Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diane Black Bonds With Israel in Required Initiation Ritual

One of the best kept secrets lately has been the complete list of congress members that visited Israel during their recent 'break.'

My 'con,' Republican Diane Black, 6th district Tennessee, zionist states of America, was one of them. 

As a freshman congressperson it is no surprise that she had to make the obligatory trip, meet with the criminals in charge and let them know she is with them all the way. There seems to be no other way to secure a long term congressional career and Mrs. Black knows it.

What's odd is that Diane kept her trip to Israel about as hidden as could be. To the best of my knowledge she did not announce it publicly in advance.  It was a reported 9 day visit where for all intents and purposes she just disappeared. Upon her return she has not posted anything about this 'educational' trip paid for by the AIPAC subsidiary The American Israel Education Foundation on her official government web site or her Facebook page.  No press release, no nothing except for one apparent tweet that few saw. One might get the impression that she was trying to hide her trip from her constituents. Why would that be Diane?

What is also odd is that the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal, the newspaper in the largest city in Diane's district did not find her trip to Israel newsworthy. Neither did the nearby Nashville media including the Tennessean or any of the local tv or radio stations. The secret has been safe with no debate anywhere to be found among the middle Tennessee area residents.

Without the help of Video Rebel's Blog and Legistorm's trip report it would still be a secret to me.

A statement that was found from Black is "My Trip to Israel" on an obscure site Tennesseans Watching Federal and State Government and as far as I can tell not re-posted anywhere else.

Black, number 25 on the list of wealthiest congresspersons, is a low key zionist supporter. She is not required to shout from the rooftops her loyalty to the apartheid illegitimate state in her overwhelmingly non-jewish but fairly significant christian zionist populated district. She just needs to deliver the votes in Congress as needed.

The Palestinian initiative for statehood recognition in the UN will get no support from Mrs. Black. The wishes of the Israeli criminal 'leaders' will dictate her foreign policy votes and war mongering stance.

Once again I'm ashamed to have a congressperson who will represent Israel's and of course big corporate interests ahead of those of the folks of Tennessee. We'll even go so far as to call her a traitor, a tea party traitor. The best we can hope for is that her first two years in Congress will also be her last.


On a more interesting note for most folks is that in the midst of the UN debate on Palestine it is expected that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be speaking there Thursday. Expect the shills and blood suckers for the destruction of Iran to walk out in 'protest' and miss all the fun.

The zionist group United Against Nuclear Iran even has a mobile billboard riding around New York that tries to link Ahmadinejad to 9/11 as Al Qaeda's silent partner.  All the more reason to take a listen to what he has to say.

And oh yeah, Rick Perry needs to also vanish from the pages of time.


  1. Israel and America.....two countries with one government.

  2. All these traitors in Congress are a bunch of cowards! Not a single one of them will stand up to these psychopaths in Israel. And yes, Rick Perry definitely needs to vanish from the pages of time. It really boggles my mind that individuals could lend any credence to any of these scum bags.

    I've been in touch with my Congresswoman, Susan Davis, and her office for the past couple weeks. They always give me the runaround. Today, I explained to her "community representative" or whatever my position in detail regarding 9/11 (and no I didn't say a word about the planes :), the complete destruction of the rule of law and the blatant war crimes we've seen since that fateful day. I've been trying to schedule a meeting where I can sit down and talk with her about these issues, and he said he'd put my name on the list. I'll be following up with her and her office in the very near future.

    I cannot believe the billboard being displayed by United Against Nuclear Iran. What absolute bullshit. I suppose if we countered and said Israel shouldn't have nuclear weapons, we'd be considered anti-Semitic?

  3. Diane Black Rep Cost of trip $28,360

    I am the person who compiled the list.
    What struck me as I entered the information was the extreme differences in the costs of the trips to the same location. Hers was one of the most expensive.

    What did she order from room service?

    PS. I also live in Tennessee and my congressman also went to Israel.

  4. What did she order from room service?

    Yes, one well-hung stud from Israel's internal security apparatus, Shin Bet, and plenty of Israeli made XTC to make the fucking out of her brains an experience she'll remember for a lifetime.

    But you never mentioned the REALLY important part; Is she a good, GAWD fearing Christian Bible Thumper?

    She if she'll produce that 'postition paper' on Israel that all Zionist slaves have to write to AIAPC when running for the US Knesset.

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  6. Paying these cocksuckers taxes is a crime.

  7. Hey Kenny,...I cannot fathom their motivation for entering into Politics, do they assess the potential to earn a fucking motza, based upon finding the right crooks to sell out to? What is their motivation? Are the yids the jackpot? On a scale of self-interest groups and mobsters, are the yids the fucking Mother-lode?

    Diane Black.."Oh, honey, guess what...?

    Mr. Black..."What dear, what's up?"

    DB..."You'll never guess who threatened me if I didn't support them today!?"

    Mr.B..."Who, dear, who threatened you!?"

    DB..."The yids honey, the YIDS!" If I support without question, every Bill and proposition they Table, forever, I'll get a tax-free, untraceable cash payout EVERY month of two thousand dollars!

    Mr. B..."What if you don't take the deal?"

    DB..."They'll cut your balls off and rape li'l betty-sue to death!"

    Mr.B..."Two Grand, yeeeehaaa!"

    DB..."Gotta go now honey, send your Tux to the cleaners, we're celebraytin' t'night, TWO G's fer nuthin' I lurv you Mr. B!"...
    "Oh, I gotta fly ta isray-hell next week, ta get fucked in the ass by a dozen or so geriatric rabbis; I'll tell ya 'bout it over dinner..."



  8. Eh Heh Heh heh ....
    He heh heh ....

    OMG cousin V! That's how it really happened and happens everyday.

    DB needs to make out with old corpse ari sharon if she ever goes back to the stolen land. Probably she is the one who can bring back the rotten veggie sharon to life; after all, she is trained as a registered nurse.

  9. Notice that the word of the day is 'Short Cut' referring to Palestinians state bid at the UN.
    The President said today that there will be no 'short cut', so is Netanyahu, so are many pundits.
    Israel was created in 1948 by causing a mass Palestinian refugee problem forcing hundreds of thousand to flee their homes due to Israeli terrorist organizations acts like Hagana, Stern, Argon and others.
    Palestinians remember this ethnic cleansing day as the Nakba Day (catastrophe day).
    The land that Palestinians want now to start a homeland on is what was left of their original Palestine of 1948. A land that's occupied now militarily by Israel.
    The negotiation over a Palestinians state has been going on for decades over what's left of Palestine(22%)of 1948.
    Israelis talk peace, but daily they are doing the opposite, building settlements on stolen Palestinians land while talking peace.
    Confiscating and encouraging Jews to take more and more of Palestinians land, farms,and water.
    Israelis are doing this because they have the US support and veto power the US has at the UN.
    So, when Obama says a 'short cut', how much long does Obama want Palestinians to wait..?
    There is not much land left to build the country Palestine on.
    That's why Palestinians are going to the UN to declare themselves a state.
    Israel worries that a recognized Palestinians' state by UN can take Israel to international court for its crimes.
    And that's why they are drumming that we should continue the ' peace process', which netted the Palestinians nothing so far, but it has been all gains for Israelis.
    Netnyahu was 16 when the land ,which was part of Jordan was taken militarily in 1967 war by Israel.
    Netnayhu today is 60 years of age, and Israelis still talking peace.
    Something nobody in the Middle East and around the world believe it anymore..
    A veto by US will make US acting as partner with the Israelis on an illegal military occupation,which is against the UN charter that countries cannot annex and take others land by force.
    It is the same principle we used against Saddam Heussein in 1990 when he invaded Kuwait and said then 'It's part of Iraq'.
    Saddam army later was evicted by force from Kuwait in 1991.
    We and the Kuwaitis refused to negotiate with Saddam over Kuwait,and the Palestinians should not negotiate. Israel must get out of occupied Palestinians land..because UN sceurity Council resolutions said that.
    These UNSC resolutions consider Israelis occupation is illegal by internaional laws.
    There is no short cut..The Palestinians have been waiting and negotiating for decades, but Israel's ill intent to keep the occupied land is what's causing this to drag on..the 'enfocement factor' , which we used against Saddam does not exist here.

  10. Same in the UK. Vast numbers of fascist 'Friends of Israel'.

    - Aangirfan

  11. These Israelites are at in India too. They have deep 'security' ties with the police, military and government. They are thriving on the Muslim-Hindu hatred and are encouraging it. There are very few places left on earth where these vermin and leeches haven't infiltrated.

  12. Veritas, that was downright nawty and very funny. ONLY $2 grand? You really do need to do more creative writing kiddo, that was short term brilliant with so much more room for dirty play.

    Kenny, what various constituents should be doing .. or one person... is investigating if all or other reps acted in as clandestine a fashion.

    Now we know how Nuttypoopoo got that effing 31 ovations. Makes one wonder what under the table inducements these creeps get.

    The smarmy look on that face is rather nauseating. I guess she never heard the comment from Nuttypoopoo,

    "Christian zionists? They are scum but don't let on I said that. We need all the useful idiots we can get."

    I know you feel badly about her being your rep? But we Canadians have to apologize for bloody Harper who is gonzo to continue Libya and still openly supporting Israel and damning Palestine in the UN. So I sympathize buddy.

  13. "why the law Dad? Because the law,
    my boy, puts us into everything.
    It's the ultimate backstage pass.
    It's the new priesthood baby. Did
    you know there are more students (jews)in law school than there are lawyers walking the Earth. We're comin' out, guns blazin'!!!
    Aquittal after aquittal after aquittal...."

    Al Pacino..Devil's Advocate.

  14. Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by and the great comments.

    Daniel, thanks for the list. My gut feel was that Diane would be making the trip but it took a good while to get the confirmation.

    We're all essentially in the same sinking boat. We have no true representation and there's no need pretending we do. If we want to make a difference we will have to do it ourselves and soon.

    As a little aside, be sure to check out "On the day of chocolate truth."


  15. "Worst case scenario"

    We're in it. TPTB are planning and carrying it out right now.

    The global economy is deliberately being gutted (crisis) so that all citizens on earth fear they are going to lose the value of their saving and assets (reaction) so that the zionist international bankers can proffer a fractional gold backed international currency which they issue, own and control 100% (solution).

    'I care not who is in political office as long as I control the money supply.' Rothschild

    A privately owned, one world currency (SDRs or equivalent), albeit fractionally gold backed, means a one world government run by the zionist international bankers who are lead by Rothschild.

    Welcome to the new world order courtesy of the folks who brought you usury.

  16. The big wedding was September 11, 2001.

    The big divorce is going the be October 2011.

    The world stock markets, the $US, the Euro and all world fiat currencies are going to crash.

    Enter the SDR of the NWO as the Hegelian solution aka serf slavery.

  17. We're all Palestinians now.

    We're all Greeks now.

    What do you get if you cross a Palestinian with a Greek?

    An American.

  18. My biggest concern about Ahadinejad visiting NYC is that the Mossad will use the opportunity to "irradiate" him so badly that he gets cancer...they routinely assassinate leaders in this manner. Chavez, Castro and Canada's Layton as some recent possible victims.


  19. Hey Kenny, I am back. This is Vidrebel the man who compiled this list of Israeli lovers in the Congress.

    I noticed a lot of visits from a website called www.anti-semitism.net/ as soon as I posted America Deserves Better Than This From The Jews . And after my most recent essay I got 4 visits from the WordPress blog where you can lose your blog for posting anything construed as dedicated to attacking a person or group.

    My latest blog entry is Indicting The Israel Criminal Banking Network

    Stay Tuned. Just wait until Monday after midnight to see what my next blog does to our Zionists friends.