Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Order Ritual - U2 in Nashville

The Claw

Ernest Gellner ... 

"The way in which you restrain people from doing a wide variety of things, not compatible with the social order of which they are members, is that you subject them to ritual. The process is simple: you make them dance round a totem pole until they are wild with excitement and become jellies in the hysteria of collective frenzy; you enhance their emotional state by any device, by all the locally available audio-visual aids, drugs, dance, music and so on; and once they are really high, you stamp upon their minds the type of concept or notion to which they subsequently become enslaved. Next morning, the savage wakes up with a bad hangover and a deeply internalized concept."

The Ritual
Our local news has bombarded us with the U2 concert at Vanderbilt Stadium and of course had to give us the repetitive meme of their 'causes.' 

Causes that only give about 1% of the millions taken in to those they propose to help while paying $8 million in salaries for executives and employees of U2's ONE campaign to monitor the disbursement of the mere $185,000 the foundation donated to good causes in the past year. Oh, but ONE “does advocacy work, not charity work.” Advocacy now days is a sort of Orwellian term for scam  and reports are that many U2 fans fell in line and signed up with the group "ONE" at the Vandy show.

Some folks had a protest this past week in Glastonbury calling for the band to pay their taxes just like those who buy their concert tickets and albums are forced to. Don't they know that those in league with the elite  have ways to avoid many of the taxes?  'Saint Bono'  regularly meets with political leaders to lobby on behalf of developing nations but wants the working class to foot the bill. The Edge claims the band just wants to be 'tax-efficient.' 

I'll let those more well versed in symbolism interpret U2's visuals but the 'Claw' stage setting certainly brings to mind the death grip of debt and the police state currently around our throats. A more mundane interpretation is that the space theme was played for humor and for a grander sense of universal connection and responsibility. 'Responsibility' reinforced in ritual as  "a deeply internalized concept" maybe?

Perhaps I'm making more of this than it is but I found it interesting that the show incorporated what a few consider to be a ritualistic and highly propagandized event, the Gabby Giffords shooting. 
The song Space Oddity was sprinkled throughout the show, most memorably after Bono acknowledged Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who lived through an assassination attempt, then asked the audience to imagine “her husband looking down on us.” A grinning, floating Cmdr. Mark Kelly in his spaceship appeared onscreen, intoning “tell my wife I love her very much, she knows.”

Secular rituals are a regular occurrence. The 4th of July rituals with the symbology of fireworks and the flag are upon us to reinforce the concepts of America the great as well as America the warfare state. 

Soon we will inundated with a fairly new kind of ritual. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 presents the opportunity for the powers that be to further ingrain the deeply internalized concept of the official story of the mega-ritual of September 11, 2001.   
Many of us will reject these country wide 9/11 presentations,  just as we reject the rituals of pop culture that U2 so massively portrays.


  1. Not a word about the Palestinians from professional advocates like U2.

  2. Hey Kenny,...Nice Post: From my early teens I was a huge fan of u2 and bowie; seeing both in concert at one time or another. As I became more intrigued with the lies of history and indulged my curiosity with private research, I soon fell out of love with my idols.
    It was at this time that I was an accredited War Correspondent and would not have to stagger far from a Bar near a Third World war-zone on my Asia-Pacific Beat, to trip over one of the 'Aid' jet-set.

    Here is an example of one of the images that now makes me cringe: I link it here, appropriately inherent to an excellent article about the very ritualistic demagoguery of which you write.



  3. It seems everytime rock musicians get interested in helping the poor war torn of the world they get co-opted by zionists to do nothing at all.
    (Geldoff, Baid-Aid, U2 etc)

    Cui bono?

  4. The analogy is good: music,film, and video are all illusions. One absolute truth about the 'events' of 911 is media fakery.
    Speaking of the Irish-

    Irish blood, English heart, this I'm made of
    There is no-one on earth I'm afraid of
    And no regime can buy or sell me

    I've been dreaming of a time when
    To be English is not to be baneful
    To be standing by the flag not feeling
    Shameful, racist or partial

    Irish blood, English heart, this I'm made of
    There is no-one on earth I'm afraid of
    And I will die with both my hands untied

    I've been dreaming of a time when
    The English are sick to death of Labour
    And Tories, and spit upon the name of Oliver Cromwell
    And denounce this royal line that still salute him
    And will salute him forever

  5. ", film and video"

    Ian Morrisey and the Smiths were decades ahead of their time. The lyrics are hauntingly accurate in this post-9/11 world zeitgeist where we all are firmly in the clutches of the tentacles of the Rothschild zionist nobility as serfs (or less).

    How, and I really mean HOW in the world are we ever going to turn this hell on earth around?

    It seems futile. Most of the world have no idea how the oligarchs have rigged the game of life in their favour for two hundred years into the future, and of those who do know what is actually going on - the majority of them couldn't care less.

    What a tuly sad and corrupt world we "live" in.

    Peace? Love? Compasssion? Freedom?


    Ha. Ha.

    Ha. Ha, Ha,


    P.S. George Carlin was spot on in his comment "You and I ain't in it."

  6. Typical sellout Bono lobbies for third world debt cancellation but shows no concern for his own countrymen who are also drowning in debt.

    That's because typical sellout Bono knows the news and entertainment media is run by nasty yids who don't give a damn about Ireland so there's no PR advantage to be had in lobbying on its behalf.

    Like most typical sellouts, typical sellout Bono has no allegiance to anyone or anything other than himself.

    Ireland should permanently revoke typical sellout Bono's citizenship and urge him to take up residence somewhere else.

  7. Just listened to Mr. Friend's laiest blog post.

    This was a wonderful interview with Eustice Mullins.

    This man details the facts of the Rothschild zionist TOTAL control of the world financial, political and media.

    Power and control of the whole world. Making the goyim kill each other and absorbing all the land and ressources along the way.

    I am personally absolutely sick to death of these false jews.

    They are an organised crime family disguised as nobility.

    May karma get every last one of them and all their minions: the politicians in every country they control by way of a central bank.

    If a country has a private central bank issuing the country's money, then that country is infested with zionist vermin.

    It's that simple.

  8. Last night in Nashville (Sat. July 2) just as U2 was about to exit the stage, Bono noticed a man down front holding a sign that said “I’m blind but I can
    play.” Bono asked one of his techs to get a guitar. The band proceeded to play “All I Want Is You”
    for the man’s wife … after which Bono gave the man his guitar.

    You say you’ll give me eyes in a world of blindness…

    Watch the clip:

    U2 Set List: Nashville, July 2, 2011

    @U2, July 02, 2011
    By: Matt McGee / @mattmcgee

    By Sol O. Mann

    Drawing Their Fish in the Sand

    U2; Creation, Fall, Redemption & Return

    U2: Vertigo and God

    52,000 faithful gather on Sunday night
    Posted: Mon, 30 May 2011 21:16:26 -0500

    Bono's Prophetic Vox

  9. you enhance their emotional state by any device, by all the locally available audio-visual aids, drugs, dance, music and so on; and once they are really high, you stamp upon their minds the type of concept or notion to which they subsequently become enslaved

    Like showing pics of the 19 Arabs that we were told attacked us on 9/11... and showing those pics within hours of the attacks.

    Now we had something to direct our horror against.

  10. "Many of us will reject these country wide 9/11 presentations, just as we reject the rituals of pop culture that U2 so massively portrays."

    You beat your ass we will be!!

    You know it's funny, I'm from Omaha, Nebraska and went to school with some of Warren Buffet's grandchildren. I used to hang out and work (yes, they did actually work) with them, so I got to meet old Warren, his daughter Suzzy and their big time chum, Bono from U2. Well, I didn't actually meet Bono in person, but he was always in Omaha hanging out with the Buffets. These people on the Fake Left are even more aggravating than the "Christian" conservatives/Fox News types. This guy and his band are fucking pathetic! I remember reading that article about how that fraudulent "charity" organization he runs, ONE, paid their staff and collected major dollars, while doing shit for the people they were supposed to be advocating and working for. But don't you be a naughty boy and point these facts out!!! We're really supposed to sit around and listen to fucking Bono tell us about the plight of the world? Give me a break.

    Good points made in the previous comments- Bono doesn't say shit about the Irish "debt" to the Rothschild dominated network of international banksters, or the Palestinians plight at the hands of those psychopaths in Israel.

    I do not think it's a stretch to say that everything- literally everything- coming from the mainstream of society is complete New World Order brainwashing.

    For instance, these Giffords comments- why?!?!?! Why bring that subject up, unless to further implant that already suspect event into the minds of the unwitting people listening?

  11. Admirable stuff, Kenny.

    Comments, too.

    Just wanted to add my applause.

  12. Thanks for the update.

    Thank whoever we've got some decent, honorable news sources.

  13. morning mr sideshow,I agree u2 stink always have done and always will,

    respects neil

  14. I'm so pleased you did this post. U2 are up to quite a lot...'debt' relief, population control projects, etc. Not necessarily the nice men or the 'artists' the media portrays them as...
    I wonder if there isn't even more there.

  15. Ironic with the ban on offensive stuff on the Internet in Nashville that ther PTB would allow a massive claw , seeable from miles around doubtless.

    On Oct 24th last year gabby performed a ritual at a Masonic Hall/Synagogue , whipping out a 100yr-old time capsule and then reinvesting it replete with a flag of Israel.’s-past-future/

    Mark Kelly - future President? Or both twins , then they could appear in two places at once.


  16. Thanks to all for the comments. I'm sitting here wondering if the second half of the year will be as 'exciting' as the first.

  17. Every time I see that prick in his stupid sunglasses I think of Butthead howling booooonerrrrr