Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few Seconds Till Midnight?

Watching what is happening from afar I see that even the main stream media is finding it hard to continue ignoring  “Occupy Wall Street” and this got me wondering why? Iconic photos such as the one to the left will sell newspapers but that may not be the entire reason. Usually the media is silent on protests against the empire.

Texanna via Penny may have an answer.

"This may be a way of redirecting the anger from the real issues that brought the protesters together. By channeling the anger toward policemen, people will start calling the police the problem, the police will hate the protesters for hating them, and eyes turn away from the financial terrorism that is causing all this."

Aside from the illegitimate arrests and violence against the 'occupiers,' the biggest problem is that there needs to be more protesters in the street.Several hundred thousand would be more like it. Peaceful and loud.

Hats off to those who are there! Wall Street just wants this gathering to go away so they can get back to their theft as usual but with the protests spreading to more cities the fat lady is far from singing.

Peter with a comment also at Penny's makes a good point.
"For me, the huge video cam presence is the real story. Never before has this police brutality story been witnessed with such clarity. This is revolutionary!
People need to have info REPEATEDLY pounded into their thick skulls That's how the Viet Nam war was presented to the people and the people turned against it. Every night the teee veee showed the atrocities of war and people FINALLY got it.
Likewise police brutality must now be REPEATEDLY pounded into the peoples awareness. If the MSM doesn't do this then the peoples(video cam) media must do it!"

Back in January Hillary Clinton had this to say about the Egyptian street protests but it seems that it will not always be applied here in the land of the bill of rights.
"We support the fundamental right of expression and assembly for all people and we urge that all parties exercise restraint and refrain from violence."
Hillary has always been such a liar.

One question that has been asked for a long time is that if the SHTF will the police and military have a large enough number of those who refuse to violently attack their fellow Americans who are protesting against the machine and so turn the tide towards the people. We don't know if the report of Over 100 NYPD Officers Refuse to Work in Support of Occupy Wall Street Movement is true but it would be a big step in the right direction. We'll see.

We also don't know if it's seven minutes to midnight or perhaps it's more like 15 seconds till. What we do know is that the show is speeding up and it's always up to us as a collective to stop the hands before the whole thing blows up. If the protests continue and start having an effect, behind the scenes a decision may be made for a diversion. We'll see about that too ... and maybe soon.


  1. This is only the beginning. Wait until these protests progress and gain steam, then those who "Serve and Protect" will start using rubber bullets, then the real thing, as the Temples of Mammon on Wall Street must be shielded and protected at ALL costs.

    And Americans think they live in a free society.

    Free as plantation slaves in the 19th Century South.

  2. Alex Jones, MSM shill, is barely covering the Wall Street protests. Which tells me how legit they are as opposed to the fraud tea party.

  3. Hey Kenny,...I do believe that the revolution has begun, more and more we are seeing genuine street protests, as opposed to the shams that have been instigated by the zio-beast to legislate against just such rebellious phenomena. Here in Oz it is the Old School leading the public actions of protest and rallies.



  4. When people take it to the streets, it means that politicians are not there for them and politicians are disconnected.
    These people in the streets trying to make changes that politicians who represent them failed to do.
    They are concerned, and subjecting themselves to all kind of bad treatments,they have been dragged, pepper-sprayed ,tasered but they have a goal, to make the big change.
    While politicians dining and wining with their lobbyists, the people in the streets are trying to force a change.
    Next time around elect the right people and put this country back on track, and don't let these politicians fool you by their sweet talking , and using religious themes from the book while they are screwing the middle class, the backbone of this country, to get re-elected.

  5. some one should explain to the police that wall st is also their enemy.

    wall st is enemy to: police, fire responders, teachers, workers, well, all human life forms outside wall st.

  6. Texanna via Penny may have an answer.

    "This may be a way of redirecting the anger from the real issues..."

    I fully support the protest on Wall St., but I too have wondered about whether the anger is being focused in all the right places. So far I haven't seen any of the protesters address the problem of AIPAC's stranglehold over our government, which to me is the most crucial issue facing our nation and is tangled up with the problem of financial corruption on Wall St. The economy's tanking and people are out of work because of the wars; the wars are being fought because of the Israeli lobby. It makes no sense to separate these two issues. But for the protesters I guess it's a conundrum. You bring up the subject of Israel, and you risk losing support for the protest. Same conundrum which derailed the Wisconsin protests earlier this year.

    Protesters need to act with courage, and that means getting over your fear of being called an anti-Semite. If you're brave enough to go to the front lines and face the mace and pepper spray, then be brave enough to speak the truth!

  7. Here is great video showing W, Harper and the Australian PM all talking the SAME SHIT-!

  8. swindle speak-

  9. Hey all, first off, I like the new place kenny!

    Second off, Richard, your point is so spot on man! That's exactly what I've been saying and advocating out here in SD! The manifesto and list of demands that I've read from this movement don't address the issues you and I and many others believe need to be addressed before any substantial change can happen.

    That being said, I am really feeling good about this guys, I am. There is a real sense of excitement, energy, passion and dedication I've noticed. People everywhere are fed up- all of them for the right reasons, but I'm afraid not many are on board with the facts and issues we're addressing online. How to bridge that gap is the question...I'll certainly be trying to once the protest starts next Friday! Can't wait!

    It breaks my heart to see these cops arresting, beating, and otherwise terrorizing these protesters. Rivero keeps saying that most of the cops in NY are on board with the protesters, but I don't buy that for some reason....those pics kenny linked to over at Higgins blog played a factor!

    I wholeheartedly agree with Visible here:

    "The slow motion movement of long awaited change has been excruciating for all of us who have been waiting upon it for so long. It is finally here and all of the long time coming shifts are about to shift. Within the days of one week, leading to another, the whole world is going to change and it couldn’t come soon enough for me and the rest of you."

    The time has come. Glad I'm with the good guys. :)

  10. Occupy San Diego is organizing via Facebook mainly it appears. I've been following for the past few days. Lots of good discussion and articles being posted.

    I just posted this in light of Richard's comment:

    Not to start a major argument with anyone or sow any division, but I strongly believe that we NEED to have these two issues added to the manifesto/list of demands:

    - Declare publicly to the world that 9/11 was an inside job done by Israel and criminal Zionists that have complete control of the US government, media, and private sector. End all wars immediately and end all foreign aid to every single country, especially Israel.

    - Prosecute every single criminal involved at the highest levels first and foremost for the financial fraud and war crimes against humanity.

  11. I'd like to elaborate a little on the "conundrum" I talked about. When you have a protest going and some of the protesters joining you in solidarity are Jewish, how do you broach the subject of the multiple damage Israel and its lobby have done to this country? How do you say that Israel in effect has become a parasite that is killing its host without offending every Jew in your organization and having them walk out? You can't. This is the conundrum. The only way to overcome it is to simply tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    My own theory on truth-telling is that the more truth you tell, the more support you will get if you give it enough time. Yes, you may lose some support in the short-run, but in the long-run even MORE people will flock to your cause than otherwise would have because truth has its own vibratory resonance. People respond to it when they hear it. Speaking the TRUTH, on everything, including Israel, would be the Wall Street protest's trump card and greatest strength at this point, and I'm glad to hear, John, that you and others are doing that in San Diego. It doesn't seem to be happening in New York, but maybe that will change.

  12. re: Richards "conundrum"

    Why would a bank set up a country under the auspices of a religion? Because it stifles all criticism and adds phony legitimacy to land theft.

    If Palestine becomes a free state again, Israel will continue its terrorism in the region and control in DC.

    I say- don't blame Israel, blame Rothschild central banks.
    That is the root problem, cut off the money and and Israel will disappear.

  13. It is clear by now that Americans need a third, if not fourth party.
    There isn't really much difference between the two current ruling parties.
    The House and Senate members became a club of wealthy people who really don't feel or care about what the average American go thru in his or her daily life.
    They talk about shutting the government.
    Do they really know how many millions of Americans daily lives are going to be disrupted by such act...?
    And how does such act help unemployment..?
    They talk about cutting health benefits to eldery retirees,and pensions recipients..
    Do they care...?!
    But as ususal they are nice to their lobbying backers,and to AIPAC in particular will not see a cut.
    Yes, here they care.
    A third party might not produce a presidential candidate..not yet, but if we have 30 or 40 members of an independent party, for sure they will make a difference in swaying votes in the House.
    Once Ralph Nader suggested to put on voting bullots in an election day:
    " None of the above".
    It's not a bad idea.
    Every few years , Americans hear the same thing:
    'Put America back to work.'
    'Have an energy plan..'
    'balance the budget..'etc..etc.
    Yet we are sinking now in debt..and the rich is getting richer, and what's left to Americans is politicians talk, and promises. Then Americans have to wait for another election in another year to hear the same.
    And pay attention to what these candidate all say..They are going to 'take the country back and change Washington.'.
    It's laughable, because most of them live in and love Washington.
    Majority of them even stay in Washington after leaving their House, Senate, or their government jobs.

  14. Two comments:
    1) What ever happened to SHAME? If you are protesting and holding up an Isreal-did-9/11 sign, and someone calls you an antisemite, how about turning it around on them? They should be ASHAMED to admit to giving/feeling any support at all to that despicable, genocidal little country. Say something like, "Do you think it's okay for Israeli soldiers to kill, rape, pillage, etc., the Palestinians, to push them off their ancestral lands, to uproot their olive trees, to demolish their houses, to practice their target shooing on kids going to and from school? Etc.

    2) The protests feel staged - or at least started that way. We are supposed to all revolt and then, BAM, martial law. That's the last stage before complete tyranny, the final nail in our collective coffin.


  15. If the protests were "staged" the MSM would be fair to them and covering them non-stop like they covered the actually staged and corporate friendly "tea party" protests it couldn't get enough of.

  16. "If the protests were "staged" the MSM would be fair to them and covering them non-stop"

    It's that black-and-white, is it?

    btw, if anyone is tempted to post the 'Ronald Reagan the holocaust denier' video, they should know that it was taken completely out of context. It is nice to dream, though.

  17. Meet your socio-politically conscientious 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters.

    Webster Tarpley, the protest comes from the "orbit around the Soros group foundations"

  18. Just left his comment at aangirfan's, but it relates to the discussion here:

    I do worry about the Wall St. protests. Until we confront 9/11 and the power structure that was behind that event (yes, the CIA was involved, but Israel and Zionists are far more complicit), nothing will change. Shit, until we start arresting these people, nothing will change. I'm not sure if Occupy Wall Street, in general, is willing to confront these issues. I've ran into resistance from people in this movement already for raising these subjects.

    I called the inquiries contact number on this page last night, and talked to a gentleman about the movement and how it started.

    Apparently, it was started through the website, and has spread and developed since July. I don't think it is a CIA creation or anything like that, I think this is genuine. People are sick and tired of being robbed, lied to, and otherwise mistreated. People are awake, or are at least open to new ideas, and this is a great time to spread the truth. Many will resist it, especially people in the movement. In fact, the gentleman on the phone last night told me I need to "broaden my horizon" and not alienate people with the information I write and talk about all the time. Whatever.

    He was cool though, and they are encouraging everyone to get involved and speak their mind. I will definitely be doing that, even if it pisses some people off. :)

  19. Yes, it really is that black and white. The media really is that whorish. You can tell what is dangerous to those in power by what the media downplays or ignores.

  20. Conversely you can tell what is phony by what the media promotes. Like the tea party.

  21. I fully expect the controlled opposition to try and pin this Wall Street movement on Soros or Unions or other Glenn Beck type boogeymen. Divide and conquer, destroy from within.

    I'm not surprised that the Tarpley link above was from an Alex Jones interview. He has basically ignored the protests for the most part, since hes MSM too, but here we see him and Tarpley trying to turn off their sheep to the Wall Street protest. Typical Alex Jones controlled opposition smear tactics. Paint the Wall Street protest as "the left" while he promotes the fake tea party.

    Fuck Alex Jones. And Tarpley is shady too even if he speaks some truth.

  22. I couldn't finish the Jones and Tarpley video for the obvious Jones reasons but I did read Tarpley's article at his site.

    He makes some good points but I'm like anon @ 7:31 pm in that I've never been able to fully trust him. Just a gut feel.

    I'm with John and Richard as far as everything is on the table. There should be no holding back.

    I would feel better about the protests if one thing became a dominant issue ... usury. The word itself seems to be off limits.

    Regarding the hijacking of the movement, here's a comment from zero hedge. Make of it what you will.

  23. Usury has always been a taboo subject among both the controlled "left" and the controlled "right".

    Pretending that the issue doesn't exist is part of their job as gatekeepers.

  24. That zero hedge comment sure hit all the points. Effeminate Jews, self effacing homosexuals, minorities etc.. Maybe that's the real cointelpro. Oh what a web we weave.

    The lip reading videos someone there linked to were pretty funny.
    Rick Perry:

  25. Oh no, homos and blacks and "effeminate jews" oh my! I think you're the cointelpro Anon@1:52.

  26. 2:04 "Oh no, homos and blacks and "effeminate jews" oh my!"

    way to miss the context, and point, thinkenstien.

  27. Hey Kenny:

    First of all, thanks for the link over.
    And yeah those were some great comments.

    There are a few things that bother me about the whole Wall Street protest happening.

    Of course, that someone is going to get hurt. Really hurt.

    (I am a mom, so I see other people's children everywhere I look)

    That the protests will be used to justify an even more heavy hand via the state.

    Especially if-
    That protestors resort to violence- real, provoked or false flag kind of stuff.
    Like what happened at the G20 in TO, which will serve the elite classes.
    A sort of fight fire with fire response

    But putting all that aside, what bothers me is all the "these are false flag protests" They are backed by this one or that one.

    If that is the case?
    Wether the protests originated as such or are in the process of being hijacked...

    ( Seeing the "anonymous" group involves just gets my back up)

    The few that are making this claim are doing a huge disservice to the people that are out there getting beat and pepper sprayed.

    If one believes the protest is in danger of becoming derailed, it behooves each and everyone of us to make sure this does NOT happen.
    By participating as much as possible to keep this grass roots and with the people.

    So if you are near a place where a protest is going on, get out there and protest.

    I know these groups are using social media to spread the word.

    So spread the word!

    Don't let the protests be co-opted by any "interested" parties, except for the people.
    As many people as possible.
    That is how one prevents the protest from being derailed.

    But shouting "this is bogus" isn't going to help anyone or change anything.

    As for Alex Jones and your inability to finish something of his- I never listen to him for more then 5 minutes- I can't stand listening to that mans bloviating.