Monday, October 3, 2011

Educational Opportunities

Nashville's Belmont University is a school you've probably never heard of and probably never need to but they may typify how 'Christian' higher education goes these days.

Their mission statement is:

Belmont University is a student-centered Christian community providing an academically challenging education that empowers men and women of diverse backgrounds to engage and transform the world with disciplined intelligence, compassion, courage and faith.

Well, that generic statement sounds good but you've got to realize that it was Belmont that last year fired their women's soccer coach for being gay. So much for diversity and compassion.

Having a lesbian working with the kids doesn't fit with Belmont's mission but hiring a criminal to head their start up law school seems just fine and dandy. Alberto Gonzales has been named  Doyle Rogers Distinguished Chair of Law, named in honor of an attorney whose career reflects accomplishments to which all lawyers aspire.

So if Belmont's law students aspire to be like Alberto they would want to have some accomplishments like ...
Lying Under Oath. Purging Prosecutors, Misusing the Patriot Act's National Security Letters, Authorizing Illegal NSA Domestic Surveillance, Enabling John Yoo and Unchecked Presidential War Powers, Rendering the Geneva Conventions "Quaint," Supporting Military Commissions and the End of Habeas Corpus, Blessing Unprecedented Expansion of Presidential Signing Statements, Facilitating a CIA Leak Cover-Up and Gutting Minority Voting Rights.
Rumor has it that the Gonzales class on the constitution will only require the students to memorize a paraphrased for 'Christian' sensibilities Bush remark ... "It's just a gosh darn piece of paper."  His lectures on the extrajudicial assassination of Americans will come straight from his heart.

Perhaps when Eric Holder leaves the Obama administration he can join Gonzales on the Belmont faculty and the law school grads can really get on the fast and furious track to government jobs with non-partisan criminality.

Actually the Alberto law students may make good criminal defense lawyers. Learning from the master who helped keep Bush, Cheney and gang out of prison for treason, war crimes and murder of Americans in the 9/11 false flag should be beneficial.

Speaking of 'Christians,' who else but one to make us aware that there is a Holocau$t Memorial in Nashville. And yeah, that 6 million number is embedded in stone.

Maybe Alberto can take his class on a field trip there as an example of how with the right lawyers and money and pull a scam can be run for decades. Creating victims and enemies, especially imagined ones, can be a financially rewarding career. Alberto should know.


  1. These so called Christian universities are always so hypocritical. John Yoo got a job at some university, I'm sure Holder and the Obama "lawyers" will have some waiting for them when they finish with us. Criminals is right.

  2. The gay agenda is a Zionist agenda to break down the family and render it defenceless against totalitarian Chabad fascism. Gay is great. It confuses us as to our sexual identities and they prey on that. The weak family can't resist. Bush Sr. appointed the Gay CA. judge that overthrew the democraticly voted definition of family. Don't be a naif on this unless this is some sort of infowars disinfo misinfo site.

  3. To paraphrase Les visible, 'which holocaust??, the one they SAY happened to them or the ones THEY did to Russians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Palestinians etc'

    Re gays, this link I got at John Friends site-

    sorry i forget which podcast it was, but he points out that there is a connection between gays and treason (ie many famous spies were gay)


  4. O bama is a raving faggot. Many of those in power now are queers.

  5. Good one kenny, these guys are all such obvious and blatant crooks.

    Must see if you haven't already:

  6. Re gays, I don't really give a shit, but I definitely think it's a movement that is being manipulated and pushed along behind the scenes. I found this quite interesting when I first read it, I had definitely never read anything like it:

    E. Michael Jones at Culture Wars that eddy linked above has some very interesting things to say about a number of subjects we're all interested in. Check it out.

  7. @ 9:19 PM, don't you be a naif and think that we are not aware of the long running agenda to destroy the family. The point is that Gonzales has much blood on his hands. I wouldn't lock up the woman mentioned but Gonzales deserves to be in prison, not in a teaching position.

  8. I knew the homophobes would show up with their bullshit. So predictable. If anything the negative feelings towards gays is something the jewish elite likes very much, the more divided we are the better. Fucking religious nutbag morons.

  9. If you think gays can "destroy your family" you are a fucking retard and its your own fault if your family unit is not "strong enough", not some homos fault. Pathetic. You homophobes are either just religious zealots, insecure or both.

  10. Anon@9:19, at least you admit you're confused. That tends to be the case with many homophobes.

  11. gotta' here this,
    It looks like BBCs unrelenting propaganda machine booked Fetzer by accident, hilarious!

    Jim Fetzer / Ibrahim Soudy
    BBC Interview / 9/11 Engineering

  12. Its no accident, Fetzer is a fraud. Why does Alex Jones get to appear in the MSM? The same reason Fetzer does from time to time. Controlled op. I like a lot of what Fetzer has to say but lets not pretend he hasn't said a lot of ridiculous shit too.

  13. I'm sorry, but I'd love to read some examples or click on some links of what Jim Fetzer has said that is ridiculous. Any takers?

  14. Are you serious John? No offense but I'm not surprised you buy into the no-planes at WTC disinfo if you buy into Fetzer as well.

    I love your site and I'm not just blowing smoke, I visit almost daily, but come on man.

  15. Fetzer has latched onto no planes, but hasn't he also latched onto Judy Woods space beam stuff? Was he into holograms when Bush administration official(who never really left)Morgan Reynolds was pushing that? Hes also latched onto mini nukes at one point. Are there any theories he hasn't pushed?

  16. Gays-homophobes, blacks-whites, Jews-Christians-muslims, asians-espanic. Its just another way the classes are being divided. Don't blame gays for the break down in the family unit.... blame the ruling elite for using hatred and intolerance as its level

  17. only the perps know HOW it was done. Fetzer is correct to look a ALL theories, that's the scholarly approach. He seems to offer holograms as a POSSIBLE explanation of eyewitnesses who SAY they saw planes. Personally, I believe they are all lying, no holograms. He offers Judy as a Possible explanation for dustification and lack of debris and toasted cars. I prefer Phil Jayhan's theory- empty, gutted, hollow towers, previously confiscated cars toasted off site, towed into the theater of the the hoax. i do think Judy Wood MAY be a disinfo agent meant to discredit the no plane group, I don't know, I just think Phil Jayhan's theory has more FACTS and evidence- the number of confiscated cars, photos of cars with no license plates, and lot's of photos showing the empty towers.

  18. I agree with you, anon 11:39 and anon 6:30. United we stand, divided we fall. And I think we can all agree that Gonzales is a criminal and belongs in jail, not the classroom!

  19. wedge issues = wedge issues

    A wedge is designed to split a thing in half. The only thing worth knowing is that they ain't worth a pinch of shit. You buy into them and the guy who brought the wedge (and doesn't actually give a shit about it) declares it mission accomplished. Hey Kenny.

  20. I agree with "nobody". Fetzer entertains all theories because his purpose is to make the 9/11 truth movement look ridiculous. And to those sticking up for him-do you REALLY think its an accident he ends up on Fox,BBC etc.? Its by design, he didn't njust "slip through".

  21. Fetzer is one of the few people in the 9/11 research community really trying to figure out what happened. He has an open mind, entertains alternative theories, clearly and thoroughly explains his points, and uses the scientific method and critical thinking to address this issue. Jeez, what's wrong with that?

    The fact of the matter is the man has been completely smeared and slandered by so many people no one actually listens to the guy anymore. I dare every single person here saying Fetzer is "disinfo" to listen to this podcast he did with Dennis Cimino from Pilots:

    The best 9/11 interview ever done, in my opinion. Listen to the whole thing.

    Completely agree with Anonymous 3:07 regarding Phil Jayhan, those people are doing some good work on 9/11. Judy Wood offers valuable information, but somehow says that we can't blame anyone for 9/11 until we know how they did it. Barf.

    I knew no one would provide any quotes or links to Fetzer being ridiculous, but I did think of one thing: I'm pretty sure he buys into global warming. I was listening to one of his interviews with either Rosalind Peterson or Cindy Pikoulas, can't remember which one (just look in the August archives at his site), and he seemed to buy into the whole global warming BS.

    He's great on 9/11 though, which is what matters to me.

  22. 21 comments and only THREE have the balls to use their real name.

    The PTB are laughing their asses off, knowing that their FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 is working as planned.

    After 9/11, so many Americans are so scared, they hide behind 'anonymous' as if that will keep their real identity secret from the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and my buddies at the NRO.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but of the 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence, NOT ONE signed his name as 'anonymous.'

    Until more Americans grow a pair and come out of hiding and put their REAL name to their comments and their blogs, we'll still be on the the fast track to tyranny.

    To those who aren't afraid of using their real name, BRAVO to you true patriots!

    P.S. I don't care if someone is a homosexual, a transgender or whatever, as long as they don't fuck with me, it's none of my damned business what they choose to do with their sex lives.

  23. Yes John, he goes on tv and talks about holograms,nukes and space beams and we are supposed to appreciate that? Ive known about and read Fetzer since about 2004 so I know plenty about him. I even own his book on Wellstone.

    Greg, get over the anonymous thing, so what if I don't use a real(or fake) name. Whats the big fucking deal? This is not the signing of the declaration of independence, its a friggin blog.

  24. Greg, get over the anonymous thing, so what if I don't use a real(or fake) name. Whats the big fucking deal? This is not the signing of the declaration of independence, its a friggin blog

    Yes, a frigging blog, backed by comments by those hiding for one reason or another.

    Declaration of Independence?

    Not if they had gutsy types like you back in 1776, so enjoy your slavery.

  25. Give me a break Greg, your blog is literally my favorite blog currently(sory Kenny-you're a close second) but your analogy is fucking ridiculous.

  26. Hey Kenny,...Nice work, all those shills for the yiddish empire should hang, gonzales included.

    Oh, sorry I am not using my real name, I don't believe it is relevant to the message, also, I don't think the "Minutemen" provided the British authorities with their personal details, nor the partisans of WW2 Europe, did they get around with "Team Partisan" on their t-shirts? Let's not forget the "Scarlet Pimpernel", imagine if they had the Net during the French revolution, do you think the "Scarlet Pimpernel" would use his nom de plume or his real name? What about the first Bloggers, Roman dissidents - Scritti Politti, which became referred to as Graffitti - are folks that Post political Graffitti, signing their names on their political statements? NO! Does that make their message any less effective? No! As a case to point I would direct anyone here to google the apartheid wall in Palestine - check out the messages upon that abomination. Do they lack gravitas because they are not signed with the artists name? No!

    I will say though, that it is monotonously obviously that most anonimals are shit stirrers, trolls or what have you, however to suggest that using a "name" as opposed to a 'nom de plume' is somehow a noble gesture to courage, is a spurious fallacy. How do we know the name you use is A. Real or B. Yours?

    Regardless of this "wedge issue", Joogle knows where you are and who you are as soon as you get on line.

    So back on topic kids...


  27. Hey Greg, Mr. Tough guy. Why not show how much balls you have and write down your address and phone number as well. How about your employers name.

    Or is that too much?

  28. I don't think I've heard anyone sum it up quite so succinctly, Veritas. Hats off.

    Kenny and Greg, your blogs are appreciated. Anonymous shit-stirrers, your emotional intelligence and vocabulary serve to identify you for what you are.

    Moving along.

  29. I think Greg and veritas both make legitimate points. You certainly are not anonymous online, so making a screen name wouldn't be that big of a deal, but in the end, as long as you're contributing to the dialogue I'm cool. My lack of imagination coupled with the fact that I want these scum bags we're all ranting and raving against to know that I am calling them out led me to just use my real name.

    Definitely not a subject we need to get all up in arms about... :)

    Moving right along, I posted some cool pics of the Occupy LA protest my buddy took over on my blog, along with a video he made, if anyone is interested. Just got done making a couple really cool signs for the Occupy San Diego kick off on Friday- "Arrest the Banksters" with Rothschild quotes right next to our boy Thomas Jefferson's warning about private central banking destroying and enslaving this nation. The back side says, "Israel behind 9/11" as a quote from Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former U.S. Marine Corps. Pics from SD will be coming soon! Can't wait!

    Please tell me at least one other person here is getting involved in this Occupy The World movement...

  30. October 5, 2011 6:56 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Greg, Mr. Tough guy. Why not show how much balls you have and write down your address and phone number as well. How about your employers name

    I don't know which 'anonymous' you are, but to show you I believe in what I say, I'll write down my address and phone number, then dare you to do the same.

    BTW, the 'tough guy' that said he was sending a MOSSAD hit team to my place to take me out, I replied back with precise driving directions from the nearest city, Ava, MO to my farm.

    Still waiting for those 'bad-asses,' but they're probably busy shooting Palestinian kids in the head and helping those craizier than a shit-house rat Hasidic Rabbis steal more Palestinian land.

    My address is:

    Greg Bacon
    RR 1 Box 3518
    Ava, MO 65608

    Phone # is (417) 683-0185.

    I'm a retired firefighter, so I don''t have an official job, but I do work.

    Couple of years ago, some Yid maniac in Canada called me, but I wasn't home, but the answering machine was on and the things he said I won't repeat, since I don't want to use that kind of language on a blog I respect.

    So, 'anonymous,' how about printing your REAL name, address and phone number?

    And yes, veritas6464, using your real name sends a message to the PTB that we are tired of their lying, thieving and murderous ways.

    How do you think the Rothschilds and King George III would've of viewed the Declaration of Independence if all had signed not their names, but as 'anonymous?'

    As for the Scarlet Pimpernel, he needed to disguise his real self, because he went out and risked his life saving people. He didn't hide behind a keyboard that had worn out the letters that typed anonymous.

    And sooner or later, that's what we're going to have to do; be willing to risk all or explain to our kids and grandkids, while they're living in cardboard shacks and eating food scraps why we didn't take a stand and fight for our country.

    So remain anonymous if you prefer, but I'll stick my neck out and yell that I'm no longer going to take this tyranny.

    Or maybe you're afraid you'll wind up like those brave souls in NYC, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement who have balls made of steel and confront the PTB, even though it costs them jail time and a cracked skulls?

    There's so many people in this nation that have been taught to be as ferocious as kitties that I'm not sure we have enough balls left to take back our birthright, but it's what we must try and if needed, die trying in the process or get used to living on your knees and begging the PTB for some tarps to use as a house and some garbage can scraps.

    P.S. Apologies to Kenny for taking up so much space on a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

  31. Greg, as far as I'm concerned you have nothing to prove to anyone. You do good work and that's what counts. You don't have to expose yourself to phone harassment to make a point to someone who will not do the same.

  32. Hey Kenny,...GB, I will respond, as I respect your work and have been elated at the aggression your latest Posts have contained: Otherwise this "real name" banter is just shit!

    "How do you think the Rothschilds and King George III would've of viewed the Declaration of Independence if all had signed not their names, but as 'anonymous?'"

    The War of independence ended with an armistice, the rich slave owners DIDN'T win anything! The rich slave owners did however, benefit from the agreements made subsequent to the cessation of hostilities in which NONE of THEM died, they were importers of opium NOT tea, they smuggled the OPIUM inside TEA barrels, which is what was dumped into the Boston harbour.

    Apart from China and the S.E.A the rothschilds forbid the sale of opium to Britain and the new territories in amerika, they knew how much it fucked people up and they needed their labourers to turn up for work! The yids were planning to expand their opium trade to India which is why they were propagating cotton farming in the amerikas, HELLO! Hence, your heroes dumped their booty to avoid arrest for drug smuggling! rothschild said: Sell cotton instead; here boys, here are slave labourers, you'll make a motza, just play OUR game! This was the same time period that cotton processing mills in britain suddenly filled the country-side, HELLO!

    These non-anonymous heroes of yours also had no moral dilemma BORROWING money from the Rothschilds, to finance their "revolutionary war", that accomplished nothing more than the death of many peasants (as usual when rich fucks argue) and the destruction of much property, the reconstruction and redevelopment contracts thereafter were very lucrative, ask your heroes, HELLO! Not to forget the debt with compounding interest attached that has NEVER been paid back!
    Your heroes put you and yours into debt ad infinitum, the REAL tragedy is that your yiddish controlled school system brainwashes you people to think you are the home of the free and land of the brave HAA! BULLSHIT! WHEN? WHEN HAVE YOU PRICKS EVER BEEN THE GOOD GUYS? MEXICO? PANAMA? THE PHILIPPINES? KOREA? VIETNAM? GRANADA? MONROVIA? IVORY COAST? CONGO? LEBANON, SOMALIA? GAZA? KOSOVO? IRAQ? AFGHANISTAN? PAKISTAN? LIBYA? HAAARGH!

    The jooSA is NOT a country, it is a subsidiary business registered in the Corporation of the City of London, washington D.C. which is owned by the Bank of England and is one of the three separate sovereign city states that rule this luciferian materialistic world.

    Which brings me back to your heroes of the 'dec of indie', which is ARSE PAPER! All the signatories of that soggy beer coaster were masonic, the masonic worshipful fruitcakes are the minions of the b'nai bri'th, a zio-psycho ancient luciferian cult.

    So, I don't give a fuck about your two-faced, double dealing sell-out scum, or crazy george and his yiddish bosses!

    What you have to do is research the REAL history of your country and the three separate sovereign city states that rule this fucked up world, hint; vatican city and the corporation of the city of London!

    The jooSa has always been a muppet of the yids and will always be, because the dirty cowardly yids need a fall-guy for their disgusting, bloody, world domination adventures, as they always go pear-shaped and they never want to suffer the retribution, which they invariably do, because their shills and lackeys ALWAYS abandon them! What's the definition of insanity?

    Many apologies to all, I have just been notified by Outlook of Kenny’s recent comment, and yes GB shouldn’t expose himself to the anon freaks on the blower, however a P.O Box is not exactly an ADDRESS, Greg!

    Passion does not suggest bad feelings, peace to those that deserve it.


  33. Again with the declaration of independence analogy. Its a blog!

  34. Greg, you live in a rural area with a very small Jewish population so you're not in much danger no matter what you say.

    However, if you lived in an urban area like NYC or LA with a large Jewish population, things would be very different.

    The JDL and other Jewish terrorist groups operate openly in these areas and routinely threaten anyone who speaks out against organized Jewry.

    Their threats are not mere idle threats either.

    Take the case of New Yorker Michael Santomauro, for example.

    Santomauro has been subjected to a nonstop series of death threats and attempted physical assaults since he was targeted by Jewish terrorists for questioning the official Holocaust story a few years back.

    Google Santomauro's name if you want to know more about him and the ordeal he went through after his identity became public.

    In the meantime, please give your tiresome anti-anonymity crusade a rest, okay?

    BTW, I'm not the commenter who dared you to reveal your home address and I certainly don't consider myself to be a "shit stirrer" (whatever that means).

  35. Good points, Veritas.

    I would like everyone here and esp. John Friend - whom I respect VERY much - to examine this site (and the first video):

    He takes apart the OWS - is it all a hoax? With actors/actresses. What do you think?

    These bastards are tricky. The media did appear initially to "black out" the events. Now that's not the case.

    I wondered myself - why does the "occupation" of wall street have no 9/11 references? As Friend said, the wars stem presumably from the 9/11 event, which occurred just blocks from Wall Street. Calling the protest an "occupation" is at least an oblique reference to wars. But the "protesters" seem most concerned about their pocketbooks. The police look like they're in costume - not real riotgear. Lots of other points the guy makes seem strong.

    I don't know if it really is a hoax, but it looks suspicious. I don't believe in much of anything any more. I don't believe the bullshit about global warming, the holocaust, hiv does NOT cause AIDS (check The war on drugs: Scam. The war on cancer: Scam. On and on and on. Every war we've ever been in, as far as I know, has been based on lies. The usual suspects benefit. The history book (and channel) feed us lies. The victors write history.

    Fetzer probably is genuine. Anyone who attracts such immediate scorn strikes me as someone with something worth listening to. Judy's book looks fabulous, too.

    I used to be on 911 blogger until mentioning "israel" got one kicked off. Then came along - and they too vociferously made fun of Fetzner and Wood. Methinks they doth protest too much. Also, if you talked too much about retribution against Israel, you got kicked out there, too.

    I want to move to Iceland!


  36. Greg, you live in a rural area with a very small Jewish population so you're not in much danger no matter what you say.

    However, if you lived in an urban area with a large Jewish population like NYC or LA, things would be very different.

    The JDL and other Jewish terrorist groups operate openly in these places and threaten anyone who speaks out against organized Jewry.

    Their threats are not mere idle threats either.

    Take the case of New Yorker Michael Santomauro, for example.

    Santomauro has been subjected to a nonstop series of death threats and attempted physical assaults for questioning the official Holocaust story ever since his identity became public.

    Do a search on his name if you want to know more about him and his ordeal.

    In the meantime, please call off your tiresome anti-anonymity crusade, okay?

    BTW, I'm not the commenter who dared you to reveal your home address and I certainly don't consider myself to be a "shit stirrer" (whatever that means).

  37. Hey Greg, I'll be by around 6 for dinner once I get off work! Medium Rare please! :)

    Hey EV, checking out that link right now, very interesting...

  38. re anonymous postings.

    So many people who speak the truth end up dead, it just something I've noticed.

    I've noticed many comments on you tube that sound like Israeli teenagers pretending to be 'an average man in the street'
    This is war by deception.
    if someone wanted to use Israeli methodology, they would use a Jewish sounding name as a persona, and blog from that point of view.
    Instead of holocaust denial, which is illegal in many places, you would do holocaust affirmation-

    'yes, 6 million, lampshades,'s all're an anti-Semite..'

    kinda like cannibal rabbi

  39. cannibal rabbi is simply an obvious troll.

  40. Jim Fetzer is at it again! More disinfo! :)

  41. Cred building 101. Fetzer knows what hes doing. Build it up and knock the legs out. Like going on national tv and talking about mini nukes and space beams. Even Alex Jones gets some things right. So what.

  42. From The Department Of Absurd Disinfo.....October 7, 2011 at 9:32 AM

    "These non-anonymous heroes of yours also had no moral dilemma BORROWING money from the Rothschilds, to finance their 'revolutionary war'..."


    The Rothschilds loaned money to the American revolutionaries so they could overthrow the Rothschild-controlled colonial government that was installed by the Rothschild-controlled British government?

    Yeah, that makes sense.


  43. Hey Kenny, please forgive me for I am about to sin:

    @anon[cocksucker]9:32Ayem, Just because your dirty dick-licking rabbi doesn't inform you of REAL world events doesn't mean they never happened; however, I will assume you're just another bug-eyed, buck-toothed, inbred yid with curly ear-bangs, bad eyesight and various congenital diseases which include the type that need organ replacement such as Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, Pancreas - so sad kunt-head from Apple didn't get his Palestinian child's Pancreas in time! What-ho, never the mind, happy happy joy joy, it was ney a goy!

    "WTF? The Rothschilds loaned money to the American revolutionaries so they could overthrow the Rothschild-controlled colonial government that was installed by the Rothschild-controlled British government?"

    OVERTHROW? Overthrow what you pathetic arse-bandit? They were annoyed at having to pay tax you stupid KUNT!

    It was NEVER their selfish intention to OVERTHROW ANYTHING, dumbass!

    Fuck off now, your yiddisher momma needs a fuck!

    NO MORE MR. NICE GUY! I HATE YIDS: I will not tolerate anyone that doesn't have the research to be commenting at any of these venerable BLOGS!

    Uncle Buck veritas (Fruitcake esq.)

  44. You've really outdone yourself this time, Veritas.

    Congratulations, you assclown.

    Benjamin Franklin's statements about the true cause of the war are well known (no, it wasn't the tax) and can easily be found by doing a simple web search.

    And if America's founders didn't succeed in overthrowing the colonial yoke of the Rothschilds, as you claim, then why did the Rothschilds spend the next two centuries working to re-establish a Rothschild-owned central bank here in the US.....hmmm?

  45. Hey Kenny,...anon-e-mouth @1:49. Ben Franklin? Are you demented? The history books you have flicked through are full of shit, I guess when you are always smashing your sister or your yiddisher momma, you don't get a lot of time for research. Rothschild payed for the Hessian's and the RICH slave-owning "revolutionaries" turd-burglar, it's called arbitrage, not unlike a CDS on a No-Doc Sub-Prime mortgage, hello! If your "republic" was about "Liberty", why was there no emancipation mentioned, huh? Because they never intended to free anyone, like ALL gangs of thugs, they just wanted to control the game - fuckwad! Oh and while we are at it, show me any documentation that indicates that Lincoln was going to "Free the Slaves", you won't be able to, because he made statements to the contrary, Lincoln never intended to emancipate anyone either, he had no intentions of coming into conflict with his financiers.

    Grow a brain numbnuts! Child-molesting yids have always and will always control the jooSA - it's the military branch of their global business. The corp of the city of London is their bank and vatican city is their central branch for the "opium of the masses".

    "land of the freaks, home of the depraved"


  46. "The history books you have flicked through are full of shit."

    And the history books you've flicked through obviously came straight from Israel's Central Bureau of Disinformation.

    Rothschild payed for the Hessian's and the RICH slave-owning 'revolutionaries'..."

    The Hessians worked for the British, dumbass.

    The idea that the Rothschilds would've slit their own throats by loaning money to the American revolutionaries is laughable.

    The US Constitution contains a clause that gives Congress the power to coin money and fix its value.

    The Rothschilds want all money to be privately minted and would never have tolerated such a clause being put into the Constitution if America's founders had been under their control.

    " me any documentation that indicates that Lincoln was going to 'Free the Slaves'..."

    Just change the subject and hope nobody notices, right Veritas?

    The Zionists do it all the time and it works for them.

    Who knows.....maybe it'll work for you too.

  47. Hey Kenny,....Anon-wanker @8:33pyem: The financiers, numbnutz, it's all about the arbitrage opportunities inherent to conflict - grow a brain and research the issues; now go get a towel and dry those wet areas behind your ears! The Brits are owned by the Rothschilds - joogle June 18th 1815 and see what became of the English Stock Market subsequent to that fateful Day, "how to turn Military victory into financial defeat" yiddish khazarian duplicity and greed 101.

    You just haven't got a clue have you 'myopia boy'.


  48. Hey Kenny,..Oh, I almost forgot, the yiddish parasites allow their host victims to Mint their own coin, as it is issued without debt attached because coins COST money to Mint, the materials and process are expensive. The dirty tribe don't like spending money, they like stealing it, so a country is "allowed" to Mint its own coin, however the value of the issuance is borrowed from the yids to give the pretense of actual cash value. Which is entirely unnecessary, as the face value is assumed at the point of sale, faith-based (the honour of two citizens - the shopkeeper and the shopper both accept the value of the coin for the goods being purchased; see:, I don't normally cite wikiBS) value systems create wealth, gold-backed or silver-backed systems create debt slavery and poverty because the person that determines the day to day value controls all transactions. Coin is the choice of currency of the Freeman. This is why the yids co-opted the catholic church and conspired against the Templars - the issuance of Promissory Notes with no inherent value to anyone but the Account holder and the Commissar of Templars, completely cut the yids out of the transaction - redemption by proof of identity means no one else can utilize the money, so the yids can't benefit from stealing it.

    Hence, the assassinated and vilified of this world are generally people that intend to issue coin of substantial face-value; 25 dollar and 50 dollar coins etc. With large value coin two persons are performing a transaction which is free of debt - the yids hate this more than the 8 hour day!

    The story of Currency and its issuance is a very interesting one and inherent to that story is ALL the information one needs to find the villains of this material world.


  49. "'s all about the arbitrage opportunities inherent to conflict..."

    The Rothschilds are notorious for taking advantage of the 'arbitrage' opportunities in conflicts that were planned or encouraged by them.

    The American Revolution, however, was NOT planned or encouraged by the Rothschilds as they already held the reins of power and stood to gain nothing from it.

    "The Brits are owned by the Rothschilds..."

    The British government is indeed owned by the Rothschilds and, as such, loaning money to the American revolutionaries would've been tantamount to betting against themselves.

    "You just haven't got a clue..."

    I guess Eustace Mullins didn't have a clue either because his writings don't support any of your bizarre claims.

  50. Hey Kenny,...anonymous fuckwit: ARBITRAGE IIIIZZZ BETTING AGAINST YOURSELF!




    No, 'arbitrage' is simultaneously betting on two opposing teams.

    It is not betting against yourself, strictly speaking, unless you happen to own one of the teams (as was the case with the Rothschilds during the Revolutionary War).

    Nice try, though, motherfucker.

  52. Hey Kenny,...Last response to this yiddish 13 year old self-abuser. "simultaneously betting on two opposing teams", what about where there is the possibility of a Draw, knucklehead? You don't know, because when you joogle something and have a quick scrape through the info, all you get is a shallow dummies guide.

    As for owning one of the teams, the yiddish bauers owned both teams - they were lending money to both sides and there is NO chance of a Draw, when indebted to a Neanderthal of the filthy tribe.

    Now go prepare for your barmitzvah, because you must stink like a garbage can after not changing your clothes or bathing for the required ceremonial period of abstinence from personal hygiene: You khazar monkeys are filthy-weird.



  53. I'm gonna give the win to "Anonymous" on account of veritas yet again descending into another variation of "yer a jew". You CAN disagree with veritas without being a "khazar" or jew of any variety. Its true veritas, as crazy as that no doubt sounds to you.

  54. "...the yiddish bauers owned both teams - they were lending money to both sides..."

    Which explains how the coinage clause got into the Constitution, of course, as well as the long battle to nullify that clause and re-establish a Rothschild-owned central bank here in the US.

    Yep, that kind of thing is exactly what you'd expect to see in a country that was founded by bankster stooges.