Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Forensic Pathologist: From JFK to Caylee

The Cayce Anthony trial.

Yes, it's a modern day version of a circus. The OJ trial of the 21st century. Millions follow it and media whores such as Nancy Grace exploit it.

It's a diversion from all number of other crimes happening right under our noses.

My wife served on a murder trial jury one time so it's an interest to her and gets tube time and internet live feeds here at the house.  I haven't been following the trial that much until today when the defense called up high profile big money forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, an Israeli Henry Kissinger lookalike and similar in speech to that war criminal.

Spitz has quite a history.
He has served on committees investigating the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned after the car driven by Senator Edward Kennedy plunged off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. He has also served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile cases including the California Night Stalker, the Preppy Murder Trial in New York, and the wrongful death suit against O.J. Simpson.  

He was also involved in the Jon Benet Ramsey case and as a witness in the Phil Spector murder trial where he allegedly 'flipped out' when asked how much money he was being paid by Spector.

Spitz was adamant on the stand today that the original Caylee autopsy was 'shoddy' in not examining the inside of the skull. The second autopsy he performed did so.

To me his statements today were not exactly in line with what he said as an appointee by Nelson Rockefeller to the Warren Commission.
Spitz: “I do not believe that an examination of the President’s brain would contribute significantly to a clarification of the circumstances [of the murder];” and, “Microscopic examination of skin slides from the bullet wounds would not, in my opinion, have added pertinent data.

Werner Spitz, MD, devoted considerable attention to explaining why Connally’s dramatic reaction to the first shot, though occurring later in the Zapruder film than JFK’s, posed no obstacle to the Single Bullet Theory.

The HSCA endorsed Rockefeller consultant Werner Spitz's finding that the wound in JFK's back was lower than its purported exit in the anterior neck. This presented a problem -- how could a bullet fired from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository travel upward through Kennedy's neck? The theorized solution to this "upward bullet" problem was that Kennedy was leaning forward when struck, as the HSCA diagrams above illustrate (see HSCA vol. 7, p. 100).

The cropped portion of Zapruder film frame 228 reproduced below, however, shows that Kennedy was upright immediately after being struck. Neither the Zapruder film nor still images of JFK in Dealey Plaza disclose him leaning forward at any moment in the relevant time period.  {more}   {also more on this}

It's obvious to me that Spitz was paid to help cover up the JFK assassination and despite his experience and expertise in forensics, it's apparent he loves the limelight and the money of his 'have autopsy will travel'' show. I have no comment on Cayce Anthony's guilt or innocence but regarding Spitz my opinion is that he is a criminal that aided in hiding the truth of the murder of JFK. The repercussions of this cover up continue to this very day and will for long into the future, well past after the memory of little Caylee has vanished.

Only in America ...  


  1. Very interesting post Kenny! Spitz is clearly a slime ball!!

    Just in case anyone wasn't aware, the Zapruder film is a fake.

    Makes one wonder if there was indeed video fakery on 9/11 as many claim....

  2. There's little doubt that the Zapruder film was altered. There's also little doubt that some of the 9/11 videos we have been shown of the planes hitting the towers were altered or fabricated. The NIST FOIA releases have several of them.

    In 1973 or 74 a multi-media traveling lecturer (forgot his name) came to MTSU to give his JFK conspiracy presentation. He played the "official" Zapruder film for us several times and claimed that his college tour was the first public showing of the film. It was interesting to say the least.

    A long time doctor in my hometown was on duty at Parkland Hospital on November 22, 1963. Once in an informal setting, I got the chance to ask him what he saw that day and if it matched up to the official story. He politely replied that he had never talked about it and never would. He's been dead for several years and as far as I know his observations of that day died with him.

  3. I believe some video manipulation may have taken place on 9/11 but to suggest "no planes" is a huge disinfo ploy. There were planes, but many in NYC that day say things like "no windows" or "cargo jet" etc. They saw something, but were they the original planes? I doubt it. I think there was a swap as the planes flew over military bases. It was probably sold as an exercise to anyone on the ground asking questions which explains the war games on 9/11. Dov Zakheim should be waterboarded now. Not that I'm for torture but considerng a guy like Dov no doubt is lets have a go of it shall we?

  4. Hmm... Spitz strikes me as a one-man variation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who are like a black version of Tom Joad - Wherever there's organised paedophilia, we'll be there. Which is to say, whenever they lob up you know you're in amongst black wickedness. Like the FMSF, I'm thinking we may as well view Spitz as a flag marking official skulduggery.

    Otherwise well spotted Kenny. I'd never heard of him.

  5. nobs, I had never heard of him either. Just looking at the bitch today made me think he had a history. He did.

  6. In a letter to former Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, JFK demanded that Israel open its Dimona nuclear facility to international inspection. The letter was delivered to Eshkol on July 5, 1963. Four months and seventeen days later JFK was assassinated.

    Kennedy was the last independent president we had. The era of unqualified support--for anything and everything Israel does--began under his successor.

    Isn't it funny? Between the Lavon affair, the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, and 9/11, the name "Israel" seems to keep coming up over and over again. How is it possible for any reasonable person to chalk all this up to "coincidence" or (as in the case of the Liberty) an "accident"?

  7. typically, disinfo is 95% truth:
    jesse, alex, griffin, gage, lawson, thorn, bollyn, sabrotsky, duff, dimitri, everyone at VT, Blakeney, lindnaur, sybal, Hall etc are all disinfo-
    because they all include at least 5% of the official fairy tale in their verbiage. they slip it in,( planes, phone calls,hijackers, stand down, terrorists,3000 VICTIMS, prior knowledge,'attacks') problem is the official version is 100% bullshit.
    None of the above mentioned typists will ever say the truth- it was media hoax and never finger the real perp- Rothschild

  8. I think even Rothschild at this point is a red herring(not to absolve that wicked family of its criminal history). We know who was involved in 9/11-Zakheim,Suter,Silverstein,Cheney,Lowy,Hauer,Lauder,Kroll,Eisenberg etc. Its a tragedy that these men walk free when its so obvious what they did.

    And good call Richard. James Angleton was an Israeli firster and high level CIA man when JFK was killed . He would have known a whole lot about JFK's opposition to Israel nukes. Lots of people where involved in the JFK hit but the one interest that goes unspoken is Israel. I don't know that they drove the plot, but like with 9/11 its possible and its no doubt they were at least involved.

  9. This squares with Michael Collins Piper's research.

    The JFK hit was Israeli.

    And the reason was pressure on Israel's covert nuclear program.

    Executive Order 11110 could also have been a contributing factor.

    Kennedy knew which raw nerves to press on but underestimated his enemies.

    Give it time. Eventually the bullets will be flying in the opposite direction.

  10. Hey Kenny,..@Richard; "Kennedy was the last independent president we had." You're kidding right? The difference, and only difference as I can work it out, is that there were more gangs of crooks in the fight for turf in those days. Whether the world would be a "better" place if the Kennedy gang had won, is open to conjecture, however, the whole deluded fantasy myth surrounding JFK has got out of hand, yes, I would like to have seen the Kennedy gang remain in control of the jooSA if only for its novelty value. I don't however think for one minute that the world would be a very much, better place because a gang bootleggers might have controlled the world.

    The thing to hope and pray for (if you do) is a world devoid of Party based political administration.

    Think locally ACT LOCALLY! No international banking, no internationally based economies!

    Mind your own f#$@ing beeswax! Feed and educate your own children, protect their mums and help your neighbours where you can.

    It's really that simple people.


  11. Don't overlook Ted Olson. The guy that mdade sure Bush was elected so that this black magic crime could be carried out. His wife, a graduate of a Talmudic law school called into Ted from The Pennsyvlania ruse flight. Ted that strong conservative, has been defending the Bush appointed gay judge that overturned heterosexual marriage in California. He's a first class satanic creep that does not get his proper dues anywhere. The defender of Jonathan Pollard. A good long look at this pyschopath reveals much if not all.

  12. Ted Olson? some folks think his new wife is his old wife, after plastic surgery. You gotta' applaud Phil Jayhan for his dedication to the cause --29 pages on that thread!

  13. Letsrollforums is a treasure trove of good reading. And enough with the "gay judge" shit. Who the hell cares about that but manipulated religious fundies? I thought we were talking 9/11, JFK and high crimes, not sexual hangups?

  14. Hey Kenny,...@anon-e-mouse 8:41, 9:05 and 9:18. WTF? " judge shit.." Have you people got a sound understanding of ALL the ways that the yids are pantsing our society, or do you have "some of my BFF's are gay" or "I'm from jerkwater and my vote counts"? Get a grip. Every attack on any aspect of OUR society is yid, based upon and consistent with THEIR PROTOCOLS, did you get your angst about xtian fundies from les 'the freemason' visible? As for your treasure trove of good reading, if it aint anti-yid - it aint! Never does phil juhand mention the yids - he's got a tick in his box - period, so go back to the huff post and juggle the blue and red pills!

    Many apologies for my passion Kenny, I'll bow out now, I'm gettin' me dander up - not pretty.

    Great Post though, helluva tinder box...


  15. Most Fundies are rabidly pro-Israel Christian Zionists.

    The 'angst' about them seems justified to me.

  16. Hey Kenny,...Just this one last time: @1:08ayem.

    That's because you think the zio-sheeple have power, it's the zio-kow-towing leadership that steer the flock, numb n#*ts!

    hagee is a case to point! Do you think the aspartame-addled arse-wipes that squeal for hagee are a 'thinking' threat!?

    There is no such animal as a 'xtian zionut' - the yids nailed yeshua!

    Where's the irony?! YOU TELL ME! Faaark!

    xtian zionuts: Ignore them, they are stale urine in the gutter of a Pub's carpark; even that reference gives them a certain romantic dignity they do not deserve!


  17. Another cointel op that needs exposure, Cannibal Rabbi's home site.

  18. Former solicitor general Ted Olson is a very interesting figure.
    I believe he was lead counsel in that California marriage case at one point? Something like that..That confuses those who subscribe to the FOX/MSNBC split. I think there is a lot more to his story.

  19. "There is no such animal as a 'xtian zionut' - the yids nailed yeshua!"

    Dude, WTF have you been smoking?

    Of course there's such a thing as a Christian Zionist (unfortunately).

    And Jesus was nailed by the Jews?

    That's funny because, according to your blog, today's Jews are imposters and have no connection to the Jews of the Bible.

    So how could they have nailed Jesus?

  20. Hmmm.

    I see Veritas is an Aussie (just like Cannibal Rabbi whose comments appear at the bottom of many of his blog entries).

    I had no idea Australia was such a hotbed of religious lunacy and fanaticism.

  21. Veritas writes like Cannibal Rabbi too.

    Same gibberishy nonsense.

  22. veritas is proof that religious fundies are not good for the cause of truth. They muddy the waters and repel people with their various fears of people not like them.

  23. Hey Kenny,...joo? Grin, I use the term "yid" anon-e-mouse; go to my blog comments section, this not going to get you a "spoil" win here!

    Cheers Kenny, there is only one jidf spoiler in this...sorted.


  24. Go to your blog comments section?


    So you can censor what I say?

    No thanks!

  25. Hey Kenny,...Didn't take much: "what I say", not: what "WE" say...gotcha numb nutz!

    Lone yiddish shit stirrer, there are just too many anti-yid sites now for them to get several yids to pile on! Haaargh!...

    Picture me running around in circles on the playing field with my t-shirt over my head! Coooeee!

    veritas is sexy; anon-e-mouse-has-no-pants-on! Naa, na na, naa naaa!

    And you did go to my place, I have your connection location details!

    I ♣ YIDS!

  26. Uh oh!

    The psyop dude has my connection location details!

    I guess I can expect a knock on my door any minute now from one of his Mossad goon squad buddies!

  27. Is veritas CR? Both are pretty dumb but I think CR is a "pro" while this guy is just a lunatic.

  28. Yo Veritas, JFK was a good man, if you haven't read JFK and the Unspeakable, you really should. That will clear some things up as to who JFK was and wasn't, and who he was up against.

    Lot's of good info at Let's Roll 9/11 and the work Phil Jayhan has done. I'm pretty convinced everything we've been told about 9/11- literally, everything- is a lie, including the planes hitting the WTC. It's pretty irrelevant at this point, because we know who was behind 9/11 (Israel, Zionist Jews in the US government, and the kin of the folks who wrote the Protocols). The Zapruder film is a major hoax, just like 9/11.

  29. Oh yeah- happy Father's Day to all the fathers!!!

  30. And Jesus was nailed by the Jews?

    Yes, he was. Back then they were known as "juu bastards".

    Instead of bitching about veritas as anon-mouse 7/8 times, isn't going to make things better. Get a proper blogger handle and battle like a man.

    One more thing ... please don't try to battle with veritas dressed up as lady caca, 'cause that meat dress gives out horrible juuish odor!

  31. I assure there are at least 2 anonymous' "battling" your friend veritas the clown. I was only maybe 3 of the comments. No need to get a name when taking shots at clowns like him. Get over it "musique". You don't give your real name, does that mean you're "not a man"?

  32. "Juu bastards", huh?

    Gosh, that was so funny I forgot to laugh.

    A "proper" blogger handle would make it easy to track me across the Internet, wouldn't it?

    It'd save all those agents out there a lot of time and money.

    From their perspective, it's a win-win.

    But from my perspective, it's not.

    If you want to make it easy for everyone track you, asshole, be my guest.

    I couldn't give a shit.

  33. Spitz: “I do not believe that an examination of the President’s brain

    Guess that's why JFK's brain was 'lost' on the flight from Dallas to DC.

  34. Hey Kenny,...@John Friend, I don't care for politicians, I am WELL aware of the "wonderful" things jack tried to achieve, who cares; he got off'd, we find another jfk and keep fighting the yids. Oh and as for the annon-e-tribe-of-childmolesters shill shit stirrer; FU!

    911? GB at Goon Squad is the only 911 stuff I read, he has a dog in that race and he is a candle in the window for that cause. The rest of the 911 pot-boilers are shyte and boring, it is done and dusted - yiddish khazars did it - let's get them, once and for always - gone!

    I will add this: violence is the only answer to the vicious coward yids, ask the Palestinians; when they hit the yids(I don't mean false rocket attacks), the yids run and stay quiet until they have stolen more jooSA shekels and played the victim ad nauseum, then when they think they have the world's politicians and media sorted; they start killing women and children again.

    This is not the MSM, the yids own that, so I say, why give them equal time here?! Shut them down, delete their comments and bag every evil devious shit act they commit, I bet many of you don't know that for the same two year period we were wailed on about filthy catholic (not a christian religion) priests; yiddish rabbids committed 130 times the amount of sexual assaults on our children, world-wide!

    People, we are at war with lucifer worshipping freaks and it IS biblical - get some!


  35. And the troll veritas hits all the disinfo notes-even vaguely calling for violence. Obvious! Religious nutbag disinfo troll veritas, you are quite a bore.

  36. Hey Kenny,..."Those men that beat their swords into plow-shares, shall plow for those men that don't."

    The yids live by that tenet; yeah, 2% of the worlds population own everything and never get their hands soiled by hard labour, what's not wrong with that?!

    If I ever win the Lottery, I'm going to buy a Scud missile and give it to Hamas, cooooeeee!


  37. Veritas is a Jew troll.

  38. Why is Spitz in this case at all? Just because it's a high profile TV case of a bunch of nobodys? There can't be money involved. Once I heard from the defense I can figure that Cayce will be found guilty and will get life. So I don't watch the trial. I know Cayce will never admit it just like Diane Downs, Scott Peterson, Jeffrey Macdonald, OJ Simpson have never admitted their guilt. And they won't give her the death penalty. Everything in the trial has been everything we know already. Spitz is a curiosu item, though.

  39. Jew or not hes clearly a troll. And its true, they do all sound alike. Same tinge of crazy and stupid as cannibal rabbi.

  40. Veritas is not a Jew.

    He's clearly a "troo believuh".

    One if that special breed of religious kooks who's lost all contact with reality.

    But he's still good for a laugh or two.

    Like when he attacks Catholics and calls them non-Christians.

    Watching religious kooks attack other religious kooks (especially when they accuse the other kooks of being satanically inspired) is fucking hilarious!

  41. The opiate of the masses. Hagee was already mentioned and though "veritas" rejects him he reminds me a lot of him and his flock.

  42. anonymous, if you don't mind me saying so, you need a blog. You have much to say. Why not? Call it The Phenomenas Anonymous blog.

  43. Genie, anonymous "annies" Do have their own blog - Papi pope & mohels united.

    some super secret location @ the basement of the vatican & wailing wall!

    Oh ... one thing, you gotta be under 12 yrs to join and boys only.

  44. Kenny.

    Delete if you must, you seem to be getting into the swing of it. What you must ask yourself is, WHY that white bird got all the media for killing her kid, yet the black bird that microwaved her new-born, an insane proposition, to any sentient being gets a pass!!
    Never happened, a lot like most black crime.
    Who makes these calls do you think?
    As to the malcolm x worship in the last post? He was a black pimp and drug dealer, with a predeliction for white women, by his OWN admission, according to alex haley, his biographer.
    That's the same alex haley who
    Plagiarised his "masterpiece" "roots", from a book by a WHITE MAN!! And lost in court.

    Believe, and be as delicate as you wish, but eventually, as the kikes will find out, truth and reality, will kick yer bollocks off.

    Just don't act surprised when it happens.
    I used to post at shitcockman, but recently came to the conclusion that like American Every(kike)man, it's a jew shop.

    As to being likened to the handsomely erudite Veritas6464?

    I don't think i've ever had such a compliment!

    I blush.

    I'm not sure he'd feel the same way right enough!


    I'm not over fond of poofs either, truth be told!

  45. Cannibal Rabbi, you really are a piece of monkey shit. You do realize this right? A black guy fucked your ugly wife and/or mom, its obvious. You have tiny dick syndrome don't you Cannibal Rabbi? No need to pull down your pants, we can already tell.

  46. Hey Kenny, you don't hate black people(or gays or anybody else for that matter) enough for the walking piece of shit Cannibal Rabbi. Stop the fucking presses eh?

    If Israel isnt paying CR and the other religious zealots above(musique,you're a joke, hate to break it to you) they really should be. HasbaRATS that you are, anybody connected to such lunacy is instantly tainted. YOu are the proverbial turds in the punch bowl. Though in CR's case it should be taken literally. Smelly Australian piece of shit.

  47. Anonymous 1+2, are you the same jew?
    I'll take your points one at a time...

    "you really are a piece of monkey shit."

    No, ive double checked, and i'm not.

    "A black guy fucked your ugly wife and/or mom, its obvious."

    No, that's not true either.

    "You have tiny dick syndrome don't you Cannibal Rabbi?"

    No, again mistaken. I'm probably average sized to be honest about it, though i don't really go around comparing my penis to other mens. Kinda gay, not my thing.
    Uncircumcised, unlike yourself of course.

    "Hey Kenny, you don't hate black people(or gays or anybody else for that matter) enough for the walking piece of shit Cannibal Rabbi. Stop the fucking presses eh?"

    I don't hate anybody, even satanic kikes. Despise? Deplore? Pity? Oh yeah, and i wouldn't expect Kenny to subscribe to any of my opinions, but i do feel i posit some fair points.
    Exactly which of my points do you dispute?

    I would never accept blood money, though i do agree musique is a joke.
    He said horrible things to me on the last thread.

    "YOu are the proverbial turds in the punch bowl."

    You'll have to explain that one to me. Is it an American thing?
    Cross my heart and swear to God, i've never been to a party where there was a turd in the punch bowl.
    Rest assured i wouldn't attend the following soiree, had such an event transpired!

    No thankyOO!!

    I'm not Australian, although i wouldn't be ashamed to be.

    The Saints, being one of my favourite "beat combos"

    Nick Cave, the Triffids, the Seekers.
    Quite prolific for a small country.

    Now back to your poit!

    What exactly was it?

  48. Not an aussie? Then what part of the 'commonwealth' are you from?

  49. Anonymous

    No offence, but why would i wish to engage in a conversation, cyber or otherwise, with potbellied, judaic grotesque, such as yourself?

    I see it a bit like multiculturalism, globalism, "gay rights", affirmative action, Mass immigration, outsourcing of jobs and services, the survival or not of shitrael.

    (Taps index finger on chin,looking up, and to the left, pondering, mulling, in a leisurely fashion).

    What do I get??

    What's in it for ME??


    Piss off!

  50. Can't answer a simple question, can you?

    The Great Disruptor suddenly reappears and already the trolling behavior starts up again.

  51. As long as the majority of the people stare with blank eyes at the TV and swallow big piles of BS and ask for more, it will only get worse.

  52. You know Cannibal Rabbi, when your only response is "you jew" you only prove how profoundly stupid you are. Just a tip. Also, you suck at comedy as much as you suck at life in genenral.

  53. @Anonymous

    I'm right though, aren't i?

    I'm not the best at comedy, i'll grant you.

    Not as good as seinfeld, Curb yer pedophilea, or the rest of the kike filth!

    I'll work on it!

  54. Right about what? Not being a piece of monkey shit? Me being a jew? Wrong on both counts piece of shit, sorry. You fail as usual.

  55. yer point?
    You know i'm RIGHT!

    at least 100 per kike!

    Burn 'em!!

  56. cannibal rabbi is a jewish troll.

  57. See, "you jew!" is all the fucking morons got. Pathetic little piece of shit.

  58. cannibal rabbi-"I'm right though, aren't I?(about me being jewish)

    Anonymous-"Right about what? Not being a piece of monkey shit? Me being a jew? Wrong on both counts.."

    cannibal rabbi-"yer point?
    You know i'm RIGHT!"

    It appears that reading comprehension is not cannibal rabbi's strong suit.

  59. Is there an on-going conspiracy to invent news of fake crimes as psy-ops to keep everyone confused as to what is real and what isn't? Such an agenda is suggested with evidence by "Dallas Goldbug."

    New Info - o6/22/11 - Casey Anthony Murder trial EXPOSED
    Casey Anthony Murder Trial Shocking discovery that Pima sheriff's don't want you to know. Not only did they participate in the Gabrielle Giffords training exercise they are taking a much bigger chance as everyone I saw in the courtroom looked to be a mix of firefighters and Sheriffs from Pima. You be the judge.

  60. Cannibal Faggi = B.Akira of what do you believe, likes to post on racialist pages like Incog and Diversity is crap but is really just a zipperhead gook. So have another plate of fisheads and rice and get back to your faggity blog.

  61. "what do you believe" is almost as laughable and ridiculous as Incogmans blog. Almost.

  62. "but is really just a zipperhead gook."

    Isn't that sort o' racist?

    "what do you believe" is almost as laughable and ridiculous as Incogmans blog. Almost."

    I expect you'll be laughing like a hyena, in the days soon to come.
    There will be plenty to ridicule, with yer buddies down at the synagogue, as the windows come in, and the roundups begin.


  63. Not at all gook, if you can dish it out you can take it right slant eye? Open your eyes dumbass.

    And yet again the cannibal retard can only muster his trademark-"yer a jew" comeback. Hes not the brightest bulb. Brian Akira=ADL toolbag and useful idiot.

  64. "Not at all gook, if you can dish it out you can take it right slant eye? Open your eyes dumbass".

    Oh i can take "it", and you, without breaking sweat.

    Akira is a lot of things, and he hates my guts.
    But he knows his shit-kike, adl or otherwise.

    I only use my "trademark comeback", with filthy, scum, jewbags, such as yerself.




    You sure are genius level!


  65. Actually cannibal rabbi, Ive seen you use the "yer a jew" retort in at least 85% of your comments. Tired, Go ask Uncle Abe for a new talking point you provocateur piece of shit.

  66. kikey kikerson kikester kike. Yer a fag. Yer a jew. Yer a black and I hate you :Am I laying it on thick enough Mr. Foxman?:

    cannibal rabbi

    June 26, 2011 11:46 AM

    Thats more like it CR! You're really showing your depth there! You must be a mensa member!

  67. Reichsführer-SSJune 28, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    Juden Raus, Schnell!

  68. "You must be a mensa member!"

    I expect i'd have a better shot at it, than you ever would.

    I'm not so clubbable though.

    Fuck off yid, and prepare for hell.

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    You think these up yerself?

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    It's an income though, eh?

    "Am I laying it on thick enough Mr. Foxman?"

    What was its answer? Did it tell you to tone it down?


    I wont be replying to you again, as my mother told me it's a sin to mock the afflicted.

    Carry on kiking!

  69. sound of cricketsJune 28, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    Yell louder in your echo chamber the crickets are overpowering.

  70. Wow, and another variation of the old "you jew" line. I'm shocked, shocked I tell ya. Again, I'm not but I think you just proved how wrong I was about your ability to be a mensa member. I think they would frown on the fact that you're not capable of anything beyond tired squawks of "yer jew! yer jew!". You sad, pathetic, self loathing piece of shit, what did your parents do to make you such a joke of a human being?

  71. "what did your parents do to make you such a joke of a human being?"

    Fell in love. Mated.

    The rest was up to me.

    I may not have made the best of it.

    One thing they taught me was NEVER lie.

    So i don't.

    Even at the gates of hell.

    I wouldn't lie. For fear of what they would think of me if i did.

    Forget Gods omniscience.

    Yer Ma and Da at yer back?

    Think about it!

    Glad i cheered you up though!

  72. Your parents failed massively. If they are anything like you it serves them right for having such a piece of shit for a daughter.

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    I would think that they would employ slightly more intelligent provocateurs so maybe "cannibal rabbi" is just a garden variety useful idiot and not a paid shill afterall. Go figure.

  77. "You mean the quiet corner you fucking retarded inbred moron? You're one dumbass little bitch huh?"

    I meant what i said.


    As in, give it up. You're done.

  78. No, you just spelled it wrong you retarded hick piece of shit. Nice try stupid ass.

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