Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Flulapalooza" sets herd mass vaccination world record

"Shot Fest"

The gods of the big pharma vaccination industry smiled. The CDC applauded. Social engineers laughed among themselves at how easy it is to round up the herd and gently lead them in the direction they choose.
Vanderbilt University more than doubled the current world record for the total number of vaccinations given in an eight-hour period. From 6:50 a.m. until 2:50 p.m., 12,647 university and medical center faculty, staff and students received free influenza vaccinations at Flulapalooza, a mass vaccination drill and simultaneous attempt to break the current Guinness world record.
Although it took a great deal of planning to pull off this festival, getting the 'customers' in line wasn't that difficult. Setting up the 'drill' as a game with the chance of winning and setting a record combined with peer pressure and a lemming like collectivist mentality plus it's all for 'free' will work most every time. Americans love this kind of thing.

Vanderbilt is the sixth most expensive college in the country to attend and it's probably safe to say most of their students, faculty and medical workers will not be spending their time at any kind of 'Occupy' protest and not because they think it's a hijacked or staged movement. These are the folks who work for or hope to one day work for the 1%. Without much of a football team to cheer on, this vaccination event gave them something to rally around and feel proud of.  To be fair I won't say it's all in the Vandy community that are like this but to be considered by many to be among the best and brightest a great number sure don't mind slow dancing to the tunes of deceit.

Coming up next will be the Guinness record attempt to see how many citizens, on their own and without being forced, can get to a train station, cram themselves into a cattle car and ride off to a FEMA camp in an eight hour period. 

"Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding."
                 Ezra Pound
"An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie."
                Aldous Huxley


  1. I'll never forget talking to a friend's Dad back in the mid-80's, when the "swine flu" crap was everywhere. I asked him, "Do you have any intention of getting a flu shot?"

    He said, "Fuck, no!" I asked, "Why not?" His reply? "Let all the fucking idiots and slaves get themselves poked with this toxic garbage, and there shouldn't be any epidemic for me to worry about."

    Need I say more?

  2. Guess I was lucky to attend my state university back when keggers were the norm, you could smell marijuana smoke on campus and 'flashing' was considered good fun.

    Looks like there won't be any shortage of Hitler youth types growing up to keep Fascist America firmly in the grasp of the 1%.

  3. I havent had a flu shot since I was like 14. I'm 28 now and have only had the flu maybe twice since then.

  4. Most of the flu vaccine contains thimerosal at 0.01 weight percent, the equivalent of a concentration of mercury at 50,000 parts per billion.
    The EPA defines hazardous waste at 200 parts per billion. Most of the flu vaccine suffers from a mismatch of the peptide used to instill immunity- in other words the peptides which are used to raise the antibody response are generally not those seen in the flu for which the vaccine antibodies are raised. If you wish to avoid the flu, try vitamin D3 and vitamin C (you can search for the information) or otherwise try to review the fantastic information from the Vitamin D Council and proponents, such as Dr. John Cannell. They have useful, healthful information regarding same. Look it up, the information is worth $10,000 in health benefits.

  5. vitamin d3 - 5,000 ius a day (try now vitamins, about $13 on Amazon for 240 5,000 iu softgels)

    vitamin c - ascorbic acid powder is the cheapest (again see Amazon, you can get 3 lbs of this stuff, 1/2 teaspoon = 2.25 grams, for about $40). Take enough to reach "bowel tolerance" (i.e, the runs), then back off and that's your daily dose. I take about 6-9 g a day. First hint of sore throat, double it for a day or two.

    Best book on vaccines: Immunization is not innoculation by Tim O'Shea (

    Other good site:

    google "vitamin c" and "klennar" to get more good info.

    Freedom is not free, nor is your health. If you think drinking a cup of OJ daily will help, you've got illness in store for you. OJ is mostly sugar, which taxes your immune system.


  6. EV your post is really, really helpful.

  7. Noticed how the media this week has been pushing a couple of recent 'studies' that say vitamin use may do more harm than good?

    Although not specifically targeting vitamins C and D in the studies, the thought seeds are planted for those who only remember some of the sound bytes that it is all vitamins.

    This may be leading up to get public acceptance of police state regulation of vitamins and other supplements. All backed up and funded by the criminal pharma companies.

  8. I fully expect the powers that be will regulate vitamins/minerals. They already fuck with our air, water, and food supply, and try to force us to take drugs/shoot up our kids. Vitamins/minerals/chelation agents are the last line of defense.

    In the EU, supplements are already banned. I'm stocking up.


  9. Hey Kenny,..."Noticed how the media this week has been pushing a couple of recent 'studies' that say vitamin use may do more harm than good?"

    Here in rothschalia: They have been pounding the MSM with "Public Announcements" and "Community Health Warnings" regarding contaminated product and the possible inaccurate dosages of the "Labelled Natural Product" - BS.

    Let's just get on with the revolution and ignore the sheeple, ALL revolutionaries in the past eventually got to the point where they realized that the lumpen proles, enjoy their squalor and stench - comfort zones versus New Frontiers?

    Let's just start building barricades and see who turns up for our Revolt Party!

    BYO Pitchforks and Torches.



  10. Kids don't need vaccines. No one does. I actually invented my own religion to invoke it to get an exemption for my kids.

    Why am I not worried about my kids?

    Because germ theory is very likely a fraud. I don't understand it all, and still have some confusion, but there is much to ponder.

    Okay, so infectious diseases is a normal part of childhood -- a natural way to build the immune system. Diseases in children with properly functioning immune systems still HAPPEN but they are short-lived. After passing through the crucible of any particular illness, the child is then ever-after immune to that illness.

    This makes sense to me but is also contrary to the idea that illnesses are due to the condition of the organism's immune system, which may be weakened by stress, cold, crowding, poor water/sanitation, the absence of important nutrients, the presence of toxins, etc. Perhaps when organisms are in this state, they are vulnerable, but, in childhood, even healthy individuals get sick as a natural way to build their immunity. Children who are immune-compromised, for some reason (e.g., being fed formula) are then more susceptible to microbes as a result. Maybe the microbes in tainted water then find an easy host.

    The whole idea of germ theory being wrong is something I'm struggling with. If the "terrain is everything, the germ is nothing," as Pasteur proclaimed on his deathbed, then how is it that outbreaks occur? The people who write about germ theory being wrong make some good points. Germ theory posits that our blood is sterile until invaded by germs - viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast. Critics of germ theory say that germs arise endogenously (as opposed to exogenously) from within the body and that they are actually scavengers that help an over-loaded immune system clean up decaying organic material. Critics also note, rightly, that all kinds of microbes happily co-exist in our body in the absence of any outward disease. HIV is a case in point, passes harmlessly from mother to infant, but also arises when someone's immune system is compromised. (So AIDS causes HIV, not the other way around; correlation is not causation!) Outbreaks shouldn't occur if one is an adult and has a fully operational immune system.

    ...end of 1/3

  11. William Trebing (in the book, 'Good bye germ theory' 6th ed.) cites some research conducted on healthy military men who were exposed to microbes (throats sprayed with sputum of people suffering from flu/colds); none got sick. So I took that to mean that if I'm healthy, then my neighbor with bubonic plague could cough all over me and I'd be fine. Amazing. But outbreaks do occur - I guess Trebbing and others would say that they occur in people detoxing or susceptible for some reason. O'Shea would say that germs can't live without a host and jumping to a person not in a healthy state is like jumping into a petri dish full of culture - lots of yummy stuff to eat.

    Not sure I'm totally ready to write off germ theory . . . yet . . . but if germ theory is untrue, then vaccines were never needed in the first place (as well as never worked and caused harm). Logically, why would vaccines BE needed if the genus homo has managed to survive for millions of years without them? (The CDC says stuff like, 'vaccines are needed to help children mature their immune systems.' I don't know . . . some might say that vaccines are now needed like they never were before, since we're eating processed foods without enzymes and doing other things to damage our health.)
    Everyone agrees that vaccines don't convey long-term immunity -- hence the stated need for booster shots. Related to this is that immunity based on contracting a disease naturally (and recovering naturally) conveys lifetime immunity, as noted above. What I didn't know is that the natural immunity can be inherited. So this is an example of genetic changes happening in one lifetime that can be passed down to the next generation -- something that I thought couldn't happen in evolution (and which is known as "Lamarkianism," I believe). I knew that natural immunity can be passed via breastfeeding, but I thought that the immunity passed from mother to child in this way lasts just 6 months or so. Maybe that's not true. And perhaps only natural immunity can be passed via breastmilk, not any immunity from shots. O'Shea says that shot-based immunity is not heritable, too. Somehow related to this is the fact that the blood-brain barrier doesn't develop until adolescence. Why would that be? This does explain why mercury (and aluminum) is so toxic to developing brains but less so to adults.
    A serious concern, too, with shots is that either they don't target the right disease (so a small pox vaccine that has cow pox [or monkey pox or goat pox or whatever pox] cannot protect anyone against human small pox, which is a different disease) or they are man-made viruses that, once injected into humans, may mutate into strains foreign to the immune-systems of anyone alive (I have no idea if this is true or not). When the measles virus was introduced, virtually all adults were immunized naturally but their children, once vaccinated, never caught the wild strain of measles; they had to be given boosters but gradually kept losing whatever artificial immunity they gained from the shots. The research shows that people getting measles shots are 10-15 (I forgot the order of magnitude but it's high) times more likely to contract measles. But they may be contracting some lab-evolved (and then evolved in human guinea pigs who got shots) strain of measles that no one has developed immunity to. By the time they are grown, most adults aren't really immune to measles and so could catch it from their children when they get innoculated for measles. In the meantime, the human genome, due to the introduction of foreign DNA/RNA (which is what viruses and bacteria are) from either humans, labs, animals or some combination is being changed in a direction we have no clue about and certainly no longer any control over.

    . . . end of 2/3

  12. There actually is such a thing as herd immunity but it takes many, many generations for the human genome to fully incorporate antibodies to all these diseases. In a sense, we squandered our biological inheritance by adopting vaccines. All these infectious diseases were, in the US and in most industrialized countries, gone (and present only briefly in normal childhood illnesses) because all the grownups had antibodies to them. Putting this junk in our veins had bad consequences: The vaccines didn't convey real immunity (which is way more complicated and I don't understand it yet); the vaccines don't even match the wild strains that our genome has antibodies to (and that match the diseases they are supposed to prevent); and the vaccines are often "attenuated" to such an extent that they don't provoke an immune reaction but instead slip into our systems undefended against and turn into time-released stealth viruses (so says O'Shea - I don't know if this is possible or true if possible). And so generations of children are born now who maybe didn't inherit any antibodies to, for example, measles, aren't allowed to contract natural (wild) measles because it's not around, yet they get vaccinated with mostly artificial strains of measles that no one really has immunity to and/or the immunity is short-lived, leaving them vulnerable to ever-more virulent strains in the future. Does this make sense?
    This is what I learned from O'Shea's book, plus the history of vaccines (Jenner had no degree and used what at best could be called 'medieval' methods and logic - how's this for a vaccine - one of several methods: extract bodily fluids from a human corpse dead from small pox and inject that directly into a living human's body and call it a vaccine!); plus shocking info about individual vaccines and how non-existent or horrible the research is on them (e.g., Hep-B approved after just 5 days of testing, diphtheria vaccine still in existence even though it's a bacterial infection treatable with antibiotics; pertussis vaccine and mercury virtually untested or the tests mortally failed yet the ingredients/vaccines were adopted); info on adjuvants and additives; the FDA & CDC's craven and cowardly tactics undertaken to protect the vaccine-industrial complex not people; vaccine industry tricks & how much money is at stake. Trebbings' book is good, too, but different in that he attempts to put all the pieces together to form a larger political picture - it's not just about the money. Plus he goes so far as to say that the microbes in any illness should NOT be eradicated (as with antibiotics, colloidal silver, OTC meds, you name it) as they are part of the cure; eliminating these symptoms just prolongs the illness, driving it underground. The microbes are the rats showing up to eat the garbage; we've got to address the reason why there is so much garbage lying around, not focus on the rats. The rats will go away when the garbage is picked up. Shoring up our immune systems is key.
    I'd like to tell you about this Quebec scientist who hasn't yet written a book (at least not in English), but it's too late and I think I've blathered on long enough. (The Quebec fellow's name is Gaston Naessens, a retiring 80-something scientist carrying on the tradition of Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur.) "Bechamp vs. Pasteur" (by Ethel Hume) is another excellent source of info re: germ theory.

    ...end of 3/3

    Sorry for the long post, Kenny, you can delete it,

    p.s. don't vaccinate the dog/cat either but still secretly worry about rabies!!!! I wish I could be certain.

  13. EV, I would never think of deleting relevant information. It's what I appreciate the most.

    V, yes, we are being pushed into a corner and there are no comfort zones.

  14. If you want to see some excellent information on vaccines and their general uselessness (other than to herd the sheeple into false paradigms) you should search Veira Scheibner who has done a world of research on this very issue.
    Another useful website is

    Lots of interesting alternative theory medicla information there.
    They also do a good job crystallizing issues related to vaccines.

  15. Next to the Mississippi Sheople, Tennessee Sheople are some of the stupidest in the country (and I live in TN, originally from MS).

    But, somehow, I never have had a flu shot, nor ever will. What happened to me?

  16. Science is not found on a blog, or in the anecdotal evidence of one or a few, or even in the masses being vacinated. So always be weary of those who claim something for which there is reproducible evidence. I too love Linus Pauling but there is no "scientific" evidence that Vit C cures cancer or protects you from the flu for that matter. You can be a sheep that follows one or many but either way if its not science your still just a sheep!! Beware of BLOG science!!

  17. Hey Kenny,..."Beware of BLOG science!!"...Beware of nay-Sayers: There are literally millions of genuine, economical, effective and safe "home remedies" and herbal remedies based in lore, a simple search of the web will offer up a multitude of alternative medicines and treatments.

    If it weren't for the website of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth I would not have learned the rate of collapse of the WTC buildings, the facts regarding steel-framed buildings and their imperviousness to fire. But for the web, I would not have learned an immense amount of facts and related scientific realities concerning the implausibility of the Plane that was alleged to have hit the Pentagon, being incapable of the tight fast turn that was necessary to give the plane the attitude it required to strike the pentagon where it was alleged that it did, approaching from the direction it is alleged to have come from.

    Fluoride is another case to point: 'The Fluoride Deception' is a book that I am currently reading, I recommend it to anyone that wants to know the truth about fluoride, I found it on a Blog, get it here:

    Oh, the warning comes from an anonimal, of course it does!

    The following is another excellent example of "Blog science", although this site is a dot-com, it is a Blogger style info' site.

    Cheers people, get well, stay well and maintain the rage against the synagogue of satan and their sayanim!



  18. Hey, anon 5:21, I call bullshit! There is plenty of science. Just because you never heard about it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Do you think that there might be a reason why this info is buried???

    Anyway, don't dis Pauling. Linus Pauling reviewed all the science on vitamin C in his books. Especially good is his book "How to live longer and feel better."

    The evidence is there, but obviously intelligent people must see for themselves. Pauling pointed out that humans cannot create their own vitamin c - all other animals except primates, guinea pigs (and one other species) make vitamin c out of glucose in their livers. We MUST get it from our diets.

    Comparing comparable body size, we should have about 4grams a day at minimum - we'd have to eat a ton of fruits/veggies/raw milk to get all that c! Lack of c is implicated in heart disease, cancer, infectious disease, and on and on.

    See ya,

  19. Veritas,
    Yes! The fluoride deception is so good. Reading it made me so angry. Glad you mentioned it.

    Some of us have PHDs and are scientists. Some of us don't and aren't. My brother is an auto mechanic and he can think better than 99% of Americans. He reads. He reasons. He thinks for himself. It's actually an advantage not to go to college, because you don't have to unlearn all the crap first.

    Anyway, I am past caring. Let people keep brushing their teeth w/ fluoridated paste, drinking chlorinated/fluoridated water, taking vaccines, ingesting big pharma drugs, eating shitty processed food, and not taking vitamins. It's a Darwin award...those stupid people will be taken out of the gene pool. They'll eventually get cancer and go to their docs to be cut, poisoned, and burned (surgery, chemo, radiation).

    Feeling grumpy!


  20. Hey Kenny,...EV; Check this out, I just got the link from a cute Polish(?) chick on farce-book:

    - she has some great links, her farce-book page is here:


  21. A little good news. Two mid TN towns removed fluoride from their water last month. The media tried to spin that it was only a cost saving measure for cash strapped towns. Activists did use the cost angle but it was them bringing the 'blog science' of poisons to the table that sealed the deal.

  22. No matter how cute - I don't do facebook, sorry Veritas. I bet it's good info though...

    Glad some towns are catching on, Kenny; it's refreshing. Imagine: Paying some company to add poison to your water! IQs will rise in the aftermath of said removal.


  23. Hey Kenny,..Yeah EV, I get ya, I never did it before, it was an experiment with a few fellow travellers, farcebook gives a free and very effective "Live" videochat facility, we thought it might be a useful truther forum, well, it sort of is, but like Blogger and jootube, it is controlled by the yids.
    It is after all, a good thing to be able to use the enemies ammunition and weapons, Cooooeee! Nothing bugged the yanks in Vietnam more than seeing Charles with an M16.

    Actually Les inspired me to set a page up and now I hardly use it. What can a goy do?

    If anyone wants a videochat, a sort of "get ta know ya", sometimes its nice to have a P2P bitch about the yids! I'm here:

    I'm going to see if multiple people can chat, I reckon that would be cool if we could discuss a Post in a videochat-room.

    Or maybe I'm losing the few marbles I have left?


  24. off-topic
    Of course this was coming.


  25. Hey Kenny: Timely post.
    "Noticed how the media this week has been pushing a couple of recent 'studies' that say vitamin use may do more harm than good?"

    Most definitely caught that one!
    I went through and read a number of stories and either it was a seriously shoddy bit of reporting or the "study" was pure crap.

    Kenny did you get a chance to listen to that interview I had posted?
    If you haven't give it a whirl.
    The whole vaccine as preventative is such a racket, but, not just that the "legitimacy" given to these experiments is incredible.
    And that is all they are, experiments.
    First time I ever heard this fellow interviewed and it was very informative
    Like the Vitamin E and prostate cancer risk- What kind of Vitamin E?
    The petroleum based product Vitamin E
    Or the natural based Vitamin E
    And yes, unless you are buying natural sourced Vitamin E, you are taking a petroleum by product.
    Can that be good for anyone? REally?
    Don't think so!

  26. Hey Penny, good point on synthetic vitamins.

    swits, yeah, that's a William Kristol hate group that released the video. Some are saying that it was agent provocateurs bringing in the jewish and anti-israel signs and talking points. Maybe but these groups are always looking to play up the anti-semetic angle.

  27. I wrote a comment yesterday about the connection between vaccines and autoimmune disorders.....where did it go?

    This is the third time this week one of my comments has mysteriously disappeared.

  28. the idea that shooting something into your bloodstream will help you is just plain weird. The body can deal with stuff in the mouth/digestive system, stuff in the lungs/respiratory system, and stuff on the skin. Putting junk directly into the bloodstream means the immune system has no defense. Probably anything you put in your veins causes an antibody response - which is used by vaccine manufacturers to say that the vaccine was effective.

    Somebody commented that vaccines are useless, since 99% of the diseases each one is designed for were wiped out before the introduction of vaccines.

    What a giant joke vaccines are - like bloodletting. Someday people will look back on this time and shake their heads.

    I need to create a punchy anti-vaccine link. That site someone mentioned ( is good but too complicated. (I still can't figure out what orgone is...)

    My big wish would be one blog where every lie is blown apart - medical, historical, everything. I don't believe in much of anything anymore...not even evolution as the source of our species. Does anyone know of such a site?


  29. anon @ October 14, 2011 11:19 AM,

    I haven't deleted anything and there's nothing at the moment in the spam box. As I mentioned a few days back, blogger and the comments are acting up. Try again if you like. That's all I know.

  30. Great quotes there at the end kenny! And very excellent comments from everyone! Good info and links EV, veritas, and anon. This vaccination issue is extremely important, but one I rarely focus on. I certainly do not take any vaccines, or medicine, or anything from any doctors. I don't even have health insurance, and haven't had it for, least a year and a half now. Even when I did have it, I never went to the doctor.

    I am extremely active, which I think is essential to remaining healthy. I bike 3-4 times per week to work, which ends up being like 13-14 miles per day, at least. I bike everywhere out here. It's so f-ing nice everyday, why not, right?! I also lift weights and stuff like that 2-3 times per week.

    Eating good food is really important, obviously. I don't take any supplements, and never really have. I probably get sick once or twice a year. Been like that for about 2-3 years now.

    And it's funny- at work today they were giving out free flu vaccines! LOL- a bunch of people were signing up and I was like, "You've got to be fucking kidding me guys!" Overall, most people did not get the vaccine, but some did. To each their own, I guess...

  31. Hi John,
    Good - don't let 'em stick you!

    You a young-un and in good shape. Exercise is so key because it's the only way (besides skin brushing) to get your lymphatic fluid flowing. (A sluggish lymphatic system means toxins accumulate in your body..a nice environment for cancer, etc.)

    The reason you might consider supplementing is because of the reason I mentioned above (our bodies cannot make the vitamin, like C, or makes very little, like niacin [vit B3]). The other reason is that, even if you consume a perfectly organic, whole foods diet, you are getting fewer vitamins and minerals than someone eating the same diet 50 years ago. The soils are getting depleted. Modern agriculture methods use up the soil, burn it out, and don't put back the good stuff.

    Best: Eat good grown/raised on soil that has fertilizer from well-raised livestock (pastured chickens, cows, etc.) mixed in. The soil might still need doctoring for missing minerals, etc. I don't pretend to know how to do that, but the old-timey farmers do.

    You know what would be a great idea? Combine protests with organic farm stands...everybody wins!


  32. Hey EV, thanks! I am definitely checkout out the links you put up earlier!

    Also, has anyone ever seen this?

    We need to be getting behind this!

  33. Off topic, but doesn't the video of the dumbass kid yelling at an obviously old jew in a yamika to "go back to Israel" and stuff seem like a couple of ham fisted provocateurs trying to discredit a protest against their Wall Street buddies? What a weak attempt.

  34. Oh brother.

    I spoke with Bruce Gellin a few years ago, when I was doing a bit of research to find out the odds of getting a mercury toxic flu shot from my friendly local pharmacist. ( I called my blog 'Adventures at the Flu Fair'. Ahahah. I thought that was funny but not nearly so much as 'fluapalooza'. Bruce, it seemed to me at the time, was about the sole sane person I spoke with.

    Ah well, as that dude in Thanks for Smoking said-- I guess the mortage has to be paid. Still and all, I wonder if he ever could've imagined, back when he was a lad, growing up one day to be the head Palooza.

  35. VUMC is not entitled to violate the right to informed consent (which entails informed refusal) of their staff by requiring "exemptions". The VUMC policy is placing itself above the by coercing the staff that refuses to undergo this invasive medical procedure.