Friday, July 15, 2011

Reoccurring Questions

A common theme that keeps coming up among those of us who are lacking in money and health insurance is what we can do to maintain our health at the lowest cost. A balanced and as organic as possible diet, exercise, proper breathing techniques, some sunshine and a good attitude are my first choices. I like the frequent addition of raw garlic, onions and chili peppers as supplements and a few standby common inexpensive herbs for fairly minor health issues that may arise.

There are many potentially valuable nutritional supplements in the natural and health food stores and online but a look at the prices often means they're out of the question.

So in a world of ever declining cash flow and a medical and pharmaceutical industry that will steal both your money and your health, is there anything really anything cheap that the po' folks can add to their arsenal? Maybe something so inexpensive and effective that the 'health care' industry feels that their income and control could be jeopardized? Nutrients that the FDA will demonize to protect their turf? Actually there are many.

A good friend, ex-nurse and therapist who has sold many expensive supplements over the years but in a failing economy found no one buying embarked on research to find something so cheap, readily available and yet effective with a long history of alleged success that it should be in every home. He thinks he found it ... food grade hydrogen peroxide. After a year of taking it and even giving it to his dog, he thinks it's the real deal.

This is not a promotion. It's more about asking questions. He's bringing me some the next time he comes down from his mountain so I'll give it a try myself. If you're interested there's more info here and an 85 page pdf  The Truth About Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which gives a lot of background and details on its use which are many besides human consumption. If anyone has any experience with this nutrient or has any more relevant information, please let me know.

My friend has been selling food grade hydrogen peroxide for several months by word of mouth and through ads in some free newspapers but not much volume at all and with a slim profit margin because it's so cheap. He has been bugging me to set him up a website for sales. He doesn't have a computer and actually lives off the grid.  I've been very hesitant. The FDA is strong arming those who make claims as to anything with health benefits unless it's from big pharma so having my IP address connected to a web site with claims could be iffy.

I had him read Mike Adams  FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994 to get a glimpse of what may be coming up and although hydrogen peroxide has been around for a long time and may not apply, there's still that issue of making claims. I could set up a sales site without any claims at all or providing links but whether it would work would remain to be seen.

Anyway, I find the potential of food grade hydrogen peroxide to be interesting and with careful handling and dosage may be something to think about. It won't break the bank to try. I'll follow up later if I think it's beneficial.


I just heard a bit on cable news that if the debt ceiling is not raised the government is thinking about selling assets.  We all knew this was coming. The international banking cabal wants it all and at fire sale prices.

I have some issues with Ron Paul but he did say the other day that in order to free up some money all we had to do is quit paying interest payments to the Federal Reserve. Maybe we should do that instead of selling gold reserves, if we have any, or anything else of value that 'we the people' actually own. The Fed wouldn't like that and may get desperate and have its boys blow something up to prove a point but instead of threatening to cut off social security I'll go with the idea of cutting off the Fed.


A comment from an anonymous poster on the last thread is worth repeating .....
The five fundamental steps to monetary independence:

(1) Outlaw usury.

(2) Outlaw currency speculation.

(3) Outlaw private ownership of banks.

(4) Declare all of the odious debt incurred under the old system to be null and void.

(5) Exercise caution when dealing with foreign countries that are still under the control of the Rothschild gang and implement appropriate countermeasures when necessary to thwart any attempted economic sabotage.
Since 'we the people' have no allies on these points in government at this time, I don't know how we would accomplish this but at least we can plant the seed of thought.


Same old story. A kid goes to jail for protesting the criminal 'elite.' Bankers and their minions go on vacation.
Son Of David Gilmour (Pink Floyd Legend) Sentenced To 16 Months In Prison

Murdochalypse - News Corpse

New words for our vocabulary.


  1. I have some issues with Ron Paul too.

    The main issue I have with him is that he's a fraud.

    And his statements about not paying interest to the Fed are utterly insincere.

  2. Yup. Ron Paul thinks the best thing we can do about a political and corporate elite full of crooks is... back the money with gold. RIGHT! Make it so they can steal even more, great problem-solver.

    Assets: Pennsylvania is STILL trying to sell the turnpike, one of the oldest toll roads in the country. A German conglomerate took a look at the power-point sales-pitch the state prepared, but did not buy it.


    My guess is Pennsylvania, and 49 others, are holding out. They want China to come over and buy EVERYTHING and get it over with. Our pols will retire to Israel and China will fumigate and move in. A win-win situation unless you're an American, which the elite stopped being years ago.

  3. Thank you Kenneth for your very significant blog.

    "Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and show the world that a free man, contending for his liberty on his own ground, is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth." George Washington, July 2, 1776

    Respectfully, Mouser

  4. Zionist NWO/Agenda 21July 16, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    Agenda 21 is the practical plan and guide from 1992 by the zionist NWO to control the world.

    See the 10 min video link.

    Think. Comprehend. React.

  5. Re Ron Paul:
    I do not fully trust, but I'm also not sure how to classify him. In on it? Useful patsy true believer?
    Here are my concerns:
    on that committee
    revert to gold standard part of the plan?
    worshipful of Ayn Rand
    called medicaid patients theives
    consistency is no reason to trust
    other 'paleocons' were/are NWO controlled: JBS, Goldwater, Schlafly, Buchanan...etc.
    But I did vote for him (-:


    GREAT video about the Spanish revolution - glaringly absent from ALL zionist MSM.

  7. Re: Hydrogen peroxide. You may find the Earth Clinic site interesting and helpful. I do! It is people sharing folk remedies and their experiences with them.
    I pay particular interest to the contributor Ted's input, he has his own category known as Ted's cures. I believe he is (or was) a biochemist living in Thailand. From what I have garnered from reading there, he appears to be in the alternate health field treating people with very simple and inexpensive cures based on his understanding of the body's biochemistry. His English is sometimes a little hard to decipher but what he has to say is always informative and interesting.

    This is the page on food grade Hydrogen Peroxide -

  8. Kenny, haven't seen you sink your teeth into Agenda 21 with the gusto it deserves. With Obama signing executive order 13575 they are gearing up the takeover. Here in Memphis Bill Gates has taken charge of the educational system and Bloomberg has put the city on his list of 6 to "improve" it with his money and "creative" staff. All babble of course....pure communism. They are flooding the heartland to destroy it so that they can steal it. The alarm needs to be sounded....this agenda is well under way.

  9. "One aspect of the fraudulent Global War on Terror that is often overlooked is the issue of the targeted nation’s central bank system.
    Most of these countries that we have lied about and invaded, from Afghanistan to Iraq and now Libya, had state owned central banks.
    In 2003, one of the very first things we did in Iraq after taking over was to privatize the central bank of Iraq.
    In Libya the rebels set up a privately owned central bank along with an oil ministry to replace the nationalized oil industry of Libya.
    Iran also has a state owned central banking system and in Yemen we are there fighting to prevent a legitimate revolution that has promised, among other things, to get rid of their corrupt privately owned central banking system.

    Yes there is a terrorist war taking place right now all across the world and especially here in America. But the terrorists are not angry Muslims or radical leftists, they are bankers wearing two thousand dollar suits and commuting from their green-zone gated communities to their towers of steel and glass in your downtown financial districts. They don’t hang out in caves and plot their destruction, they relax with corrupt politicians at the 19th hole and sip single malts while doing lines of Peruvian blow.

    And they do hate you for your freedom… because it costs them profits.

    These are the terrorists and there are no others.

    They bomb children in Libya for money.

    They torture innocent people from all over the world for money.

    They pillage, they plunder, they steal as much as they can and they are constantly working to make your life worse. In fact, they are actively striving to make your life as bad as they possibly can… they want you kicked out of your home, they want you unemployed, they want to steal your meager retirement money… and they are getting away with it because politicians, even those who once promised you “CHANGE”, are all on the take."


    A defacto international crime syndicate robbing your offspring of a good life for hundreds of years to come.

    Believe it.

  10. Scott Creighton;

    "Without the destruction of the protections of the Glass-Steagall Act, or the Banking Act of 1933 none of this would have happened. Part of the Roosevelt’s New Deal program, this Glass-Steagall separated commercial and investment banking institutions. This kept Wall Street firms from becoming “Too Big Too Fail” and from betting on the demise of the liar loans they created. Glass-Steagall was destroyed by the previous administration, the Clinton administration, just prior to their leaving office, setting up what would come later under Bush. They also made it illegal to regulate the very derivatives that would end up fueling this latest great depression. When one looks at it clearly one can see that both parties, working in near perfect synchronicity, conspired with the banks to defraud the people of this country and to cripple the economy in such a way that now they are able to pass certain reforms which would have been unthinkable in 1999.

    They (the banks and financial institutions) made money on this plot of theirs in every conceivable way and they continue to this day to profit immensely from their scheme.

    Not only did they profit from the government programs designed to help unqualified buyers with their down payments, but the profited from the payments made, from the bundling of the loans, from betting against the loans when they were doomed to fail, from the eventual foreclosures and resale of the property, and then from the bailouts and backdoor bailouts as well.

    Institutions like Goldman Sachs also profited from the global market application of this economic terrorism in countries like Spain and Greece where they did approximately the same thing and now their governments are being forced to take money from the IMF in exchange for crippling the living conditions of their people just to pay Goldman Sachs for the privilege of selling them worthless junk (which they bet against because they knew it was worthless junk)

    The banks who were “Too Big Too Fail” profited by buying up smaller, more solvent institutions with all that bailout money.

    They profit from the endless war on terror, another fraudulent construct of these very same people, and again in complete collusion with members of both political parties."

    This man's writings are so accurate I feel they need to be shared.


    P.S. We have our backs against the proverbial wall now - so please keep your heads up!

  11. >> The five fundamental steps to monetary independence:

    Those are six:
    (6) Hunt down and capture or destroy ALL (male, female, by direct descent or married in) members of the usurious families and send them to forced labor camps for life.

    That one is from Machiavelli, who states that it is most important to eliminate anyone who could ever raise a claim to succession to the deposed prince.

  12. I have put a few drops of food grade hydrogen perioxide in juices for years. Hard for anyone to say oxygen is not good for you. It must be left in the fridge however or it will blow up the container.


  13. How the Jews Betrayed Mankind
    Volume I
    The Sumerian Swindle


    Chapter 3
    The Sumerian Swindle: Secrets of Wealth and Power

    You readers who are bankers or Jews or other assorted thieves and con artists might want to skip this chapter since you already know how to betray your country and defraud your people. But for those of you who don’t like being enslaved and impoverished, learning something about how the Jews do it can save your health, your wealth, your family, your people and your nation.

    First, we must understand some basic cogs in the machinery that makes the Sumerian Swindle work. I am writing down these secrets for the very first time in history so if you didn’t think of them first,
    yourself, then perhaps it is because these secrets are too simple for a modern person to understand. Or,
    perhaps you have taken them for granted because they “have always been here.”
    The Sumerian Swindle has twenty-one secret frauds. The Twenty-One Secret Frauds of the
    Sumerian Swindle are:
    #1 All interest on the loan of money is a swindle.
    #2 Collateral that is worth more than the loan, is the banker’s greatest asset.
    #3 Loans rely on the honesty of the borrower but not the honesty of the lender.
    #4 Loans of silver repaid with goods and not with silver, forfeit the collateral.
    #5 The debtor is the slave of the lender.
    #6 High morals impede profits, so debauching the Virtuous pulls them below the depravity of the
    moneylender who there-by masters them and bends them to his will.
    #7 Monopoly gives wealth and power but monopoly of money gives the greatest wealth and power.
    #8 Large crime families are more successful than lone criminals or gangs; international crime families are
    the most successful of all.
    #9 Only the most ruthless and greedy moneylenders survive; only the most corrupt bankers triumph.
    #10 Time benefits the banker and betrays the borrower.
    #11 Dispossessing the People brings wealth to the dispossessor, yielding the greatest profit for the bankers
    when the people are impoverished.
    #12 All private individuals who control the public’s money supply are swindling traitors to both people
    and country.
    #13 All banking is a criminal enterprise; all bankers are international criminals, so secrecy is essential.
    #14 Anyone who is allowed to lend-at-interest eventually owns the entire world.
    #15 Loans to friends are power; loans to enemies are weapons.
    #16 Labor is the source of wealth; control the source and you control the wealth, raise up labor and you
    can pull down kings.
    #17 Kings are required to legitimatize a swindle but once the fraud is legalized, those very kings must be
    #18 When the source of goods is distant from the customers, profits are increased both by import and
    #19 Prestige is a glittering robe for ennobling treason and blinding fools; the more it is used, the more it
    profits he who dresses in it.
    #20 Champion the Minority in order to dispossess the Majority of their wealth and power, then swindle
    the Minority out of that wealth and power.
    #21 Control the choke points and master the body; strangle the choke points and kill the body.

    To read the rest, go to the following site: (There is a lot more interesting information on the site, so I'm giving the link to their home page).

    Scroll down to the Sumerian Swindle link and click on it. Scroll down that page almost to the bottom and click on "free download". I suggest that you save the PDF to your computer.

  14. Vitamin C is cheap (buy in powdered form; its called ascorbic acid) and will help you like nothing else. Humans (and primates in general) cannot manufacture it, like other mammals can. We must get it from our diets - and probably need from 4-10 grams per day. In one teaspoon of ascorbic acid powder, there is 2.25grams. Much cheaper than pills. Check prices on or wherever you like to buy supplements.

    Read "how to live longer and feel better" by Linus Pauling. Here's an article on vitamin C by Frederick Klenner:

    Vitamins are natural so cannot be patented. No drug company will benefit - plus, people with sufficient C are healthy and won't need drugs. Other vitamins, like the B vitamins, are quite helpful, to say the least, but only if you take ENOUGH. See virtually any book by Abram Hoffer.

    Over and out,

  15. E.Vero --

    Spot on and totally correct.

    MSM sources like the old Reader's Digest have zeroed on vitamin C with a spectacular disinformation campaign. They've totally ignored Pauling's findings, even making it seem taking fairly normal amounts (4-8 grams daily) is dangerous(!)

    Vitamin C Institute and others have tried to advance Pauling's work, despite much harrassment.

    Big Pharma won't be happy till we're all dumbed-down, fattened up and racked with scurvy.

  16. Thanks, Franz. You are so right. Even the Pauling Institute sounds wishy-washy nowadays. There is nothing like his book for info - incidentally, he took about 18 g/day and lived to be 93.

    Correction: 1 tsp of ascorbic acid powder has 4.5grams of C.

    Talk about cheap: You can buy 3 lbs of this stuff for $16/pound (or 3 pounds for $43).

    There is something to be said for the economy of buying nutritious food and supplements; when you're body is properly fed, you don't crave food, so you eat less. You really save money if you don't eat processed junk. It might seem expensive to buy organic (or from your local farmer) but you're buying quality fuel for your body. There's no point in eating fruits and veggies if they are full of pesticides and have very little vitamins/minerals. May as well eat sawdust.

    A bit obvious, I know.


  17. David Gilmour is the more vocally pro-Palestinian memeber of Pink Floyd if I remember correctly right? I'm not surprised his son is out there protesting then, hes gotten proper parenting.

  18. The next time you think about going to a Jewish doctor,know the basic teaching for a Jewish physician and think twice about it.

    "It is forbidden [for a Jewish doctor] to heal a non-Jew even for payment..."
    "It is forbidden to save non-Jews if they are at the point of death;
    if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued."
    -- Moses Maimonides, Guide to the Perplexed

    Now do you know why diseases are never cured but only treated and treated and treated for money and more money and more money ???


  19. I have no difficulty understanding what is going on economically with US economics and with the fiat US$ as world reserve currency.

    Remember Rothschild and zionit international bankers are fomenting a one world currency and a one world currency (SDRs).

    This is what is going on. For completion please see the 5½ hour "The Money Masters" made in the 90's.

    Obama works for Rothschild and co and together with the "Federal" Reserve private central bank a depression is being enacted, just like before the great depression by massively restricting the money supply in the US by all private US banks stockpiling more and more money in accounts at the Fed which is paying them 0.25% interest on all deposits.

    The amount of money in circulation in the US is shrinking on purpose.

    This is how a true depression is caused.

    This time the US$ will collapse and then ALL fiat currencies the world over will collapse.

    Then Rothschild and zionist associates will implement the private SDR backed by the 500 billion in real gold bullion they have in Switzerland.

    Once the private SDR is in circulation the world will have a private defacto one world gobernment - the zionist international bankers.

    Presto! A new world order is created.


  20. Big Pharma won't be happy till we're all dumbed-down, fattened up and racked with scurvy.

    "Burp, damn Big Mac. Uhh, Duhh, wad did u sayz?"

  21. Many thanks for all the interesting and pertinent comments.

    Especially for the confirmation of FGHP as a potential help and the tip on bulk powerded vitamin C. I've never been a vitamin taker but I'll give it a look.

  22. Fox and Murdoch announce Al Quaida behind Norway shootings.

    Yes and Jewish anti-muslim Sweden democrat Isaac Nygren got an emai from the shooter one hour before it happened at his residence on a Kibbutz in Israel. Another wild coincidence along with the shooter visiting Elmo Lake Minn where Michele Bachman's husband runs a camp to convert gay people such as the shooter.

    Olof Palme Swedish prime minister gunned down in Stockholm by by Croation hit squad. Vinko Sindicic former Yugoslav hitman in jail for murdering a Croation nationalist makes claim. Gun used by the killer smuggled into the country from the United States. He was a strong critic of apartheid, imperialism and the Vietnam war and believed by some Germans to have been a victim of Yugoslavian operatives. Pro-Palestinian prime minister was declared pentagon public enemy number one.

    Anna Lindh pro-Palestinian (critic of Ariel Sharon) Swedish minister for foreign affairs stabbed to death in shopping mall in 2003 by a Swede of Serb parents who was pronounced insane. Like Palme she had given her body guards the day off. She had announced she would boycott Israel.

    David Horowitz problem with Norway, no problem no mo


  23. hey, Kenny. I have a good feeling about FGHP for oxygenating, I've looked into something called OxyAdvantage, seems like folks like it. I've also been using MMS, Chlorine Dioxide. The book is Breakthrough The Miracle mineral supplement of the 21st Centry by Jim Humble (he fits the name). I had a horse diagnosed with RAO, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (human dis-ease) and I've used it myself, being a supplement advocate for 40 years, I have a distrust dislike disgust for doctors. It supercharges the immune system so it functions as it should by cleaning out anything acidic. Jim Humble's book is quite a story in itself. He took this to Africa and, so he says, cured Malaria. I think it's pretty much true. I've seen what it does. I think it's a little better than FGHP, although that sounds interesting to me too. Someone dropped off a city cat on my farm and she's got asthma - I'm giving her the MMS. I take it every night, and I'm not involved with selling it. I wouldn't be w/o it. Especially b/c my neighbor asked me what I've been doing. Cleaning out the system, makes you even look younger. It's cheap. It works. And the FDA (big pharma) is of course hot on the trail of anything like this. Can't patent - t's a mineral. The book is a free download at You can brush you teeth with it, forget dental cleanings. Treat all sorts of bad bug bites, burns, it's just that, a miracle thingy. Hint: Drinking it is a bit rough, it does actually smell like chlorine BUT if you don't breath you don't taste, and slug a bit of pure apple juice.....A nice side effect you also get a nice quite relaxed feeling from it. The things are there, we just need to see them.
    oh, there's also been a bit of controversey about it, a lot of nay-sayers - me thinks it's THEM. I hope you read the book and enjoy! peace from the jungle

  24. Hi Jane, thanks for the info. I'll look into it.

  25. Thank you, Kenny! For all the great material and your heart. Check this out - quantum healing. Nice relaxing music too.
    I've taken C for eons, now I like C that gets down to the cellular level, ascorbyl palmitate. And really, D, one of my faves.
    Cheers and be healthy, K.