Thursday, September 8, 2011

The word left out

Honesty .....

Watching the Republican debate wasn't much different than observing a train wreck in slow motion. It's happening and there's not much we can do but try and get out of the way. In the background the Obama fiends were smiling. 

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I kept waiting for someone to use the word honesty. It never came. You can do a word search at the transcript of the debate and prove it to yourself. Lobbyist is another word that didn't come up. The word peace was also missing in action.

Capitalism may be a good concept in theory but without honesty we see where it has led us. Free markets is the buzzword with the repubs but it's only code for greed, theft and killing. Honesty has been taken out of the equation because it doesn't suit the agenda of the 1% at the top. The true meaning of honesty is not just following the exact letter of the law either. The laws have been written so that dishonesty is now the norm and dishonesty has a real trickle down effect. It has created a mentality of "If they can do it, so can I."

The whole debate seemed to revolve around Rick Perry. Perry is so creepy that he has the unique ability to make those around him seem almost human. Even Bachmann, Romney and Gingrich. That's his greatest accomplishment.

I can't imagine anyone rallying around Perry but I've been known to be wrong before.

We appreciate Ron Paul's message of ending the wars and bringing the troops home now but sometimes I have trouble getting my head around some of his free market ideas. Yes, government mandates are most often not in our best interests but what about this exchange?
HARRIS: Thank you. Congressman Paul, another question from a Politico reader. Do you advocate getting rid of the minimum wage? Would that create more jobs?
PAUL: Absolutely. And it would help the poor, the people who need a job. The minimum wage is a mandate. We're against mandates, so why should we have it? No, it would be very beneficial.
OK, I suppose it would give some people, especially the unemployed and undereducated youth, jobs at maybe $3 an hour but I keep hearing this little voice in my head saying "Third world, here we come."

Dr. Paul didn't come across very well last night. I do hate to say it but he's toast and that leaves us with even worse choices. Obama vs. ??? is a reflection of how low we have fallen and just how rigged the system is.

Honesty in government has been taken out of the debate. It appears at this time to be an obsolete term. Might as well purge it from the dictionary.

No, wait a minute, I take that last paragraph back. Honesty is not dead. We just need to put it back in our hearts ... and in our actions. A dormant seed can grow with a little rain, nutrients and some sunshine.


  1. That's just it. The system is rigged. Until we get the big money out of politics, everyone and everything will be totally corrupt. I think we've got a situation where we need a constitutional convention, or something. I don't think there was anything wrong with our current Constitution, except it was being ignored and chiseled at until now we've got a shadow government and I think it's obvious to everyone with a brain this is not the government of the people anymore. It's been bought off, and we've got to fight to take it back. I hope we can fight without much bloodshed, by "stepping away from the machine," but we clearly have to make some sacrifices, the bad guys aren't going to give up their power until they have no choice.

    BTW, I read an article about Rick Perry being a dead ringer for Martin Sheen's character "Greg Stillson" from Stephen King's "the Dead Zone." That thought had crossed my mind myself, and I just googled it to find the article and I'm amazed how many people agree ... if you haven't read the book or see the movie, you should. Stephen King had Rick Perry pegged to a T, right down to being a bible salesman.

  2. Hi Jody, I looked up a clip from that movie and found the 'vision' where Stillson says "The missiles are flying, hallelujah." It's too close to Perry for comfort.

    Watching the debate I also had a vision of Romney with studs in his neck and a few scars and he looked like Frankenstein. I see I'm not the only one who saw the resemblance.

  3. Ron Paul is a mystery.

    - Aangirfan

  4. Mystery is a good word for Dr. Paul these days.

    I saw this about a local 9/11 event and had one of those "WTF" moments.

    NASHVILLE -- A 9/11 event in Tennessee with a roster of speakers linked to anti-Islamic efforts and a policy to ban news coverage is provoking questions from a national advocacy group concerned it's more of a "Muslim-bashing session."

    A poster advertising the Sunday event in Franklin is titled "Remembering 911 ..." in bold large letters, then states in smaller print further down: "No audio recording, video, or photography allowed. No media."

    The poster also states "photo ID required for admission."


  5. The debate show last night would make one laughs and cries at the same time.
    Candidates all claimed to hate Washnigton,they all out there to change how we do things in Washington,as they say.
    Hypocrisy was at its peak.The attack on socialism and waste of money by Washington was the theme and the major talking points by all candidates.
    Michele Bachmann hates things done in Washingotn, but she lives in Washington, and lives on taxpayers dollar.
    She hates spending, as she claims, but she doesn't mind getting checks in the tens of thousands of dollars from US Treaury as 'farm subsidy' going to her family farm,also money from Treausry to her husban marcus clinic which she is a partner.
    Perry also does not like government spending and what he called socialism, but he also received over $83,000 from US government as 'farm subsidy'.
    And he is living now in a house rented for $600,000 a year,after the governors mansion caught fire.
    He wants eledery retirement and health programs to end,so are eldery checks.He called Medicare and Social Security..a 'Ponzi scheme'.!!!
    Romney might not call it that, but he also agrees with Perry that the eldery program should be 'reformed', which means sending the whole money to Wall Street's big fat cats to play with retirees money.
    Imagine that a day of losing 800 points at Dow Jones what that means to retirees.!!!
    All candidates agree that the defense money and security cannot be touched,although we hear about missing trillions of dollars from the Pentagon.
    They all agree that cut should come from the poor,from health,retirees,and children food funds.
    They also all agree to cut regulation,and FEMA's money.
    Ron Paul even suggested cancelling FEMA,and to him the 'free market' will take care of these people suffering from a catastrophe like hurricane Katrina.
    Paul also like all of them are enemies of government regulation.
    So, to these candidates, if a company is building a nuclear reactor in your neighborhood, government, should not interfer..and if we have a disaster later from that Plant, government should let people die, and we have no FEMA because they already closed its doors.
    So, what solutions did these candidates offer to our current economic problem..they all agree on Tax cut, tax cut, tax cut..
    But we tried that before under Bush more than once..
    and by the end of his second term Bush came crying for help asking Congress for hundreds of billions of dollars to bail bankers at Wall Street and others or all will go bust.
    Here we ago again, another bunch of candidates talking about changing things done in 'Washington' for you !!!

  6. business is always crying, whining about pay to workers.

    but business still survives, especially after paying ceo's hundreds of millions.

    when min wage u.s.a. was around 3-4 dollars, denmark was $12.

    denmark doing ok if america leaves it alone.

  7. The word left out seems to me to be "bully".

    See Tim Howdarei's post on the same.

    It applys to Rick Perry, America, Israel and Rothschild.

    They are stealing your lunch money and more...



    Independrnce from what?

    From the very thing now strangulating America.

    Organised control and corruption of the people by the richrst 0.01%.

    The Declaration of Independence is for all intents and purposes now null and void.

    Sorry, better luck next time.


  9. I did read that Rick Perry said was it medicare? Or social security? Is a ponzi scheme?

    It struck me as odd.

    Why didn't he mention the federal reserve and the entire debt = money as the biggest ponzi scheme out there?

    Oh never mind.

    Being an outsider, not american, I got to say Rick Perry is scary.

    He is kind of greasy, slimey and lecherous.

    Like he is oozing something and whatever it is, it is nasty!

    Will I be castigated if I say, Ron Paul should not be viewed as a saviour?

    He has been in the political game along time and his down home appeal to the masses is somehow..
    I don't know.
    The minute a minimum wage is gone, the downward spiral to serfdom is on.

  10. Ne'er a reTHUGlican or demoRAT again. Ever.

    Paul is precisely the guise in which Americans will accept 3rd world wages and standard of living. Its the same old tired canard... work hard, take away all restrictions and regulations and the rich will trickle down their wealth to the poor.

    Paul is a neo-liberal bait and switch.

  11. What kind of funny game is this? It's like a Hollywood movie...carefully scripted. The characters are all bizarre. You would think God fearing Republicans, Bachmann, Perry and Romney would be all over Dr. Paul's acceptance of homosexual message, but no mention, beyond strange. The characters are actors but who is directing the script? Inverted stars on the Republican symbol...freemasonry and witchcraft....before Orwell's great novel there was another very great piece of fiction by Robert Hugh Benson, written in 1907 and set a hundred years in the future...that is now, entitled Lord of the World.

  12. Yes, Ron Paul is a bait and switcher.

    Ron Paul is a libertarian and libertarianism is a banker-created trojan horse that baits people with empty promises of freedom while leading them down the path to economic enslavement.

  13. Ron Paul's obsession with the gold standard and privatized currency is a major red flag.

    It doesn't leave much doubt as to who he works for.

  14. Looking at these candidates last night, they have one thing in common. They all can be used to produce a 'hair shampoo' commercial.

  15. I have this nagging feeling that Ron Paul is neither a fake nor is he an idiot. He surely knows 9/11 was a false flag as do many others but if he but opened his mouth and surely everyone knows this he will be turned into a Hitler overnight and probably even shot by Al Mossad or Al CIA.

    "Anti-Semitism" and now "9/11" (also equated to "Anti-Semitism" another further proof they were behind it) are taboo in America and preferring such words in public means automatic disqualification to lead a nation that is almost zionised

    Yes, I saw that Masonic background when he was giving a speech and a few other things I do not agree with, but he is one of the best of the few America has right now in this ocean of zionism that America has become.

    I would agree with everyone here if and when Ron Paul starts making pilgrimages to Occupied Jerusalem and taking bribes from Aipac & Co.

    That is how I feel about Ron Paul at present and if am wrong it won't be the first time.

  16. Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep's clothing and must remain so if he is to be of any use to his masters.

    Making pilgrimages to Jerusalem and taking money from AIPAC would be tantamount to getting a hexagram tattooed on his forehead.

    Even the dumbasses would catch on.

    He'd be of no value to them anymore.

  17. I seem to remember Ron Paul endorsing not only the gold standard but also a one world currency.

    The vast majority of teh monertary gold reserves are held by zionist international bankers i.e. 500 billion in gold bullion in the BIS.

    A one world currency is a major pillar in the globalists plan for a new world order where they own and control everything.

  18. W of FactsNotFairiesSeptember 9, 2011 at 4:12 AM

    "Dietrich Bronder, a Zionist Jew and historian of the time of Zionist Jew Hitler, wrote a book called "Bevor Hitler kam" (Before Hitler", Geneva, 1975), showed, which Jews financed Adolf Hitler all the way to power, it proves that most of the Nazi leaders were Jews or were married to Jewish women. Bronder's book is banned in Germany and elsewhere. It was never reprinted. I have a copy and hope to post it @ 'Secrets of Zion' as soon as a rough translation is ready."


    Greg Bacon at Goon Squad has a very valid point; the USA now resembles Nazi Germany.

    Almost all the leaders in the USA are zionists. The funding of those who reach the bowels of power comes from zionists. Only candidates positively vetted through israel can become president. Once in power no member of congress dares to burp without first asking their zionist masters.

    Israel is USA's zionist brother and though much smaller is very psychopathically sucessful in getting his big sibbling to do the little sibbling's bidding.

    Their common father is Rothschild. he is a infanticidal parent who sacrificed civilians on 9/11 and who would in a heartbeat sacrifice all of israel to achieve a new world order completely owned and controlled by he and his zionist international bankers.

    Psychopaths have no allegance to anything but themselves. This is the one characteristic where they are always consistent.

    The USA is now Germany in 1939.

    Look for and all-out world war very soon.

  20. If you think the debate was creepy, you should have seen C-Span a couple of days ago when a Senate committee was interviewing another 'Chosen One' to be an Undersecretary of Something at the Israeli-Firster, Zionist infested State Department.

    Each Senator was primed well by his 'katsa,' as each one repeated one of two questions to Sherman: "What can be done about Palestine trying for statehood,' or "What should we do about the Iranian nuke problem?"

    It was a nauseating display of subservience to Apartheid Israel and I could only watch about 15 minutes before turning off the tube.

    If one had any doubts about who really runs the State Department and this nation, watching that sickening shit would lay them to rest.

  21. I liked Ron Paul at the beginning because of his ideas on America's non-interference in other countries affairs, and to stop being the world's policeman. Because such ideas will save us trillions of dollars.
    But Ron Paul's local agenda and his ideas about dismantling the government, and creating a 'you are on your own' concept for Americans is a disaster.
    Not to forget his constant preaching about gold as the answer for ailing economy.
    Gold is not the answer and will never be, because there is not enough gold to match worldwide productivity..
    It's a fantasy solution that will destroy world's economy,and it is not workable.
    His answers about 'minimum wage',and FEMA says a lot about his thinking that is going backward instead of going forward in todays modern thinking.
    He carries 200 years old ideas in his mind trying to fit them in a modern society and 21st Century..something that will not work.

  22. Anon 7:15;

    As an alternative to R.Paul you offer?

    Alfred E. Newman?

    Don't just tear down - make a constructive suggestion!

  23. Don't anybody slip-up now and refer to any practical Solution ideas. No, we wouldn't want that, would we? It takes the fun out of endless complaining and bashing. Just keep wasting time on the scum who are allowed on national tv repeatedly, as if ANY of them is worth a pro-and-con discussion. Don't let decades of proof of their oath-breaking and complicity sway you from your romping in the pigpen.

  24. I think the whole election system needs a major overhaul.
    When billions of dollars spent annually by candidates to be elected, and most of that money does not come from the average guy, something is wrong.
    An entities are now allowed to bypass the elections rules by supporting a candidate or trashing another using corporate, or non profit organization.
    After all who is doing a clean auditing of what really was spent directly or indirectly by a candidate,and his backers,and where all the money comes from..?!!
    The whole thing is bad, and that's why we are getting candidates that are disconnected and are unqualified. Candidates who serve the few entities who put them on stage for us to choose from.
    Any surprise how much obedience, submission,and loyalty all our candidates must show for AIPAC to have any chance of being elected? !!
    In the last Senatorial race between Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey in state of Pennsylvania, Jewish supporting groups filled the airwaves accusing Sestak of not being a friend of Israel..
    The race was tight. Sestak lost.
    Pat Toomey will be an AIPAC obedient senator, just like many other before him.

  25. well, somebody has to serve as president. might as well be paul.
    cant be worse than what we have had for too long. nor will he be worse than the other choices. some of his ideas i dont accept but many i do. i cant accept any idea from any of the thugs and rats. (beulahman)

  26. to clarify, i got thugs and rats from beulahman's post above.

  27. Perry looked very aggressive,and tried to look like he's ahead of the pack by suggesting that Social Security and medicare are nothing but a 'Ponzi scheme'.
    That's his style,shooting from the hip, but that worked well for him in Texas,at state's level elections but it might not work well for him at the national level if he keeps talking like that.
    He's giving more ammunition to his opponents in every time he opens his mouth.
    Remember, he entered the race last and he's competing with others who has been there way ahead of him,for little more than two weeks.
    So he speaks as if he's addressing certain group of his hardcore conservatives, but that might not help him in the long run.
    Trying to distance himself from what he has been saying in the near future will be difficult for him, because it's not his style, and he might not win trying to escape all of what he had said.
    I live in Texas and I know people who are very hardcore Conservative who will not agree with Perry saying that Social Security and Medicare is a 'ponzi scheme'.
    They are elderly retirees who depenend on SS checks to make it in every month.
    Perry is actually shooting himself in the foot if he continues his style.
    Even if he wins the GOP's nomination, it will be hard for him to win it all the way claiming that Social Security is a 'Ponzi scheme'.

  28. Ron Paul says Social Security is a Ponzi scheme too.

    On economic issues, there doesn't seem to be any difference between him and Perry.

    They're both reading from the same script.

  29. Hey Kenny,...Ron Paul is a fraud, he bags the 911 truth movement, he will not name the yids as the logical culprits, he talks it up about the Fed and never mentions Executive Order 11110. As for him having to tread carefully for fear of being outed, bullshit! I watched a candidate's debate prior to the last election farce and the camera NEVER focused on Ron Paul and NEVER aired his responses or statements! He was effectively edited out of the show, LIVE! Not one of the sheeple batted an eyelid. Fuck the sheeple, fuck old mate Ron and let the yids annihilate the sheeple; when the smoke clears there will only be 911 truther types left standing, what will the yids do then?

    Cop the whipping they so richly deserve, why do some out here still give a shit what happens to the sheeple, they've got it coming, no excuses for sleeping through this global bullshit - Libya? I mean, for crying out loud, that country under Gaddafi was a great place to live. I am over caring about fat white trash waving the flag they got with their happy meal and rich blacks holding hands and singing kumbaya at "equality" rallies, fuck them!

    If you can't hear the call to duck, then you're gonna get a bat upside your head.

    "Hey everybody, the yids are hateful murderous swine and they wanna take over the world (their g-d who happens to be Lucifer, same as the Masons, tells them they deserve it) and murder most of you any way they can - fluoride is not good for your teeth it is a toxic waste, Co2 is not a toxic Greenhouse gas, it's what the fruit & veggies we eat breathe while they are growing, oh and 6 million yids weren't gassed in the WORK camps, etc, etc, etc, oh what the fuck... DUUUUCK!"


  30. ISRAEL:

    Turkey has had enough.
    Egypt has had enough.
    Palestine has had more than enough since 1948.

    Has the US had enough? Israel was instrumental in the killing of nearly 3,000 Americans almost ten years ago in 9/11 false flag inside job.

    Israel as a nation is in the shitter so a Mossad false flag on 9/11 blamed on Muslims is entirely possible.

    Hope their false flag goes entirely wrong and they end up killing all the corrupt politicians presently on the take for zionist Rothschild and Israel.

    In that case; bye, bye Barry!

  31. "Jews benefited in every way (from 9/11): Profits from insurance, profits from advance purchases of stock options, profits from owning the war-materiel companies, profits from further suppression of our freedoms and productivity to drive us into bankruptcies and foreclosures, thus transferring our wealth to them as they own all the big banks.

    Rothschild-jews are the leaders of the giant subset of international jewry who rob and strangle our economy, lives, and liberty. Rothschild jews, born of their family name-change (from Bauer) about 250 years ago, have reigned over international banking for the last 200 years, and still do."

  32. "While most Americans seek an end to the Iraq war, Israel and its Fifth Column in this city (Washington) seek to stampede us into war with Iran."

    Meanwhile the killing goes on.

    Americans and Muslims are dying in wars promoted by the military, industrial, congressional complex, global corporations, Israel, and Christian Zionists.

  33. We are all suffering from a kind of 9/11 PTSD.

    Stress has been described as the feeling one gets when one does not give in to the legitimate desire to choke the living shit out of someone who really deserves it.

    The doers of 9/11 deserve to get the living shit choked out of them - instead we get 9/11 PTSD.

  34. MLK was not backed by jewish-zionists - it was the zionists together witht the CIA who killed him..

    Here's the truth about Libya:

    A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n. you are disinforming again. It is your group "C" who are working for the zionists.

    French and Danish beheading Libyans.

    Aangirfan: you people are grasping at straws. You MUST be coming out of Tel Aviv.

  35. Agree@Anonymous 11:04am. About both MLK and Aangirfan.

  36. I agree with anonymous @ 11.04 and 11.53

  37. Very impressive arguments from anon at 11.04, 11.53, and 3.39. Hats off to all of you. You're all first class thinkers.

  38. Aangirfan just censored one of my comments. I'm assuming anyway, I posted it hours ago and it hasn't shown up yet. I strongly suspect aangirfan is a bunch of zio-shills. "C" in particular comes off as a really obvious tool.

  39. Back again after having a cig. I want to agree with anon at 11.04, 1.53, 3.39, 3.42, 4.09.

    As for A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n (whew, it's laborious typing out all those full-stops, but worth it I think) and his censorship. How dare he utilise blogger's approval mechanism! Clear proof he's a zionist shill!

    Who's with me?

  40. Back again after having a cig. I want to agree with anon at 11.04, 1.53, 3.39, 3.42, 4.09.

    As for A.a.n.g.i.r.f.a.n (whew, it's laborious typing out all those full-stops, but worth it I think) and his censorship. How dare he utilise blogger's approval mechanism! Clear proof he's a zionist shill!

    Who's with me?

  41. I'm with you anon! It was the consensus that persuaded me. Three cheers for all those brave anons at 11.04, 1.53, 3.39, 3.42, 4.09, and 4.31. Numbers rule and we've certainly got them.

  42. Oh bugger. Did I put my own name in? Damn. That's that gag stuffed.

  43. Thanks for the input Anon@4:31, or "C". Don't you have some zio-shilling to do? Make sure to blame the next false flag on CIA,the Queen,"al qaeda",MI6,MI5, anyone but the zionists like always ok shill?

  44. On a weekend where the whole country is being spammed by 9/11 lies and other issues are coming to a head I find it absurd that the issue of aangirfan continues to be brought into the dialog.

    Thanks to all the real folks who have something to contribute. I appreciate it.

    To the trolls who promote dissension and diversion ... fuck off. You're worthless.

  45. I am afraid that Americans will not have a good candidate to choose from by time of next year presidential's elections date arrives who will have a major impact on their lives.
    Santorum,Bachmann,Cain,Huntsman, and Gingrich might not be around after the results of the first two primaries due to lack of support and money.
    Paul might drag it a bit longer, but it starts to look like it's a race between Romney or Perry vs. Obama.
    And that's not the big change that Americans are looking for now.
    Which means four more years of the same.

  46. All you cowardly anons are "Splitters!". Perhaps there is only one 'anon' and it has a chronic multiple personality disorder? We think so, yep, I concur, so do I! Me to/o!

    Well that's it then, 'anon' is one lone nutjob with a multiple personality disorder. All in favour of adopting that position say "I".





    Save one - We are agreed then, by majority consensus: 'Anon" is a nutter with a multiple personality disorder.

    "Ying tong ying tong. Ying tong ying tong. Ying tong iddle I po, Ying tong ying tong. Ying tong ying tong (bluebottle drops behind) Ying tong..."

    Where's Wally?

  47. For starters, why does anybody pay attention to any of this garbage -- these mind-numbing "debates," these Mafia conventions, these unbelievably rigged elections? Why can't people in this country even begin to envision living without these "leaders?"

    Second, minimum wage laws, whatever Kenny, I, or anybody else think about them, are ILLEGAL. If you pay attention to who the biggest advocates of them are, you find that they are a terrific way to eliminate competition for union employees with seniority. Besides, if wages went down to $3 an hour, people in this country might be able to compete with labor in Bangladesh and Belize. But if we got out of treaties like NAFTA and GATT, legalized hemp for industrial purposes, and had the STATES COIN their own money and start their own banks, you'd have full employment, higher standards of living and the like within a relatively short period of time. Of course, I'm leaving out the details, as they would need to be worked out. However, some obvious things would have to be the states voiding "federal" laws, declaring their eternal independence from DC, abolishing the Fed, offing the banksters, etc.

    But if people keep allowing themselves to be distracted by this bullshit, and allowing the media to splinter them into groups and label them, and they continue to point fingers at each other instead of realizing that these "leaders" are 99.5% traitors, criminals and Zionist-owned crapweasels, then it's all over but the shouting (from inside FEMA camps).

    Turn off your stinking TV sets and start looking at the real world. You might be amazed at what you find.

  48. @ 6:17 PM, thanks, that's getting the narrative back on track. All valid points. NAFTA, the anti-hemp agenda, criminal bankers, etc., the killers of the common man. That's the message we need to keep talking about. Actions must follow or our words are in vain. The question that remains is how?

  49. I can assure you paranoid morons that the anons consist of at least 2 people. And fuck off to anyone with a problem with calling out diisnfo for what it is. Fucking hasbara has no place and I have no problem calling it out.

  50. By the way kenny, speaking of 9/11who does aangirfan think did it? Anyone but Israel. This is exactly the time for this narrative. "C" and aangirfan are no better than Alex Jones.

  51. Sorry Kenny, but you got the gag yeah? Statcounter will make it clear who was being whom. And for those who didn't get it: apologies, I thought I was being obvious but I understand how it's not so easy to tell. My point was that in all likelihood the anons are in fact one person.

    Meanwhile back to the topic - Here in Oz, that piece of shit Murdoch is playing his part. The massive, full, front-page headline in his worthless Sun-Herald:

    "Bin Laden's disciples fly in for revenge - Officials fear September 11 terrorist strike"

    We have been warned.

  52. Anon@6:17, you sound like you may have drunk some of the kool-aid.

    Minimum wage laws are NOT illegal, no matter what the Chamber of Commerce says.

    And there's no way on Earth American workers could ever compete with workers in Bangladesh or Belize unless the US actually joined the third world and became like those countries (a disgusting possibility that was noted by Kenny in his commentary above).

  53. Keep Obama in for the next four years. I treally dosn't matter who is elected, but haveing him in chrage will slow the NWO program down.
    Most of America is already on to him and will keep a closer eye.
    If we get a new stooge, he/she will have at least the first year of checked policies to enact.

  54. nobs, no apology necessary from you. I got what you were saying. One appearing to be many is typical.

    I have no problem with honest disagreements and debate, even those who want to take issue with me, but dwelling on other bloggers when the points have been made several threads back is getting old. If those doing so are not getting paid for their efforts then what's the use. We heard you the first time.

  55. Hey Kenny,...Well, I guess I have erred, @6:05pyem (that was Meee) I was merely trying to make light of this ridiculous "anon" phenomenon. My apologies for adding to the woe. Now then...

    Nobby, I have just watched a "panel of experts" cross interview J. Winston Howard, former Liberal Party PM. One of the questions he was asked was: "What message should we take from Iraq refusing to participate in a Coalition Peacekeeping Force in Libya?" (I didn't know they had). Another was: "If Labor had won Office in 2003 would Australia have sustained its commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq?

    On Iraq Howard's response was (not quoted) that the matters of day to day policy formation in Iraq can be resolved with a subtle approach to their precarious situation, ??? I did not get the quote down verbatim, however, he certainly alluded to the leverage that the U.S. has where Iraq's Policies are concerned.

    Regarding the opposition's position on our (Australia's) military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. He suggested that Kim Beazley (Leader of the Opposition at the time) would have adopted the same policy of support and participation, "because, on issues such as these, Australia's leadership on both sides of the Floor (Parliament) have similar policies." No questions about Bali at all! Mmmmmm, aahuh.

    That's nice to know, so much for the two Party paradigm. I think that the Political and Media reactions and actions in the "allied" countries are far more informative than those in the U.S., as the U.S. is totally controlled by israhell. Not that all the incumbents in Canada and Australia etc do not have to kow-tow to the zio-gangsters, I just think that the broader Policies of the NWO still require some measure of careful management in the "allied" countries, Germany and the faux assassination attempt on Merkel is a case to point.

    I believe this 911 blood ritual celebration is a consolidation operation for the yids, they have definitely lost the momentum publicly and a good deal of Face in the eyes of the world. The danger now is the anger and arrogance of the yids, as result of this, will we see another 911 event? I think not. Maybe in a week or two; closer to the U.N. resolution on Palestine maybe(?).

    Just watching Billy-bob Clinton sniffling into the Mike at Ground Beef celebrations (Austar). I can't wait for the ticker-tape parade.

    Now Rudd and a zio-frog from Sarkhozy's government are sniffling into a Mike at the Aussie War Memorial. It's going to be a Looooong day.

    My condolences to the victims of 911 in the joo.S.A, the ME, Africa, Asia and Indonesia: My enmity toward the yiddish khazars and their goy co-perpe-traitors.


  56. Israel Did 9/11 - All The Proof

  57. I hope everyone knows that I operate out of love, and that I post this for educational purposes:

    Enough with the disinfo nonsense.

    Jim Fezter is doing great work, why are people hating on him? Come on folks!! Listen to that interview!

    Daryl Bradford Smith has three absolutely phenomenal interviews lately. Just go to if anyone is not familiar. He'll get you up to speed with a quickness.

    We're going to the USS Midway tomorrow for 9/11 Truth all day long tomorrow here in SD! Will post pics later. Peace and love y'all! Get out and speak the truth to everyone!!!

  58. Yes, for instance its already been pointed out that Alex Jones is a shill of the highest order so please don't say it again. Free reign for disinfo. That makes a lot of sense.

  59. I would just add that the people "being paid" are no doubt the ones protecting disinfo and not the ones pointing it out.

  60. I am a socialist and very liberal in my viewpoints, and I did (and do) vote for Ron Paul.

    As president(yes, I can dream...) he won't involve us in needless wars.

    Think how grand an idea that is - no more needless war, no more extra spending on the Pentagon...

    Congress would declare war - on the president, of course. His free market ideas will NEVER be allowed to take hold - our big business LOVES socialism (for themselves) and hates it (for little people, i.e. us).

    Dream a little dream with me...

  61. @8:06: First, part of what I wrote was meant as sarcasm. I thought you might pick up on that.

    However, if you think that minimum wage laws are legal, then you believe that government at either the state or federal level, or both, has the legal authority to dictate what private businesses pay their employees. If you can find that authority anywhere in the federal or state CONstitution(s), then please point it out for all of us, would you?

  62. Which part of your post was supposed to be sarcastic?

    I just read it again and I still didn't detect any sarcasm.

    As far as the minimum wage law is concerned, *you* are the one who made the claim that it was illegal.

    Since the burden of proof always falls on the party making the claim, why don't you tell us which court decision declared the minimum wage to be illegal.....hmmm?

  63. "If you can find that authority anywhere in the federal or state CONstitution(s), then please point it out for all of us, would you?"

    The specific authority to make a law against murder isn't contained in the federal or state constitutions either.

    You'll notice that hasn't stopped the legislature from making a law against murder, though.