Sunday, July 31, 2011

We don't owe the debt of criminals

It's redundant to say so. The so called debt that is being imposed upon the people is not just only illegitimate, it is the result of the actions of murderers, thieves and liars. For the self styled demigods of a fraudulent government to imply that we owe anything for their illegal and immoral deeds is nothing more than spitting in our faces while the gun is held to our heads.

We can go back further but for the sake of argument, 1913 and the introduction of the Federal Reserve and the income tax on labor was the beginning of the end. It's been downhill ever since. You know the story. The voices of a few sane and honest people over the last hundred years have been silenced by the din of multi-frequency noise coming from heinous criminals who are equal to any in history.

Folks are waking up. I ran into an old guy the other day who without prompting said "They are destroying the middle class." But he, like so many others with a job, is in a state of paralysis. Working out his last few years without rocking the boat and hoping that his pension will allow his salvation from the chaos. He may be in for a deadly surprise.

I don't have a lot to say except that this false debt ceiling debate doesn't often include, at least in the treasonous media, the ongoing criminality of those who decide what they are going to steal next and who they are going to kill.

No! We don't owe the debt of criminals. The last question standing is are we going to do anything about it?

Will the meek inherit the earth? Not this time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The NFL and 9/11

The statue of the assassinated  Pat Tillman outside University of Phoenix Stadium is a symbol of the merging of the myth of 9/11, glorification of war and the NFL.

Of course there will be an NFL season. There was never any doubt that the big diversion of sport would not go on. Especially since the season will begin on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. There would have been government intervention, perhaps at gunpoint, to make sure the season started on time. The opportunity to reinforce the official story of 9/11 to millions of people through tributes, flyovers and moments of silence could not slip away.

The NFL official website has the story down pat, no deviations from the lies and God forbid if a player has any questions about the event. He will be monetarily punished and ostracized.

It's not that I don't like the game. We grew up with it and I've been to a few games in Nashville since 9/11 but no more. It takes police state procedures to get in and there was always the military boys lining the sidelines, a giant flag stretched across the field, an eagle flying in from the upper deck to his handler on the field and the token country singer wailing away on "the bombs bursting in air." $6 to $8 beer doesn't help either.

There's been a lot of talk about head injuries in the NFL and the shortened lives of players. Not that much different from some soldiers coming back from the fraudulent wars. Both players and soldiers are pawns in the game of profit for the 'owners.' The difference being the degree of pay they receive.

Football and war are joined at the hip. Violence is the American way. I'll watch the 9/11 games but the only jumping up and down and yelling I'll do is when they repeat the official stories of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 and I scream "You are all damn liars!"


Protocol # 13

In order to distract people who may be too troublesome from discussions of
questions of the political we are now putting forward what we allege to be new
questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them
discuss themselves silly! The masses are agreed to remain inactive, to take a rest
from what they suppose to be political (which we trained them to in order to use them
as a means of combating the GOY governments) only on condition of being found new
employments, in which we are prescribing them something that looks like the same
political object.

In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are
distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to
oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions
of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we because we alone shall
be offering them new directions for thought ... of course through such persons as will
not be suspected of solidarity with us.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deadly Trance

Image from one of the alleged Norwegian bomber/shooter Anders Behring Breivik's favorite videos from his alleged Facebook page where he allegedly talked to himself about his love of 'trance' tunes.

Most of our first impressions on the Norway massacre and the 'lone nut' perp was that it was a deadly psyop originating from the corner of Rothschild Blvd and Hertzel Street in Tel Aviv.

Whatever the truth of the event, it certainly reinforces the trance like state of mind that is being impressed on the western world that white domestic terrorists are the up and coming threat. Plus for insiders it says that to oppose Israel is to incur the wrath of psychopathic zionists. 

Not much I can add to this so I'll just link some bloggers thoughts on the meaning and potential impact of this tragedy.

NORWAY + ISRAEL = Unfavourable Relations
Norway targeted by mossad for not doing exactly what they are told by bombastic yiddish-khazar masters who use freemason as patsy!

Unraveling Anders Behring Breivik

Zionists admit Breivik is Fjordman! Breivik, Rightist Mass Murderer, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Contributor

Anders Behring Breivik: “Christian Fundamentalist”
Non-”Al-Qaeda” Ultra-Rightwing Fundamentalist White Boy Hitting Norwegian Liberals

91 people killed–The first thing he did was shoot the cutest girl he saw–Eyewitness to VG

Mossad Mauls Norway
Norway Bombing Has Stench Of Mossad All Over It! 

Norwegian attack, three targets one lone nut? I doubt it.
UPDATE: Were Murdoch's MOSSAD Buddies Behind the Norway Blasts?
Wayne Madsen on the Oslo Attacks: Israel's Mossad Did It
"You will not bomb us into silence" - Norway
Israeli ‘Venegeance’ strikes Oslo
A puzzling day in Norway
News Corpse's The Sun calls it 'Al-Qaeda massacre' 'Norway's 9/11' right on the front page... Ha Ha 
Musique's image take ... 

Learning the hard way, you discover that bees sting, pepper is not for snorting, milk curdles, and the Democrats will never end the wars;

Learning the hard way, you learn that civilization is not civilized, and that the criminally insane and their functionaries smile at you from your TV screen;

Learning the hard way, you find it a tad more than unsettling that one of the smilers thought the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was “worth it;”

Learning the hard way, you realize that Washington D.C. is occupied by AIPAC, the universe is expanding, and that the gravitational pull of objects in space may bend space and time;

Learning the hard way, you gradually become aware that when you joined the military, in what surely was the most hopelessly gullible moment of your life, you were duped and lied to;

Learning the hard way, you begin to perceive that 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack, that they don’t hate us for our freedoms (because in reality we don’t have any) and that words on a printed page or flowing from a newscaster’s mouth consist of roughly 7 to 15 percent truth, 5 percent error; and the rest lies;

Learning the hard way, you understand you have become the guy standing on the box with the bag over his head and the electrodes tied to his genitals;

Learning the hard way, you realize you also have become the grinning, strutting beast who forces him to stand there and pose for the camera;

Learning the hard way, you figure out that wars are never fought for humanitarian reasons; that the candidate you voted for lied about virtually everything; and that no one really knows how to fix a broken bicycle;

Learning the hard way, you deduce that apartheid can never be justified, that Israel’s army is not the most moral in the world, that Hezbollah really is the party of God, and that 2000 years ago the Roman governor of Palestine who uttered the words, “What is truth?” had made the discovery that reality becomes extremely porous and leaky whenever Jews start accusing someone of evil-doing.

Learning the hard way, you look up the word “anomie” in the dictionary and read that it means a collapse or breakdown of individuals or societies due to absence or erosion of social values or norms;

Learning the hard way, you finally surmise that the reddish thread on the sleeve of your coat is your life unraveling;

Learning the hard way, you learn that the speed of light in a vacuum equals 3x1010 centimeters per second, that every 45 minutes the sun bathes the planet in as much energy as humans use in a year; and that God is the sublime jewel;

Learning the hard way, you discover that Congress in reality is made up of 535 specimens of the lowest species of life on the planet, and that even the oil-eating microbes at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico have a more highly developed sense of honor and decency;

Learning the hard way, you conclude that campaign donations are legalized bribery, and that democracy, when subjected to the influence of money, doesn’t work, that it in fact achieves precisely the opposite of what democracy was intended to achieve;

Learning the hard way, you discover that people—and nations—may shatter;

Learning the hard way, you judge that when a blind person leads another blind person they both will fall into a pit;

Learning the hard way, you come to realize that presidents do not pray to God, no matter what they may profess publicly;

Learning the hard way, you reach the inescapable conclusion that neutrons emitted by fissioning nuclei may induce fissions in other nuclei, thereby creating a chain reaction; and…

Learning the hard way, you realize that when the chain reaction begins there will be no mercy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shocking and disgusting is in the eye of the beholder ... and the controller

I see that  IranContraScumDid911's main youtube channel has been suspended for 2 weeks for a 9/11 video deemed too shocking and disgusting.

Shocking is a now relative reaction that's being genetically modified out of our consciousness  but disgusting still holds some sway in our collective semi-awareness.

What little disgust there still is about 9/11 is misdirected by the 10th anniversary media blitz toward everything but the truth.

Surprising, almost shocking, is that Fox News is airing live the boss's corruption hearing apparently without commercial interruption. Good for a ratings jump the Murdochs (Morlocks?) must have decided.  The first words scrolling across the screen was from Sir Rupert, "I was misled." That's pretty funny coming from someone whose sole purpose is to mislead people. I think I read son James' lips whispering to daddy "if Casey can walk, so can we."

The houses of prostitution in competition with the News Corpse empire must be salivating. Disgusting behavior they'll be saying although I would think they are somewhat worried about their own skeletons in the closet that are rattling around  and making too much noise for comfort. The Murdochs may be the worst of the worst but only by a few degrees.

It's probably too much to ask to turn off their channels. We're too titillated by what disgusts but there is one thing we can do. Don't buy anything they advertise. Cut off the income.We don't need a thing they have to sell ... including the lies they call 'the news.'

Sunday, July 17, 2011

going down down down

Way back in 1966 Allen Toussaint teamed up with  Lee Dorsey and released  Working in the Coal Mine that became an all time favorite. Yeah, we were rock and roll fans but a good R&B tune never failed to shake us up and sing along. A local band played the song for years at the Friday night dances and we never tired of it. Even in the midst of the Vietnam war it was a time of awakening and of high hopes for the future but I think there was a nagging in the back of our minds that we all may end up a coal miner of sorts but with cleaner faces and hands. We did.

For the masses with a mindset of work and debt is the American way, we daily climbed in the rail car and rode down the coal hole tempering the tediousness with thoughts of faster cars, bigger houses and TVs and a never ending supply of  Budweisers. Yes sir, the rail car was a fairly smooth ride until one day on the trip down the cavern we came to a fork with big signs blocking both ways saying "Closed." One said this vein has been mined out and the other indicated that more profits for the owners have been found by utilizing cheaper labor in foreign lands that have no unions or workers rights. The ride back to the daylight found only cloudy skies. The media said "don't worry," it's just a transition because we're a service oriented country now and we'll let others do the dirty work that we didn't want to do anyway.

I remember a long time ago on a nice Sunday just like today my girl and I expanded our consciousness, filled up the gas tank and took a ride into Kentucky. A few wrong turns east and we ended up on gravel roads through some beautiful hills that seemed to never end. Lost but happy we rambled on into the coal mining area of Appalachia where there was little but shacks and tin trailers and lost American dreams. Close to dark we finally found a small town, a $6 motel and discovered we were over 150 miles from home. Lying in that shabby motel bed we pondered why by geographical and parental fate we were lucky not to have been born in this place where the only jobs were underground. We had factory jobs, above ground, air conditioned even. Our luck would never end we said, it would only get better. Little did we know.

I hear a lot of talk about getting Americans back to work. The godfather Herman Cain rolled into town the other day to try and drum up votes for his 'vision' of a presidential takeover. Jobs jobs jobs he cries without any details on the hows while humming "I've got dem ole Islamic blues again." You might think someone whose ancestors were cotton pickin' slaves would go a little easier on the racist rhetoric but I suppose he enjoys the reverse role playing.  Turning on the radio just after an interview with Herm, I heard the hacks flipping coins for whether they would support him or Michele Bachmann. It was so funny I forget to laugh.

Good jobs are going to the women these days it is said. They're getting the better education, are aggressive and for many of the 'smart' ones this idea of raising kids is passé. Trading the slavery of motherhood for the slavery of corporatehood seems like a good deal. Many of the modern movies tell us so.

Come to think of it, maybe we deserve Ms. Bachmann as our next pres. Equal opportunity to be top dog and serve the bankers, Israel and the war machine is a concept whose time may have come.

Getting back to our title tune, we often find that good songs somehow degenerate over time. When "Working in the Coal Mine" was recorded by Harry Connick, Jr. we may have thought that was as low as it could go. But no, for a few coins it was leased to Walmart and the lyrics changed to  "Working on the rollbacks, prices going down down."   Mining for that last dollar is what they do.

No offense to Lee Dorsey but my favorite version is from Devo. Maybe because de-evolution is really what is going down.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reoccurring Questions

A common theme that keeps coming up among those of us who are lacking in money and health insurance is what we can do to maintain our health at the lowest cost. A balanced and as organic as possible diet, exercise, proper breathing techniques, some sunshine and a good attitude are my first choices. I like the frequent addition of raw garlic, onions and chili peppers as supplements and a few standby common inexpensive herbs for fairly minor health issues that may arise.

There are many potentially valuable nutritional supplements in the natural and health food stores and online but a look at the prices often means they're out of the question.

So in a world of ever declining cash flow and a medical and pharmaceutical industry that will steal both your money and your health, is there anything really anything cheap that the po' folks can add to their arsenal? Maybe something so inexpensive and effective that the 'health care' industry feels that their income and control could be jeopardized? Nutrients that the FDA will demonize to protect their turf? Actually there are many.

A good friend, ex-nurse and therapist who has sold many expensive supplements over the years but in a failing economy found no one buying embarked on research to find something so cheap, readily available and yet effective with a long history of alleged success that it should be in every home. He thinks he found it ... food grade hydrogen peroxide. After a year of taking it and even giving it to his dog, he thinks it's the real deal.

This is not a promotion. It's more about asking questions. He's bringing me some the next time he comes down from his mountain so I'll give it a try myself. If you're interested there's more info here and an 85 page pdf  The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which gives a lot of background and details on its use which are many besides human consumption. If anyone has any experience with this nutrient or has any more relevant information, please let me know.

My friend has been selling food grade hydrogen peroxide for several months by word of mouth and through ads in some free newspapers but not much volume at all and with a slim profit margin because it's so cheap. He has been bugging me to set him up a website for sales. He doesn't have a computer and actually lives off the grid.  I've been very hesitant. The FDA is strong arming those who make claims as to anything with health benefits unless it's from big pharma so having my IP address connected to a web site with claims could be iffy.

I had him read Mike Adams  FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994 to get a glimpse of what may be coming up and although hydrogen peroxide has been around for a long time and may not apply, there's still that issue of making claims. I could set up a sales site without any claims at all or providing links but whether it would work would remain to be seen.

Anyway, I find the potential of food grade hydrogen peroxide to be interesting and with careful handling and dosage may be something to think about. It won't break the bank to try. I'll follow up later if I think it's beneficial.


I just heard a bit on cable news that if the debt ceiling is not raised the government is thinking about selling assets.  We all knew this was coming. The international banking cabal wants it all and at fire sale prices.

I have some issues with Ron Paul but he did say the other day that in order to free up some money all we had to do is quit paying interest payments to the Federal Reserve. Maybe we should do that instead of selling gold reserves, if we have any, or anything else of value that 'we the people' actually own. The Fed wouldn't like that and may get desperate and have its boys blow something up to prove a point but instead of threatening to cut off social security I'll go with the idea of cutting off the Fed.


A comment from an anonymous poster on the last thread is worth repeating .....
The five fundamental steps to monetary independence:

(1) Outlaw usury.

(2) Outlaw currency speculation.

(3) Outlaw private ownership of banks.

(4) Declare all of the odious debt incurred under the old system to be null and void.

(5) Exercise caution when dealing with foreign countries that are still under the control of the Rothschild gang and implement appropriate countermeasures when necessary to thwart any attempted economic sabotage.
Since 'we the people' have no allies on these points in government at this time, I don't know how we would accomplish this but at least we can plant the seed of thought.


Same old story. A kid goes to jail for protesting the criminal 'elite.' Bankers and their minions go on vacation.
Son Of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd Legend) Sentenced To 16 Months In Prison

Murdochalypse - News Corpse

New words for our vocabulary.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"That is what we do - we go out and destroy other people's lives."

The Sphere of Corrupt Globalism

The title is a quote from a News of the World editor in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Taken out of that context and it could be used to sum up  the psychopaths that control or attempt to control every aspect of our lives and the world. It's what they do.

We know this intuitively. There's no mystery.

Takin' some notes ...

The US budget seems as though it has been put together, based on the whims of a thousand drunken sailors--there is something for everybody in there.

To save America from these Bozos, we have to let their "Amerika" fall away. We cannot preserve a militaristic, parasitic economic system, which perpetuates the absolute unfairness of penalizing the poor and the "Middle Class," in order to further the enrichment of the rich. Their pirate politics of plundering the Nation, have destroyed our "way of life," even though the claim is that our many wars are being fought against people who have done us no wrong, in order to protect us.

It is high time we got our house into order. It is time to find-out if there really is "Life after capitalism."   Peter Chamberlin   

Videos of cops beating and tasering handcuffed 'suspects' are common but how many catch one cop saying to another ...
Let's f... him up."

Leon Panetta has told so many lies and been involved in so many lying schemes in his career that he can't keep them straight. More to come. His handlers will stay close to correct his 'missteps.'  Leon has about 7,000 aerial drones to get those last 10 to 20 Al Qaeda types he says are left hanging around. Then we win and bring everyone home. Right Leon? 

Israel becomes one of the first to recognize South Sudan. They smell the money. Cheap manufacturing slave labor, oil, gold, uranium.  Beat the Chinese and Europeans to the punch. Be the first in line for the theft. 

Obama puts Social Security 'on the table.'  Was there any doubt?  The sacred defense budget won't go anywhere but up. Same with the free money and perks for Israel. "Eat your peas" and shut up.

Industrial hemp farming in California? Will Jerry Brown sign on to this or bow down to the feds and hemp's big corporate competitors as Schwarzenegger did in vetoing similar bills? 

Most people I know are concerned about how they're going to pay the electric bill every month and if they're going to have a job tomorrow but we should take some consolation in the fact that our congress folks are fighting for our right to buy a 25 cent Chinese light bulb from the dollar store.  Yep, they always have our best interests in mind. After all, they are the best and the 'brightest.'

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fertile Ground

J. Lee Douglas, a member of the Middle Tennessee chapter of ACT! For America revels in his ignorance.  Photo by  Samuel M. Simpkins / The Tennessean

I don't know whether to be amused or sickened by many of the responses to a Sunday article in the Tennessean ...  Anti-Islam group finds fertile ground in Nashville.

 article excerpts ...
ACT! for America sums up its mission in four words: “They must be stopped.”

The “they” in question are Muslims, who ACT! for America’s leaders insist are involved in a stealthy jihad to destroy the United States from the inside out, replacing the Constitution with the Islamic legal code known as Shariah.

It has become a potent political force in Nashville, home to the largest ACT chapter in the nation.{more}

The author really knows how to rile up the rednecks. Too bad he tainted an otherwise good report with a mention of the jewish social engineering organization SPLC and the 9/11 'terrorist' attacks without referring to who actually was behind them. Over 350 comments and counting. That's more than even the best sports story gets and football is a religion in these parts.

If there is a more uninformed and mind controlled area in this country than ours, someone needs to point it out. If it is typical, well, we're in big trouble. In my opinion even most of those who try and counteract the bigotry are missing the larger picture. 

I made a quick comment under the screen name kennycannon. It could have been better but of course I'm insane and delusional as someone pointed out so I suppose it doesn't matter what I wrote.
Divide and conquer. As long as we are fighting among ourselves the real enemies within, treasonous politicians, criminal bankers and war mongering profiteers laugh and spit in our faces. The faux left/right paradigm depends on it.

In the last decade we've spent over $4 trillion in the bogus 'war on terror,' bailed out Wall St. criminals, killed over a million Muslims and lost a great number of our own kids so a few could count more money. Debt we can never repay and now both sides of the aisle talk about how Social Security is the problem. Our country goes down the drain and yet the manufactured threat of Muslims gets more comments and evokes more emotions than all the actual problems combined.

A foreign lobby group, AIPAC, and a foreign apartheid country, Israel, dictates our foreign policy in the Middle East through their bought and blackmailed lackeys in Congress and the executive branch but to point that out one gets called anti-semitic. Christian zionists and neocons and uncritical thinkers work together to make sure the neverending wars monetarily and morally bankrupt us.

The myth of 'Muslims did 9/11' continues to be the rallying cry for those who can't see past the lies. It was a 'false flag' folks and most of you were duped into believing it and still do because you are afraid to look into the evidence. You don't want to know and what you don't want to know is destroying us.

Look for the truth or love the lies. It's your choice. 

Fertile ground for ignorance seems to always end up sprouting support for Muslims in boxes. Most of the deceived who gladly promote the wars and bigotry  call themselves Christians and most of the Christians who don't never speak up about it. Sad.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Murdoch and 7/7

larger image

The sixth anniversary of the false flag of London, 7/7,  becomes the day that the Rupert Murdoch crime syndicate gets a slap in  face and shuts down one of their 'flagship' mind control rags for the masses to try and save themselves some trouble. Hacking the phones of the the 'bereaved relatives of the victims of 7/7'  is only the tip of the iceberg.

Coincidence? Karma? Theater? Maybe the numbers have meaning?

Murdoch has said allegations News Of The World staff hacked phones and paid police were "deplorable and unacceptable".

Note to Rupert: Deplorable is what you are.  It's what you pay your employees to be. It's what you are paid to be. They sad part is that some people actually buy your trash and call it news. But a few less buy it today than they did yesterday.

The empire of lies is falling ... one piece at a time. That's good news.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Egyptian secular party leader chops away at some roots

Egypt party leader: Holocaust is ‘a lie’

9/11 was ‘made in USA,’ he says

A leader of Egypt’s top secular party says the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were “made in the USA,” the Holocaust is “a lie” and Anne Frank’s memoir is “a fake” — comments sure to roil the post-revolution political debate in the Arab world’s most populous country.
Ahmed Ezz El-Arab, a vice chairman of Egypt's Wafd Party, made the remarks in an exclusive interview with The Washington Times last week while in the Hungarian capital attending the Conference on Democracy and Human Rights.

He denied that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews during World War II.

“The Holocaust is a lie” Mr. Ezz El-Arab said. “The Jews under German occupation were 2.4 million. So if they were all exterminated, where does the remaining 3.6 million come from?”

Mr. Ezz El-Arab said he accepted that the Nazis killed “hundreds of thousands” of Jews. “But gas chambers and skinning them alive and all this? Fanciful stories,” he added. (AUDIO: on the Holocaust)
“It’s a shame that the West — the cradle of liberalism — should have a criminal law incriminating any discussion of any historical fact,” Mr. Ezz El-Arab said. “It’s a sacred cow. The ‘6 million’ is a sacred cow.”
In the interview, Mr. Ezz El-Arab also said that Osama bin Laden was not behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

“He could not have the know-how or the ability to do it,” he said, even though he called the dead al Qaeda leader “an American agent.”

“If he had the ability, one plane only landing on the Knesset would give more effect,” Mr. Ezz El-Arab said.
Asked who was responsible for the attacks, Mr. Ezz El-Arab identified the CIA, Israel’s Mossad intelligence service, and the “military-industrial complex.” (AUDIO: on 9/11)

 Ezz El-Arab also says that Iran's Ahmadinejad is a "hateful character, so whatever he says can be criticized" and makes the below statement so his motives may be open to question.
Mr. Ezz El-Arab said he thinks that there once was a Jewish temple in Jerusalem and that Israeli Jews deserve to stay put.
You can read the entire article, there's much more, and see what you think.

One thing is for sure, his remarks will be used against the Egyptian 'Arab Spring' in the zionist controlled media.  Israel’s ambassador to the U.S.  Michael Oren has already set the stage.

Another thing for sure is that Bin Laden didn't pack up the evidence from the WTC without an engineering forensic examination and send it on a slow boat to China.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reasonable Doubt

The show's main attraction is over. Only the psycho sideshow of the media remain. Roll up the big top ... Cayce Anthony is not guilty of murder.

This very effective diversion  nears an end and the country waits for the next.

The rule of law requires that in any criminal case the burden of proof beyond any reasonable doubt is the responsibility of the prosecution. That's our constitutional right. Our rights were set in stone for a reason. It gives the innocent a chance in an open honest court to not be unfairly convicted. Sometimes it allows the guilty to walk. The process will never be perfect. 

The Cacye/Caylee case seems to be a perfect example of a peer review that came to a logical conclusion in the absence of hard proof.  Innuendo and conjecture is not evidence. To paraphrase Johnnie Cochran, "if it's not beyond reasonable doubt, you must let her out." So they did.

Lawyers are often portrayed as snakes and yeah, some do leave a slime trail. It's only when we personally know them or need a fighter on our side that we think otherwise. Sometimes they are necessary evils in this strange world.  It's all about winning and the winners smile and celebrate.

As tragic as the death of this little girl is, Orange County said today they have 11 other child death cases they have to deal with. We'll never hear about them. Those stories and trials won't have good monetary and social engineering value, they won't be sexy enough.

The media whores and their bobble head lawyer expert opinion talkers were made slobbering fools. Poor actors in their houses of ill repute.  The defense team had a press conference and attorney Cheney Mason blasted out at "the disgusting  lawyers, the incompetent talking heads who get on television and talk about cases they don't know a damn thing about." Go to around 1:06 in this video for his full statement. It's good theater. 

It's been reported that Orange County spent over $1 million on this case.  Roger Clemens goes on trial tomorrow for lying to Congress just in time for a new ratings sweep. This is where our 'justice' money goes.

Meanwhile a great number of criminals walk the street or hide in their homes without a dime of our taxpayer money being spent to investigate them. The 9/11 perps, the liars and murders who took us to war, the criminal bankers who are in the process of stealing everything we have are still on a free ride. So are their media enablers.

We're waiting on those trials of treason and 1st degree murder and war crimes and we expect the honest execution of the rule of law. We'll watch and be pulling for the prosecution and for them to prove beyond a responsible doubt.  We may even have a festival on the courthouse steps when they read the guilty verdicts and it's our time to celebrate. No doubt.


art by Eric Fortune

I would like to draw your attention over to Noor's place and an article by Michael Parenti, Hidden Holocaust USA.

The information and narrative it contains should be required reading and open for discussion in every school, church, town hall meeting and dinner table in America. I'm sure that everyone will have points to add to the dialog. I will add that the dysfunction in America is largely by design. Excessive and corrupt profits by the few lie at the root of the problems. Distractions and diversion by the corrupt media keep our attention focused away from the deep seated dysfunctions. Solutions are held at bay by bought and blackmailed politicians who do not have the best interests of the country in their hearts. 

Half of this year is gone and so far we have been inundated by a concentrated deluge of natural and man made disasters. There will be more to come and we must not be distracted from the hidden and the in your face holocausts perpetuated upon us by those who only smell profits and power in dysfunction.

Collectively we can make the difference.

It is not that we don’t love our country, but that we do.

We love not just an abstraction called “the USA’ but the people who live in it.

And we believe that the pride of a nation should not be used to hide the social and economic disorder that is its shame.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Order Ritual - U2 in Nashville

The Claw

Ernest Gellner ... 

"The way in which you restrain people from doing a wide variety of things, not compatible with the social order of which they are members, is that you subject them to ritual. The process is simple: you make them dance round a totem pole until they are wild with excitement and become jellies in the hysteria of collective frenzy; you enhance their emotional state by any device, by all the locally available audio-visual aids, drugs, dance, music and so on; and once they are really high, you stamp upon their minds the type of concept or notion to which they subsequently become enslaved. Next morning, the savage wakes up with a bad hangover and a deeply internalized concept."

The Ritual
Our local news has bombarded us with the U2 concert at Vanderbilt Stadium and of course had to give us the repetitive meme of their 'causes.' 

Causes that only give about 1% of the millions taken in to those they propose to help while paying $8 million in salaries for executives and employees of U2's ONE campaign to monitor the disbursement of the mere $185,000 the foundation donated to good causes in the past year. Oh, but ONE “does advocacy work, not charity work.” Advocacy now days is a sort of Orwellian term for scam  and reports are that many U2 fans fell in line and signed up with the group "ONE" at the Vandy show.

Some folks had a protest this past week in Glastonbury calling for the band to pay their taxes just like those who buy their concert tickets and albums are forced to. Don't they know that those in league with the elite  have ways to avoid many of the taxes?  'Saint Bono'  regularly meets with political leaders to lobby on behalf of developing nations but wants the working class to foot the bill. The Edge claims the band just wants to be 'tax-efficient.' 

I'll let those more well versed in symbolism interpret U2's visuals but the 'Claw' stage setting certainly brings to mind the death grip of debt and the police state currently around our throats. A more mundane interpretation is that the space theme was played for humor and for a grander sense of universal connection and responsibility. 'Responsibility' reinforced in ritual as  "a deeply internalized concept" maybe?

Perhaps I'm making more of this than it is but I found it interesting that the show incorporated what a few consider to be a ritualistic and highly propagandized event, the Gabby Giffords shooting. 
The song Space Oddity was sprinkled throughout the show, most memorably after Bono acknowledged Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who lived through an assassination attempt, then asked the audience to imagine “her husband looking down on us.” A grinning, floating Cmdr. Mark Kelly in his spaceship appeared onscreen, intoning “tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”

Secular rituals are a regular occurrence. The 4th of July rituals with the symbology of fireworks and the flag are upon us to reinforce the concepts of America the great as well as America the warfare state. 

Soon we will inundated with a fairly new kind of ritual. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 presents the opportunity for the powers that be to further ingrain the deeply internalized concept of the official story of the mega-ritual of September 11, 2001.   
Many of us will reject these country wide 9/11 presentations,  just as we reject the rituals of pop culture that U2 so massively portrays.