Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hell Yes We Have Demands

Although some are saying it is premature for the 'Occupy' protests to put concrete demands in place and in the context of wanting to increase the numbers in the streets to put more pressure on the criminals in charge perhaps that is a valid point. But sooner or later demands must be articulated and some kind of consensus, however loose, must be come to.

Right now OccupyWallStreet has a proposed list of demands here and here, user generated and not the official positions, but in my opinion they don't go far enough. Not addressing the issues of the Federal Reserve and the wars does not pass my litmus test. That's not to say that there aren't a great deal of folks for whom these two issues are right at the top of the list but it seems many have fallen for the 'left' distractions from the wars. This needs to change and I think it will.

There are a great number of opinions on what the demands should be but in my searching for a 'list' this is one of the best I've seen so far. It's a starting point and everyone so inclined could add, subtract and clarify some of the points.
From Video Rebel ... hat tip to Jody
1) The US Treasury seize the Federal Reserve and audit the books with complete transparency.

2) Seize the assets of all Wall Street criminals. Arrest the criminals. Demand the return of all bonuses paid to banks that received Bailout money either from the Treasury or the Federal Reserve. Most of these men are Jewish and could receive Israeli citizenship if they do not already have it. Therefore they should not receive bail.

3) Use seized assets to pay off all government debts that cannot be cancelled outright.

3) Eliminate all CDS (Credit Default Swaps) which are unregulated insurance contracts. Currently, the potential losses from CDS is 30 times greater than the total output output of goods and services for the entire world.

4) Eliminate naked shorting of stocks and commodities. It should illegal to sell what you do not own.

5) Issue debt free money from the Treasury as President Kennedy directed shortly before the bankers murdered him.

6) Raise tariffs to protect what few industries remain in America. Dedicate these revenues to Social Security and Medicare to relieve tax burdens on younger workers.

7) Demand the release of all hidden advanced technologies held by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration.) The federal government to date has not even released the technology found in the labs and notes of Nikola Tesla nearly 70 years ago.

08) The royalties for that technology must be given to American corporations in exchange for stock shares. This stock is to be deposited into accounts held at Depository Trusts in the name of younger employed citizens. These trust funds are to be in our name and in no way to be government accounts. Upon death all funds are to be inherited by the designated heirs.

9) We demand a complete criminal investigation of both 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995.

10) We demand an end to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. We also demand an end to all aid to Israel.

Some points from the 'Occupy' movement are worthwhile for inclusion.
Congress pass specific and effective laws limiting the influence of lobbyists and eliminating the practice of lobbyists writing legislation that ends up on the floor of congress.

Congress pass "revolving door" legislation eliminating the ability of former government regulators going to work for corporations that they once regulated.

Eliminate "personhood" legal status for corporations.

The recent events of U.S. Attorneys and the IRS attacking the medical marijuana industry highlights the need and the demand to end the war on drugs. This repression is so blatant and unconstitutional that it almost defies comprehension. On the other hand it is not surprising as there is an all out police state war on the American people. From marijuana to raw milk to nutritional supplements and pure foods, total control of what we put in our bodies for the profit of a few is the goal.  No problem for the CIA and military protecting opium crops and trafficking in hard drugs though.  

Corruption is so rampant in elements of government, corporations, the financial sector, etc. that the demands  could ultimately be overwhelming. Purging every criminal in the system and making examples of them is a tall task but not impossible. Once the purge begins the cowards will run and try to find a place to hide.

The demands that are needed are being seen by many as possible by working within the system. Electing the right people, regulating or eliminating existing institutions, basically seeing to it that for once in our history that the common man actually has a voice and the power over our future. I'm not sure that it's possible but I can see that it needs to be the focus at this moment.

Just to get Congress to bow to our will means that they will not only have to fear for their jobs but also for their lives.  They already do but it's from those 1% that now control them, not us.

Most of us are as non-violent as they come. That's one of the best qualities of being human. Peace within can become peace manifested outwardly throughout the world we've been told. Still, the idea of not being afraid to die for what we consider a worthwhile cause and for the protection of our children, grandchildren and those to come is what the powers that be fear the most. They don't think we're up to it. They may be wrong.

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  1. Heyo kenny, major disappointment today...

    Much more currently uploading. Should be all up at my place by tomorrow.

    These fascists and haters ain't gonna hold me back!

  2. Chairman Mao smoked out his opponents with a cultural revolution. "Let a hundred flowers bloom..." then chopped 'em up leave, stem and bud.

    Letting a big, tax-exempt Canadian NGO throw a Wall Street protest to do the same here?

    Hope not. Can't help but wonder. And hard not to notice but Chairman M never paid a thing for the millions he butchered.

  3. Hey Kenny,

    Did you see that link about Occupy Wall Street at Aang's lately? Very interesting.

    But regardless the list is a worthy exercise. Off he top of my head -

    - the withdrawal of all US military forces from overseas.

    - the banning of private entities from running or overseeing the deprivation of human liberty, ie. prisons.

    - a public inquiry into US governmental mind control activities.

    - the banning of dual passport holders from any governmental positions beyond that of dog-catcher.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Kenny!

    John, that was a bit of a shocker. I bet you anything some of those people were paid shills. Keep on doing what you're doing. This is the perfect time to get smart people who care informed about what's really going on.

    Those are good demands, Nobody.

  5. Kent State MassacreOctober 10, 2011 at 11:38 AM

  6. Hey John, Franz, nobs and Jody.

    kent state, that's the kind of message that needs to be reiterated.

  7. To stop corruption,members of Congress term should be limited to no more than 2 terms (4 years) only.
    That was the intent of the Founders who wrote the Constitution. This is an important issue. We have now Congress members in the House who has been there for a long time like Congressman Rangel who represents District 15,of NY, has been in Congress since 1970.
    That's why some of these Congress members are disconnected,become corrupted,and serve their own lobbyists to extend their terms to the max. In every Congressional race, a good number of districts does not even have an opponent on the ballot to challenge these

  8. "I'm not sure that it's possible..."

    Neither am I, but for what it's worth here's my demand:

    Seize the assets of Rupert Murdoch and every other media owner/corporation that promoted the wars. Then use the money to pay reparations to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Once that's done, get out of the empire business by closing down all overseas military bases.

  9. "Most of us are as non-violent as they come. That's one of the best qualities of being human. Peace within can become peace manifested outwardly throughout the world we've been told. Still, the idea of not being afraid to die for what we consider a worthwhile cause and for the protection of our children, grandchildren and those to come is what the powers that be fear the most. They don't think we're up to it. They may be wrong."

    Brilliant. I hope you don't mind but that is going to be my new blog header. It says EVERYTHING.

    As I saw with John's short video, however, we are VERY VERY VERY far from anything remotely resembling a successful movement. That "holoco$t/Zionist sensitivity training/brainwashing" runs verrrry deep.

  10. When the US Constitution was being drafted back around 1787 in Philadelphia, word is that the temps outside were as hot as the discussion inside.

    And that's from men who had been thru a successful Revolutionary War, and had degrees from American colleges and universities that IMO, actually taught students back then how to think instead of regurgitating state sanctioned BS that many colleges today teach our kids so they become good, unquestioning worker drones.

    I know for a fact that the University of Missouri I attended back in 1974 was a tough nut to crack, the professors and TA's drove students to use their minds to think, unlike the the same university I again attended in 1995 that had become so dumded down, it wasn't that difficult to make A's.

    So give the OWS credit for overcoming many obstacles that were implanted in their fertile minds at a young age and realizing the system is CORRUPT and almost corrupted them, but they grew a pair, opened their minds and are now fighting a battle w/o many resources.

  11. Noor, Thank you. That is a real honor.

    Greg, yes, we must support what we hope will be the continuing evolution of this movement.

    Richard, I agree that the bought media is complicit in war crimes and can't be allowed to get a pass and not pay for their lies and propaganda.

  12. Excellent list of demands.

    But, Franz may be correct when he said...

    "Chairman Mao smoked out his opponents with a cultural revolution...then chopped 'em up leaf, stem and bud."

    - Aangirfan

  13. Occupy US Congress where the criminals really are. "End the Fed" shows ignorance by protesters. The Federal Reserve Board can be ended (abolished) only by the legislative act of Congress. Remember Ron Paul tried to do this. Obama and Congress gave those $trillions of bailouts to the banks. Obama and Congress are the ones who have the power to control and prosecute the banks. Why are the protesters not making demands on them? There should be Impeach Obama signs everywhere and Congress members being hung in effigy. Banks have been allowed and empowered to rip-off Americans by the criminals in government. Patriotic protesters should be expressing very openly anger at them. Why aren't they? Who doesn't want them to?

  14. How do you get a Slovakian politician to change his vote? Send him a postcard from Smolensk.

  15. These demands presuppose some entity to "arrest" and "punish" the criminals, but those people run the state. Ditto the US Treasury "seizing" the Federal Reserve.

    The problem with these radical-sounding demands is that they do not recognize that the state apparatus itself will have to be defeated before any of it can happen. It is impossible to maintain the current structure and replace them with "better" bureaucrats. The system is not reformable.

    That said, we need to articulate transitional demands, like single payer health care, an end to the wars (and slashing of the military budgets), an end to the drug war, and disgorging of Wall Street profits. These will not be given over easily, but they can be secured within the context of the current state. From there, we demand more.