Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Dare Call It Treason

Obama quotes from the Talmud in his AIPAC speech and backtracks on his 1967 border statements.




$3 billion a year is only the starting point. The wars for Israel go into the $trillions. Spying by AIPAC is smiled upon. Bribery and blackmail of US officials is the norm. None in Congress dare to stand up to this illegal foreign lobby. Treason is too mild a term.

Small protests

"The Whole World is Fightin' About the Same Thing"


  1. I don't know who's doing the protesting but... THANKS!

    I'm just ancient enough to remember the original protests against the Vietnam war were small, too. A "Prophetic Minority" somebody called them.

    Good job, new prophets. From dozens in 1965 it went to hundreds of thousands by 1967.

    If the trend is similar, things are going to be real interesting this time in 2013, when the prophets ain't a minority no more.

    Here's a toast to what's coming!

  2. China Issuing ultimatum over Pakistan.

    Here come the tornadoes again Kenny

  3. Dude,
    The song is killer. Love the horns. Always loved the Allman Brothers.

  4. The entire US government is a traitorous, criminal enterprise, concerned first and foremost with advancing and satisfying Israeli interests and geopolitical priorities. It's sickening watching guys like Obama get up and grovel at the feet of these Jews, while Netanyahu and others in the Israeli government publicly humiliate him. Such cowardly, spineless behavior. That's what you get when you're government is owned and controlled by interests representing a criminal, pariah, terrorist state.

  5. Ah, the Allman Brothers always cheer me right up though.

  6. Cynthia McKinney drops bombshell in Press TV interview

  7. Franz, The protesters are
    I'll second the toast. It's coming.

    Mick, Joplin MO has been hit hard, been watching the live reports on Weather Channel. Mile wide tornado.

    b'man, I'm glad that someone else thought it was killer and John thanks for the hint on the tune.

  8. To Kenny,

    Yes I would call it treason. But given the background:

    Soetoro's words and actions are not surprizing.

    The best I can gleen on the actual world political situation is that the present president of the US was a CIA construct/plant who was one of many groomed and vetted for the possibility of placement as key figure in the Whitehouse. His lack of a normal past, a CIA mother and his known multiple aliases are consistent with the truth that he was one of many cultivated potential frontmen for the burgeoning NWO whose ultimate frontman is Rothschild, first name Jacob.

    Zionist jews are most certainly trying to get total control of the world. Rothschild's grandfather bought (sic) into existence israelwith the Balfor document, so it makes sense that Soetoro would be on the best of terms with another of his creator's creations aka Rothschildlandia. Created as a state in 1948 to centralize world banking and to, when necessary, use covert violent methods (read murder, assassination) to achieve the goals of Rothschild and the illuminati/NWO.

    None of this is new. There hasn't been an non-israel/Rothschild controlled president since Rothschild had JFK killed for bucking against the private Federal Reserve in 1963, by his government beginning to print money itself.

    All presidents thereafter have been thoroughly vetted though Rothschild and his agents.

    The present push by Geithner and Bernanke to crash the US currency in order to make Americans and the rest of the world go crying to the World Bank to implement SDR's has encountered a problem.

    DSK could not deliver the activation of SDR's on schedule so Rothschild had Geithner and the CIA take him down (my hypothesis).

    The real problem with the implementation of SDR's is that China, Russia and a few other very large economy countries are not willing to go along with a world currency which keeps the US/UK/israel in total economic control. These nations want major economic restructuring of the world banking system.

    Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies just want more of the same US/UK/israel control but on a bigger more stream-lined scale.

    The war emerging in Pakistan is actually about the world economy system. Even the battle of Libya is about Rothschild controlled central banking not oil (or water), which are only bonuses.

    The real question is if 'the handful' individuals such as the writers you regularly list here at Sideshow will have enough of a psitive peaceful effect upon the general (half asleep) populace so that young men and women will refuse to go and fight and die in a world war for the Rothschild owned corporate advantage of a global money system owned and run by the zionist jews.

    One can only hope all the hundreds and thousands of posts and comments written by well meaning so called truthseekers around the world, mostly since 9/11, will have a positive effect for peace, i.e. the people will refuse to send their children to pick up a gun and go off to kill other people in the name of zionist jewish profits and power.


  9. OBOMBA knows he has to please 'Massa.'

  10. Did my comment to your post get lost in cyberspace?


  11. Gypsy Scholar:

    It is correct to point out Ron Paul has dropped the ball.

    So now there is no honest footballer left that can get out there and quarterback the team.

    We're f**ked - or are we?

    Maybe this is a godsend. A message from heaven that peace on earth is never going to be achieved by career politicians.

    That peace on earth can only come from ourselves.

    Passive activism. Refusing at any cost to pick up a gun and kill another person for zionist/corporate power and profits.

    I think I just became a certified pacifist in my heart.


  12. Not lost Mouser, just stuck in the google spam bucket until I could manually retrieve it.

    Thanks to all.

  13. Franz: One big difference in numbers of protesters, I'm sure, had to do with the draft. Too bad most Americans are too dense to see that their direct interests are being affected just as badly by allowing these psychopaths to strip us of our rights and dangle WWIII over our heads.

    Hmmm. 1967, the year the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel, killing 34 and wounding 297. It was truly a miracle of God that ship didn't sink to the bottom of the sea. That's reportedly *exactly* what Lyndon Johnson wanted. And now, just last year, a 19-year old American was shot 4 times after his humanitarian ship was invaded by Israelis in international waters. And Obama stood up for that action, as did most of the US congress.

    Yeah, I'd call it treason.

  14. It's treason. The punishment is execution. Ezra Pound was charged with that, for his WWII radio speeches, which are thematically similar to what we all read an write on these blogs.

  15. May I suggest that one reason you don't see Vietnam era sized protests now is that massive student demonstrations were *wanted* by the powers at that time. They were hardly spontaneous. It fit into their creation of youth culture and capitalist/communist dialectic. The idea is that student organisers had no idea they were the pawns of communists and soviet intelligence networks who in turn had no idea they were mere pawn themselves. Anti-war protests DO NOT serve their interests now, as they have to condition us for a draft. That's why they gave us Obama. Most Democrats have now cozyed up to the idea of permanent war..if you call it by the right words, i.e. anti-genocide, promoting equality, etc.

  16. I have no argument with what Jody Paulson said what Lavender Luck said.

    There's multiple interpretations for sure.

    I can tell you that the EARLIEST protestors were harrassed terribly by everyone from local law to J. Edgar "Mary" Hoover and his goons. But when a few draft loopholes were closed a very different sort of "peace demonstrator" showed up; the kind that were looking for a certain kind of fight.

    I actually had a stereo view of all this. I worked in steel and this period (1965 till about Nixon) was when the CIA hijacked the old AFL/CIO labor unions.

    Nothing shocking. If the spooks can take unions, why lots of peace groups?

    But there were lots of good folk on the streets back then, I can tell you. I don't expect to see any nuance about it on The History Channel.

  17. Well I somewhat defer to Franz's experience and knowledge because I wasn't yet born...(-:

  18. I think that all of the hippy dippy, counterculture shit from the 60's was just a media hype. The counterculture was feckless. Most of those kids were spoiled, upper middle class white college kids who just wanted to make the scene where they could get high and get laid.


  19. Disagree McCob, the media had an interest in painting them as "spoiled hippies" and the like because they opposed the war industry. The media which speaks for the powerful obviously was scared shitless that some people were actually actively opposing them. The media has always served pro-war interests(not hippy college kids), that includes smearing anti-war protestors.

  20. They were spoiled. And they, also, for the most part, were a bunch of snobs. They didn't help anything nor anybody especially the anti war movement. These so called hippies became yuppies, voted for Reagan and listened to Rush Limbaugh. I grew up in a college town in the midwest and attended many anti war rallies in the late 60's and early 70's. The hurt the anti war effort more than helped it and I doubt they scared anyone with any real power.


  21. Give me a break, without those "hippies" the anti-war movement would have been...what, about like 3000 total people in the US? There was virtually no anti-war movement without those "spoiled hippies" that you and the mainstream media hate so much. It wasn't the hippies that let the warmongers off of the hook, it was most of your other fellow Americans who sat on their asses and didnt protest anything. Blame them.

  22. I don't hate anybody. There was a substantial anti war movement without any counterculture types. I saw a lot of clean cut middle class types at the anti war rallies where I was at. The msm loved the counterculture. The counterculture sold magazines, tv shows and movies. The mainstream culture took on counterculture aesthetics.

    Personally, I like hippies and consider myself a hippy. I play guitar, smoke dope every chance I get and do not make much money. I do not like smart assed, snobby, college kids who have had every break in the book and consider themselves revolutionaries when in fact all they want to do is make the scene, get high and get laid.

    The counterculture of the 60's didn't scare anyone and in fact hurt the anti war movement. I was around back then and that is sure the way it looked to me.


  23. Some good points above.

    I know for fact, because I joined the Navy in '68 and put four years in, that the "LATER" protesters were deeply misrepresented. I got around enough to see, though even before then I had participated in a few protests.

    You can check on the media scam yourself.

    The demonstration at the Pentagon in October of 1967 was VERY conservative. Suit jackets and ties on the guys, office or student clothes on the gals. Nearly everyone who wrote about it (then and ever since) focused ONLY on the crazy Yippies and the "Attempt to levitate the Pentagon" (which despite physically being there, I never heard about till later.)

    If you can find photos of the ACTUAL demonstration at the Pentagon in '67, look close. You'll see the neckties and the short hair. For the most part, the VAST MAJORITY of the war demonstraters looked like that from start to finish.

    But the pictures in the history books usually don't show it that way. Wonder why? :)

  24. Franz--I was in the army from 72 to 74. Stayed out of combat. What you state above mirrors my experience.

    Personally, I like hippies. I just don't like phonies and snobs. And from where I stood there were a lot of those around college campuses in the 60's.

  25. You know Kenny you have a solid wall of water vapor headed your way. Tornado has hit oklahoma city and they told some counties to just get out. 60 mile winds baseball sized hail and tornados.