Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reasonable Doubt

The show's main attraction is over. Only the psycho sideshow of the media remain. Roll up the big top ... Cayce Anthony is not guilty of murder.

This very effective diversion  nears an end and the country waits for the next.

The rule of law requires that in any criminal case the burden of proof beyond any reasonable doubt is the responsibility of the prosecution. That's our constitutional right. Our rights were set in stone for a reason. It gives the innocent a chance in an open honest court to not be unfairly convicted. Sometimes it allows the guilty to walk. The process will never be perfect. 

The Cacye/Caylee case seems to be a perfect example of a peer review that came to a logical conclusion in the absence of hard proof.  Innuendo and conjecture is not evidence. To paraphrase Johnnie Cochran, "if it's not beyond reasonable doubt, you must let her out." So they did.

Lawyers are often portrayed as snakes and yeah, some do leave a slime trail. It's only when we personally know them or need a fighter on our side that we think otherwise. Sometimes they are necessary evils in this strange world.  It's all about winning and the winners smile and celebrate.

As tragic as the death of this little girl is, Orange County said today they have 11 other child death cases they have to deal with. We'll never hear about them. Those stories and trials won't have good monetary and social engineering value, they won't be sexy enough.

The media whores and their bobble head lawyer expert opinion talkers were made slobbering fools. Poor actors in their houses of ill repute.  The defense team had a press conference and attorney Cheney Mason blasted out at "the disgusting  lawyers, the incompetent talking heads who get on television and talk about cases they don't know a damn thing about." Go to around 1:06 in this video for his full statement. It's good theater. 

It's been reported that Orange County spent over $1 million on this case.  Roger Clemens goes on trial tomorrow for lying to Congress just in time for a new ratings sweep. This is where our 'justice' money goes.

Meanwhile a great number of criminals walk the street or hide in their homes without a dime of our taxpayer money being spent to investigate them. The 9/11 perps, the liars and murders who took us to war, the criminal bankers who are in the process of stealing everything we have are still on a free ride. So are their media enablers.

We're waiting on those trials of treason and 1st degree murder and war crimes and we expect the honest execution of the rule of law. We'll watch and be pulling for the prosecution and for them to prove beyond a responsible doubt.  We may even have a festival on the courthouse steps when they read the guilty verdicts and it's our time to celebrate. No doubt.


  1. "We're waiting on those trials of treason and 1st degree murder and war crimes and we expect the honest execution of the rule of law. We'll watch and be pulling for the prosecution and for them to prove beyond a responsible doubt. We may even have a festival on the courthouse steps when they read the guilty verdicts and it's our time to celebrate. No doubt."

    No doubt, Kenny, we'll be celebrating. Their day is coming, Dr. Sabrosky is doing some great work and I'm hoping those guys at Veterans Today can get organized and get this movin':


    I'm having a party at my house after we arrest the bankers, media whores and government that is responsible for 9/11 and all the criminality we've seen the past 10+ years. All are invited.

  2. Oh NO ...the case is over??!! What am I gonna do, Kenny?

    Why she has caused so much of media attention? "cause she's prettier than your average baby killing mothers out there, plus she may be a incest survivor (her dad - stories everywhere on the web + TeeVee) She's horrible lier then who isn't in this country? bush jr. ..obongo, shillary just name it.

    Oooo ...won't you just looove to see her end up at the playboy mantion as heff's new little conquest?

    I would rather love to see Cayce ending up with "demonique" strauss-kahn instead, who's really "innocent" of doing anything horrible - including raping. They can have a royal lavish wedding - royal weddings are the next best things on TeeVee these days.

  3. I live near Orlando and I would hardly know that case was going on if my wife didn't mention it once in awhile.

    It is not all bad news though, TSA agents are getting cancer and the media is having financial trouble. Celebrate the demise of the whores.

  4. My family was in a doctor's office (follow up visit for my daughter's ear problem, which is much better and healing, thanks) when the announcement was made on the office TV.

    Every person in the office stopped what they were doing to find out if she did it.

    But what got my goat was that before they were going to announce the verdict, the tv host had a guest on that hinted at very good cancer healing news, just to be shuttled off with the trial announcement, never to hear from her again.

    Then, as we were leaving in the car, my wife's Dad called her to tell her that the girl was not guilty. They talked a lot about it. Then my wife's grandmother called and they talked all about it and the woman's potential hardships as a girl and that she probably didn't mean to kill the baby, etc.

    In other words, my wife and her family swallowed the BS hook, line and sinker.

    I finally asked my wife why she thought that this particular murder trial was so important to her, her family and America, when shit like this is basically commonplace and the other stories hardly ever get air time. Why this one?

    She finally began to think about it and agreed that it is simply a diversion (and not even a good one) from the real issues facing the country (economic demise, wars EVERYWHERE, criminals in office, etc).

    I knew a dude back in highschool who's mother had two late in life babies and put each one in the freezer the minute they were born (not in the hospital). I don't remember a single reporter covering that horrific story.

  5. Buelahman I have to respond to this as just shot an email a minute ago. I have about broke my wife of walking by here reporting on that trial. I usually tell her something like keep watching and let me know what gold course O.J. Simpson playing today or if Oprah is still out of the closet and if she is gaining or losing weight.

    Welcome to the heartland.

  6. 1st thing Casey needs to do is be born again as a JEW.
    Something like Casestein,Goldcase,Caseyson,Caseberg.
    Those lovely Jewish names.
    2nd Claim to have a member of your family died in the Holocaust and make the experience horrifying experience.
    3rd with those 2 above things,call the ADL.
    4th Remember the"Law of Return"you always have a home in Israel.
    You know,you will declared Innocent
    Your 1 of the chosen people,so come home and celebrate with your fellow Jews.
    Meyer Lansky beat the system and laughed his way to the grave and you can too!!!

  7. Too many dead children. Some of the cases appear to link to the spooks.

    - Aangirfan

  8. I see the OJ jury retired to FL.

  9. This is kind of off the subject, but--hey Kenny, I remember a post you did about a month or so back that contained a link to a site about Israeli involvement in 911, and I was wondering if you could post the link again. I'd like to link to it in an article I'm writing, but I can't remember the name of the site or how to get there. It had some great information on it though, and as I recall a lot of pictures as well--of people like Silverstein and other Jews whose involvement the site documented. If you happen to know which site I'm talking about and you could re-post the link, I'd really appreciate it.

  10. Richard, I really don't know what link you want. Went back through the archives some but ??.

    Could it be this one? It's been passed around a lot.


  11. Heres a good Israel/9/11 link:


  12. Kenny...I think that's the one. Thanks. YouTube appears to have censored the video at the top of the page, but everything else is still there. Again, thanks. Anonymous...thanks for the Wikispooks link. I hadn't seen that one before, but I can probably use it too.

  13. Interesting link that Aangirfan provided over at his place relating to the Casey Anthony psyop:


  14. The media coverage was overkill, but the details of the case are the reason for the mass interest and speculation.

    The mother changed her story so often. She even claimed someone kidnapped her child, which was a lie.

    Her lawyer's official version is that the child died and the mother and grandfather conspired to just dispose of her body like a piece of garbage.

    I would definitely have charged the mother with homicide/manslaughter if I were the prosecutor. Even if their was some other person involved, the mother was and is clearly the prime suspect.

    Her own behaviour brought on the media coverage and public fascination. And her excuse for her behaviour (that she was molested by her father and brother) of course could only increase the hype, whether it was true or not.

    Trash like Nancy Grace just distort cases like this. And while of course the media doesn't deal with many subjects, ignores many subjects, lies about almost everything, and is a massive Jew-Masonic racket anyway, the fact is such a case would arouse a great deal of public interest anywhere in the world anytime.

    It's not "Innuendo and conjecture is not evidence." It's a mother acting bizarrely to say the least, and lying for sure, and displaying obvious sociopathic behaviour, in a case where her daughter went missing and turned up having been dumped in the woods in a garbage bag a

    I think the jury was also confused by the common expectation these days that every case must be proven like an episode of CSI -- that if there's no forensic evidence then everything is "just circumstantial". That's especially ridiculous in this case considering the victim's body was so decomposed by the time it was found that.

    I'd say Anthony killed her child. The jury could have been correct to acquit, since they actually heard the entire case. If they'd found her guilty, that would have been okay too. She's scum, whatever it was that actually happened to Caylee Anthony.

  15. Details like this are part of why the story was big news:


    Father bought gun with intent to torture suspects and/or kill himself; possibly out of guilt... ?

    The headlines write themselves.

    Throw in other details, like this:


    Just because Grace and Geraldo and the rest of the pack are low-lifes, doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with taking an interest in such a case, and wondering what happened, and what sort of people these are in this family, and this society.