk-ultra'd and don't know they have a psycho-motor blush response to the 9/11 topic? Haaargh!

    I note subtle humour in your work, it has a good impact and rolls the whole piece out with a pleasant piquance. Great stuff.

    They say Goebbels was a more effective speaker than Hitler because he used humour. So, you're in good company, haaargh!


  9. Duke has been a foil for the zionist media for years, he is a total fraud. If the media promotes you(Alex Jones) you are almost certainly a shill and Duke has been promoted for decades. He always regurgitates the official 9/11 story and engages in ham fisted racism meant to taint the anti-zionist and anti-Israel movement. I refuse to forward any links including obvious shill David Duke.

    I like the comment above about 9/11being a litmus test. Duke is supposed to be some great truth teller and he pushes the official 9/11 story? Fail.

  10. as usual mouser has hit the mail on the head!

  11. Everyone ready for the rolling thunder into Iran?


    Where do we hide?

    Mouser rocks too!

    Thanks, Kenny.

    Love you!


  12. I agree 100% with mouser

    'it was zionist Rothschild through Mossad and US secret services'

    blaming Israel creates a brick wall of resistance from most American Jews. Rothschild and London gives them a little room to save face

  13. Lots of guys like to sit in the shadows and throw rocks at the pro-White teachers with more courage, saying 'They must do everything and do it my way.'

    Duke is a pro-White teacher who cares about the effectiveness of his message, and he's grown up being discredited by mass media for anything they can present as "extremist." Duke is playing to the masses, who believe the government story on 9-11, and is making what points he can, gradually without blowing them away or scaring them off. Every month he ratchets up his message. Duke has positively influenced my own family members.

    Duke is also, unlike you, a public teacher. These are men on a different playing field. Probably 9-of-10 pro-White teachers who are open in their own name are not saying "Israel did 9-11." In the video you criticize, Duke's focus is on aspects of the Bin Laden story, not 9-11 per se. Duke tends to stay on solid ground, preferring his own areas of expertise, and knows he is not an engineer. If he is going to take on 9-11, he'll be doing it methodically and probably after people are more on the same page about the various 9-11 theories.

    But even in this video Duke is questioning government stories, which is obviously preparatory for softening up the public for harder truths. (Have you spoken to a camera yet questioning government stories?) Other great teachers like Kevin MacDonald also "refer to" the government story (believed by most) when mentioning it. it doesn't make him a 'fake' or 'agent'. Your rock-throwing at Duke is normally seen in those who live in a Duke-centric universe and view him with a father-complex, as some kind of "titan of the pro-White world" who they want to bring down like roiling sons. They think Duke is supposed to "do everything," be their president plus tie their shoes. Given the many pro-White teachers who do not touch the Israel/9-11 issue, your attack on him is similarly irrational.

    Duke has crossed the "holocaust" line. That's a more radioactive subject than 9-11 and men are regularly thrown in prison for it. If Duke were an "agent" he'd certainly have a decent microphone by now. His videos (with the exception of the "Norse Wolf" creations) are obviously just the home-made creations of a fellow who cares.

    Every teacher has his flaws but Duke (and others in the open) have more balls than 100 of the shadow hissers who throw throw stones at them from the sidelines.

    Ernst Zundel was thrown in prison most likely for his pointing to Israel and 9-11, and not even for his holocaust work. Even so, Duke will have probably already made a video implicating the Jews in 9-11 long before you grow up. Meanwhile, look at what he's already done.

  14. Duke is a piece of trash.

  15. All theatrics. He survives this long because he is not a threat. He is a clown. Duke will make a video blaming Israelis and Americans for 9/11 when? 20 years after the fact? After all the leg work has been done by others and the chance for real justice has passed? Its already been 10 years. David Duke supports the "war on terror" with his silence.

    Its all well and good that he speaks out on the holohoax lies but 9/11 fallout is happening right now and the "war on terror" rolls on thanks in large part to the 9/11 lie pushed by everyone from Barack Obama to Dick Cheney,Wolf Blitzer,Rupert Murdoch,David Duke etc. David Duke is a coward. Oh, "but hes pro-white!". Who gives a shit. Black people or anybody else for that matter do not scare me as much as they seem to scare people like Duke and his followers so maybe thats why I dont feel the need to make excuses for his utter failure on the 9/11 issue.

  16. I think .... the greatest Eustace Mullins had some interesting comments about D Duke, didn't he?

    Since I'm not that bright, so someone please direct me to the vid, article or wherever it came from..reaaly appreciate it!

    Many thanks!☺

  17. Hey Kenny,..Yeah musique, here it is brother, rock on:


  18. Yippie... found it finally.
    No longer I should be considered as turning looneytune!

    Here's Eustace:

    Heya V!

  19. I am so happy I didn't need David Duke to figure this thing out about two days after the fact. What happened is a fact whether anyone believes it or not.

    I wouldn't expect Ron Paul or David Duke to begin discussing certain information with us and the group here to suddenly have a change of heart and fess up to pulling our legs.

  20. I'm sure Judge Helerstein will throw this case out of court, just like he did other 9/11 victim cases out when they sought the truth:)

    On another line, is anybody elese having trouble connecting to What Really Happened?

    Looks like WRH's domain got hijacked.

  21. Ron Paul is afraid of the zionists. On the one hand he says we should cut foreign aid to them(under the umbrella of cutting aid for all)and on the other he says "we should support Israel over the Palestinians". Sounds like a typical,talking out of both sides of his mouth politician. And yeah, if you fail to take on the 9/11 lie its clear you are afraid of zionists as that is who made 9/11 happen,along with a few American traitors. 9/11 is the new holocaust, its the lie that keeps on giving. There is no excuse for ignoring it or advancing the official 9/11 lies.

  22. WHR had a great Bin Laden section that was hacked the day "he" got killed. And has a great archive on obvious plant/co-conspirator Judge Hellerstein.

  23. julian, Your comment elsewhere:
    “Kenny” is much more likely a hasbarat than Duke is.

    Do you also say the same of Eustace Mullins (RIP) who also questioned Duke?

    See musique's DBS, who you promote, links.

  24. Not Iran, 9/11 and Israel, here:

  25. i think Duke said he wanted to run for president of USA (cue laugh track) and maybe that's why he's kissing ziobutt and parroting the 911 fairy tales

  26. Hi guys,

    Just some thoughts on the David Duke thing.

    Firstly the Daryl Bradford Smith interview with Eustace Mullins was done when DBS was still in the influence of Eric Hufschmid. I kept a very close eye on the whole Hufschmid/Smith/Bollyn thing, and watch it bloom and implode in the space of several months. In fact, to blow my own trumpet, I was the first person to figure out that Bollyn had disappeared to Estonia after his contra temps with the police in Chicago, lol.

    But anyway, to get back to the point, Hufschmid was pushing the idea that pretty much everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) in the 9/11 truth community was some sort of zionist shill (and probably still is). Unfortunately since Daryl was under his constant influence, he went along with this idea.

    Recently, Michael Collins Piper stated on his podcast that Eustace Mullins after many years of giving interviews would just basically sit back and agree pretty much wholesale with whatever the interviewer was asking him ... basically just to be nice, and probably because he was tired of giving interviews.

    So you need to look at what he says in that interview with Mullins in a different way. I remember hearing it at the time, and I remember him simply agreeing with what Daryl was saying.

    My memory could be wrong on this, and I've not listened to the interview since but I think it is important to take into account these two factors.

    Now I don't like David Duke either. If he is going along with the whole government story then he is definitely not to be trusted. I don't think anyone should give him air time, anyway, because he is tainted goods in my opinion.

    Even though he was in the KKK a long time ago, he can still be used as a strawman (and maybe is) to knock down any truths behind what the zionists and their useful idiots are up to.

    Also Ron Paul ... bwah hah haa ... I couldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. I've seen the video where he gives a masonic handshake to the host on a tv talk show. That was the last straw for me along with the fact that he also he co-wrote a book with Lewis Lehrman (who is a former board director of the Project for the New American Century!)

    So anyway, just a few thoughts on this day when the end of the world didn't happen ... again!

    Best wishes

    Harvey P, Chch, NZ

  27. So I want to come to Tennessee on Vacation. I LOVE Country Music. A few days at the Opyland, tour Nashville, etc, etc. But how much cash can I bring into Tennessee W/O the cops taking it? I understnd the cops are stopping cars on I-40 and taking all cash.

  28. Tennessee Cops fighting over Booty Cash taking from motorists on I-40

    Check out the 4:00 min mark when cops fight and exchange the F-Bombs ....and all

  29. Regarding Ron Paul, someone got a little abusive with me in their defense of Paul the other day, and here's a portion of my rebuttal. I knew Paul was a doad, but I was somewhat surprised just how much Zionist endorsement he has;
    "The political benefits of cutting aid for Israel are manifold... for Israel and its US congressmen. Around 84% of the aid Israel receives is in the form of military assistance. Israel is the worlds 8th largest arms exporter. Therefore, cessation of aid would foster growth in Israel's weapons sector, so in the end, anyone openly advocating cutting off aid to Israel knows full well that it would actually benefit Israel, and would score some brownie points for themselves in the process with the America-firsters. Additionally, many poorer Islamic countries in the neighborhood would have their aid cut off as well. Russia and China may very well step in to fill the void, and voila, more pretext for the final war. Lastly, money gifts equal influence. Without pouring billions into Israel's lap on a yearly basis, they will be less inclined to listen when the US is begrudgingly forced by their constituents and the international community to implore Israel to use a modicum of restraint in their murderous

    "Manhigut Yehudit... the most right-wing and the largest sector within the Likud Central Committee... endorsed Ron Paul, saying he should be “the Zionist choice for President”" Manhigut Yehudit has denounced foreign aid, as have JDL founder Meir Kahane, and JTF, as laid out in their lovely little "7-point plan", essentially arguing they can murder with more impunity when not beholden to US taxpayers.

    "Zionists for Ron Paul" Key words -"NON-INTERVENTION"... in Israeli affairs, of course. In other words, let the dog off the leash. An examination of the various other pro-Paul media ought to speak for itself.

    Ron supported Israel's 1981 bombing of Osirak nuclear plant in Iraq when congress and the UN condemned it.

    In 2007, Ron was endorsed by a Steering Committee member of the Bilderberg group."
    That is not to mention his wishes to abolish the Department of Education, EPA, Social Security, Medicare, oil drilling regulations, etc..

  30. Eric Husfschmid=Rupert Murdochs son in law. Connect the dots, la la la la la....

  31. Yeah Hufschmid admitted to the Murdoch connection, and kind of brushed it off at the time. But you have got to give credit where credit is due, and he did do one of the very first books on 9/11 with some very good photos in it.

    Actually though ... where did he get those photos from(??) ... anyone???! (maybe that will remain a mystery for all time lol). Hmmm ...

    Best wishes,

    Harvey P

  32. No doubt, it was the first 9/11 book(Hufschmids) I ever owned, but I trust that is not a coincidence, it was one of the first available. He has since tweaked out and sought to discredit 9/11 truth with his BS.

  33. Hufschmid was an early attempt to co-opt the 9/11 truth movement.

  34. Watching the Fox report "Secrets of 9/11" right now. Thus far, they've failed to note the overwhelming evidence of Zionist Jewish involvement in the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 9/11. They're talking about the "hijackers" in San Diego and their ties to Saudi Arabia and Awlaki. Surprise, surprise. Haha

    Hufschmid is an interesting character. He did some really good work with Daryl Bradford Smith, and has written some very interesting things. I used to check out his website every once and a while, and I thought he still was saying the right things. He does talk about some weird stuff though. Not sure what to make of him really...he seems a bit off his rocker.

  35. Incogman promotes lies of one faggot hippy known as Julian Lee, he's pushing jew propagada Pink Swastikas, calling Hitler and Nazi's homos.
    Incog defends gay julian and now has starting slandering and insulting his commentors.

  36. dump JULIAN before he wrecks your site too.

  37. I'm confused about the Hellerstein angle. How is it that this guy has the legal privilege of overseeing ALL of these lawsuits? Why can't these people just bring their case before some other judge? What the hell is going on here?

  38. I may not agree with Anonymous on David Duke but i do agree that Julian is POS, so is Incogman.