Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The NFL and 9/11

The statue of the assassinated  Pat Tillman outside University of Phoenix Stadium is a symbol of the merging of the myth of 9/11, glorification of war and the NFL.

Of course there will be an NFL season. There was never any doubt that the big diversion of sport would not go on. Especially since the season will begin on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. There would have been government intervention, perhaps at gunpoint, to make sure the season started on time. The opportunity to reinforce the official story of 9/11 to millions of people through tributes, flyovers and moments of silence could not slip away.

The NFL official website has the story down pat, no deviations from the lies and God forbid if a player has any questions about the event. He will be monetarily punished and ostracized.

It's not that I don't like the game. We grew up with it and I've been to a few games in Nashville since 9/11 but no more. It takes police state procedures to get in and there was always the military boys lining the sidelines, a giant flag stretched across the field, an eagle flying in from the upper deck to his handler on the field and the token country singer wailing away on "the bombs bursting in air." $6 to $8 beer doesn't help either.

There's been a lot of talk about head injuries in the NFL and the shortened lives of players. Not that much different from some soldiers coming back from the fraudulent wars. Both players and soldiers are pawns in the game of profit for the 'owners.' The difference being the degree of pay they receive.

Football and war are joined at the hip. Violence is the American way. I'll watch the 9/11 games but the only jumping up and down and yelling I'll do is when they repeat the official stories of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 and I scream "You are all damn liars!"


Protocol # 13

In order to distract people who may be too troublesome from discussions of
questions of the political we are now putting forward what we allege to be new
questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them
discuss themselves silly! The masses are agreed to remain inactive, to take a rest
from what they suppose to be political (which we trained them to in order to use them
as a means of combating the GOY governments) only on condition of being found new
employments, in which we are prescribing them something that looks like the same
political object.

In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are
distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to
oppose them. Growing more and more disaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions
of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we because we alone shall
be offering them new directions for thought ... of course through such persons as will
not be suspected of solidarity with us.


  1. free bread at the circusJuly 26, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    If the no fun league sent me a check I might care but it would take alot to care about some nancy boy jocko homos slapping each others asses while chasing a pointy brown turd around.

  2. anyone repeating the official 911 shit should be boycotted

  3. The 10th anniversary of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 is on a Sunday, the official start of the NFL season.

    Even though the USA is beyond bankrupt, how many millions/billions do you think the Pentagon will spend flying F-16's, F-18's, B-2 bombers, etc. over the football stadiums to get the huddled masses tearful about 9/11?

  4. A.Mouser said...

    If I were Mossad this is how I would arrange it.

    I would have about 20 fully camoflaged Mossad special forces in the grass and trees with sniper rifles filled with dum-dum bullets aimed inwards all around the perimeter of the island.

    I would put patsy Breivik in a walk-about such that everytime any youth walked up to him they would be shot dead. Breivik would not have to fire more than one or two shots himself. The snipers hiddenin the grass and trees would kill everyone approaching or in the vicinity of Brevik like magic.

    Then after the 1½ hour killing spree the Mossad agents would be picked up by preplanned boats and taken away leaving only patsy Brevik in his police uniform surrendering directly.

    The labour youths were indeed sitting ducks to professional Mossad killers.

    Breivik is only the patsy - like Oswald.


    P.S. Tim Howdarei has his heart in exactly the right place, totally against zionism. His blog is one of the best I've read.

  5. Hey Kenny,...I was formulating a response for the comments section as I was reading; along the lines of "The NRL in joostralia has become a microcosm of the NFL in the the jooSA" and discuss the similarities, like the war heroes they wheel out to start the games and sob as some reality TV tragic wails 'their' jazz version of the national anthem, yawn and then - haaa, I saw the Titans pic, taken at 'Skilled Stadium' coooeee! There it is right there, bread and circuses, an international strategy.

    Damn, those counterfeit protocols are pretty accurate eh? If only they were real, someone would be considered a prophet (of doom).

    Across the road (literally) from Skilled Stadium in which that picture was taken is Australia's first recognized FEMA detention centre.

    This vid is excellent, watch it through, the old guy is a bit quirky but he is a true info warrior and I have a great deal of respect for his courage, this is also the first time I have seen an Ozzie politician put his name near anything remotely anti-NWO - this old fella cops a heap of shyte from the zio-minions here in Oz:


    Here's the guys website, very interesting stuff:



  6. Hi Kenny,

    The link between 911 and the NFL is brilliant. You are very likely correct.

    The Titans will suck this year, but I digress. :-)

    Best wishes,

    Mantiq al-Tayr

  7. Up here they are telling us Kraft, the NE Patriot owner, saved football while his cancer-stricken wife was passing away. Once again the generous Jew has gone above and beyond for us all.

  8. Hey Kenny,...Mantiq al-Tayr, the Titans already suck this year, they have lost 14 from 18 with 5 to play until the finals, on match-points and point-score differential, their season is over, they are at the bottom of the ladder and will remain there, sans some monumental string of bad games by the second from the bottom team, the Titans have won the wooden-spoon!

    I can't help it, even though I know it has been hi-jacked by the yids, I have always played and watched Rugby League, when I was a soldier I represented Australia in a tri-nations competition.



  9. The market value of NFL teams is determined by TV revenue. 911 was a TV media hoax, the networks are a major perp before during and after the crime, cut the cable cancel the satellite


  10. For more information about the Protocols and proof of their authenticity, read:

    The Protocols of the Ruffle-Crested Kikes of Zion
    (Where-in the Author of the Protocols is Identified)


    The author employs some humor in the book, but the research is very serious.


    If you have read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you are also probably familiar with its history. However, my French language research assistant,
    delving into the original historical archives of that great European nation, has discovered
    some new facts of which even the best researchers of previous histories have not been privy. Some of what I am about to tell you is new, never before published information.

    For those of you who are already familiar with the Protocols, let’s inspect the new evidence that has been carefully hidden for over a hundred and fifty years. However, if you have not yet read this famous book, then you should stop right here and go no further
    until you have corrected this lack in your education since, without reading the Protocols, the secrets of the Ruffle Crested Jews are hidden from you forever. What follows is for you courageous explorers and researchers only; those who have already read the
    Protocols and want to know more about them and the secrets they contain.
    In 1906, a Russian language copy was registered in the British Museum. However, they caused little controversy. Nilus bewailed the fact that the Protocols as a blueprint of Jewish power aroused so little interest before the 1905 revolution that Jewry had engineered. However, after the Communist Revolution of 1917, the Protocols aroused intense interest all over Europe and in the USA because, through Communism, the Jews were implementing all of the ruthlessness and butchery that the Protocols promoted. Through the façade of Communism, the Jews inflicted upon the betrayed peoples of Russia all of the demonic evils in which the Protocols rejoice.

  11. Hey Mantiq, the Titans will surely suck this year but I don't seem to care. Too much else is more important. I was working in Nashville in 2000 when the Titans went to the super bowl. The week before the town was alive, people really friendly, noisy and happy. The week after 9/11 everything was solemn, people were polite but quiet, even driving the speed limit. It was a contrast I'll never forget.

    Hi Rocker, good to hear from you. I think about a third of the NFL teams are jewish owned but on the bright side that's less than they own in Congress.

    Greg, yeah the cost of one fly by could probably feed several homeless families for over a year.

    Veritas, good to hear you guys have at least one politician not buying into the American police state ways.

    Eddy, if we never buy anything they advertise they won't have any revenue. Seems easy to me.

  12. Hey Kenny,

    The Truther Girls ask a relevant question about Breivik as the designated patsy by Mossad:

    If he could afford the money to by a farm, to which he bought tonns of fertilizer from which he allegedly made the car bombs - why was he living in his mother's basement?

    Breivik = Oswald PATSY

  13. Good stuff kenny, those pesky Protocols, although fraudulent (yeah right!), sure do seem right on the money, don't they?

    I have to admit it- I love football. Grew up playing football and baseball in Nebraska. Probably should have played in college, but I was such a hard head. I love watching the Huskers play on Saturdays, but I can't stand the bullshit propaganda they put out now days via sports. It's all about blindly supporting the troops, supporting the criminal, fraudulent wars, and obeying Big Brother. Especially here in San Diego- big time military town. Pretty sickening. Pretty much ruins it for me now days.

    "... if we never buy anything they advertise they won't have any revenue. Seems easy to me."

    Sounds about right to me kenny. Throw away the TeeVees folks.

    Hey veritas, when I make it down to Australia, you gotta take me to a rugby match!

  14. Hey Kenny,...John Friend, you bet, I am a St George-Illawarra 'Dragons' supporter; my home town is Woolongong in southern NSW (haven't lived there for a thousand years, grin) - we took out the Premiership and the finals last year and the Stadium is old school and hoot. Save your travellers cheques if you want a beer and a hot-dog though! Since the yids bought the League a family doesn't get much change from a hundred bucks after a trip to the game. Haaargh!

    see ya downunder!


  15. An old Indian told his grandson, "My son, there's a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, & ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, & truth." The boy thought about it & asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee quietly replied, "The one you feed"!

  16. Dear Kenny,

    Thank you for posting my words, for having this blog.

    Gordon Duff is floating the idea Masons are behind the Mossad Norway hit - and that Masons are what Kennedy was speaking about in his famous pre-assassination speech about secret societies.

    Gordon Duf is wrong on this suggestion because if it was the Masons doing the Norway hit they would not have hacked his Facebook blog and put a picture of him in full Masonic regalia.

    Wrong Duff. It was Mossad, israel, Rothschild, zionist NWO.

    A Breivik double would mess perfectly with the patsy not even having to be involved in the shooting.

    One more time...

    If I were Mossad this is how I would arrange it.

    I would have about 20 fully camoflaged Mossad special forces in the grass and trees with sniper rifles filled with dum-dum bullets aimed inwards all around the perimeter of the island.

    I would put patsy Breivik in a walk-about such that everytime any youth walked up to him they would be shot dead. Breivik would not have to fire more than one or two shots himself. The snipers hiddenin the grass and trees would kill everyone approaching or in the vicinity of Brevik like magic.

    Then after the 1½ hour killing spree the Mossad agents would be picked up by preplanned boats and taken away leaving only patsy Brevik in his police uniform surrendering directly.

    The labour youths were indeed sitting ducks to professional Mossad killers.

    Breivik is only the patsy - like Oswald.


  17. Last month Duff wanted to 'bomb Libya now'. He was pushing Dimitri Khalezov's 911 Bullshit too- Israel stole a Russian missile and crashed it into the pentagon. (if Israel did it- 'we were tricked' it's still an 'attack' that can justify the war on terror)Dimitri wrote in a VT article that Bolshevism was started by Freemasons, but he forgot to mention that they were Jews.

    Even in an infinite universe, Duff and Dimitri are a waste of space.
    In fact it's true of VT writers in general.


  18. "Johan Fredrikson, the chief of Oslo police, said that despite an international investigation, including involvement by British police, they still had no evidence that there was an accomplice or network behind the attacks."

    Zionist MSM lies!

    Multiple surviving eye-witnesses confirmed a second gunman - 180 cm with dark hair, in addition to Brevik - 190 cm with blond hair.

    Lies, liars and more lies!!!

  19. Hey Kenny,..Mouser and -eddy, totally agree, duff is duff - calling for an invasion of libya? WTF? He's a crypto-yid by the way - mitochondrial mummie's boy. Married a yid to.

    I don't even bother with VT anymore, if I want to be shilled I'll watch the talmudvision.


  20. Excerpt from John Kaminski's article The courage to face tomorrow:

    "My formula is I try to keep all Jewish information out of my data base, because three thousand years of history have shown that information to be false and manipulative, no matter how nearly convincing the rhetoric may be.

    I'm still waiting for some hotshot Jewish writer like Gordon Duff, Gilad Atzmon, or Michel Chossudovsky amongst the many so heavily promoted by all these supposedly hip websites to address my main concerns, which apparently no Jew has the courage or candor to attempt. I charge that the words "Jew" and "integrity" are mutually exclusive. You can trip up any Jew instantaneously by simply asking him to recite Jewish history. He will not be able to avoid lying.

    If you try to include Jews in a coalition fighting for freedom around the world, that coalition is doomed to fail. If you try to build a stable society, Jews will gain control of it and ruin it..."


  21. At times trying to decipher what truth Duff may have is harder than pulling teeth with a clothespin. Other times it is obvious misdirection.

    I still check VT out and even comment there occasionally. Penumbra, who usually has something relevant to say, referenced a comment I made yesterday and Duff's response.


  22. Yeah. Maybe Sabrosky can start a chapter of jews for 9-11 truth.

  23. VT has some great articles but as far as Duff himself goes-he is not to be trusted.

  24. Dear Kenny,

    Patsy Breivik's double.

    Great theory/discovery of Aangirfan.

    It explains so much about 'lone-nut gunmen' events all the way back to Dallas.

    One commenter wrote:
    "I suspect that the real Anders Breivik, the facebook trance music fan, is lying in a shallow grave."

    I have been thinking about this all night and it would seem very possible. The main reason is that otherwise the real patsy (Breivik) might begin to reveal the truth once in custody.

    That in turn means it's the patsy double who is in custody. Also explains why the (late) arriving swat team took the patsy double without a shot - he was one of theirs. This lays bare the corruption in Norwegian police security with Rothschild/zionist NWO infiltration.

    This was a message to all Norwegian ruling class - "we can even kill your children, so do what the NWO tells you".

    Psychopathic of zionist Rothschild.

  25. Yep, the 'fix' is in:

    Could accused Norway killer land in luxurious prison?

    Confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik may end up serving time in a newly built maximum-security prison that's considered among the world's most luxurious, according to The Telegraph.

    The prison, Halden Fengsel, opened last year outside of Oslo and houses around 250 male inmates. But a Norwegian news outlet TV2 claims Breivik will more likely end up in Ila prison, which is less cushy than Halden, but still "a far cry" from the bare cells of American prisons.

    The documentary photographer Alex Masi writes that the cells in Halden are equipped "with an en-suite bathroom, a flat-screen TV and various comforts. They measure 12 [square meters--about 129 square feet] and are divided up into units (10 to 12) which share a living room and kitchen," much like a college dorm. Time Magazine described the cells as resembling an Ikea showroom, complete with "stainless-steel countertops, wraparound sofas and birch-colored coffee tables."

    The art budget for the facility came in at more than a million dollars, Masi says, while the cells are brightly painted and lack bars on the windows. Inmates take specialty cooking classes or choose from many other courses at an in-prison high school. They can jog around the 75-acre wooded facility or even climb on the prison's rock walls.

    You can see more of Masi's photos of the prison by clicking the image above and at Time.com.

    According to Time, prison guards are required to help each inmate make his sentence "as meaningful, enlightening and rehabilitating as possible." About half of the prison guards are women, since research has suggested that a corps of female guards can help reduce aggression among the prison population. The unarmed guards eat meals and play games with prisoners.

    "Life without parole" is not an option.


    P.S. It's worth clicking on the link to see this luxurious 'prison,' which is more tastefully decorated and cost more to furnish than my humble abode.

  26. You have read this. But if you haven't....


  27. "He was not a racist: he killed blue-eyed Norwegians as well as their brown guests. He even hated David Duke – for being anti-Jewish."

    "Brevik's" 1500 page manifesto, mostly plagerised, does not make sense - unless it was constructed by zionist-jews.

    "Breivik" is 100% a zionist-jewish patsy.

    The real "Breivik" may very well be six feet under already - see Aangirfan's eye-opening body double article.

  28. Off topic:

    Tennessee town to handle German nuclear waste


  29. "Zionists behind most of Breivik 'manifesto'.

    The Zionist extremist Norwegian blogger Fjordman (Ooops he's closing the business!) is behind the majority of texts in Anders Behring Breivik so-called 'terrorist manifesto'.

    'A European Declaration of Independence' is the manifesto's subtitle, a formulation that is taken directly from one of Fjord's texts."

  30. Wasn't Tillman killed by "friendly" fire. What's so friendly about friendly fire anyway.

  31. Friendly fire was the 2nd official story after the first one, hostile fire.

    I'm sticking with assassination. Did Noam Chompsky rat him out before he could get back to the states or was Tillman's communications with Chompsky intercepted?

    see this link or search for more:

    atheo, yeah, aware of it. We are a happy dumping ground, the only state that allows the burning of certain nuclear waste.

  32. There was some talk out there that Tillman became very politically active and aware while at war and that he was clearly becoming very anti-war. He spoke to Noam Chomsky who confirmed that he planned to meet him but of course that never happened. I wouldn't be surprised if Chomsky himself tipped off the "higher ups" to Tillmans newfound anti-war attitude considering how obviously compromised he is. Tillman would have been a huge PR problem at a crucial time in selling the wars.

  33. Oh shit, skimmed past your comment after reading the one above it kenny. Yeah, I tend to think that Chomsky ratted him out. Either way it was an assassination meant to stop a coming PR nightmare.

  34. That Tillman statue is so creepy looking, it borders on the demonic.

    Just one more slap to the face of the brave Tillman family who have been seeking the truth about how their son was MURDERED, but get fed non-stop lies by our hijacked government.

  35. http://veritas6464.blogspot.com/2011/07/obama-libyan-lies-exposed-african.html

    See joryan's video embedded.

    Barry Soetoro is Martin Luther King jr's nightmare for Africa and for the world.

    He is the zionist NWO puppet incarnate.

    This is only going to get worse before it gets better.

    The entire Western zionist crony capitalism system needs to be overthrown.

    The present economic meltdown will ensure it will happen.

    The double dipping scam of crony fiat and usury is ending - now and over the next weeks and months.

  36. This is off topic, but after reading this, I got chills up my spine and I ain't no wussy. Are the psychotic mass murderers and thieves destroying this nation so desperate to keep our minds off the 'Great Depression, Part II," and stop the ever growing 9/11 Truth movement, they'd start WWIII?

    Russia Downs US Missile After Norway, Obama Secrets Release

    In actions more reminiscent of the Cold War than modern times the foreign military intelligence directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) is reporting today that the Northern Fleet’s Yekaterinburg nuclear powered submarine successfully fired a RSM-54 Sineva (SS-N-23 Skiff in NATO classification) ballistic missile from the Barents Sea across the North Pole into the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean where upon its deploying of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) “device” succeeded in destroying an American Minuteman III ICBM fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

    United States Air Force Colonel Matthew Carroll in a statement to American propaganda media organs stated that the destruction of this Minuteman III ICBM was caused by an unexplained “flight anomaly” failing to mention the rapidly deteriorating relations between the US and Russia that in fact caused this incident to occur.

    The taking down of this American ICBM was in “direct retaliation” for the United States unprovoked actions in slapping International travel restrictions on over 60 high ranking Russian officials the Obama regime said was justified for their alleged involvement in the killing of a prisoner in 2009......


    Where in the hell was that ICBM heading? Russia?

    May Odin save us from this madness.

  37. Hey Kenny,...Yeah, saw that, here's the source:

    July 28, 2011

    Russia Downs US Missile After Norway, Obama Secrets Release

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


    Well, I don't know what to say, scary yes, real, mmmmm?


  38. Another mmmmm ...

    Tropical Storm Don fizzles out, no relief for Texas.

    Greg, several years ago you were the one who warned me about Faal when I posted a snippet of his/her stuff. Official gov story is that it was a failed test of a 70's era ICBM. mmmmm ...

  39. re 911 meets the NFL. It reminds me of the cable company's 'bundling' of services- sell you something you don't want by packaging it on something you want. The 911 perps are just using the NFL's enthusiastic crowd to sell their lies.
    Canada celebrates something called 'Canada Day' formerly Dominion Day. They had a huge celebration in Ottawa, and who shows up? That's right 'William the Landlord' and his new bride. On TV it creates the illusion that the crowd is there cheering for the Royals, but they would have been there cheering anyway.


  40. I have trouble understanding how US/Nato were using DU munitions to help the people of Libya.

    I am also having trouble understanding how US/Nato are destroying fresh water to help the people of Libya.

    "'July 22 2011. A date for humanity to remember. NATO hit the Libyan water supply pipeline. It will take months to repair. Then on Saturday they hit the pipeline factory producing pipes to repair it.' Pravda

    There is absolutely no justification for this action. It is indefensible on every single level. No one can say they 'accidentally' hit the pipeline then they 'accidentally' hit the only facility which makes replacement pipe section for it. Their intentions are crystal clear; they intend to kill perhaps a
    million Libyan by depriving them of life’s basic necessity, water. This cowardly action is beyond the definition of a war-crime and has moved into a different realm altogether for which I don’t know if there is word that describes it."


    No wonder Norway wanted nothing more to do with this destruction - and look what happened to THEIR children.

    Lone-nut gunman my astrolabe.

  41. It's always fun at games when the audience starts chanting. At this game, I suggest: 'INSIDE JOB, INSIDE JOB, INSIDE JOB'

    spread the word


  42. hey y'all... some of ya might know me frm les's blogs.. hi veritas.. long time since i've seen ya over @ noby's.

    kovkid told me about the duff discussion.. so here i am. wanted ta tell y'all a little story.

    i read the frothing, alexjones-esque flavored rant.. and decided to correct duff on at least just 2 of the erroneous claims. 1., alexander hamilton was a freemason. not.
    2. P2 had their 'charter' revoked in 1976 after a bunch of nastiness and therefore is not in operation as a Masonic Lodge of any kind.. no matter what P2 or anyone else thinks.

    although i'd not posted over there in months, apparently duff was incensed at my daring to try to correct him and keep him frm looking like more of an idjit.. and left me a nasty post, stating that he now considers me a 'spammer'.

    well, do fukin dah. i think he's gone round the bend, or it's some counter-intel moose/squirrel- boris/natasha psy-op. ???

    i did read some of the dust up w/penumbra in the comments..

    who knows.. maybe it's a case of.. the podpeez replaced duff?

    ah well, he can flail on :)

    thx y'all for lettin me jump in :) thx covkid for the heads up, i've not seen too much yap about this in too many places. did find some interesting info inre norway's lodges.. one must be confessed xtian to join. just fyi :) apparently almost immediately his lodge has issued his expulsion frm their roles.. they really should look into whomever sponsored him....very surprising according to some active masons stateside that this nutter got thru their interview process at all.

    if anyone is interested...

  43. And Peyton Manning just signed for 90 million...in the middle of a monster

  44. Duff flagged me months ago when I called him out for promoting OBVIOUS disinfo tool Sibel Edmonds. He cant take criticism. Now all my comments at VT get sent down the memory hole.

  45. I'm suspicious that VT is being used by the military to contain and control vets with disinfo. Vets are dupes, and when they wake up to that fact they will get very very mad. So, the goal with VT may be to direct the hate towards Zionism, and away from the US gov.


  46. Hey Kenny,...y'all, I have just left a comment over at duffer's comment section of VT:


    I left the comment in response to duffer's response to an anon' that linked the video of the black activist I posted who states some very interesting new info about Libya. Duffer shit-canned the poor guy and his credibility with vicious disregard for scrutiny.

    I have taken screenshots, let's see if duffer allows my rather emotive comment through moderation.

    If he doesn't I will be creating a Post outlining duffer's duplicitous conduct regarding israhell. That puffed up Prima Donna needs to be sat back on his arse!

    [So Murdoch organised the Norway hit duffer? wanker!]

    Invade Libya now! Yeah righto duff.



  47. Hey kikz, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, Gordon and friends are always a somewhat interesting subject.