Friday, August 26, 2011

"Earth endangered by guitars"

Weapons of mass distraction ...

Forget all about the trillions spent on illegal wars, the SEC destroying thousands of documents concerning Wall St. corruptions, the Israel first Congress and the myriad of crimes consuming our society. We've got wood to worry about.

For the second time in less than two years the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service goes fishing in Nashville and raids the Gibson Guitar headquarters and manufacturing facility. This time they also cast their lines in Memphis looking for a catch of illegal imported tonewood.

The raid in 2009 allegedly reeled in some unlawful Rosewood from Madagascar but no criminal charges were ever filed and Gibson has had to sue in Federal court to try and get back their material. This time the hidden allegations are that Gibson did not follow Indian laws and bought some ebony fretboard blanks that were not finished. The blanks, Les Pauls and other accessories to the 'crimes' were confiscated.
The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India.
Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz has denied any wrongdoing and fired back at the feds in a press conference claiming he is a victim of "class warfare."

There's no argument here that in the hierarchy of things important to the environmental protection of endangered forests and their wildlife there needs to be some guidelines. I won't yet give Juszkiewicz a pass until all the facts are known. CEO's often want to dance around laws to further the bottom line but maybe there are bigger fish to fry.

Gibson has some fairly major Asian operations but they do maintain their world class American manufacturing employing several hundred people. In a world of disposable junk their products become heirlooms and can last for many generations. There's not a lot of things still made here in the U.S. you can say that about.

Our Justice Department has a hard time defining murder, mayhem and war crimes done in our name in foreign countries. They are dragging their feet in prosecuting a federal agency, the BATF, for blatant gun running  to drug cartels. They give a pass to Israeli spying in most cases and have never bullied anyone actually connected with the false flag of 9/11 like they are bullying Gibson. We could go on and on but everyone knows that our injustice system is crumbing and our priorities are perverted. We spend billions a year building bombs to kill brown skinned women and children but build a guitar from unfinished Indian wood and the SWAT teams come a knocking. Someone else will have to sort that out and create a justification. I can't.

While we wait and see how Irene is going to effect the east coast, a good soundtrack comes from Ry Cooder doing an old Leadbelly tune. Another is Neil Young's Like a Hurricane.  Good luck to all those in Irene's path but to be honest maybe some need a smack in the face and mother nature may be the only one to do it.


  1. Bang on. About the ability to pick on an American business with the chutzpah to hire Americans and stay in the country... AND produce QUALITY that brings PLEASURE.

    You tell me how many crimes are being committed there according to the PTB. Lemme see. 1. hiring Americans; 2. not moving to China; 3. Producing QUALITY; 4. Providing Pleasure.

    Every one of these is a crime!

    And it truly is a shame this criminal organization is allowed to carry on.

    What I do find interesting is that the government seems to care more about the plight of Indian workers than their own.

    And, as you say, the priorities are so SKEWED that they focus on the minutae and not the real problems facing America. Unreal. Just unreal.

    But sadly, all too real.

    Love Ry Cooder. And yanno, I have a dear friend with an office on Wall Street so I beg his forgiveness when I say, may Irene wreak havoc, complete havoc, on the accursed street and bring down the buildings of the rotten large corporations and thieves there.

    To the rest of the people in the route of Irene, prayers with you. I wonder how many guns will be confiscated during this event mmm?

  2. Here's is Ray Manzareks 2011 release, Hurricane

  3. Oh, Lord, I don't ask for much. But could you please, please, have Irene take DC completely off the map?

    It's the right thing to do.

  4. Fire from heaven destroyed ancient Sodom. Perhaps a devine wind and torrential water can cleanse D.C.

  5. Raided Gibson guitars, looking for some ebony? Hell, USSA cops won't go after anyone or anything unless its skin is dark.

    Next thing, they'll be checking the records and do a door-to-door search of those who presently own a Gibson.

    I feel SOOOO much safer, knowing that some 'al CIA Duh' fretboards are off the streets.

  6. @Nor Al H. read an article about gun rights being suspended in the Peoples Republik of North Carolina due to this hurricane. The business friendly educated derelicts in the sobama regime won't be happy until Gibson moves everything to their Epiphone plant in China. Watch out Fender, BC Rich, Charvel/Jackson making products in the banana republic of america is a crime comrades.

  7. "Wisdom from Steve Jobs
    When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.” It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

    Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

    I wonder if CEO of Apple received an offer he couldn't refuse. Bill Gates' Microsoft has agreed to inbed hardware which makes anonymity on the net impossible. Apple corporation's board of directors has been coopted to do the same but company leader Steve Jobs adamantly refused to compromise his hardware.

    So he received the following offer: Step aside or you will be categorically destroyed; economically and personally.

    He stepped aside because the fix was already in whether he lived or died.

    The path is now free for complete government (NWO) control of all future personal computers.

    Sites like this will very soon no longer be accessable because of government personal computer mandatory hardware.

    Don't you just hate the NWO?

  8. The Mossad did NorwayAugust 27, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    Aangirfan says the culprits behind Norway and 9/11 may be anyone EXCEPT the Mossad.

    They are showing their true colours. What a group of liers.

    The Mossad did Norway. The Mossad and US secret service did 9/11. Both for the Rothschild consortium.

    Aangirfan is Hasbara being produced out of Tel Aviv.



  9. Mossad and 9/11 and NorwayAugust 27, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n. will not print or respond to any of my comments. No surprise there since they are all about disinformation.

    "C", their 'editor' will only print comments which do not correctly point the finger at israel.

    A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n. is as fake as the country they represent and as fake as the false-jew khazarian askenazim who are also called the Synagogue of Satan in the book of Revelations.

    Hey "C", want to discuss Mossad/israel's role in 9/11 and Norway?

    I didn't think you would.


  10. The Mossad ARE the 'rebels'August 27, 2011 at 10:48 PM

    Mossad has been working behind the scenes for weeks (month?) for the overthrow of the Libyan government. They ARE the 'al-qaeda' who are the 'rebels'. Of course the new puppet government wil be friendly towards their masters.

    -by Veritas 6464
    "Carnage in Tripoli as NATO unleash murderous gangs of Al Qaeda by Night-time Beach Assault! August 21
    The disgusting cowards and whores of NATO were ordered on Saturn's-day by their blood ritual rabbi masters in the knesset of Washington DC to invade Libya using the yiddish asset of al qaeda/mossad murderers.

    The invasion was a pre-planned night time operation involving large numbers of Rigid Raider assault craft of the coalition of the demonic's Special Forces together with larger landing assault craft. The operation progressively placed a large force of mercenaries on the beaches surrounding Tripoli. This force immediately engaged in a wide-spread program of murder rape and wanton destruction, as part of this coordinated crime against humanity, the whores of the western media began a non-stop propaganda campaign, which is ongoing, to brainwash the dumb fucking sheeple of the enslaved western world into believing the ad-hoc cowardly gangs of rapist, murderers and unemployable itinerant misogynist slackers that make up the mossad manufactured "rebel" coalition is actually playing a role in this slaughter for oil.

    Of course the informed members of the global community are well aware that the hopeless cowards and mendicant losers that form the body of the "rebels" for photo opportunities to illustrate the MSM's propaganda campaign have NEVER achieved any military victories as they are A. not genuine "freedom fighters" and B. Not a cohesive organized opposition - they are in fact just another gang of thugs hacked together to pose for the traitors of the main stream media!

    This is not a "rebel" victory it is a yiddish khazar crime against humanity - If you were waiting for the zionist NWO endgame to start - you are several months late!"


    Gandhi on ending injustice: Speak the truth because Truth is God
    First: Gandhi’s conclusion of the essential importance of speaking Truth.

    Second: ...current US wars are unlawful, US economic policy is massive criminal fraud, and that these “emperor has no clothes” facts are lied about by US corporate media in constant deception.
    “It is more correct to say that Truth is God than to say God is truth. ...we must speak the Truth.” - Gandhi on Truth

    US injustice in major policies will end when enough Americans speak the truth. The injustice is literal: US government policies with war and economics are in Orwellian violation of basic laws. The annual costs are millions of human lives, billions damned to suffer, and trillions of dollars looted.

    Anyone with intellectual integrity and moral courage can see and say these “emperor has no clothes” facts.

    Assessing US “leadership” as psychopathic is the perfect academic and professional word because it neither understates nor overstates the facts...academic term for the type of lies that “leadership” uses: bullshit.

    “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” - unsourced and attributed to Andrew Carnegie

    Gandhi was clear to state and repeat the facts until critical mass of public understanding and action ended the injustice:

    "One thing we have endeavoured to observe most scrupulously, namely, never to depart from the strictest facts and, in dealing with the difficult questions that have arisen during the year, we hope that we have used the utmost moderation possible under the circumstances. Our duty is very simple and plain. We want to serve the community, and in our own humble way to serve the Empire. We believe in the righteousness of the cause, which it is our privilege to espouse. We have an abiding faith in the mercy of the Almighty God, and we have firm faith in the British Constitution. That being so, we should fail in our duty if we wrote anything with a view to hurt. Facts we would always place before our readers, whether they are palatable or not, and it is by placing them constantly before the public in their nakedness that the misunderstanding… can be removed." - Mohandas K. Gandhi (1903)

  12. Dr. Martin Luther King learned from Gandhi:

    “A time comes when silence is betrayal." That time has come for us...The truth of these words is beyond doubt but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one's own bosom and in the surrounding world.
    A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies...A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth...A genuine revolution of values means in the final analysis that our loyalties must become ecumenical rather than sectional. Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies...We can no longer afford to worship the god of hate or bow before the altar of retaliation. The oceans of history are made turbulent by the ever-rising tides of hate. And history is cluttered with the wreckage of nations and individuals that pursued this self-defeating path of hate.
    These are revolutionary times.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence”

    Again, the basic explanation, documentation, and proof of US “leadership” crimes is here.
    1. Congressional reports disclose that all “reasons” for war with Afghanistan and Iraq were known to be lies as they were told.

    2. Orwellian unlawful wars, including using depleted uranium weapons to damn victims with continuous misery and death.

    3. obfuscating from the obvious answer of ending an Orwellian "debt supply" and replacing it with money.

    4. allowing a million children a month to die of preventable poverty, even though historically ending poverty reduces population growth rate and the investment is less than 1% of the developed nations' gross national incomes (GNI).

    5. torture, extrajudicial assassinations (including against American citizens) and indefinite detentions.

    6. destruction of the US Constitution into a form of government closest to fascism and nowhere near a constitutional republic.

    7. literally throwing Americans onto the streets rather than take any of a dozen acts to allow them to stay in their homes.

    8. intentional unemployment, crime, infrastructure decay, fear, anger, depression (both economic and psychological) rather than create money for full employment.

    9. allowing 45,000 Americans to die every year from lack of health care, even though universal single-payer saves the nation $100-$300 billion every year.

    10. US corporate media complicity to lie by omission and commission to keep the above facts unrecognized by the American public.


  13. Proletariat's Uncompromising War on ArtAugust 28, 2011 at 12:51 AM

    Update: The main competitor of Gibson is Martin guitars they are big time Democommiecrat party donors so this whole Gibson thing is shakedown socialism where friends of the regime get protected but those who are not get punished:


    9-11 Plot - "Made in Israel"

    August 27, 2011

    "If it’s 9-11 truth you seek, look no further than Victor Thorn’s latest book on the subject, Made in Israel: 9-11 and the Jewish Plot Against America.

    What this book makes clear, and what many 9-11 “truthers” don’t know, is that a massive deception and cover-up exists not only in the mainstream media, but in the so-called 9-11 truth movement as well."

    -not Aangirfan

  15. The Mossad/israel with Nixon/Bush Sr. for the Rothschild consortium/NWOAugust 28, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    Who killed JFK?

    "The fact is that winning the election changed Kennedy, and all of a sudden he decided that instead of being just another in a long series of corporate front men in the Oval Officer, he was going to BE a President. And in the process of trying to solve some real problems, he earned the hate of those whose fortunes depended on the perpetuation of problems, such as the CIA, the Mossad, the Texas Oil Billionaires, the mafia, and, of course, Israel. Lyndon Johnson had found out from one of his staffers who roomed with Mary Jo Kopechne that Kennedy planned to replace him as VP in the second term. Richard Nixon hated Kennedy for his defeat in 1960, and with three Kennedy brothers lined up as a dynasty, the GOP was looking at almost a quarter of a century before they stood a chance of retaking the White House. Having so many players in the assassination allowed all to have plausible deniability. As soon as any investigation started to focus in on pone group, evidence would be leaked drawing attention to another party, keeping the investigators running in circles, because they did not see that all the possible suspects were involved!"

  16. USA got terminal cancer in 1963.August 28, 2011 at 4:00 PM

    Does anyoe have a link for the report that the Watergate break-in was a search to retrieve and destroy the documentation linking Nixon and Bush Sr. to the snipers who assassinated JFK?


  18. One seldom mentioned fact by western politicians and media pundits: the Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned. Currently, the Libyan government creates its own money, the Libyan Dinar, through the facilities of its own central bank. Few can argue that Libya is a sovereign nation with its own great resources, able to sustain its own economic destiny. One major problem for globalist banking cartels (ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD / NWO) is that in order to do business with Libya, they must go through the Libyan Central Bank and its national currency, a place where they have absolutely zero dominion or power-broking ability. Hence, taking down the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) may not appear in the speeches of Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy but this is certainly at the top of the globalist agenda for absorbing Libya into its hive of compliant nations.

  19. "...everyone had free electricity, free great medical care, interest free loans, govt. paid 50% for purchase of a car, govt gave newly married couples $50,000 to buy a house, the lists goes on and on in how well the Libyan people have/had it. "

    Gee, it sounds like Germany under Hitler!

    And the lie of the century about the "jew holocaust." A distraction from what REALLY happened: THe Holomodor Genocide in the Ukraine...committed by the Russian jews!

    Truth coming out at last, 60+ years, TOO LATE!

    Then came the vilification of Gaddahi, with methods already very well, practiced in the previous WWII.

  20. Rock and f**king roll!

    You's gonna love this 9:23 video about Libya.

    No this will be shown on the main stream media when Hades freezes over!

    Go Sherrie! Question EVERYTHING!

  21. The Libya truth video on Sherrie's site ends with three sentences:


    If I may add one more for completion;


    Now there's a political platform I could support whole heartedly.

    WV; menicest (sic)

  22. The truth will set you freeAugust 28, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    This is the most important film I have seen since 9/11 Mysteries in March 2007.

    Anaughty Mouser

  23. Its ashame 9/11 Mysteries never came out wih its promised parts 2 and 3. In fact its ashame pro-think has made the only 9/11 truth documentary including the Israel evidence. Those guys are cointelpro all the way.

  24. Please define wht you mean by cointelpro.

    Sincerely, Mouser

  25. Pro-think are hasbara. Controlled opposition. Disinfo. Tools. Cointelpro types.

  26. Thanks to all for the input. Good links too.

    Sherrie came shining through with that one and drew in some trolls in the process. As Dick Eastman said at Visible's the other day;

    "Have you noticed that even off center stage there are operatives? However small the forum, if it is accessible to the general public, they will be there."

    As a little aside it was pro-think who encouraged/challenged me to start this blog several years ago. Soon after that he banned me from commenting at his place for doing what I always do ... asking questions. Especially about his then 'friend' Eric Hufschmid. 'Pro' exposed himself fairly early in the game. Missing Links was pretty good though.

  27. Aangirfan, bless your heartsAugust 29, 2011 at 3:49 AM

    Kudos AANGIRFAN! Thank you "C"!

    The Sherrie Questions All video about Libyan truth is the most important video since 9/11 Mysteries.

    Sincerely, Anaughty Mouser

  28. Cherchez le missile!August 29, 2011 at 4:07 AM

    Here it is sportsfans.

    A video of the missile hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.



    Here is the video showing the missile hitting the Pentagon on 9/11.

  30. Somethings rotten in the state of WRHAugust 29, 2011 at 6:33 AM

    Well, well, well, well.

    WRH first posted and then pulled a post yesterday with an article and link to Sherrie Questions All's video called Libyan Truth.

    Why did M.Rivero do that?

    Did a Rothschild representative contact Michael and threaten a horse head in his bed?

    That video is the very best summary of the present condition of the world under Rothschild.

    Why pull the post?

    Has Michael Rivero been compromised?

    Something is beginning to smell a bit at WRH IMHO.

    Ommission is the greatest form of deceit. G.Orwell

  31. Did Rothschild get to Rivero?August 29, 2011 at 6:44 AM

    You know what else is very strange about the pulling of the Libyan Truth post?

    It was pulled when M.Rivero and the WRH staff should have been sound asleep in the middle of the Hawiain night (3:00-4:00 am). It was pulled around 9:00 am Central European time which would make it around 11:00 am Tel Aviv time.

    The pulling is consistent with someone in London or Tel Aviv literally getting Rivero out of bed in the middle of the Hawiain night to pull the post.


  32. Yes, Hufschmid was an early attempt at steering and controlling the 9/11 movement. With his family ties to Murdoch he couldn't be more obvious. His book was literally the first that I ever owned having to do with 9/11, way back in like 2004 or 05. Like many disinfo tools he started out okay but went off the rails since then.

    Much of pro-thinks work and much of Hufschimds work would be good without the blatant racism sprikled throughout. You CAN point the finger at Israel without being a typical racist clown but Hufschmid and pro-think types aren't concerned with that, in fact it is their whole purpose to stain the movement with their brand of racism.

  33. From my end Sherrie's post is still there at WRH. Near the bottom at 7:11 am yesterday.

  34. Jeff Rense is carrying the video but Rixon Stuart is not.

    Aangirfan's "C" carried the video in a briefly exposed post. Michael Rivero first carried the video then yanked it.

    The coverage of this video is revealing alot about what is going on in the "alternative" media.

    Following the story of the linking and non-linking of the Libyan Truth video is indicative of who is honestly seeking the truth.

  35. My apologies to besmirching Micheal Rivero and WRH.

    Sherries post is indeed at 7:11 yesterday as you correctly point out Kenny.

  36. Besmirch him for pushing the Flight 77 lie. Greg Bacon did a nice job of that already though.

  37. @ Cherchez le missile,

    That video has been posted before. Although not a proponent of a 757 hitting the pentagon, I'm far from convinced that video is real. The narrator implies that the alleged exit hole in the C ring is the entrance wound. That's either very sloppy or by design.

  38. Cherchez le missile!August 29, 2011 at 9:24 AM


    I conceed. The trajectory angle of the 'blurred missile object' seems off by 60 degrees from the pattern the holes in the three perimeter walls line up to make.

    He does erroneously infer the exit hole is the entrace hole.

    All one needs are the missing frames from the parking lot or the siezed videos from the hotel and gas station to identify what hit the Pentagon two feet off the ground.

    The government and zionist media say "plane" but they won't release the relevant videos so I know they are lying.

    But you are right, the above linked video does not prove it was a missile.

  39. Update; Rixon Stuart just posted the video at the Truthseeker.

    Every single sentence in Sherrie's video speaks multitudes of articles on every subject this amazing video touches upon.

    Unbelievable raw truth!

  40. Hey Kenny,

    Nice one, and interesting comments. And never mind Aang's self-appointed bete noir (who I figure is either a person with mental problems or a paedophile disinfo spook keen to trash Aang on whatever grounds suit. Israel? Sure why not? It doesn't make a lick of sense but nor does it matter).

    But never mind that, it's dull. What's interesting is that someone mentioned Mike Rivero and the Pentagon. Anyone who's read Dave McGowan's take on it would know that he's at complete odds with Rivero, and me I'll put my money on McGowan.

    And then there's Rivero on mkultra/ satanism/ paedophilia (another McGowan subject). Not that Rivero likes this topic (it's all but absent from his site) but when he does touch on it it's hard to tell him from a pedophocracy disinfo spook. He conforms to the pedophocracy playbook wherein McMartin is the weak point: attack the parents/victims; blame it all on zealous social workers; throw out the buzz-words mass hysteria, witch-hunt, drunken schizophrenic paranoids, etc, etc; and then declare victory and leave (and refuse to print any letters that aren't in complete agreement).

    I detailed it all here here if anyone is interested. I don't know if he read it or not but after this I don't think I ever had anything linked by WRH again.

    For those who do wish to get linked to by WRH, it's simple really. Mike is all-Jews-all-the-time. You write about the Holocaust, Israel, banking, any of that, he'll put you on the front page no problems.

    But if you want to discuss the second pillar of power, the satanist pedophocracy, he doesn't want to know you. And so it goes...

  41. "nobody", the guy seems a bit obsessed with aangirfan but I basically agree with his criticisms. Aangirfan basically gives Israel a pass and plays a lot of misdirection. Very Alex Jones-esque.

  42. WHY? Why is NATO bombing civilians in Sirte?


    I wish everyone could see this video about the truth in Libya.

    I am so dishonoured to be a Canadian - not in my name Nato, not in my fucking name!


  43. Insanity of grown menAugust 30, 2011 at 3:47 PM

    Has the whole fucking planet gone batshit crazy for Rothschild?

    Grown men flying planes with bombs to kill women and children because of oil and gold?

    What the fuck is going on?

    This is completely insane - Sirte, Libya, Syrian, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and of course Israel and last but not least Palestine.

    If I was God I would flood the whole earth one more time.

    We have become animals for mammon.

    George Carlin gave up on the human race - soon I will too.

  44. Sorry Kenny, we're way off topic but what's a fellow to do?

    On the subject of Aang and Israel, I don't know about Aang but as far as I'm concerned, Israel doesn't drive anything. Forget all that stuff said about Israel by sundry penny-ante Jews who are really just Rothschild coat-tail riders. Forget them. The only people who count are the people who made Israel - a tiny number of intermarried European Ashkenazi bankers. Why did they make it?

    And never mind whatever reasons they gave originally. They're a pack of liars. And never mind what their wild-eyed followers think neither. They are to the Rothschilds what scientology followers are the to the spooks who founded it. Expendable fodder. Besides which, if the Rothschilds' motive was to save Jews, why didn't they take the Jews in Germany during the war? They were definitely given the opportunity, and they refused. Okay, so clearly they considered those Jews expendable. So much for rescuing Jews.

    Perhaps they wanted to live there themselves? Okay, so did they? Or did they stay in their European chateaux? The Rothschilds alone have 43 of them you know. And I'm pretty sure they're all still there.

    I put it to you that Israel is merely a temporary vehicle by which the bankers gain a degree of utility otherwise unavailable to them. These are globalists remember. One world government is the big enchilada and there's nothing they wouldn't sacrifice on that altar, Israel included. Further, given that Israel cannot be sensibly defended in the long term militarily, I'd say its utility would be maximised by sacrificing it to the cause. Just like the Jews of Germany were sacrificed to that cause.

    Thus - the Jews of Germany were sacrificed for Israel, with Israel in turn to be sacrificed for one world government. That works for me. And they'd fucking do it too. Tell me they wouldn't.

    Me, I have Israel pegged as a side show (ahem) and it's a big one sure, full of lights and attractions and all that stuff but it's still what it is.

  45. continued...

    Okay, so what should a bloke like me make of websites that are all Israel, all the time? As if it was driving everything? Like WRH. WRH is a place where mind control and satanist paedophiles are not just given short shrift but dismissed as the mad imaginings of drunks and crazy people?

    Whilst I didn't fully come out and called Mike Rivero a satanist paedophile (like I did with that bloke over at xymphora's), under the rubric of 'if you've got the game, you may as well have the name' he absolutely qualifies. Not forgetting of course that the satanist/paedophile disinfo effort is easily as big as anything hasbara has to offer.

    Between Aang's "sure he mentions Israel but not quite enough" and Mike Rivero's complete shut-out (indeed his resemblance to a batter for the other side), you want to have a go at Aang?

    Best I can make out, we're subject to two power structures: one Jewish and based on banking, precious metals, and the media; and the other the old-school non-Jewish establishment based on satanist paedophile mind-control and military power. Clearly both are untouchable. And clearly they're in cahoots. The media is shared between the two of them with neither subject to it's glare. But they are not equal. I have the satanist paedophiles as subservient to the bankers. But whatever. In amongst this, Israel is what?

    Says I, it's merely the kombi van the Rothschilds are using to get to where they're going. And when they get there they ditch it. It's just a fucking kombi.

    Anyway, all you anons (or is it only one?) you can keep banging on about, um... whatever the fuck it is you're on about, but all you'll be doing is hardening my suspicion that you're a paedophile disinfo spook. Like I said, there's easily as many of them as there are hasbara and so far you ain't making too much sense otherwise.

    PS. Kenny, can you do me a favour and keep an eye out in statcounter for hits from Stockholm, Sweden please? Someone from there has been hanging at my poetry blog kicking up a stink over, shit, I don't know... some bullshit or other. Between the idiocy of his comment, his impossible direct drop in, and his choice of name and it instantly smelled like this bloke. It certainly didn't make a lick of sense otherwise. Is it the same guy mate? What can you tell me?



  46. "kicking up a stink over, shit, I don't know... some bullshit or other"

    The "bullshit" is your masturbatory blog - like jazz is to music.

    You won't print my critical comments of your blog and now you want Kenny to hold your hand?

    Are you pro-zionist by the way. I am anti-zionist 100%.

    Nobody seems like an appropriate monicker.


  47. Ah, so give Israel a pass because its just a "temporary vehicle" huh? No thanks. Suspect.

  48. Oh, and since "nobody" keeps bringing up pedophiles-I would look towards the guy who always posts creepy stories complete with creepy pictures of little kids on his/their blog almost every other day. Who does that?

  49. Well speak of the devil, he has yet another pedophile story on his(their) page today! I haven't clicked the link yet but I'm sure there are plenty of creepy pictures posted.

  50. Just for the record fuckwit, you commented on the most recent post, and then when you went back to see yourself you went to an earlier post. Do you get it?

    In case you don't - the reason you didn't see your comment is because you looked in the wrong place. What an idiot.

    Anyway keep it up dickhead, the picture of you is sharpening all the time and since you like the limelight I'm thinking I might put you on the front page. And ban you from the comments. That should be good for a laugh.

    And of course you should then feel free to go to everyone else's blog and bleat about how poorly you've been treated. And don't forget to pile in and agree with yourself when no one else pays any attention.

  51. august 27, 2011 4:15 PM, aangirfan is mossad

    re aangirfan, i agree.

    some crazy misdirecting crap said there.