Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Laughing Matter

Libertease -  art by Brian Viveros

It's a given that if one is going to open one's mouth and let the words flow, whether questions or statements, one is going to get laughed at. Sometimes it's justified. We're a foolish lot at times and even when we're not ridicule is an expected response when we touch upon the deep seated myths so commonly held.

Maybe the first public laugh I got was when I was four and asked my Sunday school teacher "If God is the father, who is the mother?"  This was relayed to me by the lady some forty-five years after the fact and she still got a good laugh out of it. She never gave me an answer though.

As kids we were all trying to be comedians and outdo each other with silliness and sarcasm but a funny thing happened on the way to maturity. The Vietnam war came along and it was no laughing matter. Our questions were rarely laughed at. They were often yelled at and raising the blood pressure of those around us became the new 'insider' humor. Yeah, we laughed at them for their beliefs but it wasn't as funny as we may have thought. It was actually sad.

Getting laughed at became the norm. The dangers of nuclear power, junk food and the creeping unnaturalness of society were met with snide laughs and often "Well, it hasn't killed me yet." Looking back we see that it did for quite a few.

The first Iraq war made made me more immune to the laughs. Calling it insane invoked more than a few chuckles and as the skin became thicker so did the outspokenness. By the time of the 2000 election I was telling everyone who would listen that if Bush was elected we would be in a major war in two years. That got more than a few laughs and "Nah, that's not going to happen." My timeline was off a little.

Perhaps the biggest laugh I ever got, or at least the most memorable, was on September 12, 2001 in an office full of people discussing the events of the day before. I stood up and said "This is the beginning of perpetual, never ending war." One lady nearly fell out in the floor laughing and said "That's crazy." Crazy yes, but it's still going on and until/unless this country's war machine mentality and dominance completely collapses the never ending part will continue.

Today when questioning our situation the laughs are not as frequent. More and more folks are coming around every day. They either basically agree with us and when they don't it's usually attacks and name calling instead of debate or it's the fatal expression of  "There's nothing we can do."

I don't know what the future holds but I'm sticking with the old saying. "He who laughs last laughs longest."

We're all in this together for the long haul and our long laugh will most likely be tempered by the thoughts of "It should not have taken this much time ... and lives."

You know what i like the most? Big chunks of steel, concrete and fiery wood falling out of the sky, and people running around trying to get out of the way. Exciting shit!"
                     George Carlin - 'Napalm and Silly Putty' April 2001

"I Kinda Like It When A Lot Of People Die" was allegedly test material Carlin was trying out in June of 2001.

"Who Really Controls America" 




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    Here is the 20 point test - you can take it yourself for fun and evaluate your friends and aquaintances!

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  2. A little side note ...

    I'm not a salesman and haven't done this before but I've added an ad for Richard Edmondson's book in the sidebar under the blog roll.

    This is a barter thing. Richard is going to send me a couple of books to donate to our local libraries for the advertisement. I was hesitant about doing this as this blog has never been about money but the barter seemed appropriate. My nearby library is so small that the addition of even one book seems to always be welcome.

  3. Hey Kenny, I really appreciate the book plug. What you failed to mention is that I offered you money at first ($50) and you turned it down.

    George Carlin really had a way of telling it like it is. May he rest in peace.

  4. Hey Kenny,

    I'm kind of envious of people who were awake so early. I now view my life before Junior's war as my 'misspent youth'. Misspent insofar as I perpetually had my nose in Time magazine, The Economist, the Murdoch press, all that stuff. What a waste of time. I'd have been better off sniffing glue, ha ha.

    Believe it or not, way back when I'd have argued with you as to the rightness of: the Vietnam war; the nuking of Japan in WWII; Israelis kicking wicked Palestinian arse nauseam. I was one clever zombie, I tell ya.

    But my zombiedom did serve one purpose, that being that I can now empathise with sleepwalkers who dismiss all those 'crazy consipiracy theories'. That could easily have been me. Hell, it was me!

    Anyway, the past is the past and thank God I ain't that person anymore.

  5. Is Aangirfan a kike in the cupboard? A zionist megaphone or just a dupe?

    Firstly you'd notice that 90% of Anon Aangirfan's post titles carry a question mark but mot this one: "Moslims Allied with Nazis"

    Amongst all the dis-infos I read @ his Blog, this one is the straw that breaks the camel's back. I am just about done with another Muslim basher of his ilk. I am a Muslim and another Billion of us were born after Jew Hitler's demise. How could we be allied to Hitler? Surely everyone knows by now the zionist jewish Saudi Rulers are as Muslims as Evangelicals are real Christians. His "According to" will not absolve his previous Muslim bashing either, nor will it disguise the promotion of another Holocaust Huckster's book.

    Silence is not always golden...


    The A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n. group (Actively avoiding naming genocidal israel real facts always nixed) is probably coming out of Tel Aviv.

  6. @ 5:21, huh ... I'm not exactly following all of your arguments. Is it possible you have misinterpreted some things?

  7. Anonymous said...

    'Is Aangirfan a kike in the cupboard? A zionist megaphone or just a dupe?'

    Sorry to be off topic but I just want to stress that Anonymous @ 5:21 PM is not me. I did write the above but @ "Facts not Fairies" not here

    The least thing Anonymous could have done is leave a link so that people will know it is from him.

    I am expecting Anonymous to clarify this and refrain from a future repeats. Thanks

    Nice post Kenny and thanks for all the work

  8. w, thanks for the clarification. I had to go to aangirfan and the link at your place to even begin to try and figure out what was being said.

    hey nobs, if anyone is envious it's me regarding your wordsmithing. You have a talent. I'm just plodding along and always have been.

  9. Heyo fellow Sideshowers, great post again kenny!

    This rang especially true to me: "They either basically agree with us and when they don't it's usually attacks and name calling instead of debate or it's the fatal expression of 'There's nothing we can do.'"

    nobs, I was exactly like you only 2 years ago. I was stuck in that whole Fake Left/Progressive paradigm. I literally woke up everyday and went straight to my computer to watch Amy Goodman on Democracy Now and read Glenn Greenwald or Noam Chomsky (you'll notice that all of these individuals are Jews, just pointing that out). I always knew I was missing something major, and then it finally hit me like a semi: it's all about 9/11, silly.

    I'm such a clown sometimes that I walk up to people and just start talking about 9/11. Yesterday I did it a few times. A group of retired military guys at the bar I was at were completely fucking clueless. They literally had no idea what was going on. I talked to a guy from Boston later on that evening, and he just kept going on and on about how one of his friend's died on 9/11. So both efforts were unsuccessful, at least yesterday. It seems people either know what's up or they are completely lost.

    Just bought Richard's book from Amazon for $21 with shipping. I'd rather have a cool book than a crappy piece of paper that represents the legal tender for all debts to the criminal private central bank in this country.

    Aangirfan has a great blog, but I think he/she/them may be a bit confused about some things. We all are I think.

  10. Man, George Carlin was good, wasn't he? The "Who Really Controls America" video is just great!

  11. I've been watching the Fox 9/11 special "Freedom Rising."

    They talked some about the construction of the original twim towers but no mention of the steel inner core and how strong the building actually was.

    Silverstein interviewed extensively but no mention of the insurance policy he profited so greatly from or how close to 9/11 he took possession. He repeats his bullshit story about his wife making him go to a dermatologist that morning which saved his life. Building 7 is only mentioned as Silverstein's office is in the new replacement.

    At least they did show some videos of the towers exploding.

    Lucky Larry goes on to say how strong and impenetrable the new tower is being built. Inspectors confirm how the enhanced codes are being followed.

    A painter whose studio was facing the towers described how he ducked to the floor as the plane came over and said he thought at first it was a missile. hummm

    A new $3.4 billion transportation center at the complex.

    Little children singing "God Bless America." The freedom flag. The repetitive 'Islamic terrorists.' The jumpers.

    The window washer who was stuck on the 105th floor of the second tower hit and never made it down. The sad human interest angle.

    The panels at the memorial with the names of all those killed with the names arranged by their relationship to each other.

    The nursery where the 400 trees to be planted at the site is described as "This is a nursery of the most cared for trees in the history of the planet."

    Wow, they just showed building 7 collapsing but without telling what it was.

    Inside the relics storage building Shepard Smith actually says "Scientists are still studying many of these pieces of steel for explosives residue and DNA. Huh ... explosives residue?

    The 'Listening Room' at the memorial with audio recordings of victims families and survivors, responders. No mention of firefighters or others hearing explosions.

    Over 900 hours of time lapse pictures taken from multiple cameras at the site since 6 months after 9/11.

    Bin Laden, Bin Laden. Lucky Larry talks about meeting with Obama to discuss BL's 'killing' in Pakistan. At eighty years old he says he's going to be around 5 more years to see the completion of the complex.

    There was much more but you get the picture. This is what we're up against.

  12. Hey John, good try in getting the message out. Keep at it. It's sort of like my philosophy as a kid which was you talk to as many ladies as possible and sometimes you get lucky.

    What Carlin was working on in the months before 9/11 was a strange coincidence to say the least. If you haven't seen it there's a video of him at a book signing being asked about 9/11 truth. He questioned the 'received reality.'

  13. Gosh, the more and more I learn about 9/11 the more and more it sounds so scripted and staged. The FOX Special is just one more example.

    Thanks kenny, I had not seen that video before.

  14. Question: 9/11 - cui bono?

    Israeli Investors Made Huge Profits From 9/11 Event

    "Between August 26 and September 11, 2001, a group of speculators, identified by the American Securities and Exchange Commission as Israeli citizens, sold 'short' a list of 38 stocks (United Airlines, American Airlines etc.) that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks. These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be 'in the millions of dollars'."

    Short answer: Israel.

  15. Everytime anyone expresses the factual link between 9/11 and Rothschild's israel the cry "antisemitism" is heard.


    I am 100% pro-semite. I am 100% anti-zionist. The Palestinians, not the israeli khazarian ashkenazis, are semites.

    The white, israeli, zionist false-jews are not semites and were called the Synagogue of Satan by Jesus in the book of Revelations.

    'Those who call themselves Jews, but who are not, they are the Synagogue of Satan.'

    9/11 was done by Rothschild through israel and US secret service for geopolitical gain - in order to implement a new world order where the zionist international bankers own and rule everything.


  16. Olav Palme, then prime minister of Sweden, was killed by Mossad for being the first openly pro-Palestine state leader to allow the PLO to establish an office in Stockholm with the expressed goal to have Palestine declared a sovereign state by the UN.

    Later Anna Lindh, ear-marked as the next primeminister of Sweden, would be killed by Mossad for openly expressing her disgust for the inhumane treatment of the Palestinians at the hands of their oppressor israel.

    Olav Palme and Anna Lindh's lives were not given in vain. On September 20, 2011 Palestine will be acknowledged as a sovereign state by the UN by a 65% majority.

  17. "Giuiliani: Commanding 9/11"

    Did you know Giuiliani, although an American citizen, was formally 'knighted' by the queen of England? The same queen who the Rothschilds had planted into power through Cromwell. The same queen who has Lord Rothschild as her private personal accountant.

    Let us accept as fact Rothschild did 9/11 through israel and US secret service. It stands to reason that the man who 'knew the towers would come down before it happened' would get a gold star from the queen school marm.

    Corruption royale.



    The 1943 edition of the Encyclopedia Americana (Vol. 13) makes this stunningly significant statement of the Bank of England, that full partner of the American Administration in the conduct of the financial affairs of all the world: "... Its weakness is the weakness inherent in a system which has developed with the smallest amount of legislative control ... its capital is held privately, and its management is not in any way directly or indirectly controlled by the state. On the other hand, during its whole history, it has been more or less under the protection of the state; its development has been marked by successive loans of its capital to the state in return for the confirmation or extension of its privileges, and it still continues to exercise powers and owe responsibilities delegated by the state ... The bank of England is controlled by a governor, deputy-governor and a court of 24 directors who are elected by the proprietors on the nomination of the directors ..." (This is a description of a privately owned structure of government, sovereign in its own right, and over and above the laws of England. A status admittedly attained by bribing dishonest officials of the Government of the British Isles through the years to gradually extinguish the freedom and rights of the people.)

    Editor Note: The Bank of England was nationalized in about 1946, however this would not change the ownership of assets deposited
    in the bank such as the '"consorts" owned by the Rothchilds, these bear interest at 12%, are transferred by inheritance only and are
    not redeemable nor subject to tax. These are the profits from the time of the Battle of Waterloo. The interest gleaned from the
    consorts since 1808 is probably near the sum of 4 quadrillion dollars. The Inner City of London is alloidal title land not subject to the King.

  19. I emailed James Jancik at Feet 2 the Fire Radio (they feature Les Visible every week for a 30 minute segement BTW) about 2 weeks ago and requested that he bring on Daryl Bradford Smith of Jancik interviewed him yesterday, here's the url:

    Great interview. Check it out.

  20. Hey John, thanks for buying my book. I hope you enjoy it.

  21. I definitely will Richard! $21 well spent!

  22. Thanks Kenny, back at ya and all that. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't mutual mate. (Er... not the Assured Destruction kind, the other one). As for me, the muse is kicking back in and it won't be long before I shift my output from OP's comments to my own place. I'm buying a van today and then I'll have my own space, albeit six square metres. But that's enough to type in.

    Never mind that, I forgot to say earlier - Hats off on the barter caper. More of it, I say. And bravo to Richard for a) actually sitting down and writing a book, and b) for his end run around the gate-keeping publishers. We raise two fingers in their direction (or one if you're American).

  23. Just did a radio show with Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth. I'm on with Jonathan Azaziah. Check it out:

    A bit nervous, I think I'll do better next time. There's a lot we didn't get to.


    "Radioactive Waste Is Piling Up in Japanese Sewage Treatment Plants, Some Sold as Fertilizer"

    Radioactive waste cannot be used as fertilizer unless you are trying to grow cancerous tumours or leukemia.

  25. "'serious shortcomings,' 'omissions,' and 'major flaws' in the 9/11 Commission Report and offering their services for a new investigation (they were ignored)"

    How can Americans, or the world, believe an 800 page report of the events of 9/11 that does not even mention the third building's collapse?


  26. "Robert Fisk sells out: drinks the 'Muslims did 9-11' Kool-Aid"

    What is it with all these foreign freelance jewish journalists? Are they f**king stupid?

    Muslims did NOT do 9-11.

    Rothschild through israel and US secret service did 9-11 for geopolitical gain - so a new world order could be implemented where zionist international bankers own and control everything.

    Robert Fisk: The truth is not anti-semitic.

  27. good job on the interview john friend. it reminded me of why i stopped listening to ugly truth months ago, glenn and the other guy
    fromm vt both fail the 911 litmus test

  28. John, you did great. We're all proud of you. I think you made the ADL watch list. Congratulations!!

  29. "If God is the father, who is the mother?"

    That is so sweet ... (and so profound!)

    Humor is a powerful weapon, but if you've got the truth on your side, you'll always have the last laugh. As Gandhi said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

    I posted something a few years ago about the psychopaths' sense of humor: Some things just aren't funny.


    Gordon Duff, Veterans Today 2011-09-06:

    "...Laying out what we know, what we fear and what we can safely surmise:

    We have confirmed that the killings in Norway were a Mossad operation entirely, managed by a controlled cell of Freemasons in Northern Europe and Britain with strong contacts to Poland and Belarus. This group has extensive access to weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear material..."

  31. Anonymous said...

    "Is Aangirfan a kike in the cupboard?"

    A careful reading of Aaangirfan will reveal that Aangirfan is a bunch of convent school girls.

  32. joe anon 1: the truth is anti jew. palestinians are semites. jews are anti semites.

  33. Anon 11:58,

    YOU are the handel of Aangirfan - your blogger status is 100% consistent.

    Otherwise you/Aangirfan doesn't exist.

    Pray tell good Sir what are you up to? Sometimes your posts deflect suspicion that you are in fact blogging out of Tel Aviv - but most of the time you actively avoid naming genocidal israel real facts always nixed.

    What are you up to? Is it a simple case of the best way to control the opposition is to lead it?

    Who are you - plural?

    I know you are not Catholic convent girls, what I want to know is if you are israeli hasbara.

    If you are not, now would be a good time to clear the air with the truth.

  34. "if you are israeli hasbara" - September 6, 2011 12:24