Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day and the Mythology of "Dying for Our Freedoms"

I'm just sick and tired of hearing this mantra of  service members who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, etc. etc etc.  What freedom is that? Freedom for a few psychopathic bankers and war contractors and their paid off politicians to make trillions off of the lives of our youth and to put us as nation into debt that we can never repay. Stick a Chinese made flag on the graves and falsely think this is a tribute.

Soldiers do fight for one freedom. To try and save their fellow grunts to be free to go back home alive and intact. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

How many times do we have to repeat the words of General Smedley Butler that "war is a racket?" You either get it or you don't. Most don't. Many are afraid of this truth, they don't want to know.

I'm not into bashing soldiers.Most were forced into it. My grandfather was in WWI, wounded in the head and gassed. Although not disabled, he received a $4 to $8 check each month for his troubles and for a farmer who often lived from crop to crop in the 20's and 30's, that money was often his only cash flow. He brought home a Luger that he took off a dead German, maybe a farmer like himself and I fondled that pistol hundreds of times as kid. War was cool back then in the imagination of a child.

My father saw the writing on the wall and joined the Army Air Force days after Pearl Harbor. He was placed in a radar outfit, had a couple of close calls with German bombs while in England but made it through unscathed.

Neither of these folks ever wanted to talk about their war experiences, my grandfather especially. He just said it was bad and refused to say anything else. Getting my father to relate his experience was also difficult. What he did say was usually about the 'good times' he had. Both went to their graves after a long life and as far as I know always believed the wars were just. They did not question their government and didn't want me to.

Vietnam was the turning point. We learned to question and were not afraid to do so. By age 14 I already knew something wasn't right. I could see in the faces and eyes of those returning. They were changed forever and not for the best. At age 17 my childhood friend Eric was killed exactly 3 months after setting foot in Vietnam. He got his name on a black wall many years later and that's it. I was pissed in 1969 and have been ever since.

Others I knew also died there or came back without a leg or without a heart. I've outlived many who returned and Vietnam killed them over here as surely as it killed them over there.

And yes, I'll say it. It needs to be said. They died in vain.

Our soldiers still die nearly every day. Still in vain. The myth of "it's for our freedoms" continues to this day and as with all false mythology, it needs to end.

I don't really know what to do about it. Just keep ranting and raving I suppose. Keep talking to our neighbors and friends about it even if they don't want to hear it, even if they are afraid of the truth. And especially try to discourage the kids from following in the footsteps of the deceived.

We can still have our war memorials and Memorial Day but perhaps the focus could be something different ... like Never Again.


  1. A really beautiful and thought proving article, Kenny.

    Our society prevents us from saying those dreaded words " They died in vain". you'll be "Dixie-Chixed" by the TobyTards instantly.

    When it comes to freedom ... these days "freedom" means fries - something you buy from the Crackdonald's for a dirt cheap price. Looks scrumdelicious but it is so so bad for you, thanks to monsanto and whatever chemicals they add at the fast food joints to look & taste appealing. 1/2 hour later - it taste like shit.

    Freedom is a myth.

    That's how I envision freedom these days.

  2. Amazing post. Every time I hear that line about "dying for our freedoms" it makes me sick. Such obvious propaganda yet seemingly everypone feels the need to repeat it. It just feels good I guess. Its a lot easier to be rah rah and go along with the rest than it is to question conventional wisdom such as "fighting for our freedoms". Yeah, because Saddam was so on the verge of stealing our freedoms right?

    I am so proud that Smedley Butler comes from the same birthplace and current home as myself. Most Americans and even most people around here have likely never heard of him though. People like him have a way of getting washed out of the history books don't they?

  3. hey Kenny,...Nice Post, regarding anti-war Posts, wouldn't it be nice if it was your "Last Post"!



    Assault Trooper

    Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Cav' Recon')

    1st Armoured Regiment (1AR)

    Royal Australian Armoured Corp (RAAC)

  4. My father was a little different, he had his vertebrae smashed up in his coming back from Germany and France in WW I. The ship was caught in a hurricane and bounced him off the wall. It almost overturned several times.

    He said though when he was guarding German prisoners, if they tried to escape he wasn't going to shoot anybody in the back for trying to get away from the same hell he wanted get away from. He didn't think much of the reasons for going to war.

    Should have linked this one.

    Is it time?
    Edible plants

    Bug out bag when the SHTF (Escape from LA)

  5. Kenny I was in the infantry in the Vietnam war but stationed in Germany. We didn't think it was so cool. They career officers hated us, we told them NCO stood for no chance outside.

    I lost a lot of friends who were sent over there. In Germany you could maybe get in one fight but if you got in two or three you ended up on a levy list for Vietnam, which happened to a friend of mine. They told him since you like to fight we got just the place for you. He made it back but broke his neck at a party diving off the Sacramento bridge when he hit a submerged log.

    Everybody in Germany almost had a stereo by their bunk. The most popular platters were Bob Dylan, Steppenwolf, Janis Joplin, the doors etc. There was one crazy in the billet who had a record called Marijuana by the eastside five. There was a bar in it something like up against the wall you motherfXXXXX. He would wait for a sargeant to roam the billets and then turn it up full blast. This guy was a draftee and did four years in the army, 2 years bad time for smoking ganja.

  6. In fact my segeant told me "we would send your ass over there too but can't because of your records as a sole surviving son. My father's brother was killed in Germany.

    My father was what they called a disabled veteran with a pension. Probably a good thing, every grocery business he started managed to go south!

  7. This looks like a serious overreaction here in Spain. They billy clubbing the protesters just to move them back. It started that way in Greece and after they were beat on for awhile the protesters came back with their own clubs and molotovs. We will see if it gets as bad as Greece. U.K. has an answer, proposing fluoride in the water.

    They were beating old women on the arms with clubs. Many of them look horrified and I don't think they realized the EU is serious. Best

  8. As a former Vietnam combat vet I can only say amen. An aside: someone please inform Les Visible that his attack on Monsanto is not enhanced by continually referring to mon santo as "my satan". Santo is a spanish word that comes from the latin word sanctus which means holy...not satan.

    1. The misnomer is on the part of Monsanto, not Les Visible. They should change their name. They are anything but Holy. They are busily destroying
      the natural organic grains. They should be fined for the damage they have done to farmers all around the world. That would end that vile company.
      They have caused thousands of Indian cotton farmers to lose their land and
      commit suicide.Plus contaminating organic farmers crops here in the US and
      Canada and then sueing the farmers for having the GMO garbage.

  9. Thanks so much for all the kind comments. For every veteran there's a story and I don't tire of hearing them.

    veritas, I've been been looking forward to that 'last post' for a long time. Maybe ... just maybe we'll see it.

  10. I know but no sense trying to argue with the dog he is set in his ways as I guess we all are.

    I was in an academy with a guy named De Los Santos, and he used say of the saints motherxxxxxxx!

    Kenny it is not good to get me started on my green machine days, it could go on forever!

  11. Sure you don't get tired of this Kenny? I hadn't been in Germany two weeks when I went out drinking with this little guy who was about 5-5, 130 pounds. He was coming back with some beer and bumped into a table spilling a beer in the lap of this german girl with an infantry fellow. He apologized but it wasn't good enough for the GI. He kept on I ought kick your 33e3
    you little 44tttsfgr. etc.

    I was watching this and finally couldn't take anymore I said hey slick didn't you hear him apologize? He said you stay out of this 565t5hty if you want your ass kicked too. I had about 14 of those German flip tops in me and I said step outside mother 34f4r4rgr4r. I think I was too drunk to realize how stout this guy was. Anyway I went through some swinging doors, turned my back on him big mistake, when I turned around I caught a big fist right between the eyes. I wen down with him on top of me. This guy was beating me like a wild west movie. Knocked me out and then stomped on my kidney which gave me problems for about a year. They told me they drug me to the billets through the snow knocked out.

    I woke up the next morning and felt my face, both eyes closed and serious prize fighter type cuts. My kidney was killing me. In comes the guy I was telling you about from California who I worked in the supply room with. He said who did this. I told him the story and he said we are going back down there this weekend. I said hold hold it son take a good look at me, I need to heal up a bit. He said don't worry I will take care of it. This guy was like 5-9 but had biceps about 25 inches around.

    Against my better judgement I went back down there and we slide into the booth across from this guy and his girlfriend. Finally the guy said what the .... are you looking at and my friend said I am looking at you egr4rf4g4rgr4g. They dived over the table at each other and began rolling across the floor. My friend was wailing him pretty good until the MP whistles began ringing. We left.

    This guy though, Jerry was one of the best friends I ever had. Nobody bothered me after that because they knew he was coming next. I thought I was pretty skilled as I had a green belt from karate I took at FSU but when somebody is twice as strong as you and puts the Irish bull on you, gets on your chest all the kicking in the world is not worth much.

    Nobody bothered me too much until one night having a few beers we came back in the billets and this giant Polish guy said I am going kick your ass. Started coming at me and I gave him a side kick in the stomach, knocked back a couple of feet and then.... and then he started at me again. Jerry pushed me out of the way, swished the guys legs from under him and started slapping him in the face until it was red as a beet. Then he said you had enough and the big Polish guy said yeah I think I have.

    1. Those were the good old days. Nothing is more rewarding then to kick the Blank out of a Bully, whether he is sober or drunk.Thats the kind of war
      that I can endorse. Not the kind our government engages in. I never looked
      to get in a fight but apparently my demeanor was an open invitation. Suited me. Who doesn't like a challenge.The down side was I ended up in the
      brig in Hawaii twice and was only there on 4 short occasions.

  12. Continued

    Pressing on, I was walking down the billets with Jerry one day and we heard this commotion. I big black guy from Chicago who had been there about two weeks was telling another black soldier that he wasn't a brother, couldn't call himself one and was sure he had stolen his bag of weed. The small black guy was adamantly telling him this was not the case and he did not know what he was talking about.

    Unfortunately the small black guy was a friend of Jerry's. We walked off but I knew what was coming. After a few flip tops that night Jerry said I think it is time I taught the new guy some manners. This guy was huge too! I said no lets just go get some sleep and I racked out.

    The next day people were telling me that Jerry showed up at this guys bunk and wanted to know where he was. They said he is out on the town drinking. Jerry turned his wall locker over on the floor and said tell him Jerry was here.

    I could go on with this, we were in the EM club drinking beer one night and Jerry being from Cali had a doors song in the juke box. This giant E5 sargent, I am talking probably 6-3, 235, sculpted, went over and unlugged the box and put on a country song. Jerry got this big smile on his face and said watch this! He unplugged the juke box and put the doors song back on.

    This huge E5 guy who wasn't supposed to be there in the first place came over with a chair raised over his head. Jerry said put that chair down you stupid son of t5t56y6. He dropped it and they rolled over to the fireplace with Jerry holding this guy by the ears, banging his head on the bricks until he was knocked out.

    He was a head cook in the mess hall and as we were walking back to the billets one of the other cooks sneaked up behind us. I didn't even hear him but Jerry did, he ducked as the guy came over with a wine bottle to hit over the head, he swiped his feet out from under him and as the wine bottle busted on the pavement, he threw the guy down in it and started slapping him with ongoing groans such as I am sorry oh God help me, as the glass was grinding in his back. After a few more slaps to the face he let the guy up.

    Anyway so much for war stories but it is memorial day. You never want to get me started on this.

  13. Short n sweet Kenny, you say a million things with very few words. My family is totally non military and I am quite proud of that, although Mom was a navy nurse in WW2.That is all of it for us. I hear of these military families and just cannot understand the mindset, it is like martians.

    During Vietnam I was one of those welcoming Canadians to dodgers and those who kinda left the army on leave. How we let the world get to this sorry pass, well I know as well as all of us how that happened...

    I mention welcoming dodgers to American friends and it is as if I did 911... just don't get that but then it was not bred into my dna or fed to me via Mom's milk.

    Watch the parades tomorrow and you won't see ONE truly broken man or woman in the lot...

  14. Nice one Kenny,

    As I like to say, they died for nothing. Except lies maybe.

  15. They died for profits. For defense contractors. For oil companies. For Israel. Not for our freedom. And saying so is not only true but its patriotic. Support the troops? Then bring them the fuck home now.

  16. Hey nobs, thanks for dropping by.

    anon @ 11:32 PM, I always thought it admirable that some Canadians would welcome those who wanted to walk away from the war machine.

    We also supported those who went AWOL, calling it Another Week of Life.

  17. Great story over at Good Squad, it also name checks Smedley Butler and reinforces my point above about him being scrubbed from the history books. Thanks for keeping his name and other true patriots names alive guys.

  18. Oops-Goon Squad that is. Good site.

  19. I screwed up and worked for these evil fucks when I was younger. Grew up a military brat and spent twelve years in the Army. Only saw combat for a very short time and trusted it was for an honorable cause. I know now it wasn't but I didn't own the wisdom then and put my faith in the higher ups. It cost me dearly in karmic payback, my little brother was murdered by the system. I don't look forward to facing the divine when its my turn to leave this plane but I hope to be forgiven my ignorance. I extend that to these evil fucks and thats the only reason I don't give them a taste of their own medicine.

  20. Dan, it would be much easier for you to keep the blinders on and go along with the propaganda so you are to be commended for not doing so like so many still do.

  21. Ironic isn't it? Bin Laden kills 4000 Americans and we send a death squad after him only when it becomes "politically expedient"...LBJ kills 58,000 Americans for nothing and then retires to his ranch in Texas! Color me disgusted!

    1. altonwoods, surely you don't buy into that lie, Bin Laden Kills 4000. Try the Mosaad. Bin Laden had nothing to do with that. That was the rabbit hole
      they wanted you to follow. Bin Laden died in 2002 according to Benezir Bhuto,. You have been watching too much CNN and FOX. I agree on your LBJ
      statement.On the bright side, he is burning now.


    See pic #3 and then finish wretching.


    Thanks for the link dublinmick. I've just looked at the other pics, and number 4 reminds me of the late British "camp" comedian Larry Grayson,

    See here on youtube:

    Though Larry had far more class though, and better dress sense hehe.

    Jesus these people are evil though. And so cowardly after they agreed to removing all mention of the 1967 borders thing after pressure by Israel.

    When will these people ever get a backbone. God talk about spineless jellyfish.

    Anyway, keep up the good work folks,

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

  24. Glad you had a laugh Harry. Sometimes you have to laugh at it. Merkel has mannerisms like der Furher, I keep telling people this.

    In a lighter vein rumors tiger has been hired on by TSA in Orlando.

  25. Ironic isn't it? Bin Laden kills 4000 Americans

    If BL did, then how come the FBI NEVER listed BL on their "Most Wanted Terrorists" page as being wanted for 9/11?

    The real 9/11 perps are here in the USA and Israel.

    After glancing thru the Empire's News Networks, like ZNN and FUX, there's too much emphasis on distracting BS like some far away murder trial involving someone hardly anyone knows and mind candy about Lindsay Lohan.

    In the past, when that type of mindless crap was offered up, it was usually a prelude to another FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB here in the USA to keep Americans scared shitless and foaming at the mouth for more death and destruction against the Muslim world.

  26. As El Frey(sp?) once said,"the Jews have no sense of timing and no sense of proportion" (paraphrasing that).

    Anyway, Bin Laden "kills" 4000 ... so what does the US do (under Israeli pressure of course), they kill well over a million Iraqis on the pretense that Saddam had links to Osama ... or something or other. Hey isn't that just a bit of overkill there, just a bit out of proportion. Ahh no its not, its of course completely in proportion and a necessarily evil.

    When on earth are people going to start standing up to these Israeli psychopaths like Netanyahu. They are only bullies and bullies always back down if you stand up to them ... or they nuke several cities in foreign countries around them (nahh they would never do that).

    Oh and yeah I did get some fun out of those pics. Thanks Dublin Mick, things like that are always enlightening. God and aren't they really hideous people as well??? lol

    Anyway, hope all is well wherever you are,

    Take care,

    Harvey Price, chch, NZ

  27. "or they nuke several cities in foreign countries around them (nahh they would never do that)."

    Yeah, thats pretty much why nobody stands up to the bully Israel. If Israel never got its nukes and still acted how its acted since then they literally would not exist as a country anymore.

    Say, what happened to the last President who tried to stop Israel from getting nukes? The same president who also said something about tearing the CIA into a thousand pieces. Yeah, I think most politicians have gotten the message since his untimely murder. Don't stand up to Israel and don't stand up to your "own" intelligence/military establishment or you die(or get framed up for rape or other crimes that end careers). This is no excuse of course, the stakes are too high and its well past time someone at least TRIED to stand up to them. We are a nation of cowards and sheep.

  28. Hey Kenny,..anon@7:56 - That's the whole deal right there! Calling their bluff, doesn't matter that they are psychopathic, doesn't matter that a great deal of people will die, what matters is that we outnumber these f#@$ing child-molesters 1000 to 1, on the scale of attrition: WE WIN! WE are free of yids, Coooooeee, we can begin to rebuild, a world without filth!

    That's if they have the nuts to GO!

    I doubt it; they are yids after all, just imagine how many will abandon the "Plan" and grovel to make deals to save their own skin? Ha, they are f#$%ed, either way.

    I say call their bluff!


  29. Thanks for saying it, Kenny. Television is a parallel universe. Anything but the truth. Truth is off the table. Too subversive.

  30. Those who urge the dark night of the machete against storm troopers, helicopters with microwave, army troops, machine guns, tanks, tear gas, accoustic weapons, pepper spray and dogs are not your friend. They are either insane or have an angle. The Greek people are taking the only approach available, protests and work stoppages.

    The internet is an electronic means of communication, not a place where it is LEGAL to call for or suggest violence. Such diatribe will only result in profiles and more scrutiny by authorities and in the cosmic scope of things accomplish very little other than closure of popular websites or further retribution against website owners no matter what personal frustration an individual may be experiencing.

    In many cases the proponents of such advice are simply doing their job.

    The advice of the Mayan elders is the best I have run into.

    "The dark power of the declining Fourth World cannot be destroyed or overpowered. It’s too strong and clear for that, and that is the wrong strategy. The dark can only be transformed when confronted with simplicity and open-heartedness. This is what leads to unity, a key concept for the World of the Fifth Sun."

  31. Uh, who is suggesting violence?