Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Austerity for Arms

‘Can’t pay! Won't pay!’

War criminal Dwight Eisenhower once in a moment of clarity or maybe it was in a moment of guilty delusion said "every gun that is made is a theft from those who hunger." If he were alive today, we might just respond with "you ain't seen nothing yet."

A new report puts the Greece crisis in perspective. It all makes a lot of sense now that we know Greece is the 4th biggest arms importer in the world and that it was all bought on corrupt credit.
It turns out that throughout this crisis of Greek public debt, and under the direction of the same international potentates who are imposing cuts in spending on welfare, pensions, health care, the public sector and all of the other usual targets, the country’s ‘socialist’ government has continued to spend vast sums on armaments.

The fact that the principal suppliers of these arms are two of ‘austerity’s’ biggest proponents, the USA and Germany, should not surprise us. We have moved beyond a situation in which lying by leaders is not so much accepted as expected, into one in which reality plays no role whatsoever in their discourse.

Greece may, in the estimation of politicians and the mass media, be a badly-governed, corrupt kleptocracy populated by robber barons and a lazy, feckless class of reluctant workers, but it is at least armed to the teeth. The immediate cause of Greece’s financial crisis was a doubling, from 2005 to 2008, of the value of loans from western banks to the country’s government. By the end of that period, these loans amounted to $160 billion. {more}

Depending on who hands out the statistics, Greece may actually only be 5th  or so in the world's arms market buying spree but there is no doubt who is the number 1 supplier. It's just about the only thing we export but another fact is that we are also number 1 in using up the armaments we make and we borrow the money to deliver them to their target or give them away to Israel and to buy more. Bankers and war go hand in hand. Always have, always will. Their middle men, corporations and politicians, are lackeys in the game. The poor and working class are the pawns and are expected to pay the price.

Mark this on your calender. September in London brings the largest arms show in the world and it's only a couple of days after the 10th anniversary of 9/11. War mongers can celebrate their favorite day of death and then party down with all of their friends and customers, making deals and planning more destruction.

It's not all for killing folks in other lands either. Security of the homeland is a big focus this year. Gotta keep the slaves in line in case they jump on that ‘Can’t pay! Won't pay!’ bandwagon.

And don't you just love the DSEi's headline theme .....
Infinite Opportunities. One world-leading event.

This is not OK .....


  1. "every gun that is made is a theft from those who hunger." If he were alive today, we might just respond with "you ain't seen nothing yet."

    Yep, the zionist conquest is in full play.

  2. The world's top 5 arms exporting nations are the same one in charge of the UN Security Council; the USA; England; France; China and Russia.

    Makes one feel secure.

    As for all that phony debt the bankster gangsters have been tricking nations into taking on, what would happen if all countries just declared bankruptcy?

    There would be some PO'd bankers.

    Argentina did that in the 1990's and for awhile it was rough, but they seem to be doing OK now.

    It damn sure couldn't get any worse.

  3. Hi Kenny,

    Off topic....

    Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham:

    ...With four competitors left gunning for the crown, Durham was asked a question posed by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito about whether burning religious books, including the Muslim holy book, should be afforded the same constitutional protections as flag burning. She struggled in her response, but said it crossed a line and shouldn't be allowed.
    "I know that some people view it as a freedom of speech, however, burning the American flag is not patriotic at all," Durham said. "No American citizen should do that, and you should also respect other religions. I'm a Christian and a faithful person. I would personally not appreciate someone burning the Bible, and that's just a line you do not cross.
    "She negated the whole First Amendment," Jillette said in a tweet Sunday night. "Glad to help her lose."
    He further said that Durham was fine in expressing disdain for religious burnings but shouldn't have advocated taking away freedoms. "


    Funny, ask few simple questions about holohoax and 9/11 instead and watch your freedom disappear .. poof!

  4. Penn is a jackass though. He ripped 9/11 activists hard on his bullshit show.

  5. USURY = THE REAL PROBLEMJune 22, 2011 at 6:36 AM



  6. Rage is a natural human feeling and response to certain stimulae. Humans would experience rage even if there were no banks or countries or religions.

    Greed, corruption, murder and injustice are the price of civilization.

    the fault is not in our institutions but in our very own hearts. The problem with humanity is staring back everytime one looks into a mirror.

    Jews indeed!? As if any of the rest of us is any better.


  7. "Rage is a natural human feeling and response to certain stimulae."

    Certain stimulae?

    Like the war propaganda cranked out by the MSM?

  8. gillette is a zionist jew.

  9. Is he really a zionist? No wonder hes anti-9/11 truth.

  10. zionist and asshole. not actually sure about jew though.

  11. "Jews indeed!? As if any of the rest of us is any better."

    Crawl back into your hole, McCob.

  12. isnt that the point?

    "any of the rest of us" never claim to be better. the jews do. they are special, unique. all that happens to them is unique unto the universe.

  13. So, anonymous, why don't you brag to me about how smart you are. I am sure that would be very interesting.


  14. "any of the rest of us" never claim to be any better???!!! Really? Have you ever been to the stormfront website. Ethnocntrism is not an exclusive attribute of the jews. By the way I hate judaism as well as it's bastard offshoots: christianity and islam. The bible sux as does the talmud. But I don't hate induvidual people as people are either good hearted or they are not and it doesn't really matter a whole lot about their ethnicity. Any of us can be monsters.

    It is our own greed that lets the criminals who run the world lead us around by the noses. The hatred one carries is unhealthy and often misses the target and bounces back on where it came from.

    Saying the problems of society are chiefly the fault of the jews is a vast oversimplification.

    But, go ahead and be bigots if that is what you want.

    I find insulting comments highly amusing.


  15. WOW! Thanks for the info on Greece and its spending on armaments. (Greece is now a warm friend of Israel)

    - Aangirfan

  16. "Saying the problems of society are chiefly the fault of the jews is a vast oversimplification." - Oversimplification? Possibly. Vast? Hardly.

    "Any of us can be monsters." - Right, but sociopathic monstrosity is what results of adhering to the Talmud. It is codified in their holy playbook.

    As Nobody put it: "merely shrugging your shoulders and saying well, they're all equally bad is somewhat ordinary. It's a bit like condemning as equal the kids who stole your sandwiches with the guys who backed a truck up to your house and took all your furniture" "The talmud is 'it'. They study it endlessly. It's what defines them. And dismissal of detail is one thing but the totality here is horrific." "Those things that are declared a sin in Christianity and Islam are here declared virtues provided one does them to goyim."

    The argument is old, comparing us to stormfronters is old, and if you're looking for a sympathetic ear, you're not likely to find it here.

    "But, go ahead and be bigots if that is what you want." - If that's the way you see things, go right on ahead living in ignorance. It's not so much "bigotry" and "hatred" as it is a healthy sense of self-preservation. Even monkeys, when spotting a snake in the grass, alert their troop whilst pointing the snake out.

    "I find insulting comments highly amusing." - I hope you'll be amused when you're gazing out your window and you see a blinding flash of light engulfing the horizon. I won't be. I know the Palestinians, or the Iraqis or Afghans are not amused. When your children have no choice but enlistment or crime because their future was stolen from them, will they appreciate your "it's really everyone who is bad" theory?

    Try to understand the difference between greed and a murderous hatred for humanity.

  17. Oh that's weird. I was grooving on the comments and then the statement about the equivalence of the bible and talmud leapt out at me and I was alll ready to stick my tuppence-worth in when, lo and behold, Anon beats me to the punch. With my own tuppence-worth of fist, ha! (Hey Anon).

    McCob, this equivalence you lobbed up here means that you're one of two things: Jewish and keen to downplay, or disappear, or otherwise misrepresent the wickedness of your own people (A Jew should and must make a false oath when the goyim asks if our books contain anything against them); or you're a well-meaning chap who doesn't have a clue what the-thing-you're-discussing actually is. One of those two things is true.

    So! If it's the former you should probably just piss off, since you're hardly likely to go away and view your self-declared chosenness in any useful, objective fashion, never mind see it for what it is and condemn it. Were you capable of that we'd give three cheers and welcome you with open arms. But frankly the 'chosen-by-god' meme is too powerful to succumb to such common sense, so we may as well forget about it. Wouldn't you agree?

    And if you're the lattter of the two above, do go away, give 'quotes talmud' a bit of a googling and come back when you're up to speed. Your homework question is: "In 500 words or less, explain why the writers of the talmud declared that, To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goyim knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly"

    It's a fair question don't you reckon? Why did they say that? And does a statement of that nature exist in any other religious book in the world? Somehow I suspect the Jews are on their own with such a paranoid piece of, um... let's call it a 'recognition of their own guilt', ha ha. Because it is, isn't it?

    All the best!


    Hey Kenny,

    I love it how The Econonmist makes 99 steps in the 100-step journey but falls down just shy of the line. The obvious next sentence in your above quote would be something like: 'You'd almost have to wonder if the weapons dealers and the international bankers weren't in cahoots with each other'. God forbid we should wonder at such things, or that The Economist should ever pursue them. Perish the thought!

  18. Stormfront Is A FrontJune 23, 2011 at 3:41 AM

    I love it when Zioshills cite Stormfront as an example of goy ethnocentrism.

    It's common knowledge that pseudo-Nazi Don Black (the guy who owns Stormfront) lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    It's also common knowledge that West Palm Beach is a heavily Jewish enclave with a large contingent of Israeli dual citizens.

    But, of course, we're not supposed to notice that fact, just like we're not supposed to notice pseudo-Muslim Adam Pearlman's ties to the ADL.

  19. I am talking about taking responsibility for one's own actions. Crime, war, injustice, whatever negative and unhealthy attributes one might credit to the jewish are also present in every other culture that ever called itself civilized. What has Israel done that any other country which achieved a level of world power has not done?

    I have read Merchant of Venice as well as many quotes from the Talmud and the Old Testiment. I know Jews bring with them pimps, drug-dealers, scams and ponzi schemes, loan sharks and rackets. But who buys their stuff? Who keeps these guys in business?
    And isn't it true to say that there are asian gangs, italian, irish,..., whatever?

    I am a white guy from the midwest of america. A goy if you will.

    I don't doubt that stromfront is a front. Why not? But who buys it?

    Oh, but the world would be such a paradise if there where no jews. Give me a break.

    You call it awareness. I call it fear mongering. I call it rationalizing our own weaknesses.

    I wish you all well. But, I honestly think many of you would be better off if you learned to think without being so angry.


  20. "What has Israel done that any other country which achieved a level of world power has not done?"

    For one thing, they've parasitically sucked the lifeblood out of our country.

    Israel wouldn't even be a world power without the trillions of dollars they and their minions have siphoned from the US Treasury.

  21. What a curious chap you are McCob. You read the Merchant of Venice you say? You know it's a comedy don't you? No, seriously, it is. And you learnt something from this comedy did you? I can't imagine that it was anything useful. Not forgetting of course that the Jews had been thrown out of England by Edward Longshanks 200 years earlier and weren't to return until the genocidalist Oliver Cromwell did as they asked and let them back in again. So! A chap who'd never met any Jews wrote a comedy about them and you gleaned something from that did you? Um, okay.

    Otherwise I don't know if you noticed but the whole Western world is currently in a war with Muslims, who just so happen to possess the only non-usury alternative to the usurious money-is-debt system that we all happen to be subject to. Think about that.

    Do you understand the history of your own Fed? It's 'independent' which is to say in the hands of 'international banking' which is to say, the Rothschilds and the Schiffs and the Loebs etc etc. Sure enough these are all the same people who founded Israel. The Balfour Declaration was merely a letter written by Balfour to Walter Rothschild declaring Britain would give him Palestine. Israel is a country made by bankers.

    Your country, my country, every Western nation bows down to international banking along with that shitty little country they made. Actually 'kowtow' is a far more accurate description, now that I think about it. Who else do we kowtow to? Anyone? Or are they 'it'?

    Hmm... is there a power to rival that of international banking? I can't think of one.

    So, what do you want here McCob? That we shake our fist at ourselves? At each other? At everyone else except the most powerful people on the planet who have a long history of false-flagging us into wars against people who never harmed us?

    One presumes that since you've arrived at Kenny's you're up to speed on 911, 7/7, Madrid etc. and who was responsible and all that. Yeah? And you know that the neocons who ran all this were all Jewish bar a couple of see-they're-not-all-jewish-so-there shabbos goy, yes? You know that all of Obama's czars are Jewish yes? You know that AIPAC is the single most powerful lobby group in the States, yes? You know that Friends of Israel is the most powerful lobby group in the UK, yes? You know that Canada, Australia, NZ, hell, every Western nation is the same, yes?

    And what do you want to tell us? That it's Asians, and Italians etc. - all those people you saw in Hollywood (which is to say Jewish) movies. But do these cinematic villains control the Western world's money supply? Because if they don't they ain't really in the ballpark are they?

    Mate, you should feel free to view us as a tough crowd. We didn't start out racist and then find a world-view to match. It was the other way round. So when you lob in here with your soft-cock views, the likes of which we discarded years ago, all you're going to get is a chorus of boos, catcalls, and raspberries.

    And quite right too.

    As for 'angry', ha ha ha ha - grrrrrrrrr!