Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Necessary and Dangerous Alternatives

Sometimes we just have to lay out some ideas, open the door, pass them around for discussion and see what happens.

Robert Tracey proposes a short and sweet alternative to Obama's upcoming 'jobs' speech:
"Good evening.  In response to acute dangers facing our nation,  I am exerting executive privilege in the following manner.
The federal reserve system and all of its assets, stolen from the American people over the last 98 years are to be seized.  Henceforth, the US Treasury will be in charge of the creation of our money.  I will appoint the finest minds in our nation to the recreation of financial world that is not owned by banks.
The empire is closed, effective immediately.  All wars are ended as of this moment.  All overseas bases are to be closed and all personnel returned to American soil in the next 3-6 months.
The IRS is closed, effective immediately.  The income tax which was never actually ratified is being returned to the dustbin of history from which it came.
All foreign aid is done.  We will no longer give away the money of this nation to other nations so American business interests get a better deal.
There will be no more computerized elections.  All elections at the federal level with be counted with hand ballots.  Individual states will have the power to elect as they and their citizens see fit.
We are returning to the foundations and rule of law of our constitutional republic.
Our founding fathers knew what they were doing, and we're going back to what works, and the highest value will be that which made this nation a beacon for mankind; the liberty of the individual.  Thank you and good night."

Expanding a little on this would be that the rule of law requires the criminals still alive and walking around free, in and out of government, who are responsible for the continued destruction of the U.S. and much of the world would be independently investigated,  subpoenaed for interrogation, indicted and dealt with swiftly in an open honest peoples court.

A good starting point would the perpetrators of 9/11 and those in the criminal financial system. Hundreds of them. Examples for present and future generations. Moving on from that could be the elimination of usury and the purging of our false representatives and their lobbyists and handlers. Plus there would be no foreign influence in our country's new direction. Every person so inclined would have other ideas to add.

Of course the powers that be will never allow this without fighting back and plunging us into a chaos of their making which would include blowing up a great number of things and people. Even perhaps biological attacks and other unimaginable evils foisted upon our own people to keep us in line.

There's tremendous danger in real change. There's extraordinary danger in staying the same. We can't have it both ways.


  1. Short and sweet, and so true Kenny.

    To the point of "Our founding fathers knew what they were doing, and we're going back to what works"
    -Has anyone ever actually read Gaddafi's "Green Book"?

    Perhaps we are laboring under the illusion that "democracy" in any form can endure. Thomas Jefferson tacitly acknowledged this by saying “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

    Western readers will find minor peculiarities in the use of language, and I'm only half-way through (though it is a quick read at only 33 pages), but I highly recommend reading it. Recently, a CBS correspondent smugly proclaimed the book as "only fit for burning."

  2. Linky no worky! Try this-

    Qadaffi's Green Book

    a CBS correspondent smugly proclaimed the book as "only fit for burning."

    Well, that's a recommendation right there!

  3. Thanks James, cut and paste mishap I guess.

  4. I love it. God knows how it would be arrived at precisely but what the States needs is a new Common Sense. And hell, keep the same name! It is common sense. It's that variety of logic (and yep, I'm quoting from an entirely different document now) about which we could say, 'We hold these truths to be self-evident'.

    PS. Thanks James and Blammo for Gadaffi's book. I look forward to reading it. As for James' link there, might I tell punters: don't click the large 'start download now' with the animated arrow. It takes you to a sign up page. Instead click the 'download' next to the little yellow arrow beneath it.

  5. Great post Kenny, both in intention and content.

    This is exactly what does need to happen.


  6. Hey Kenny,...Now this is the revolution I was talking about! Yeehaa, no each way bets gentleman - all in or nothing!

    Cool another colour-coded book to add to the collection, thanks guys - the little Black book (bible) fizzer! The little Red book (Mao's) Blather! The little Dark Blue book (Talmud) psychotic turpitude!

    Woohooo, a little Green Book, I for one can't wait!

    Thanks for the heads-up Nobs, I always get caught in those info-go-rounds, sometimes they are several pages deep, aaaargh!

    Oh, by the way, my yarn about ballistics and armour defeating weapons in a previous Post was aimed at sort of responding to the guy that suggested a dynamic increase in ballistic value given the addition of speed and technique (accuracy) "Percuta Velocita" and yes 90 tons of children's balsa wood airplanes wood penetrate the WTC at 450 odd miles an hour. I doubt it would bring them down though, as it pulverized them into nano-particles at Steel Foundry temperatures - haaaaargh!

    Try squeezing the pointy ends of an egg between your palms, then turn it around longwise and see what happens.

    I do become a tad verbose sometimes coz I'm nutz, no truly, it's in my resume...

    "Alms for an ex-leper...aaalms for an ex-lepaar..."


  7. Two more items that should be added to the list:

    1. Eliminate the federal government altogether and transfer its functions to the states.

    Without a federal government, the NWO would essentially be hamstrung since all power must be centralized and concentrated in the hands of a small elite in order for globalism/imperialism to succeed.

    2. Ban all campaign contributions and make politicians take a permanent vow of poverty before allowing them to run for office.

    This would throw a huge monkeywrench into the globalist/imperialist steamroller since the NWO has always relied on a system of bribes and financial rewards to corrupt our nation's public officials so they'll be more willing to betray us.

  8. Anon 9:19;

    Excellent two additional points.

    I wonder what % of the alternative media/ truth movement recognise these two measures along with Kenny's are paramount to ending the corrupt strangle hold the zionist NWO has on the world.

    Blessings to you both for pointing this out.


  9. Good points made by Tracey.

    I would also add that if the Fortune 500 want to do business overseas in 2nd and 3rd world nations, they better do it the old fashioned way, by negaotiating a good deal, since they will no longer have the 82nd Airborne on call.

  10. "anti-Semite"


    Islamophobe, Arab (true Semite)- hating, Arab/Muslim murdering land thief, narcissistic "chosen-one" exceptionalist, sociopathic treasonous seditionist, zionist (Israeli or otherwise).

    'There is no greater nazi than an anti-Semitic ashkenazi.'

    "You who call yourselves Jews, but who are not, you are the Synagogue of Satan." Jesus Christ

  11. Barry Jennings said that as he was trapped in WTC7, “I started praying to Allah. I said, that’s it. We’re gone.”

    Therefore, Jennings was a Muslim, unlikely to accept the lies of the conspiring jews:

    Dov Zakheim
    Michael Chertoff
    Henry Kissinger
    Amit Yoran
    Jeremy Kroll
    Jerome Hauer
    Maurice Greenberg
    Menahem J. Atzmon
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Joe Lieberman
    Richard Perle
    Douglas Feith
    Robert Zoellick
    Michael Mukasey
    Ronald Lauder
    Larry Silverstein
    Frank Lowy
    Philip Zelikow
    David Frum
    Ari Fleischer
    Lewis Eisenberg
    John Deutch

    and all the rest of their fellow treasonous jews, crypto-jews, and non-jews at the top of the U.S. and New York governments.

    I here state that all those jews I listed above are ultimately directed by the supreme jews in the world, the male Rothschilds, who have reigned over international banking for 200 years and thus funded the giant subset of world jewry’s rise to their current level of control over the USA and the world.

    Americans, true Americans, truly patriotic Americans — with brains:

    Where are you?

  12. swing, another homer!!!


  13. Highly admirable post, Kenny!

    Simple, correct message. No need to complicate it. I love it.

    However, as I always say, one person can NOT get it done. One president, for example, can NOT do it. That's why my Solution is to assemble a group. A group of 500 (a mere 10 or so from each state) can get it done. When will Americans realize we can get it done. We simply have to get together on one practical plan and Do It.

    By the way, I thank Anonymous@6a.m. who has quoted my latest article but failed to provide a credit.

  14. Thanks for posting the litmus test video. That was powerful.

  15. "A military and economic alliance with Egypt is set to be signed by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The deal should be clinched when Erdogan visits Cairo next Monday - the first such visit paid by a Turkish prime minister in 15 years."

    Now there's a Mossad 'two-fer' opportunity which hasn't manifested since Lucky Larry insured the WTC complex for a few million and made off with double a few billion - claiming the attacks were two seperate events!

    How can Mossad pass up on an "al-Qaeda suicide bomber" attacking the joint Turkish-Egyptian meeting in Cairo next Monday? I mean both countries have now had more than enough of Israel's bullshit.

    'Let them eat faeces'. Nitwityahoo

  16. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/06/opinion/06iht-edcohen06.html?_r=1

    Israel Isolates Itself

    Like a bully at a grade school with no real friends - only weaklings doing what they are told to avoid getting beat up - Israel is being being expelled and left to isolate itself at the pinball arcade drinking Coke all by itself.

    Israel is being forced to isolate itself because none of the other students any longer want anything whatsoever to do with it because of its animal behaviour.

  17. Does everyone understand the murderous effect of having individuals holding shares in private military manufacturing corporations directing foreign policy?

    Corporations' sole goal is profit. Starting and continuing wars creates more profits for these military production corporations.

    Therefore to make greater profits more wars must be fought.

    This is an equation for neverending death. Oh, you the tax payer are paying for it.

    What isn't wrong with this political-corporate picture?

  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0giVL4j8mQ&feature=youtu.be

    The three stars over the Republican elephant logo were inverted in 2000 when Bush jr. took office. Why?

    According to this RT video America has gone man to goat in more ways than one.

  19. Direct Democracy:
    Understanding The Libyan Political System

    13 minute video and article

    The more I learn about Libya, the more I realize what a loss for humanity this is, in addition to being tragic in all the usual ways.

    Tell me I'm not a kool-aid drinker.

  20. Hey Blammo, re: Libya and Gaddafi, I'm in complete agreement. But that's the West for you: those who should be our heroes are villains, and those who should be strung up are lionised. (BTW - have you read Programmed To Kill by Dave McGowan? Almost no one at Jonestown actually drank any kool-aid. Something like 98% of the people there were shot, bludgeoned, or strangled to death. By death squads flown in sure enough. But don't worry, we get the metaphor).

    Otherwise for the new Common Sense, address the MIC, sure, but let's not forget the so-similar-it's-spooky Prison Industrial Complex. The privatisation of the deprivation of liberty, with profit first and everything else second, all based on the equation x profits = x prisoners, with the only check on x being the size of the operator's greed (which, sure enough, is infinite) can only have one outcome: maximal suffering.

    This too must be crushed.

    PS For any Americans out there wondering why an Australian should have any opinion on this, our government has outsourced the deprivation of liberty of asylum seekers (ie. those fleeing DU-dusted wastelands we turned their countries into) to the marvellously-named Wackenhut Corporation of America. No doubt our whores of politicians will be conspiring with them and their filthy ilk to push the rest of our prison system to the American model. And sure we can treat the immediate local symptom but the only true answer is to kill the spawning queen.

  21. Some of the 9/11 commemorations I've seen are downright maudlin.

  22. There's a new movie out called "The Debt" which continues the long Hollywood tradition of having goy actors portray Jewish characters so as to make them seem less slimy and more sympathetic.

    In the bizarre fantasy world created by the film's director, Israel is a paragon of virtue and the Mossad are the good guys.

    Shocker, huh?

  23. anti-Zionist, not anti-SemiteSeptember 8, 2011 at 3:43 AM


    I am very tired of the deliberate confounding of the terms anti-Semitic, anti-Jew and anti-Zionist.

    Let us be clear, the white Khazarian Ashkenazim are not Semites whereas the Arabic Palestinians are Semites.

    For Abe Foxman or anyone in the MSM to use the term anti-Semitic when meaning anti-Jew or anti-Zionist is a 100% misnomer.

    Anti-Jew is a term almost never seen. It means all people of the Judaic faith whether inside Israel or not. It is close to a form of racism. Being Jewish does not mean one is evil.

    Anti-Zionism means being against a political agenda whose adherents may be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Budist, agnostic or atheist.

    Using the term anti-Semitic when the correct term is anti-Zionist is a deliberate ploy of people like Abe Foxman to muddy the political waters with religion.

    The white Khazarian Ashkenazim in or outside of Israel are not Semites.

    According to Jesus Christ: Those who call themselves Jews, but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan.

    I am not anti-Semitic, I am anti-Synagogue of Satan - that is to say, I am anti-Zionist - against the political agenda of a Zionist new world order.

    When I see the term anti-Semitic used instead of the correct term anti-Zionist, I want to scream out loud.

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  25. Shine on baby - and always remember - if you don't like the truth you can always shove it where the sun don't...

  26. A psychic on 07.09.11September 8, 2011 at 6:09 AM

    "We are...on the road to World War III. Libya was one of the first steps on that road. Next will be Syria...events certainly seem to heading that way.

    Venezuela...quietly in the background.

    Korea...strong resistance.

    Iran...Complete resistance = World War 3 Northern Hemisphere.

    Russia...Scorpionic Nation, steps in, turns on its masters and
    sets the balance right.

    Israel as we know it today annihilated."

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qgRE4nbsaA&feature=related

    WHAT are all these tens of thousands of plastic mass-coffins for?

    They are piled up in hundreds of piles of 100 coffins high at FEMA camps.


  28. If you are in reasonably good health; If you have food and a warm place to sleep; If your loved ones are reasonably safe and in good health then you have nothing to gripe about. There is an assailant, ailment or accident out there waiting for each of us, an unrefutable fact!

    I don't like seeing arrogant psychopathes getting away with murder but it happens. The truth is 90% of us are not in danger. Most of us will lead more or less normal lives and live well into our old age. The future of the human race is not for anyone in particular to take the responsibility upon themselves. We as individuals can only do so much.

    Pilate asked, "What is truth?" and never got an answer. Socrates asked, "What is justice? and never got an answer that made sense. What chance do we have to answer these questions? We have eaten the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and obviously we can not handle it. Instead of becoming wise we are insecure and conscious of the terror and agony death.

    What I have learned since 911 is that science is a dead end and the internet is pretty much worthless except as a toy. Personally, I think the internet has helped the bad people much more than the decent sorts. These blogs are worthless in terms of making a better world.

    Anyway, thank you Kenny for giving me a forum for my rants. Thank you to those who responded to my posts. I hope you all enjoy your lives. (I) Try not to be bitter and don't let the bastards wear you down!

    No hard feelings. I wish you all well. Enjoy you life.



  29. Sorry, McCob, was that a suicide note?

    Ciao baby.

  30. Nobody, I figured somebody would point that out, but the phrase "was I hunted down in the jungle and bludgeoned?" just doesn't have the same connotation.

    Wackenhut had a security contract for the decommissioning of the 'Trojan' nuclear power plant to provide "paramilitary style" security. Evidently they have/had contracts with many plants, and have operated with Blackwater-like ethics on domestic soil for many years.

    When someone opens their ballot and sees a measure linking petty offences to murder and child molestation in support of mandatory minimum sentences, rarely do they wonder why that is or look to see who is sponsoring it, or how much it will cost taxpayers (even though it's listed right there in the voters guide). Viola! It's become a tradition in these parts.

    Measure 1) This measure will raise taxes to pay for vital services such as education, fire and rescue, infrastructure maintenance, etc.. If this measure fails, these services will be curtailed significantly. NO! Taxes are bad.

    Measure 2) This measure lumps in minor possession and property crimes with first degree murder and child-rape. It is estimated to cost the county an additional tens/hundreds of millions per year in court prosecution and incarceration expenses, and does not specify from where this additional revenue is to be derived to offset the expense. YES! Protect the children!

    Also, the keeping of caged immigrants in Australia is quite helpful come election time too, no?

  31. And yes, Saddam, Assad, Mubarik etc.. not actually as awful as they're made out to be, and did a *lot* for their counties. Gaddafi is in a league of his own. Libya is not all about Gaddafi, but the man led a revolution that actually worked for the masses. Naturally this had to be kept hidden from the rest of the world, lest we get any funny ideas of our own, but to destroy it is not only a crime against humanity, it's a crime against genuine progress for prosperity and dignity as a whole species.

    The US constitution is an ideal, and an impractical one at that. It relies entirely on the good will of representatives. Yes we would be better off if we existed as a republic of self-governing States without a usurping Federal behemoth as was intended, but the fact that we're where we are is because the structure does not provide a mechanism for governance to remain in the hands of the people, it merely says that this should be so.

    A revolution such as what took place in Libya would lead mankind out of the dark ages and into a future full of the possibilities we all know exist. Gaddafi's Libya may have its imperfections and there may be alternatives, but I defy you to show me any other revolution which has achieved the same degree of success in terms of dignity and prosperity for a people in control of their own environment and destiny.

    Paraphrased from the video- "Gaddafi gave us permission to film the port, but when we arrived the committee said we couldn't, that it was their decision, not Gaddafi's. The shots you see we took from the hotel"

  32. Mubarik less so. Lets remember how much of a tool he was in upholding the blockade.

  33. True, but the Egyptian standard of living did very well. Aangirfan has tons of good info. Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt are in the HDI top ten in Africa at #1, #3, and #7.

    IMHO, Mubarik did only what he had to do to get along, which is why he had to go. Reports of his personal wealth were pulled out of thin air.