Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some Big Questions

Good title.

Nice symbolism.

Why would USA Today be so kind to give this upcoming comic a favorable review?

Why did it take so long for some in Congress to stand up to an administration for violating the constitutional mandate that it must be the one to declare war?  Libya is bad enough but what about Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Yemen? An army of Obama administration lawyers make lame excuses as to why the Libyan scam is not a war because American involvement fell short of full-blown hostilities.  Perhaps we should just ask a child whose home and family has been full-blown to bits what is a war? A low ball figure of $9.5 million per day in Libya doesn't constitute a war? Just what is the dollar figure for saying, yes this is war? Not to mention the human cost.

The CIA has officially announced that Ayman al-Zawahr is their new man to head Al Qaeda.  The asset Anwar al-Awlaki didn't make the cut but is waiting in the wings for when he's needed to fill the top spot. How long are we going to keep talking about this fake terrorist group? Probably as long as the American people will fall for it.

Destroying mosques and homes  and wells so that Israeli 'settlers' can steal some more land in the occupied territories doesn't raise an eyebrow in the lame stream media. Not that very many in the US even care. The Weiner resignation and  the trial of white girl Casey Anthony are so much more important.

A bonanza for a few means something altogether different for most of the rest.

Not everyone thinks the "winners" in the alternative news media are all they are cracked up to be. I'll drink to that.

Michelle Obama goes to Beverly Hills to insist that Hollywood do more for the war efforts. What's next, Sasha and Malia encouraging kindergartners to pledge allegiance to the bomb?

Are we heading to our own nuclear disaster? Just how many wake up calls do we need?   Can you see the forest through the trees yet? 

We have a long history of treason by the American bankers {original here}. It's still going on but no one seems to be getting arrested for it. Big money trumps the law almost every time.

So much for a few big questions. Without big answers that carry weight, we are just spinning around and getting dizzy. But getting dizzy may be the prelude to clarity. It's what we hope for.

Calling all angels
We're trying
We're hoping
We're loving
We're hurting
We're crying
We're calling
'Cause we're not sure
How this goes


  1. The way the MSM is talking, Syria's next.

  2. Furthermore, why is Image Comics putting it out? They are one of the biggest comic book companies. Disinfo?


    911 was a cartoon (CGI) hoax, now we have a 'truther' comic book pushing lies about those 'attacks'. Please, how can you be 'attached' by a cartoon?


  4. "Why would USA Today be so kind to give this upcoming comic a favorable review?"

    Limited hangout?

    My guess anyway. Visited friends in NYC in '06. An unofficial poll at the time said over 50 percent of the local population thought the official story on 911 was a load of bunkum. It can't have improved any.

    So. They'll pretend to ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS, come to some nice safe answers, and buy themselves a few more years of crime.

    I hope I'm wrong about this and the lid gets ripped off, but you know how that is.

  5. Loving that picture, Kenny!

    I am working on something similar, with all the 9/11 chosen race cast members & their dogs too!

    What do you think of the so called "lesbian Syrian blogger" getting caught - as a dude?? ooh mine!

    Then they described him as some member of a some "middle east peace" group or something ..can't remember.

    What type of f*ckhead will jeopardize peace movement - unless a mole?

  6. Limited Hangout? sure.

    It will be interesting to see if they go beyond the LIHOP narrative.

    I'm with musique on the cover art. Maybe that's all we need to take from this?

    Jody, Israel and the US want Syria divided and weak so it's just a matter of when, not if. I guess the only question is 'will we as a nation just meekly accept another excursion into death?' I don't look for any court case to stop it.

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  8. I very rarely delete a comment but sometimes it's necessary to send the message that certain people and their worthless words are not welcome here.

  9. Syria has nothing to offer and is a nation that resembles Mexico.
    I doubt the Jewish powers are out to steal anything from them,
    Because they have nothing to steal.

    Syria is a proxy dispute to neuture Iran, the real target.

    Syria is a throw back nation with no power. When it is brought down the Christians there will be displaced and killed, same as Egypt and Iraq.

    The main reason for the insurgent disruption by the US is to knock off any ally nation of Iran.

    The begining of the end, is the armed conflict wih Iran. China and Russia have pledged support for the nation of Iran and will provide them with funding and weapons when the US attacks. WW3, maybe.

  10. Oh, Cannibal Rabbi rears his drunk head here.
    Nip it in the bud, Kenny.

  11. USA Today, a major-jew-media organ, touts that comic. Why?

    Obviously, because the comic is/will spout lies. But which lies, and about what?

    Is the comic not out yet? Then, I'll make predictions.

    1. It'll surely be Anti-American. That is, it will pretend that Americans are the Number 1 criminals in the world. The truth is that some Americans are the Number 2 criminals in the world.

    2. Because of Number 1 above, there will be no mention of the supreme bankers in the world, the Rothschilds, and their network. They are the Number 1 criminals in the world.

    3. And let me guess. Gee, I suppose they won't say the "j" word, will they? Rothschilds, Schiff, Goldman, Sachs, Dimon, Greenspan, Chertoff, Netanyahu, owners of Ptech, airlines, security companies, all the ones related to 9/11, all jews. But they won't say it.

    4. See eddy's comment above. He (I guess "he") recently provided a list of links on the =party website. And I don't mind saying that thanks to his links, and thanks to my recently reduced ignorance (smile), the "no planes" idea looks like a plain fact. (But there's no need for all of us to agree on that. It's enough to KNOW that it was a horrendous crime that we must prosecute, no matter how long it takes.)

    Kenny, thanks for your recent comment on the =party site.


  12. Oh, I forgot to mention:

    I support your deletion of a comment that you judge to be purposeful disruption, or lies, or insults, or the like.

    I, too, have deleted only a few comments in a year and a half. Maybe 3 comments.

    I think Free Speech comes with a requirement of honesty, of trying to be telling the truth.

    If somebody wants to be a liar, disruptor, disinfo agent, counter-blogger, etc., they're not welcome.

    So, I support you.

  13. Anybody half way cognizant should realize Israel wants and must have the water in Lebanon and Syria.

  14. Patience. Y'all relax n have a peanut. Please. The Vichy are digging their own hole. A good thing.

  15. Nice article Kenny.

    I do like the comic, at least the picture with this post. They should probably put a rabbi or crooked banker above Uncle Sam holding the strings to control his puppet. That would be more like it.

    I'm praying that the power plant in Fort Calhoun is OK. Problem is, they are expecting even bigger floods over the next few months.

    And mick is right on the money: Israel needs the water resources in Syria and Lebanon.

  16. Water,okay, I can see that. Perhaps that is the reason for the illegal war being waged in Lybia, they also are sitting on an abundance of H2o.
    But the spiteful way of the Jew enjoys destuction as well.
    The Cannibal "Rabbi" is a good example.

    These wars are not "happenstance", there is a plan and it's being executed. Resources are a secondary objection, maybe.
    The blood lust and utter destruction is primary, IMHO.

    Chaos equals a vacuum.

  17. alex ang jesse work for the 911 perps
    2 disinfo liars!
    skip to 1 min 18 sec

  18. Why did it take so long for some in Congress to stand up to an administration

    This is nothing more than a 'dog and pony' show, nothing will come out of this lame-ass effort at making the prez abide by his oath.

    OBOMBA'S in violation of both the Constitution and the War Powers Act and should be getting impeached.

    But as long as you keep your Wall Street and Israeli back-stabbing friends happy, your safe.

    Odin forbid that he'd get a blow job from a Jewess 'honeypot,' and lie about it, his ass would be in REAL trouble.

    And my guess is that we'll be putting troops into either Libya or Syria before Christmas.

  19. It's odd that google sent both of James' comments to spam land but no matter what words and disruptive techniques CR uses, they come through.

    Why the deletion?
    Why the worthless diversion? Even a link to a questionable music site.

    It's not fun using the delete button but sometimes it is needed. I appreciate the support from others on my decision.

  20. The 9/11 truth is out on the internet.
    This is the truth: The WTC was destroyed by 3 underground thermo-nuclear explosions. They were detonated by the US government who used this as an excuse to lead the US and its allies into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All these wars and deaths were based on a lie.

    Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Will you help to tell the truth to the world?
    Be sure to watch the 26 part video there.
    #4 is on the built-in nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC
    #14 in on Building 7, which collapsed even though no plane hit it.
    #24/25 is on the chronic radiation sickness of the WTC responders)

  21. Though I'm curious as to what the scumbag CR said, knowing his online persona I'm not surprised he got kicked out again. I know it takes a lot for kenny to do that but the rabbi is a special kind of scumbag.

  22. That disrupting creature should've been banned long time ago.

    Kenny, you've very very kind to him.

    Excellent decision this time around!

  23. @June 17, 2011 11:15 AM
    Though I'm curious as to what the scumbag CR said ...

    The usual & typical xenophobic stuff ... tired rant about the blacks and annihilate the chosen race will solve all the problem - so all that useless fluff.

    Don't we already know by now all that annihilation idea/process favors which team and "thanks" to 'em for erecting that shitty little country named shitrahell!

  24. Good post Kenny. Love the picture! :) Speaking of big lies, check out this video featuring Belgian Journalist Michel Colon talking about wars, the media and the usual 'big lies'.

    Thanks for the link over to WP Community Blog.

  25. Gotta say I do love the pic. Nice and dehumanized, no people dropping out of windows. It does need, however, the 5 dancing Jews thumbing and sticking their tongues out at Unca Sam.

    Disinfo after disinfo after disinfo. I have a feeling, among other reasons, they might be keeping this alive to keep fertile brains involved so that they are distracted from the fact that America is now being fully attacked on two fronts. The first of course is Israel but the second is China. China has bought up a lot of American businesses and now is in the process of establishing a Free Trade Zone in, I think it is Idaho.

    And of course Mick is right about the water. Besides the fact that it gives them a chance to kill a buncha Moozlims in the process, they want the water. I thought everyone knew that! It is all in the map of "Greater Israel" that they are aiming for. It will be interesting to see what Saudi Arabia, their Arabic satellite and Egypt have to say when they head on down to the Nile.

    Of course maybe that is why the filthy Saudis are dealing with Russia cos they know they are on the cutting table too. PNAC talks all about it.

    I don't think ANYTHING will ever change the public's mind regarding 911. Mind control was very effectively used and heavily applied in the US. Shock value works. Shock value in the early morning so you can run it on tv all day and instill the lies nice n deep, proved that the theory really does work.

  26. interesting interview with bob Chapman about Greece, bilderbergs, default etc

  27. Thanks for deleting the racist comments.
    Perhaps a link to Afro American excellence and originality is in order-

  28. Nice one Anon@8:23. Heres one a little more on the political side:

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  30. Re: Presidential usurpation of congress's power to declare war. There is a deep complicated plan to 'strengthen' the presidency which is very old. Once you find out about it you see it EVERYWHERE. Many faux liberal and conservative plans and initiatives turn out to be just about this, very covertly often. Reread the 'conservative' "contract with America," or even some of the 'conservative' plans to end 'judicial supremacy,' which are in detail really about favouring presidency over congress. There is also the cultural side: president worship and respect, the 'West Wing' show, etc.
    I am tired of typing about this stuff. I have been interacting with True Believers and they are draining my energy.

  31. Another deleted comment? I bet it was in response to the Malcolm X video I posted wasn't it? Fuck you Cannibal Rabbi.

  32. A journalist asked Ray Charles about the hardships of being blind, he said being blind was no problem, being black was.

    Wynton Marsalis says he always wears suits in New York City, otherwise he cant get a cab

  33. Heres a great one, african american caller exposes Alex Jones as a zionist shill:

  34. I realize I am a bit late to this discussion, but, if anyone is still reading...

    "Syria has nothing to offer and is a nation that resembles Mexico."

    Actually, besides the water someone already addressed.
    Syria is strategically significant
    for Mediterranean access.

    There is a port at the Tartus, that Russia has been pouring money into, they wish to park some of their naval fleet in it.
    They have been expanding it for years.

    Why is Mediterranean access important?

    Think about the passage of oil and chokepoints.

    Think about the ability to strangle certain nations by cutting off oil supplies.

    As for this comment
    "Syria is a proxy dispute to neuture Iran, the real target."

    Syria and Iran have some sort of shared security agreement. So taking out Syria would be a stepping stone to an attack on Iran.

    And then their is Lebanon, another important country with water and natural gas, that Israel covets (as in Gaza)
    If Syria falls, Lebanon will be a cakewalk.

    Therefore in all reality Syria is far more vital then the anonymous poster is aware of