Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dust Up ..... Dust Off


< Provocative? Sure. Whether designed to derail the protests by evoking the lame anti-semitic canard or to educate the unaware is up for debate. One thing for sure is that when certain aspects of the problems are tried to be kept hidden through intimidation, free speech takes a hit.

Free speech is a funny thing. Use it and you may lose your job.
Patricia MacCallister on Zionist Jews

Even if you only indirectly work for National Propaganda Radio (NPR), all political statements must be kept to yourself or find yourself banned.
NPR vs. Free Speech

Use it and you may get shot by thugs in uniform.
Veteran shot in the face by rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland protests

Provocateurs use free speech to paint free speech as violent. They are being watched.

The Supreme Court is supposed to be the last defense for free speech but don't you dare think you can protest at their building, on their grounds.
FREE SPEECH ON TRIAL: Ban on Protests on Supreme Court Grounds Challenged

Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street? 

'Wingers scream that their free speech is impeded when a Nashville hotel cancels a divide and conquer convention featuring hate whores such as Pam Geller and Frank Gaffney. Yes, free speech includes the right to yell "Sharia law is gonna get you" but it doesn't mean private businesses have to accommodate you.  Actually I don't think these 'leaders' in the Islamaphobe business even believe what they are saying. They are just hired guns paid to fire off rounds to stir up the racists and the deceived so they don't pay attention to the thieves picking their pockets or that Israel is running U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East to the detriment of our citizens.

The voting for the 'official' demands by Occupy Wall St. as portrayed by Coup Media Group has ended. Nothing about ending the wars, closing down the many military overseas bases and bringing the troops home. Funny how free speech is often manipulated to fit certain agendas. Without an anti-war cry in the mix of 'demands,' I get the feeling that something is rotten in protestville. We need to change that.


  1. "The voting for the 'official' demands by Occupy Wall St. as portrayed by Coup Media Group has ended..."

    Notice that there's nothing in those demands that probably George Soros or Warren Buffet wouldn't support. In fact, demand #4 even mentions Buffet by name.

  2. Wow. Brave woman. Hilarious how the anchors try and whitewash the facts she presented.

    viva Patricia MacCallister. ;-)

  3. Hey Richard, yeah, the attempted coup is rather obvious.

    As swits points out, there are still a lot of brave folks not afraid to call 'em as they see 'em. It's what we're counting on.

  4. Wow, great links and videos! That video of Patricia MacCallister is great! My buddy in LA took some good photos the other day at the Occupy LA event relating to what Patricia is talking about. There are plenty of people out there that know what's up! We just gotta keep doing what we're doing, full steam ahead. Richard has been doing some phenomenal stuff lately!

    I'm hopeful because this Occupy movement is here to stay. They are doing all sorts of stuff out here in SD, but I've been so busy and won't be in town this weekend to get involved.

    The stuff going down in Oakland is crazy! The cops in the Bay Area may be the worst in the entire country!

    Let me be the first to say I DO NOT SUPPORT the "demands" laid out by Coup Media Group. These are the forces in this movement we should be resisting.

  5. Better be careful there Kenny, since the TSA has issued a royal decree that they will now pull over and search vehicles on Tennessee highways

    Surely the NSA hasn't given them your location and vehicle plate number, huh?

    Free Speech will only remain that way if we use any means necessary to defend that precious right.

    Preferably non-violent, but the PTB are just getting warmed out by 'liberating' places like Libya and Iraq, fine-tuning actions that will eventually be used against 'We the People.'

  6. I found this to be an interesting presentation.

    David Icke - Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor

  7. Much in the same way the OWS movement is being labeled anti-semitic...Ron Paul gets the same treatment courtesy of Jeffery Lord in the American Spectator. The article is tough to choke down (guilt by association) but the comments more than make up for it. Lord get beaten down probably 100-1 for his "article". Good fun.


  8. Hi Kenney...Richard said... "Notice that there's nothing in those demands that probably George Soros or Warren Buffet wouldn't support"..

    That's what I see too.. These protests are now controlled by Sorros and his minions.

    We are seeing some kind of a color coded rebellion .. right in front of our eyes, and don't want to admit that we are being taken for suckers... again.