Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nearly 100 years later and this is what it has come to


I suppose one could say 'better late than never' for an uprising against the central bankers but we are still at a disadvantage. A century of tried and tested tricks and tactics will be used to keep us not only placated with the 'allowing' of minor protests but if need be to keep the same criminals in power more drastic measures will be on the table.

From the founding of this country we have been warned of the consequences when central banks rule the money supply. We have wavered  in our duty, going from killing the banks to giving them full reign.

It's possible that this will be our one last chance.

What will be our response?

In 1912, Alfred Owen Crozier in his book "US Money vs. Corporate Currency "Aldrich Plan"" gave us one of the last warnings before the age of the Federal Reserve began.

Much of what he had to say still holds true today.

    Selected excerpts:
The Wall Street and bank combine are now dickering for support with the management of both parties. It is said to be offering to finance the campaign of both sides if friendly candidates are nominated, and a real investigation of the "money trust" is prevented. It is willing to spend millions, because the play is for future billions and the political control of the republic.

Remember, those who have power to make money scarce or plenty have power over the business of every man, the happiness of every home, to make or break, to confer or destroy general prosperity. It gives them a hunger-hold on every man, woman and child. Shall this autocratic power be granted without reservation?

The people can kill the scheme. But will they do it? Public sentiment, lashed to indignation and fury by knowledge of this dangerous and daring legislative "hold-up," can smash the entire conspiracy. But will the people wake up; will they realize their peril and act in time? It must be war!

Wealth honestly and fairly gained by individual effort^ whatever the size, may put upon the owner a public responsibility, but no stigma. It should receive the full protection of the law. But law-made wealth, that obtained, improperly by private interests through acts of Congress or State Legislatures, if it tends to increase the burden upon the people for the profit of the few, should be either confiscated or strictly regulated for the public benefit. This line of distinction between law-made and individually earned. wealth should ever be kept in mind.

No honest person will be prejudiced against any man simply because he is a banker, or rich. On the other hand,, because a man is a banker, rich and powerful, is no reason why he should be shielded or feared if he has been guilty^ of graft, fraud and criminal conduct.

In all great national and international monetary and financial affairs the Rothschilds always play the ruling hand. They possess masterful genius and financial intellect. But it is the sheer weight of liquid or ready wealth held in such large quantity that all the nations of the world must go to the Rothschilds for financial assistance in time of peace, or before they can go to war whatever the provocation or emergency, that gives them supreme power in the world's affairs. No war can be waged without money, and no large nation can get adequate money to finance a war from any one but the Rothschilds. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that whenever any war is begun the Rothschilds have consented thereto. They may finance both sides, because it is immaterial whether the interest profits they crave come from one or both countries. In fact the war furnishes an excuse recognized as legitimate for charging both nations higher interest rates not only on the new debts but on old obligations maturing and being refunded.
It is known, of course, that after the nations have fought for a while and murdered tens of thousands and wounded and permanently maimed hundreds of thousands of human beings on both sides, pressure exerted by other governments instigated by the financiers will force a quick com- promise, leaving the nations both in approximately the same condition as before except that each has vastly in- creased its debt and the annual interest burden on its people while the financiers have gotten rid of accumulated capital in exchange for high interest gold bonds that cannot be paid for perhaps thirty or fifty years. This surely is the result if not the deliberate plan.

Frequent rumors of war or warlike preparations each year have been ping-ponged back and forth between the countries in the public press. These have tended to excite popular fear, hate and patriotism and cause the people to consent and even to urge the governments to swell vastly the mortgage burden upon the peoples for funds to increase and equip still larger standing armies and to build greater and more expensive navies. By withdrawing millions of men. into armies and idleness it reduces production and the earning power of the people, increases the burden on those employed, and makes it more certain that existing bonds will not be paid but will be refunded and increased. Why not have bigger armies, navies, forts, guns, idleness of millions of soldiers, rumors of war or even occasional war, when such things are so fruitful, so necessary to cause the issuance of more bonds to provide profitable investment.

When this hour comes, and the people find that they have been tricked and betrayed and are helpless, the country may become as inhospitable as Russia to the Hebrew race, ultimately the cry goes up "Down with the Jews !"

Many of the American people will believe that the instigators of their troubles and the chief beneficiaries are those greatest of all world-owning Hebrews — the Rothschilds.

It will be to the interest of every American Hebrew outside of Wall Street to have the Aldrich plan defeated, and every loyal citizen of this race will demand that the Government of the Republic retain control of the people's money supply and avoid permanently plunging this great republic into the bondage of hopeless debt.
Wall Street seems to be willing to play second fiddle and permanently sell out the interests of the United States and the welfare of all the people for the mere hope that by thus getting near the money throne of the Rothschilds some crumbs from their table will fall within the reach of our high financiers.
The banks will manufacture with the printing press their own "cash reserves" on which the huge volume of bank credit is based. What is the use of the banks going to the expense of providing actual cash capital when its central corporation can print and supply currency, money, to the banks without legal restraint or limit? It's all in the bank family. They can do as they please. The Government and the people henceforth are to have nothing to say about the public currency or the quantity to be furnished for their use.

It is time for the people to call a halt on all this tmfair and injurious juggling of their money supply and its debt- paying qualities, done by the banks for their profit and advantage ; done to discredit and handicap Government currency, the people's own money, in the interest of corporate bank currency.

The growing, selfish and insolent Money Power, incorporated and unincorporated, violates every law regulating and restraining its conduct, treats the people and their government with contempt, and then invokes the protection of the laws and the courts to shield the stolen "vested rights*' and privileges against violence that their own lawless course tends to incite.

The omnipotent and deadly octopus Congress is urged to legally set loose and install as the master of American banks, business, finance, industry, commerce and politics. Its poisonous and itching tentacles will gradually reach out and bind themselves about every home, farm, industry, bank, the public treasury, courts. Congress and the White House, gathering to itself supreme political power, sucking the wealth and substance of the people into Wall Street and dumping it into the Stock Exchange or the eager laps of the handful of men who will seek by moral if not by legal treason to rob the people of their God-given liberty, destroy the republic as a living reality and in its place erect an empire disguised as a democracy with incorporated wealth crowned as the ruling sovereign and all the people its subjects.
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  1. The Hidden Hand of ZionOctober 16, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    The pre-1913 America was an isolationist country that kept to itself for the most part.

    The post-1913 America, on the other hand, is an aggressively imperialistic country that constantly tries to involve itself in the affairs of other countries.

    The contrast between the two is quite stark.

    This sudden transformation was no accident.

    At some point, the Rothschilds got tired of using Britain's army as their private mercenary force and decided to start using America's army instead.

    Thus, the British Empire was phased out and the American Empire was created on the spot to take its place.

  2. Great find Kenny.

    I liked Hidden Hand 1:58 PM's comment. The charge of "isolationist" can kill any political career in the USA today, but what does it really mean?

    Tend your own garden and look to the well-being of your own people? Well! Nobody with a public life in this country can be accused of THAT sort of thing anymore.

    Guys with names like Charles Lindberg and Henry Ford became sanitized about some things, memory-holed about others.

    These men understood a thing or two about how imperial governments must conquer their own people first. They saw what happened to the proud English worker in their lifetime, the same thing that has happened to the proud American worker in ours.

  3. "It is time for the people to call a halt on all this unfair and injurious juggling of their money supply...done to discredit and handicap Government currency, the people's own money, in the interest of corporate bank currency."


    And this is where Ron Paul comes into play.

    Paul wants us to believe that the Federal Reserve is owned by the US government (not the Rothschilds) and that it's the government's fault that our money system is so fucked up.

    His solution is to remove the government from the equation altogether so that the bankers would then be able to run things directly with no possible way of holding them accountable.

    This, of course, is exactly what you'd expect from a frontman who works for the Money Trust.

  4. isolationist and protectionist is ok because when we support local, and buy local, your neighbor has a job and spends his cash local. it's human nature to be protectionist, think of a guild, association, union, synagogue, church, masonic lodge etc all protect their own

  5. And if you'll think this is bad right now, wait until you see Romney take over, or Perry.
    These people think Wall Street firms and bankers are over regulated, and they promised in their debates and speeches that they will give even more freedom to these bankers and Wall Street financial institutions to do even more damage to America.
    Looks like there is no escape or a safety net for Americans from these banksters to stop the looting.
    It's because the bankers and these institutions are the ones who bankroll our candidates presidential campaigns.
    Candidates know very well that unless bankers are on their side their chance of winning is slim.
    Unless we the people do something about taking away the money, which buys politicians, from our election system then we're as a nation are heading toward more difficult times than what we are witnessing now.
    It takes these days close to a billion dollar to win a presidential race,and bankers don't care which party they are giving their money to, as long as they get a nice return on their money and then some.

  6. Hey kenny, great source! I just downloaded it.

    I completely agree with Anon 8:18 PM, we have to start local. It's easy to do in San Diego, because there are so many local businesses, but other parts of the country it will be extremely difficult. Lots of small and medium sized towns are run by the big chain corporations- Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Applebees, ect. Some major cities- Las Vegas comes to mind- are completely corporate controlled with very minimal local business at all. Going forward with our new, re-established Republic (after we arrest and hang the bankers and politicians, and wipe Israel off the map), local production and entrepreneurship will be encouraged and fostered.

  7. One other thing that I've been thinking about- I've basically taken advantage of the very same economic system that I am out here ranting and raving against. I got a job in high school as a teller at Wells Fargo, and learned how things worked, and have taken advantage ever since. If you know how the system works you can use it to your advantage. And by that I mean establishing good credit and then using it wisely.

    I don't know, I guess I've always just been good with my finances. But overall, we are all operating in a completely fascist economic ordering of the world. The major forces behind the scene in banking all clearly have an agenda, which was laid out over 100 years ago, and is in the final stages of being completely realized.

    Check this out, I discovered it in a comment at Zion Crime Factory's blog:

  8. The pic was featured by people I know at FB. But they did not give credit to this article. I have a suspicion that they dared not actually point to the article because there are a few Jews involved.

    Jewish people need to speak up and acknowledge what is done by people of their faith (or those who hijack it, like Zionists) and not ignore or discount the issue. It is glaringly obvious and to deny it is to contribute to the problem.

  9. I'm not wishing for harm to the innocent, but if another earthquake hit the East Coast and the Wall Street financial district dropped into the Atlantic Ocean, I don't think I'd shed any tears.

  10. End the Fed Anthem

    Big banks got you down?
    Not sure what to do?
    Get out of banks now
    and into a CU.

    Foil their system,
    trade with each other.
    Barter is smarter
    and so is another…

    No job to go to?
    No taxes to pay!
    Starve the beast --
    There is no other way.

    Quit paying your mortgage,
    The courts are so clogged,
    If you have a lawyer,
    Your case will be bogged…

    Until you have enough cash saved up
    To buy a place outright with all of your stuff
    That you’ll need to be free
    When things get tough.

    If BOA holds your note,
    Just sit down and gloat.
    They can’t find those notes, no sirree,
    And all the big banks are in MERS-ery.

    Why should you pay for a house you can’t own?
    Noteless banks will soon reap what they have sown.
    Some judges don’t work for the banks but for you.
    There’s no hope for freedom without justice, too.

    Spend your money now on guns, beans, and bullets,
    And don’t forget seeds & some egg-laying pullets.
    Get out of the cities and out to the land.
    Our country’s going back to a world made by hand.


  11. Hi Kenny,
    Can you replace the last two lines of my poem with these:

    Get out of the cities and back to the land.

    Our country’s returning to a world made by hand.

    Thanks, I wasn't happy with the earlier wording.

  12. Kenny
    I cannot download this, not sure why, but just can't.

    any suggestions?

  13. Penny, I can't get the .pdf link at to actually download to disk, not sure how Kenny did it. Did you try the first link he provided?

  14. Hey Blammo!
    Yeah I did and the pdf briefly appeared and then it went away..
    I have not been able to get it again.
    Your link does the same thing and I don't know why?!
    got my hubby to try last night to see if he could get it but, nope, no luck.
    I will try again.

  15. Blammo:
    nope tried again and again, nothing.
    The page just comes up completely blank.

    I am going to hope someone is kind enough to send it to my e-mail address?

  16. Hey Penny, I'd be happy to send it to you as a PDF. I downloaded it yesterday. I don't have your email though. You can find mine by clicking on my profile. Send me an email and I'll reply with the doc attached.

  17. Hey everyone. Thanks for the input.

    I just tried the links again and everything works from my end. ???

    Along the same lines I found a 1915 book that would take little to update it for today. "The War Plotters of Wall Street"

    "These stories were written under fire, at a time when treason stalked through the land. They are human records of the amazing acts of men who schemed and strove and plotted to blind ninety million people.

    Then these men, with immense cunning, set themselves to work at a game that is old as history. They coined great fortunes for themselves from the mad passions and blind hatreds they had instilled into their fellow-men.

    We, who tried to expose these conspirators, were villified,
    threatened, hounded by the most powerful and unscrupulous band that ever organized itself to ruin a country and its people in the interest of a foreign race.

    Some plots have miscarried. Other war plots are brewing for the further enrichment of financiers. Shall we let them succeed, these fearful crimes planned by the men who, for a long year, have hoodwinked us, used us as their pawns — THE WAR PLOTTERS OF WALL STREET?"

    If I get time I'll try and put together a short post on this book. I like these old, fairly unknown online books that should have been part of our educational system but of course were not.

  18. Any government can be criminally corrupt, under any system, capitalism or communism/Marxism. It isn't capitalism that has been destroying America, it is the corrupt government that has been-- Constitutional Law and anti-criminal laws have not been upheld. This is especially so because of the anti-American, anti-Constitution leaders/lawmakers in power. US Congress can abolish the Federal Reserve by legislative act, but will not. President Obama could have had the DOJ prosecute the criminal bankers, but did not. He gave them $trillions of tax-payer debt funds instead. A collaborator in their crimes. No call for impeachment from Congress or in the streets. I have been ordered to not post info on the progressive Marxism taking place under Obama after posting this article. According to WRH Communism/Marxism is outdated and no longer an issue.
    Is President Obama Using Executive Powers To Organize
    Angry Anti-Capitalist Protests On The Streets Of
    by Andrew Marcus
    May 2010
    From the cheap seats, it sure does look like the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive to coordinate with Andy Stern to organize a series of protests entitled “Showdown In America.”

  19. Thanks for the book link.

    A tip for using - quite a few of the pdfs sideline you to Google which is no good.
    However if you click on 'All Files: HTTP' you'll get a listing of all formats held on archive and more than likely there will be a pdf amongst them.


    If there is no pdf then you can use a free e-book reader for one of the other formats.
    Such as

  20. Anthony Lawson suggests that talking about Israeli involvement in 9/11 is a "lynch mob mentality"(channel comments):


    MUST READ – SQUEEZING OUT THE ”YANKEE” EMPIRE /The (Union of South American Nations) UNASUR ,will approve in November Council Action Plan for regions DEFENSE (translated)​rican-nations-unasur.html

    (TRANSLATED) MUST READ – Ros-Lehtinen assimilates presence in the U.S. of Cuban children to”a danger to national security” By: Jean-Guy Allard

    Venezuelan Government Rejects Meddling Statements by U.S. State Department



    Iran Slams UN Human Rights Report

  22. Oh Why Oh Why did they not stop it back then? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson et al stopped it two centuries before knowing of the damage that is incurred on the masses! It's time to take them down now! They can be shut down according to the original charter for a fee(I can't remember if it is a million or a billion but, either would be worth it) and THAT is what Ron Paul is promising to do. He has a stellar record and is not owned by corporations or Wall St. He raises his own campaign funds from the citizens. That is why the Corporate owned media is ignoring him. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012!!!

  23. Hey Kenny,...They got me again, faark, nevermind, here's my new alternative, alternative, alternative blog, haaaargh:

    Just doin' the drive-by to let folks know I have a gnu blog, again!

    I will be back later to have a proper read and spend two cents, coooeee!


  24. Kenny, what are you doing mate? Are you on holiday? Stop it at once. Only I'm allowed to do that.

  25. Hey Kenny..."a democracy with incorporated wealth crowned as the ruling sovereign and all the people its subjects." That'll be rothschalia. What sort of monumental paradigm shift is required to motivate the sheeple? Surely they have some inkling of what is going on?!

    Oh, yeah: MY BLOG IS BACK UP!! BEfuknZar! I have never seen a Blog come back from the hole, and not a scratch on 'er!

    Maybe the yids lost their patience with the admin goyim at ziogger and just hacked me to make it look like I was thrown in the hole again?

    Cooooeee! Fuck israhell!