Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Theatre of Democracy

"One of the points about distractions is 
that everything that they do is destabilizing. "
                            Bruce Sterling

The main point about the current distractions is that as we are caught up in them there are dozens of other things going on that we are missing. I think that's by design and even when it's not, opportunists are quick to pounce. 

In my own locale there are a couple of examples that due to distractions few are taking heed of the creeping fascism soon to overwhelm us. This time it's a Republican dirty dance but only because they have the majority. The Dems will betray us next time if they get the chance.

Voting is kabuki theatre but should we just give up and let the fix be in without even putting up a fight? Some will say we ought to just walk away and not feed the false system but that's a debate for another time.

The Tennessee legislature voted in 2008 to use paper ballots, got it delayed for the 2010 elections and now ...
State representatives are trying to reverse most of a 2008 law that called for the replacement of electronic voting machines across the state with paper ballots read by computerized scanners. The move would kill off a plan that supporters say would create a verifiable record of votes but opponents say will be costly and open to tampering. more
Paper ballots can be scammed too, there's a long history of it but I would rather take a chance on my neighbor counting and recounting the votes than Diebold or ES&S and their 'friends.' It's not about the costs. It's about ease of fraud.

Running for office is about to become even more of a corporate adulterous affair than it is now.
In the wake of the 2010 Citizens United v Federal Election Commission decision by the US Supreme Court, which ruled that corporations have the same right to free speech as citizens and should be able to directly fund independent political broadcasts, the Tennessee legislature has gone one step further and decided that companies should be able to give money directly to candidates – and that includes foreign companies! more
Politicians may as well get corporate logos and foreign flags tattooed on their ass so that they can just drop their pants, bend over and show us what to kiss. No words needed. For some of them it would be the most honest thing they've ever done.

When Obama visits 'ground zero' in New York this Thursday, the theatre of the absurd will go from bad to worse. He couldn't get Bush to join him in this perverted orgy of the success of death and lies but possibly Giuliani will be there to silently smile about his role in mass murder and cover up.

Maybe Obama will finally explain to the 9/11 families just how Bin Laden blew up the towers?

Nah ... now I'm being absurd.


  1. Dear Kenny,

    Good comment, correct in every fact IMHO.


  2. The utter drivel that many of our fellow humans almost demand is quite horrifying.

    The dialogue between people and within the media has reached a level of such brainless but earnest stupidity seems to be the pointer where we're going - Dumbed down totalitarianism - don't think or we'll imprison, ostracize, villify you and your family.

    As for things going by the by while many dance in blood and reflected glory how about this from some weeks past:

    Ok , I guess they were just practicing for the 'recent event'


  3. Hey kenny's sideshow,...Your work is essential to the cause, you are a veritable fulcrum around which a whirlpool of like minded hearts and minds revolve, I know; since you linked me, and I wasn't aware you had, I have seen the feedjit catherine-wheel light up with visits from your site. I'm not only inspired by your work, I am motivated by it.

    Be careful brother, you are most certainly on the red list. I guess we'll meet, filthy and terrified in a rolling-stock cattle-truck, haaargh! Fuck that, never surrender!

    a devotee...


  4. Thanks for coming by folks and for the support.

    aferris and veritas, I'm always slow in adding to the bloglist but I guess better late than never. You guys help fill in the blanks to my ramblings as do so many more. The 'neighborhood' can never get too crowded.

  5. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to take our eye off the ball? Think of all the other things that have left our view: Fukushima, Libya invasion, Gaddafis grandchildren being killed in their home, the dollar crash, the storms that ravaged the southeast, The BRIC nations pushing back, the price of gas and food exponentially rising, etc, etc, etc.

    And like the others, I hope you know how much I appreciate your work.
    On a much more important note: Don't forget to tune in to American Idol tonight!

  6. Thanks b'man. Yes, too many etc's. Hope this finds you further on down the good road to recovery.

  7. Illustrate the absurd by being absurd. Love it!

  8. Thanks for all you do, you hardworking bloggers for truth! If it weren't for the "neighborhood" I'd be going nuts right now. It's really depressing being surrounded by lies and stupid people.

  9. I'm with you Jody. Good neighbors always help us to feel at home and more comfortable.

    Be back in a few days, it's time to get some past due physical work done. It's finally starting to dry out around here. :-)

  10. I think often best to show the evil in people by highlighting how really stupid it all is. Comedy or absurdism can be a really good way to prick the bubble of the pompous and overbearing fools who run things.

    The only problem at the moment is that in the US, this is being done by reptiles like Jon Stewart who as we know isn't exactly kosher ... if you get what I mean ;).

    They just don't seem to understand that he is taking the piss out of them 24/7. The same with all the other Colberts, Mahers and (supposedly) leftist idiots who only tell half the story.

    When will the people ever wake up??? God only knows. What a state of affairs.

    Oh well ... better get back to not watching the tv. I've got better things to do like hitting my head on a brick wall (hmmm don't they do something similar in Jerusalem?? So it must be good, mustn't it??? lol)

    Best wishes

    Harvey P

  11. Bush, Cheney, et al., spit on this PR occasion because not only did they know Osama had been dead since 12/2001, they knew where he was buried (their flunkies read the international news (which they do not worry about) which announced it long ago).

    The pissy thing for them is: they thought when they chose Obama he wouldn't steal their "denied" moment of glory by playing to crowds with such an easy drama-filled crapola fest.

    Little did they know Obama.

    Little do we.

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed and thinking of all the new plots they have devised for our viewing enjoyment up ahead.


    When Obama visits 'ground zero' in New York this Thursday, the theatre of the absurd will go from bad to worse. He couldn't get Bush to join him in this perverted orgy of the success of death and lies but possibly Giuliani will be there to silently smile about his role in mass murder and cover up.