Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shocking and disgusting is in the eye of the beholder ... and the controller

I see that  IranContraScumDid911's main youtube channel has been suspended for 2 weeks for a 9/11 video deemed too shocking and disgusting.

Shocking is a now relative reaction that's being genetically modified out of our consciousness  but disgusting still holds some sway in our collective semi-awareness.

What little disgust there still is about 9/11 is misdirected by the 10th anniversary media blitz toward everything but the truth.

Surprising, almost shocking, is that Fox News is airing live the boss's corruption hearing apparently without commercial interruption. Good for a ratings jump the Murdochs (Morlocks?) must have decided.  The first words scrolling across the screen was from Sir Rupert, "I was misled." That's pretty funny coming from someone whose sole purpose is to mislead people. I think I read son James' lips whispering to daddy "if Casey can walk, so can we."

The houses of prostitution in competition with the News Corpse empire must be salivating. Disgusting behavior they'll be saying although I would think they are somewhat worried about their own skeletons in the closet that are rattling around  and making too much noise for comfort. The Murdochs may be the worst of the worst but only by a few degrees.

It's probably too much to ask to turn off their channels. We're too titillated by what disgusts but there is one thing we can do. Don't buy anything they advertise. Cut off the income.We don't need a thing they have to sell ... including the lies they call 'the news.'


  1. Not only he claimed 'he was misled' but he later on claimed ignorance and didn't even rememebr major events, which, as a big boss, he should have remembered.

    One must ask the question, what's his interest in spying on 9/11,and 7/7 in England?

    The death of whistleblower witness added something important to this story.

    Why does Murdoch have to close the company's doors and tell employees to go home?
    Are they, he and his son, hiding something, or it's done as a clean up job?

  2. Youtube is pathetic. Manipulating view counts, deleting videos, suspending accounts. I have favorited videos dissapear all the time on me. Fuck youtube.

  3. My first thought on the hacking of 9/11 and 7/7 victims families after the events was to gauge the reaction to the official story. Were they buying it? Going to cause a stir?

    Roger Ailes and his "brain room" at fox seems like a Mossad spying operation.


  4. Just another blog now?July 19, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    I really miss the active byline under the different sites.

    I just stopped clicking because I never knew whether it was relevent to my interest search or not.

    No likey at all.

  5. You mean in the sidebar that I just changed to add it?

    Any other votes on this?

  6. Sidebar just started working again.

    By the way, what was the Video entitled/about that YewTube yanked?
    Alternative links to it - you have my curiosity!


  7. Go to the ICS link there at the top of the post and go down to the channel comment area where he (911InvestigationVids) explains a little about it.

  8. Hey Kenny,...I don't get it, if it is suspended for two weeks for some indiscretion against the yids, why was I able to go there and watch a vid?

    Otherwise yeah, Fark jootube.


  9. Unless they bust up Murdoch's 'Evil Empire' into a 1,000 pieces and scatter it to the wind, he'll remain a potent force.

    He's getting his flunkies to take the heat, while he plays dumb.

    'Sir' Rupert has plenty of powerful friends that will want to protect him as a way of saying "Thanks" for all you've done for Israel.

    Look at what happened, or more likely, what didn't happen to 'Phony Tony' Blair last year when all his lies about Iraq and the war were exposed.

    Murdoch's got more connections and power than Blair.

  10. Fox is not a news network..where are the news..?

    What do viewers see at night is
    Hannity with his selected guests selling what Murdochs wants him to sell.

    O'Reilly and Van Sustern selling the same thing, bringing guests that Fox producers know in advance what they will say.Don't forget clown Glenn Beck, who just left the network

    Is this news..? or brainwashing.

    Now what are the qualifications of these people to be able to take on and tackle just about any topic?
    They possess the ability to sell the Mardoch product, and that's their assets.
    They are paid millions of dollars to tell you how to think, and how they can brainwash you.

    And that's what Murdoch wants.
    The news that Fox offers is biased..and if anybody want to know that just simply browse thru the internet..and it does not take a genius to figure that out.
    Fox news are selective,tainted , and biased.
    Have anyone ever seen Israel being criticzed on Fox news, no matter what Israel does?
    It will never happen because Murdoch,and his Fox CEO Roger Ailes will not allow it.
    Ailes said in 2008 " I will defend United States, Israel, and the Constitution",even putting Israel ahead of the Constitution.

  11. Back up a second.

    A commenter at Herny's site said the following:

    'As Rupert, which in German is a name for Beelzebub, Murdoch is supposedly Israeli, maybe his troubles only presage the splitting of the US-Israel alliance, as one of the chess pieces is sacrificed for the overriding agenda.'

    Hmmm. What are we not seeing. What is happening simultaneously with the left hand while the horse is being sacrificed with the right hand. This is Satan's chess (nod to Ron Weasley) being played by Rothschild and the world. What is happeneing simultaneously to DSK and Murdoch's sacrifice. What is it? Where is it? Something big, huge is being signed (away) right under our noses while we kill the horse. What? It's right there but I can't see it.

    Is it the supplanting of the US$ by the SDR as the world's defacto reserve currency? No to simple - lots of people know that.

    Ah Ha! It can only be control of all central servers of the WWW, the internet. Rothschild must be one step from locking down the whole internet under a global "Net Neutrality" legistration. Thereafter all sites deemed subversive will be axed - no trial, no right to recourse.

    I don't know, but the global zionist cabal is doing something huge while our attention is being diverted to grabd-standing hearings of corrupt old men.


    I hear a clock ticking ominously far away...

  12. I think it's crossed all of our minds that there is more to this than we are being shown.

    Even the Rothchild puppet FDR allegedly said "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

    We'll see.

  13. A solution.

    It is a 100% certainty the debt plus accruing interest are going to eventually bankrupt the USA and all countries with Rothschild controlled central banks, 193 of 197 countries.

    I lay the fault for this at the people who created the system almost a hundred years ago. They must incur the loss of wealth which must occur.

    End all central banks. Restart the whole system with all international and central bank debts being declared null and void. The losers will then be the wealthy people around the world who have benifitted from a sytem not sustainable.

    Restart the world with usuary outlawed in every country. Only the country itself may issue the country's currency. Not international currency issued and controlled by private individuals. Close the Fed and all other zionist international controlled central banks. End and outlaw the IMF, WTO, BIS and world bank and seize all assets there to pay off the worlds debts which now exist within individual countries.

    Since the system is 100% going to collapse let us act now to end it in a way that will enable a new system without private central bank usury to come back into being.

    It's coming to an end. Let us end it now before anymore austerity is inflicted on the innocent middle and working classes of the world. That is to say 98%+ of the human beings on the planet.


  14. Last May Washington politicians gave their annual pledge for AIPAC by bringing Bibi Ntanyahu to town.
    This week the pledge is coming from Christian Zionists in thousands who flocked to Washington to show their support to Israel attending their sixth annual gathering called Christians United For Israel (CUFI)under chairmanship of pastor Hagee.
    They didn't get to see Bibi coming to town this time, but Bibi came to them via satellite, and they all assured him of their pledge to support Israel,and keep sending the money to Israel to steal more Palestinians land.
    A pledge that Netanyahu loves to hear.
    Netanyahu told them how Israels values and interests are the same of the US,as long as they keep sending him money to uproot and evict evil Palestians from their homes.
    Something they all cheered under the leadership of pastor Hagee who assured them that God said to evict Palestinaians from their homes, because the title He gave only to Jews.
    They all cheered, and now Bibi got both politicians and religious leaders in less three months to cement their pledges.
    With Murdock & company in addition to other media networks in his pocket, Bibi smells victory,..why shouldn't he?!!.
    He gets more support in US than he gets in Israel.
    His royal treatment by our Congress is a good testimony to that.
    And now it's the turn of religious fanatics to give Netanyahu the same treatment with a confirmed pledge of support and money..

  15. Hey Kenny,...anon@11:ayem - Here's a couple of alternative acronyms for the xtian oxymoronic fundies:

    Sycophantic Nutjobs Allied For Userers – SNAFU – Situation Normal All Fucked UP (term used by British Forces).

    Fiends United By Amoral Rituals – FUBAR – Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition (term used by US Forces).


  16. Visible sure does have a way with words:

    "Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us."

    Man he's good.

  17. I have worked in Norway.

    Norwegians are a fair and honest people - partly free from the UK/USA/israel influence (because they have their own PUBLICLY owned oil - like Ghaddaffi was going to do and the Iranians already did).

    For a couple of years Norway has been speaking the truth about the genociding of the Palestinians off their own land by the israelis.

    On Monday Norway divested from an israeli/S.African company because it was illegally building israeli only settlements in the West Bank.

    On Friday Norway was subjected to two terroist attacks killing more than 85 innocent civilians.


  18. "Anders Behring Breivik har, enligt egna uppgifter, tidigare drivit bloggen Fjordman och har senare under många år varit skribent för de antimuslimska och sionistiska bloggarna Gates of Vienna och Jihad Watch under pseudonymen Fjordman."

    "Anders Behring Breivik has, according to himself, formerly coordinated the blog Fjordman and later during many years has been a writer for the antimuslim and zionist blogs Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch under the pseudonym Fjordman."

  19. Funny how just a couple of weeks ago all those dead kids were protesting in support of Palestine and calling for a boycott on Israel.

  20. Hey Kenny,...anon @3:36ayem: You mean yesterday, there was a pro-Palestinian meeting on that site YESTERDAY!


  21. Timothy Oswald SirhanJuly 23, 2011 at 8:41 AM

    Beivik is Mossad's patsy for sure.

    Norway should declare war on israel.

  22. http://i341.photobucket.com/albums/o370/Musique1/gfkjhlkjhoiupo.jpg

    Breivik veritas

  23. Hoo haw!!!

    A Mossad plant and a very bad one at that!

    Breivik and Geofarm DID NOT EXIST BEFORE 17 JULY 2011.

    A complete lone-nut gunman patsy FAKE.

    "Anders Behring Breivik created 17 July.. FAKE? His company Breivik Geofarm..FAKE?
    Suggest Pin Quote [+]

    [link to www.facebook.com]

    OK get this, no posts older than 18 July.
    No friends.
    Lists of songs posted.
    Out of the sky
    Let it all out
    After all
    Big sky
    Sound of goodbye
    Ere the world crumbles
    Hold on to me
    Holding on to nothing

    Reportedly a direct of a company called Breivik Geofarm.
    Searching for the company. many listings for contact details but no form of internet advertising.
    No website etc...Not that I can find. But, there was a picture of the white van driven by the gunman with a www.b logo down the side. I can't find it again.

    The media is claiming it was a farm operation that allowed him access to fertilizers etc in the makin of the bomb(s)"

  24. From Northerntruthseeker:

    "Friday, July 22, 2011

    Norway Bombing Has Stench Of Mossad All Over It!

    Just this morning came reports of several bombs going off in the heart of Oslo, Norway, near the Norwegian Capitol Buildings. There was also reports of a gunman shooting at youths on an island just off the coast of Norway to boot!

    The moment I read the reports coming in from the Jewish controlled MSM, I smelled a rat.... This bombing has the earmarks of the Israeli Mossad written all over it.

    One of the first bloggers to file a report that the Mossad may be involved is a writer named "Dark Lochnager" and his article in his blog at: www.darklochnager.blogspot.com is entitled: "Mossad Suspected Of Bombing In Norway", and I have that short article right here, with more comments to follow:

    Friday, 22 July 2011


    Police in Norway suspect the Israeli intelligence (?), service, MOSSAD, of carrying out a bombing in Oslo which was initially blamed on Islamists.

    The Prime Minister's office appears to be the target. It's thought the bombing may be an attempt to deflect attention away from the Zionist, Rupert Murdoch, who has been in the news all over Europe.
    Posted by Dark Lochnagar at 5:42 PM

    NTS Notes: All of the rhetoric coming out of the controlled MSM is of course trying to point at some Muslim "terrorist" group as being the cause of this bombing... But common sense would dictate that there is no logical reason for the Muslims to target the Norwegians in the first place. Which means that some other group is responsible for these bombings... Now who could that be?

    OK... Here are a few reasons why the Mossad would target Norway for this bombing:

    (1) Norway is about to put its support behind the call for Palestinian Independence.
    (2) Norway is about to withdraw its forces and its support for the evil IMF led war against Libya
    (3) Norwegian businesses have been diverging their support for Israeli stocks, and excluding Israeli investments in Norway especially in Norwegian oil, due to ethical grounds.
    (4) And of course, obvious deflection of media attention away from Rupert Murdoch's crumbling media empire in the United Kingdom

    This is only a small list of some of the possible reasons for the Mossad bombing in Oslo... But one major reason might be to scare those European nations that may be taking the Greek and Icelandic route and just saying NO to evil austerity measures to obey their Jewish masters' orders, or they could be next!

    As I have already stated; When the controlled media shouts out that it was a "Muslim terrorist" attack in Norway, just use some common sense and realize that there is only one criminal group on Earth that has the motive and the means of carrying out this attack.

    Always remember the Mossad's infamous motto: "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War!"

  25. Much like OKC the damage to the building is worse than the official story would allow if it were correct. Obviously its not.