Friday, September 16, 2011

True Bill

I woke up this morning with a slight feeling of negative anticipation but the day turned out to be very interesting and even what I tentatively might call fun in a learning experience kind of way.

I had been summoned to court for grand jury selection like I have had to do about every three years for more times than I can remember. Living in a small county and having a drivers license and a voting record makes it a fairly frequent occurrence.

But I had never had my name drawn out of the can until today when I won the grand jury lottery and got to walk to the jury box. Out of maybe 125 called for potential selection I was one of 2 guys and 10 ladies chosen by the random method of civic duty. My first thought was that maybe the luck of the draw is turning my way and that I should buy a powerball ticket.

The judge gave us the history of the grand jury dating back to at least the 12th century. Created for the protection of individuals from false accusations and oppressive governments. Instructions were given and we had the chance to try and opt out by declaring that we were of unsound mind or a habitual drunkard or drug abuser. Nope, not going there but for weeks I had thought of how I could honestly get dismissed if I wanted to when the judge asked if there's any other reason that might disqualify us from serving. I had always remembered the statement a Quaker man gave to the judge many years ago in a jury selection .   He said:
"Your honor, my personal beliefs allow me to stand in judgement of my fellow man when they are accused of breaking the rule of law. But that duty also extends to my right and duty to also judge the law itself if I believe it is necessary. The concept of jury nullification of an unjust law must sometimes be taken into consideration."
The judge said that was unacceptable and that a jury must strictly follow the law as it is. The old Quaker was dismissed but he made an impression on me with his words of truth. The judge was wrong. Jury nullification is a valid concept and should always be an option for keeping the justice and legislative system in check.

I decided to save this argument for another time if need be and kept silent.

I'm sworn to secrecy but in general the cases were typical rural south dumb redneck offenses. They ranged from attempted murder and arson to theft to child abuse to several for driving around with a 'shake and bake' meth lab in their car. Really dumb, really sad.

Grand jury members get to ask all the questions they want. Me being me, I did exactly that. The other guy did also. The ladies only had a few but I think most everyone felt a little sense of empowerment. How often does one get to question cops, investigators and accusers and bring up issues of law and enforcement? It all was very civil.

Of the 23 cases we unanimously returned 22 true bills with one thrown out because it seemed obviously bogus.

We were told that grand jury could initiate their own investigations if they so wished but no details were given. We were also given the opportunity to tour the county jail and the court house for the purpose of making recommendations for improvement but everyone passed on that so we could go on home.

At the 'closing ceremony' we were thanked for our service and given our pay for the day ... $11 ...

Anyway, this brings me around to the old idea that local grand juries do have the right to bring forth indictments against people outside of their locality if crimes have been committed that affect them. I've heard it argued that any District Attorney could present to a grand jury evidence of, for example, the false flag of 9/11 and a true bill could be issued against probable perpetrators along with required arrest warrants. That idea is only limited by the courage or lack thereof or the whims or the bought and paid for agenda of the DA but could involve a great number of infamous crimes and criminals from bankers to congressmen and presidents. In constitutional and common law a grand jury could even bypass the prosecutor and investigate and indict any number of criminal government officials and their financial handlers.  Not likely to happen.  The rigged judicial system tells us we can't do that and will use force if necessary to keep the lies intact.  

We lock up more people than any country in the world. Our jails are overflowing and yet at the highest levels the indictments rarely if ever come. We have the names, we know the crimes. We just need the ability to stop them using the power of a people's grand jury.

See "If it's not a runaway, it's not a real grand jury" for the background story of how it's supposed to work and how it got corrupted.

I think many of us would welcome the opportunity to serve on a truly independent 'runaway' grand jury. I know I would.  You won't even have to pay me.


  1. I long for the day when we see bankers, politicians, Joint Chiefs of Staff, government officials, CEOs, media stars/executives and even many judges behind bars. I long for the day when the United States military ceases all operations aimed at the Muslim world, shuts down DC/Wall St by arresting them all, and turns all it's might against the criminal hellhole of Israel and completely dismantles the entire Zionist crime network. I will continue to work towards those ends.

  2. $11! Hot damn! The beers are on you mate.

    Actually would $11 even pay for a cab?

  3. In the Spring of 2010, I was notified that I had been selected for jury duty for an upcoming trial. No details were given, except the trial date.

    Had no idea of who was going to be tried, but I had already figured out that unless there was some kind of violence involved, the accused was already 'Not Guilty.'

    Unfortunately, the DA and the accused worked out a deal and the trial never took place.

    Too bad, I was looking forward to 'monkey-wrenching' a system that has been corrupted and only exists to serve the rich and connected and enhance the police state we now live in.

  4. Here's what happens when one defies Israel:
    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
    (cue M.Jackson soundtrack)

    1. Belize recognizes Palestine Borders
    (September 9, 2011)

    2. El Salvador recognizes Palestine as independent state
    (August 25, 2011)

    3. US adds Belize, El Salvador to ‘major’ drug producing, transit countries
    (September 15, 2011)

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has added Belize and El Salvador to the U.S. list of “major” drug producing and transit countries.
    Wayne Madsen Report
    (September September 16, 2011)

    Israel is the Grand Patron/ Rothschild boardgame/ street gang. The CFR runs election coverage in the U.S. and the Rothschild City of London controls IT...Break free and take a 8 lb. sledge hammer to your TV as soon as possible. Feel the freedom.


    S.Lendman states Abbas will NOT petition the general assembly after the scurity council (because of USA) vetos the Palestinian request for statehood.

    That would make Abbas a traitor to the Palestinian people.

    Abbas: Go to the world via the general assembly of the UN with the genuine request for Palestinian statehood.

    Anything less is treason against his own people.

    Then again, S.Lendman may be a disinformist.

    Give Palestinians statehood so that the world can help to stop the genocide by Israelis.

  6. paraphrased from Kevin BoyleSeptember 17, 2011 at 5:08 AM

    "...the man who led the US moon landings project, Werner Von Braun, predicted...that our 'final enemy', the 'aliens', will make an appearance...Von Braun listed the sequence of 'enemies'.....'after the Soviets there will be terrorism then aliens and it will all be lies.'"

    There is a concerted effort by the true powers that be, Rothschild and his cronies, also dubbed the illuminati, to completely rule the world.

    They are doing it through the control of money with governments and armies as only a support function.

    Their prima facia goal is to implement a single world wide currency which they issue and control.

    Once in place, no one one earth will be able to buy a even a loaf of bread without kowtowing to the illuminati electronic financial and social control grid.

    i.e. If you oppose the system you will literally be starved to death.

  7. Here's a bit of humor:


  8. The above link all in blue looks like a virus.

    Don't click on it.

    Kenny please remove it.

  9. I'm with Greg. If they call me for jury duty its an automatic "not guilty" if its not a violent crime. Fuck the corrupt system.

  10. "If the Collaborator-In-Chief Abbas falls for any of this, the Palestinians must hold an immediate collaboration trial and hang him on the spot, even if they have to tie the rope to the curtain rod of a New York City hotel room."

  11. Speaking of Greg and "Goon Squad", great piece on zio-shill Ann Barnhardt. I had an email exchange with her 2 days ago after reading PCR's piece that included her rantings and I can assure you she is in fact a rabid muslim hating lunatic. I just sent her Gregs latest article.

  12. Ann Barnhardt

    I went to her "blog".
    I read.
    I wanted to vomit.
    I left.

    ...she must be a paid shill, nobody is that ignorant of the truth about 9/11.

  13. Abbas has always apparently worked for Israel but I'm not sure he will refuse to go to the general assembly. We'll see.

    The way I understand it elevating Palestine to a nonmember, permanent observer state will give them access to international criminal courts. I'm going to guess something big will happen before Israel lets that happen.

    Greg, I agree that a monkey wrench is often needed but one has to pick the battles. Breaking and entering and stealing may not be technically violent but it's happened to many of us and how do we let that slide. A friends house was broken into in broad daylight and the thieves thought it was empty and didn't know her visiting mother was there. They killed her. I've never forgotten that.

    All of the cases we saw were pretty bad or just downright stupid.

    nobs, after I deducted for the gas it took to get to court and back I figured I cleared $6. I bought a six pack.

    John, ditto on your comment.

    @ 5:52 AM, I removed the advertising spam that was above you. Those pricks stay busy don't they.

  14. From xymphoras blog-"The Israeli-American-European conspiracy is to foist an 'upgrade' in status on the Palestinians that would be less than full state status. Why? The details of their machinations prove that the real issue is that Bibi and his pals are terrified of The Hague:

    "Netanyahu continued his talks with U.S. envoys Dennis Ross and David Hale on Thursday, as well as Ashton and Quartet envoy Tony Blair, in an attempt to reach a compromise that would prevent an Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the UN. But no breakthrough was made, and the PA's appeal to the United Nations next week is regarded as inevitable.

    Netanyahu told his interlocutors that granting the PA the status of a state would allow the Palestinians to go to the International Criminal Court in The Hague over issues like settlement construction. "But as long as it is less than a state, I'm ready to talk about it," a source familiar with the conversation quoted him as saying.

    One of Netanyahu's advisers also said that Israel would not object to the PA's status being upgraded as long as it is not recognized as a state.

    Both U.S. officials and Blair have been pressuring Ashton over the past few days to quash a French-Spanish initiative under which the EU's 27 members would unanimously support a General Assembly resolution upgrading the PA's status at the United Nations to that of a nonmember state. This initiative would give the PA the same status the Vatican now has.

    In exchange, the PA would not ask the Security Council to grant it full UN membership or file charges against Israelis in the ICC.

    Ashton, who had come to the region to gauge the parties' response to the French-Spanish initiative, did not even discuss it due to this pressure. Instead, without consulting the EU member states, Ashton raised a proposal of her own that conformed to Netanyahu's position.

    Under Ashton's proposal, the PA would be upgraded to a new legal status less than that of a state. Such a status currently does not exist at the United Nations, but would be created especially for this purpose.

    This status would not give the PA the standing it would need to take Israelis to the ICC."

    The screw job never ends. Though I agree kenny, if Palestine ever comes close to being able to hold Israel accountable something big will no doubt happen. Even if they don't Israel will make sure to lob a few "Hamas rockets" onto itself before this vote. Gotta play the victim you know? And nobody "plays" the victim better than poor little Israel, the "only democracy in the Middle East" as we are constantly told by the whore media.

  15. I stopped reading Xymphora when s/he kept denying the towers collapsed due to explosions...and thus failed my litmus test.

    I thing s/he is a disinformation agent.


  16. Important post, Kenny. Thanks.

    It shows that we have tools to fight them both Locally and Nationally. We only need brave leaders and groups of awake Americans to use those tools. Some visible efforts by groups could spark a wonderful wave of real-American efforts to wash across the country.

    As you know, Kenny, I'm focused on the national tool.

  17. Holy shit! You can get a six-pack for that? Here they cost $15. $6 will buy you two beers.

    I'm with greencrow on Xymphora. Between his unintelligible position on 9/11, his refusal to consider that banking plays any role in anything, his piling in on anthropomorphic global warming and carbon tax, his wouldn't-touch-it-with-a-bargeple avoidance of the pedophocracy or anything connected to Dave McGowan, and what have you got?

    Israel, Israel, Israel. Which he calls Anti-Assimilation Land™ like that makes any sense. Anti-assimilation is at the core of Jewish DNA. They need help with it like Dick Cheney needs a top-up shit injection.

    And as if you can have a coherent discussion about Israel if you don't think that the people who founded the place play any role in world affairs. What bullshit.


    "Hamas Opposes Statehood Bid"

    This is zionist based disinformation.

    This is an attempt by israel to scuttle the bid for Palestinian statehood.

    This is simply not true.

    Do not believe it.

    The only chance for Palestinians to not be completely genocided off their own land is for statehood through the UN.

  19. Hamas been co-opted by the iraelis.

    The TEA party was co-opted.

    Julian Assange was co-opted.

    Co-opted: Infiltrated, led and neutralised.

    "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it."

  20. "greencrow said...

    I stopped reading Xymphora when s/he kept denying the towers collapsed due to explosions...and thus failed my litmus test.

    I thing s/he is a disinformation agent."


    Read the G**damned article/blog and you will see Xymphora is Pro-Palestine, Anti-zionist and Pro-Peace.

  21. Wow, xymphora believes the official story? Major fail.

  22. Xymphora is Pro-Palestinian, Anti-zionist and Pro-Peace.

    Be gone troll!

  23. Death to the New World Order.

  24. Is his position on 9/11 as unintelligable as aangirfans is? Who is he/they blaming now again? MI6 and CIA? Anyone but Israel.

  25. Oh wait, I see aangirfan is now blaming Turkey and Saudi Arabia for 9/11. His latest article claims they were as involved as Israel and on behalf of the US. Anyone else see a problem with this line of thought?

  26. Aangirfan is definitely in the cross-hairs of suspicion, but today they need to be cut a little slack because their latest post DOES identify zionist Israel as the cause of most of the world's woes.

    But Aangirfan has NOT endorsed the upcoming Palestinian bid for statehood - AN ABSOLUTE MUST if one is truth and justice.

    Aangirfan's silence about the statehood bid continues them in the spotlight of suspect.

  27. Anon@7:04, in the same article it tries to suggest that Israel is just doing what the US wants and that the US is the lead dog. It also alleges that Turkey and Saudi Arabia were as involved as Israel was in 9/11. This is a load of bullshit meant to protect the zionist perps of 9/11.

  28. Israel, Mossad, zionism, neocons, Rothschild, Nato (Zato), NWO.

    That pretty well sums up the cause of oppression, murder and evil in the world today September 18, 2011.

  29. The way I see it, Aangirfan explores a wide range of theories, while only occasionally endorsing a few of them personally.

    I think this is a healthy approach. Accepting every theory one happens to agree with as an indisputable fact causes one to forget how to approach a subject in an unbiased fashion.

    Welding your identity to whatever opinion you presently hold leaves you little wiggle room on the occasion you have to admit you were wrong.

    People who are inclined to brand someone a disinfo agent at the drop of a hat exhibit the same self righteous and narrow-minded mentality as your garden variety tea bagger.

    2 : abstract thought : speculation
    6 a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation
    b : an unproved assumption : conjecture

    4 a : something that has actual existence
    b : an actual occurrence
    5 : a piece of information presented as having objective reality

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. Aren't you guys driving Kenny insane with too many Aangirfan complains?

    Don't expecting Kenny to punch Aangirfan out or anything! ;)

  32. Excellent point Blammo.

    Whoever made the comment I deleted needs to go back to the hole they came from.

  33. Ive seen the "N word" troll here often. Plenty of legit criticism to be made without going there.

  34. "Whoever made the comment I deleted needs to go back to the hole they came from."

    The hole = Incogman's website.

    Kenny removed Incogman from his blogroll but Incogman still has a link to Kenny's blog on his site.

    That's where Cannibal Rabbi came from and that's where all these other hasbarat trolls are coming from.

  35. Nobody tells a person that one's so called IP address/city/state/country is broadcast even when we comment as anonymous. That's a good thing to know.


    "A cataclysmic shift in both Global Politics and Economics is now well underway.

    World Governments are coming to understand how the Global Banking System is systematically looting entire economies through theft, fraud, deception and manipulation -- which in turn forces Governments to raise taxes that citizens should not have to pay....

    Governments are starting to wise up to what are the underlying causes of financial disaster around the World. Their response is simple, and if it could be paraphrased, it would be, 'It is time to get these bums who think they run the world from behind closed doors -- and drown them like the rats they are.'"

  37. Have the "hamas rockets" started flying into Israel yet? That UN vote means they no doubt will be soon. Netanyahu is coming to NYC to plead his case. Back to the scene of the crime, hes only a week or so late for the anniversary.

  38. FYI- our buddy and frequent commenter nobody wrote a pretty weak sauce post trying to rebut the Killtown article I frequently cite when discussing "no planes" titled, "Why They Didn't Use Planes." Here is a link to nobody's post about this article:

    I went to the comments section to explain why his analysis of Killtown's brilliant article is so flawed, and nobody deleted my comment, and then proceeded to accuse me of being hasbara or a "pedophocracy disinfo scum."

    Just pointing this out to show how ridiculous some people can be, especially nobody.

  39. nobody accused me of being precisely the same thing because I simply pointed out how his good buddy aangirfan engages in censorship. Birds of a feather I guess, I'm not surprised that he too engages in such tactics(smear and censor).

    For the record I agree with "nobody" about the no planes meme and disagree with you, John Friend. Good blog overall but thats a blind spot imho. Not to start another "no planes"
    debate because I would rather not to be honest.

  40. That's fine Anonymous, thanks for at least being decent about it. I'm done with the "no planes" argument. I've made my points, you can find the info on my blog if you want to pursue it. I'll probably put a post up about it eventually, but I'm done discussing it otherwise.

  41. The 9/11 Delusion: Israel’s False Flag, Jingoism And Inhumanity

    by Jonathan Azaziah

    Welcome to hell madames and sirs, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies. Welcome to dystopia, a nightmarish incarnation where Orwellianism flourishes like fungus in the darkness of the forest and American jingoism and Western exceptionalism act as its foundational pillars. Welcome to a world where militarism is the religion of the masses and rituals of piety and righteousness include the spilling of innocent blood in faraway lands, inhabited by the undesirables commonly mislabeled as ‘ay-rabs and moozlums,’ or in classic Orwellian dialect understood in gleeful ignorance by these said masses, ‘extremists, terrorists, fanatics, islamofascists, despisers of freedom, haters of liberty.’

    And the god of this sickening hyper-nationalistic religion? In accordance with the most deranged interpretation of monotheism, there can only be one and it is ‘Israel,’ the usurping supremacist entity evilly resting on the land that it usurped from the indigenous, the bones of the innocents that it slaughtered, the roots of the ancient trees that it uprooted and the history that it buried in the ‘nakba,’ Arabic’s chilling word for ‘catastrophe.’ This bastardized historical abomination, with its global matrix of Zionist operatives and sayanim (helpers) furthering its agenda on a second by second basis, which you, the West, bows down before in awe, begging for its acceptance, begging for a place in its dystopian reality, has fooled you all; a ‘nakba’ of your very own, only your nakba is not of unequivocal annihilation like that of the magnificent Palestinians who continue resisting this Zionist creature putrefying their land with each millisecond that passes. No, your nakba is a mental one, of the utmost severity. You suffer from the most horrific delusion known to modern man: the belief in the official 9/11 narrative, the 9/11 myth, the 9/11 mirage, the 9/11 lie of (literally) earth-shattering proportions.


  42. “In an October 2010 sermon, Yosef Ovadia a spiritual leader of Israel stated in December 2010 that:

    “The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews”. (sic)

    He said that Gentiles served a divine purpose:

    “Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.” (sic)

    Are direct quotes anti-Semitic?

  43. Questioning Ron PaulSeptember 20, 2011 at 1:58 AM

    Concerning Ron Paul. I agree he is the lesser of present evils, but there are some real problems.

    He says Israel is a friend of the USA.

    He says the USA was not complicit in the attacks of 9/11.

    He is a 33 degree Mason. His father was a Mason. His wife is a member of the Eastern Star order. His daughters are Rainbow Girls.

    The Masons, the Illuminati and the NWO are intertwined and all have the same goal; a one world government run by the uber elite.

    He supports gold but does not state the USA should continue to be an independent sovereign state with its own separate money system. He appears to support a free global market without any sovereign countries.

    What if R.Paul is a wolf in sheep's clothing who is pro-zionist and pro-global currency (albeit based on gold - which the illuminati have stored in abundance) and pro-one world government (zionist international bankers)?

    Points and questions to ponder...

  44. I agree with you completely.

    Ron Paul is not what he seems.

    Just a few weeks ago, he hired Bruce Fein as his chief legal advisor.

    Fein is a known zionist and neocon shitbag.

    I think Ron Paul's mask is finally beginning to slip.

  45. Libya

    “There’s no electricity, no phone coverage. Nothing,” resident Ibrahim Ramadan said, standing by a car packed with his family at a checkpoint. Interim government forces were handing out juice to civilians and rifling through their belongings to search for weapons.

    Residents said homes had been destroyed and cars smashed to pieces as disorder spread through the city.

    “People are fed up. There are explosions going off everywhere and you don’t know where the bullets will come from next,” said Abubakr, a resident making his way out of the city.

    “Look at this,” he said, pointing to a bullet hole in his windscreen. “Bullets are coming down from above. People are just firing randomly.”

    Those mother fucking Nato forces! Working directly for that zionist swine Rothschild in his failing bid to hold on to NWO building. It's a bust!
    They need to give it up. The NWO is never going to succeed so why go on killing innocent people for nothing?
    Stop this madness!
    Rothschild you evil prick - if you don't stop the killing it will be on your head all that comes to you and your fellow NWO zionists.
    You are a fool.

  46. Nihilist sympathiserSeptember 20, 2011 at 3:48 AM


    Greece is being defaulted on purpose by the powers that own. Why?

    Because they will adopt GOLD as their currency after bankruptcy. The will be the first country in the world to be 100% owned and controlled by the zionist NWO.

    Upon restructuring after insolvency Greece will be completely beholden to the zionist international bankers. The currency will be SDR or equivalent issued, owned and controlled by Rothschild and their cronies.

    The will be an example to the other countries of the world of what to do when bankruptcy occurs.

    Several months down the road when USA defaults they will look back to Greece and embrace implementing the SDR of the NWO.

    Greece is the example the USA is being set up to follow. Same as all other countries in the world.

    Here today, NWO tomorrow.

  47. In fairness he probably hired Fein because of his anti-torture,anti-spying stances. I don't trust Paul but this in and of itself dos not worry me. His 9/11 denial is what really worries me. And his borderline fascist economic views.


    "(19) The UN General Assembly, the UN Security Council and other appropriate organizations of international law are requested to a) immediately end all activity of the “Middle East Quartet” due to lack of purpose; b) commission and deploy for a limited time an appropriately sized military contingent to protect the Arab population of Palestine from pogroms by the resident Jewish population, to disarm all Zionist military or para-military forces and civilians, to protect the 4/5
    Palestinian Arabs from further plunder and genocidal efforts by the Israelis. Such efforts shall be undertaken in consultation with representatives of the Palestinian nation elected properly and by free and popular will.

    (20) The UN General Assembly is requested to instruct all its members to assist in winding up the “State of Israel”, repatriating the Jewish immigrants and their descendants to their home countries to be determined by the precept of “ius sanguini”, to cause the discovery and freezing all assets of the “State of Israel” or its representatives or their relatives, the “Palestinian Authority” or its representatives or their relatives, held in their own name or in the name of the “Palestinian Authority”, “State of Israel” or any organization or sub-units of said entities or under any other name, until such assets can be turned over to a legitimately constituted political representation of all the Palestinian people. All such assets are herewith claimed as restitution and reparations for the grave crimes perpetrated against the Palestinian nation during more than 6 decades.
    Most Respectfully,

    Kawther Salam
    Palestinian Journalist / Political Refugee
    Vienna, Austria, on 19 September 2011

    UN New York / General Assembly"

  49. In your face Turkey!

    Occum's raisor says ISRAEL just killed 3 and wounded 15 of your citizens.

    To quote Sean Connery's character in the 'Untouchables': WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

  50. You beat me to it Anon@8:15. Right on cue Israel strikes again. Painfully obvious.

  51. Or...this is a bit too obvious - even for Israel. What if Rothschild ordered a third party to do the bombing knowing full well all fingers would point at Israel given the MSM bad blood between the countries recently broadcast.

    Is Rothschild now sacrificing his son to Baal in order to get the third world war started with the plan to erect the NWO like a pheonix out of the ashes of what is left of the post WW3 world?

    This is just TOO obvious - something is wrong with this picture.

  52. I disagree, its meant to be obvious. Israel is blatantly threatening Turkey and the world by making it so obvious, particularly the timing of it.

    This is just blatant terrorism by Israel, its not something as exotic as the "NWO". Its simply Israel saying-"this is what heppens when you stand up to us". They did it in Norway recently and they did it again in Turkey. Both countries have recently stood up to Israel. Israel is like a cornered rat and its lashing out.

  53. Anon 8:47,

    7 to 3 odds says your right.

  54. "Israel is blatantly threatening Turkey and the world by making it so obvious."

    Anon 8:47, if you are right then the coming vote at the UN by the WORLD would be fully expected to give statehood recognition to Palestine in a global response to Israel - n'est pa?

    Why would Israel risk that?

    I smell a zionist NWO Rothschild ignition move on the grand chessboard.

  55. Why would Israel risk being caught killing near 3,000 Americans? Because they can sadly and because they have that kind of reach(in the US gov/media and many others). If they can get away with that they can get away with killing a few Turks as a means of threatening both Turkey and anyone else who would buck Israel like they have lately.

  56. Bruce Fein refuses to admit that the Armenian genocide was a genocide because he says it doesn't meet certain criteria.

    What criteria you ask?

    The victims weren't Jewish, of course.

    Admitting that genocides have happened to non-Jews might threaten the "special" status conferred upon the Holocaust® by the sayanim-controlled media so, naturally, Fein takes the position that there was no Armenian genocide.

    Fein is a typical zioturd with the usual dual loyalist mentality.

  57. Interestingly, Zbig the chair of the CFR was on his daughter Mika's MSM news show yesterday as 'The last American cowboy' saying Israel was out of control.

    Has a shift at the grand round table of implementing a NWO upon us occurred?

    If Nitwityahoo denies the attacks in a convincing manner, I'm going to bet against the odds and say Rothschild is indeed 'offering his son to Baal' to kick off WW3.

    Rothschild and company are rumoured to be satanist sympathizers so infanticide before a battle for all the marbles is not impossible to imagine.

    Pagan armies of old sacrificied their children to the god of war before a battle.

    Rothschild may very well be sacrificing his child Israel to start WW3.

  58. Kenny,

    Why are you carrying "Nobody" blog posts?

    He writes like the Cannibal Rabbi and he is always ad hominen against all who disagree with him.

    His obsession with child pornography makes one wonder if he hilmself possesses the problem.

    I have read many of John Friend's posts and they are truthful and straightforward.

    Wht "Nobody" is attacking him can only be explained if there is something not quite right with Mr. N.

    Is he really your friend and ally?

    P.S. Nobody: get a life!

  59. This is from "nobody's" latest article:

    "Cointelpro exists. Cointelpro is not passive. It is aggressive. They do not sit at their computers playing the ghost surfer. They go out and they pile in. That's what cointelpro is. And not in any half-arsed way. Remember they are not passive. They will do their level best to become big wheels. They will clock up hours. They will dominate the discussion."

    Sounds like somebody is projecting a bit, he describes himself well there. And some more from his broad side on John Friend:

    "I expect that there are people out there who will view the whole thing as the paranoid ravings of a madman.."

    Pretty much. Or just another standard disinfo tool sowing discord. The swastika on "nobody's" blog is a bit heavy handed and obvious though. Really gives him away. You're trying too hard "nobody"!


    The meaning of this is pretty clear. It's about this guy who everyone thinks is crazy but he just has is own way of doing things. I guess one subplot could be about being a nonconformist. This song reminds me of my brother. This song defiantly fits him. I like original much better than the new Senses Fail one, you can't fuck with the original. I loved the part at the end "i went to your schools, i went to your churches", like all their things shaped him and now they're calling him crazy. And i don't think the 'get hit by a car part' means he's going to kill himself, i just think he's sort of joking like after all their efforts somethig will probably happen to him anyways.