Thursday, May 26, 2011

One World Trade Center Gets a Deal

The Vision

One World Trade Center is a fitting name. The criminal 'elite' are blatantly telling us what is the planned outcome of their false flag of 9/11 and planet wide reign of terror. 

It's also fitting that in a big deal between members of the tribe that the chairman,  Samuel Irving Newhouse, Jr., of publishing giant Condé Nast signed his company up to become the anchor tenant in a 1 million-square-foot, 25-year, $2 billion lease in the under-construction tower.

After all, without the monopoly control of the 'major' media, all the lies and deceptions would not have been possible. Without the social engineering programs from the likes of Condé Nast the agenda could not progress.

From left: Developer Larry Silverstein, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Conde Nast Chairman Si Newhouse Jr., and Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward at a news conference on the 34th floor of One World Trade Center. May 26, 2011

Reports are that Silverstein was paid more than $4.5 billion in insurance settlements for his properties that he was in on destroying. He's not called  "Lucky Larry" for nothing.

But he and his 'friends' day of reckoning is coming. Their 'luck' is having equal and opposite reactions.

One suggestion is to never spend one penny in support of the major OWTC tenet Condé Nast and their advertisers. That should be easy. Who really needs to read Vogue and They New Yorker anyway? Who needs the so called 'high end' overpriced consumerist crap the advertisers peddle?  It would be fitting if  Condé Nast went belly up before their 2013 move to the one worlder shrine. Larry might not feel so lucky then. 


  1. Hmmmm .....

    OWTC/One World Trade Center... fitting name for sure!
    Doesn't New World Order Center sounds much better? Or NWOC copyrighted/property of alex joker jones?

    sammy irvy Jr. must be saying "Make me a juuzillionaire Riiight NOW!!

    We have to wait and see how long will this tower last. Last one went down due to "pancake theory", may be we will get to see "pancake syrup" theory at work for this one?

  2. It is a pity they don't read Cayce as it may turn out Larry is not so lucky. (Ramapo earthquake fault) write it down.

    Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men tend to fall all to hell. Lucky and the boys would best be served by trying to set up electrical generation by water in the Hudson river and shutting down the power plant there. Sometimes when one doesn't notice what is coming, they cannot be considered so lucky.

    I set up a little back up site with all the RSOE and USGS buttons up top.




    If you saw willoman's post, Spain is beginning to look like Greece. The police were beating people down with clubs.

  5. Censureship?

    "In defense of German Patriotism"

    When one tries to link to the article the following message appears:

    *Not Found

    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.*

    Maybe Lieberman's kill-switch internet is already taking effet.

    I would like to know if Germany's reaction to jewish zionism in the 1930's, which was already murdering millions of christians in Russia, was in fact an attempt to German self preservation.

    Marx, Trotski and Stalin were zionist jews.

    I think a good arguement for German patriotism could be made. Too bad that arguement has been 'not found' by the zionist jewish controlled internet.

    Is this just the beginning?


  6. Here is a phenominal speech by Daniel Hannan advocating the decentralisation of Europe. An thereby an end to the burgeoning NWO.

    Take heed America and world, kick out the money changers before it's too late and you're living in a defacto police state. Maybe we already are.

    Sovereign states trading with each other NOT one big state of a NWO run by Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies.


  7. BuelaMan;

    You got a 'Error 404 - not found' only 23 minutes after you posted!

    Wow! Those zio-ogres work fast!

    Maybe could exercise your freedom of speech right here in Kenny's Sideshow comments.

  8. re censorship. the CDI demolition vid link i posted here is also at goon squad. he says his comment on you tube was- 'looks like wtc1 wtc2 wtc7'
    and it got censored, and there are no you tube comments at all mentioning the similarity. that my friends is proof positive- CDI did the 911 demolitions, no investigation is required, perhaps a forensic audit of their books and bank acounts

  9. After the bizzare May 1 "killing" of OBL. The thought welled up, OMG it is a cult! It's not just a rotten government it's a cult....those at the top know it's a cult...but the rest of us in the lower in a masonic lodge aren't in on the deep occult secrets so we just keep waving those flags. Vigilant Citizen site is flushing this out with some good work.

  10. I lean more towards the Dominic Suter,Urban Moving System types being involved in the demolitions. Who knows, maybe both. Along with CDI lets audit ICTS huh? The company that ran security at the 9/11 involved airports for those who dont know.

  11. Not the One World Trade Center, it's the One World Enslavement, the OWE. "Trade" has little to do with it. It's mob-type stuff of pushing debt and then calling the debt due, all for the purpose of seizing the assets. Mobs do it. So do central bankers. But I repeat myself.