Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stay Human

Freedom Flotilla

In a world of ever increasing inhumanity and insanity, staying human becomes the ultimate act of courage.

Of course the Flotilla is a political provocation

Yes, out solidarity is political. Yes, it is provocative. And unlike the racism and oppression of Zionism and its enablers, there is nothing shameful about it.

A little refresher course in Palestinian history for our talking points in the coming days may be useful. Neutralizing the propaganda of media and criminal governments is one small way of staying human.


  1. Its ever increasingly difficult staying human amidst the bizarre and nutty shenanigans and flights-of-fancy farted up geyser-like by the Mouse-wheel psychopaths, for sure. Just thinking of those ticker-tape celebrations of victory in two great wars and looking at these times in comparison is enough to make any sane person puke in disgust. The Boxheads gotta go.

  2. great message Kenny. when the going gets tough, the tough stay human.

  3. "Stay Human"

    something to many of us have forgotten

  4. Well said Kenny. The tension is almost palpable at the moment.

    The Israhelli’s are pulling every trick in the book (and they wrote the book) to stop the flotilla. Everything from fake youtube videos accusing them of homophobia to fraudulent lawsuits and even direct sabotage of the ships.

    That is a sure sign the flotilla is the right thing to do. May peace be with them – I know but I can always pray.

  5. I'm not concerned about you guys at all. You've the human thing down. Thanks.

  6. Fractional private banking, owned primarily by zionists, ruins every country in which it is introduced through the concommitant usury imposed - and it is inherent in the design by the banksters that the wealth of the nation ends up in the top .01% of the population over time.

    The plan is a ruling oligarch elite and serfs (the rest of us). But an awakening is percolating through Iceland, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and futher where THE PEOPLE are beginning to say NO to the IMF "bailouts" which are actually real wealth strip-mining of a country after creating fiat out of thin air, loaning it at interest (the sum of the two never existing) yielding unrepayable debt in the country parasitized.

    Fuck the Fed, Barry, the IMF, Rothschild and zionazis.

    Anaughty Mouser

  7. Can someone please check Drug War Rant for me. Its either offline or I am being denied service. I suspect the latter. Thanks

  8. Anon@10:08, Drug War Rant is not working for me, you're not alone.

  9. Thanks for that.
    Verification; DULLER

  10. Heinrich HimmlerJune 28, 2011 at 2:40 PM

    Juden Raus, Schnell!

  11. Fractional reserve banking is NOT the real problem and neither is "fiat" currency.

    But it's easy to see how someone who puts their faith in libertarian con artists like Lew Crockwell could think that.

    Ezra Pound wasn't fooled by all the disinfo, though.

    He correctly identified usury as the real problem.

    That's why the PTB went out of their way to silence him.

  12. Drug War Rant is not working for me either, tried a couple of times in the past few hours.

  13. That sucks, Drug WarRant is a damn good site exposing the "war on drugs".

  14. I don't have hi-speed 'Net access, so can't watch this video, but it sounds interesting and something Israel and the USA would do to keep the Libyan war going:

    Israeli paper confirms Netanyahu ordered African mercenaries and now Gaddafi's son visits Israel


    (ANSAmed) - ROME, MARCH 1 - With approval from the government in Tel Aviv, an Israeli security firm is responsible for sending groups of African mercenaries to Libya to fight the protestors who have been calling for the fall of the Gaddafi regime for the last two weeks, reports Al Jazeera's website, citing a source in the Israeli press. The journalist from Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, who prefers to remain anonymous, said that according to speculation in the security sector, Israel looks at Libya from a strategic perspective and in terms of security. The fall of Gaddafi would open the door for an Islamic regime in Libya, according to speculation. In a meeting on February 18, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defence Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Lieberman decided to recruit African mercenaries to fight alongside Gaddafi, according to the journalist. During the meeting, they decided to let General Isarel Zef, the director of security firm Global CST, which is active in many African countries, to make a group of paramilitary mercenaries from Guinea, Nigeria, Central Africa, Mali, Senegal, Darfur and Southern Sudan available to Abdullah Assinousi, one of the heads of Libya's intelligence agency.

    Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, Israel that had been reported, according to diplomatic sources, an Israeli high-informed and that the affairs of Libya's Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar GaddafiMuammar Gaddafi, the two days before a quick visit

    The newspaper said that according to the Hebrew source of other Libyan spoke to Arab media outlets, the relationship between Saif al-Islam and Israel has evolved considerably during the current crisis came amid reports that Israeli security firms active in Chad and the recruitment of mercenaries sent to Libya unrealized gains billions of dollars.

  15. Cool livestream from Greece

  16. Dear Kenny,

    Thank you for hosting this important alternative media hub.

    I want to draw specific attention to what is happening in Greece from a simple, practical perspective. I will try to avoid being subjective in my summary.

    What is happening to Greece is no fault of the Greeks and it is going to occur to all countries with central banks and usury.

    The WSJ writes: "Greece's Government Prepares to Sell Up to $42.9 Billion of Public Property to Reduce Its Mountain of Debt."

    Let us break this down into the steps which occured.

    1. Rothschild owned central bank of Greece loans the Greek government fiat money at interest for many years in a row.

    2. The Greek debt to the private central bank over time becomes so large the government cannot no longer even pay the interest on the debt it "owes" to the private Greek central bank.

    3. The Rothschild owned IMF forces the Greek government to take steps to pay the debt and interest "owed" to the private central bank by accepting a "bailout" for billions of dollars AND dictates the land of Greece must be sold off to pay back the IMF "bailout".

    4. Rothschild and associates create fiat out of thin air in another country's central bank, loan to themselves and purchase the land in Greece.

    Real wealth (land, mineral ressources, etc) for Rothschild and associates are stolen by printing fiat, loaning it at interest for several decades, then putting the country into a type of debt default where the IMF forces them to sell the countries real wealth. All legal according to international law written by Rothschild cintrolled lawyers.

    All completely immoral and should be treated by hanging all these people (that was subjective).

    This treatment is coming to the whole world, USA included.

    The final result will be Rothschild and his zionist associates will own everything on the planet.

    I believe all of the above to be fact not theory.


  17. anon @ 10:26 AM, thanks, good live link.

    Mouser, another important concise analysis. But they don't 'own everything on the planet' yet. We need to see to it they don't.

  18. "Fiat" money has been unjustly vilified by those with a pro-usury agenda.

    Complaining that a dollar bill isn't backed by gold or silver is kind of like complaining that an airline ticket isn't backed by gold or silver.

    Dollar bills aren't supposed to have any intrinsic value.

    They're supposed to serve as a way of measuring the value of things that do have intrinsic value.

    And they're supposed to serve as a medium of exchange, of course.

    Demanding that dollar bills be backed by gold and silver (or diamonds and rubies or whatever) is a perversion of the very concept of money itself.

  19. Greece's Government Prepares to Sell Up to $42.9 Billion of Public Property to Reduce Its Mountain of Debt

    Coming soon to the USSA. We're so broke we're only paying interest on the debt, nothing on the principal. And we BORROW the money to make the payments on the interest.

    Soon, the bankster gangsters will tell their Congressional bitches they need to start confiscating our natural resources for collateral.

    The wealthy elite will be able to buy national treasures like Yellowstone; Yosemite and the Grand Canyon for pennies on the dollar, to satisfy an illegal, artificially created debt.

  20. This is a book written in 1919, shortly after the conclusion of WWI and the British endorsement of a Jewish national home in Palestine, by American Jewish professor Morris Jastrow. It is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the conflict that to this day polarizes so many.

    Zionism and the future of Palestine


    Even while recognizing that the world's progress is necessarily slow, at times painfully slow, the present juncture in the affairs of men and of nations invites us to turn our faces forward and not backward, to realize more decidedly than ever that so far as the Jews are concerned their place is in the seething world around them, the world seething with fresh life and enlarged hopes, and not in a restricted glorified ghetto which would be the result of the creation of a tiny Jewish State by a tiny minority of the Jews.

    The likelihood of the Jews ever reaching the position of being in a decided majority is thus reduced and the great difference between the present proportion, — 12 per cent as against 88 per cent Mohammedans and Christians — is too large to be overcome by any normal process. The alternative is to drive the nonJewish population out of the country (which, of course, the political Zionists have no intention of doing), or to force them out by economic pressure, which may conceivably take place. Either prospect is not pleasant to contemplate. Let us assume that through superior advantages enjoyed by the Jews who come to Palestine they will in the competitive struggle succeed in obtaining control. It matters little how this end will be obtained. Even if it should come by the most perfectly natural process, the feelings of the natives as they see themselves driven to the wall, becoming more and more dependent upon those who are usurping their place, will not be any the less bitter on that account. The reaction of such a situation will be felt by the Jews all over the world. It is assuredly a serious matter to propose a policy which must, even if involuntarily, work injustice and hardships for others as a condition of its being carried out. Mankind looks forward hopefully, though also timidly, to a time when animosities, particularly those arising through differences of religious belief, will tend to diminish and eventually disappear. There can be no substantial progress towards the ideals of peace unless we envisage the possibility of such a gradual decline in the unfriendly attitude of nations and of religious sects towards one another. The least that we ought to do is not to create new conditions which will intensify old animosities and promote new forms of unfriendliness. The program of the political Zionists, however, is precisely of a character to entail such a possibility. The mere suspicion that the purpose in encouraging Jewish immigration into Palestine is to secure control of the country will arouse resentment; and, as a matter of fact, steps are already being taken by Mohammedans and Christians to prevent lands from falling into the hands of Jews.

    The Zionistic program invites the possibility of a fate for Palestine as tragic as the misrule of the Turk. It will be sad indeed, if a land filled with sacred associations should again become a battlefield on which in the past such bitter contests were waged in the name of religion. One need not be a prophet of gloom to recognize the possibility of a renewed outbreak of religious animosities in a country like Palestine of the present day, where you start out with an already existing intense mutual feeling of hostility, not to say hatred, among the various classes of the population, Mohammedans, Christians and Jews. To the Western visitor who goes to Palestine for the first time it is a painful surprise to witness how little influence life amid sacred associations exerts in promoting kindness and gentleness among those who are privileged to spend their days near the sacred spots.

  21. Thanks for the link Gretavo. I've saved the pdf for later.

    The world was warned early of the dangers of zionism.

  22. I consider that video [ ] to be Jew propaganda / & Zionist propaganda. In fact I'd guess it is in fact a Jew production. The narrator sounds Jew too.

    All the "blame" is put on Europeans, on the British, on Germans/Nazis, on the "bad" Jews (Zionists; not the "good" religious or "humanitarian" Jews), and the UN (which is later somehow the good guy); and not on JEWS.

    There was "antisemitism" and "persecution of Jews" in Europe while Jews thrived in the Arab world? First of all, there is no "antisemitism". And Jews were not persecuted, they thrived, until they were driven out for the same reasons Palestinians would drive them out if they could. And Jews and Muslims have usually lived symbiotically for the same reasons Jews are promoting a Muslim and otherwise non-Christian invasion of Europe, US, Canada, and Australia.

    The British didn't just up and declare a "Jewish homeland" (not a Jew State, btw) without context -- it was because the Jews delivered the US Army into European conflict on behalf of the British. And the Nazis came to power after Germans had had enough of Jew parasites destroying Germany like they are now destroying America, Greece, etc. And the UN was a Jew and Masonic creation. And the Jew state has been mostly supported by Jews worldwide, either as individuals, or through their media and gov't control, or through their propaganda about "the bad Jews", and the UN, and the British and the Nazis all being the ones to blame; and blaming JEWS.

  23. "Dago..."

    That article does not say that the Jew Khaddafi is collaborating with the Jew State.

    Of course he is, being a Jew, and son Saif al-Islam (Sword of Islam) being a Jew too); but the article doesn't say that.

    It's an Arab/Italian article claiming (w/o citation) that al-Jazeera claims that an anonymous "source" who supposedly has something to do with a Jew paper claims there is "speculation on Jew-State/Khaddafi collaboration.

  24. Please fuck off gook.

  25. can't see the videos!!! The associated youtube accounts have been terminated!!!