Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ninety-nine ruled by one just won't do

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Occupy this space
It may set you free
Or maybe play you like a fool
in the whirlwind
Ninety-nine ruled by one just won't do

The songs of the occupation movement should be written by individuals everywhere. No standard folk or country or soft rock please. Intense is what we need. Something to reflect the times. A soundtrack for the new revolution that has an edge to keep the intensity up.

The question of the week is whether or not the Occupy protests can be grassroots or is it being manipulated from the git go. Even NPR had a short discussion today on if 'Occupy' can avoid the fate of the 'Tea Party' and what started out as an idea whose time had come only to be hijacked by corporate and big moneyed right wing interests. This time the co-opting will be by corporate big moneyed left wing interests in what is already becoming a tag team smackdown between the tea partiers and the occupiers. More divide and conquer.

Already the introduction of union support is seen by some as it's too late. Could be. It will take strong vigilance by those aware of the potential to be manipulated and deceived to overcome it. The encouraging thing I see is that people are talking about not letting the hijacking happen (or continue) and that they are going to see to it that it doesn't.

Is Occupy Wall Street at least partly funded by Soros? Has moved in? Is ACORN the seed? Bad news if they are. It would be sort of a repeat of that hopey changey psy-op.

Alex Jones has got his bullhorn out against the Federal Reserve but really should just let Ron Paul do the talking for him. It may be the message that's important but sometimes the messenger can sideline it with antics.

Not a great deal of anti-war messages being promoted at the 'Occupy' gatherings. There are some from individuals but not enough considering that's where so much of the money goes. In a related protest, there is an Antiwar Mass Assembly in Trafalgar Square on 8 October but with featured speakers being gatekeeper zionist front men Julian Assange and Noam Chomsky, it seems to be another co-opted event. 

One thing I've noticed is that since the so called main stream media started its daily coverage of the protests, the Palestinian statehood issue is nowhere to be found.  Gone, forgotten. Israel couldn't have scripted better timing for a diversion had they been the ones in charge of the protests.

OccupyNashville had its rallies today but not a great turnout. About a couple of hundred folks that stood around for the cameras for awhile and went home. At least the Wall Street Corporate Military Machine in the picture above was a nice touch. Why today at noon instead of say Saturday when more might be there? I question that planning.

There's so much being talked about concerning the protests that it's hard to even scratch the surface. Further insights would be appreciated.


  1. WOW Kenny, I was thinking about this Wall Street movement thingie this evening!

    soros funding this Wall street movement & the koch brothers are funding the t party. Typical divide & conquer game at its best.

    Chosen devils are fvcking us from both sides.

  2. Interesting take, Kenny.

    Writing like this might remind people of what they keep forgetting.

    The FIRST anti-pigster rallies were a dozen years ago. It got big mileage with the Battle of Seattle in 1999. People correctly targeted the World Trade Organization and their toadies all over the world.

    Many protests were planned, big and small. Personal interest note: I was at a few. Then came 911 and what names were FIRST on the no-fly lists? The WTO protest organizers!

    So what they're up to this time is anybody's guess. Then as now I keep pointing out that the CIA infiltrated the unions in the mid-60s, Lyndon Johnson wanted SOMEBODY on his side during Vietnam. It didn't work as planned. The "pro-war hardhats" didn't show up till Nixon. They were idiots too, but that's what the CIA likes: American idiots.

    Keep their feet to the fire anyway, Kenny! They hate it when regular people notice things. I think they just hate regular people, period. Proof:

    Did anyone notice the news item the day the Occupy Wall Street arrests started? The Olsen Twins sold out of their $39,000 alligator backpacks. I gave up writing fiction because of this sort of thing. Who could make this shit up? Who?

  3. Not a great deal of anti-war messages being promoted at the 'Occupy' gatherings

    IMO, the whole Occupy Wall Street is one GIANT anti-war protest.

    It's the Fed supplying virtually free money to those "Too Big to Fail" casinos that we'll get the bill for that is financing all these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

    Shut down the funding and watch the wars evaporate very quickly.

    If you want to read some really sickening shit about how bastards like the Koch Brothers and their comrade in arms, Paul singer, read the article below.

    What makes some thing, yes a thing, since a human wouldn't starve kids to death to make billions or steal billions from the poor and almost forgotten Native Americans?

    Uber-Vultures: The Billionaires Who Would Pick Our President

  4. Are unions inherently "bad" or is this sentiment a direct result of a corporate media that would like to erode unions power and increase corporations power?

    And Alex Jones and other MSM shills are going around claiming Soros is funding this. He may be trying to glom on, no doubt, but I see the Soros talk as just another way for the media to turn people off to this protest.

  5. There are four possibilities (at least):

    1) The OWS was staged from the beginning and is continuing to be managed.
    2) The OWS was genuinely a people movement at the beginning, but has been co-opted by moneyed forces steering things their way.
    3) The OWS was genuinely and is still genuinely a people's moment.
    4) The OWS was staged at the beginning, but is being co-opted by regular people who are fucking pissed at the government.

    It is bad that their manifesto has no concrete demands, that the OWS appears to be run by a "concensus" model driven by a small group of people running the show.

    People do need help finding (non-military) jobs; fending off foreclosure (check youtube videos of "carl person" - hire him to be your lawyer and you'll get 2-4 years rent-free in your house...long enough to save up cash to buy a cheap house outright); paying student loans (if everyone refused to pay, then something good will happen). Who cares about a credit rating - a grade a stupid bank gives you?

    We need to grow our own food, barter with neighbors, etc. Even in the city, it can be done, on a smaller scale. Takeover empty houses and give them to the homeless.

    Geez, if we have to depend on the OWS organizers who can't agree about whether to buy sleeping bags or knit them for the coming winter... things will be bad. It's obvious fakery. It's like a Monty Python skit. Come on people, open your eyes. No one could be this obtuse.

    Plus, any time Michael Moore shows up, you KNOW it's bullshit. Why doesn't he expose 9/11? Look at the coming invitees: Chomsky? Pulease.

    Greg: As for the vultures funding the Bushies and trying to get a repugnant repub back in office - they are really small time gansters. The really evil ones fund both sides, hedging their bets. In a way, this whole essay looks like a reverse ad for Obama. More divide and conquer. They all go out and play golf together.

    Mark Twain wrote an excellent essay about why humans are so much worse than's striking really. Not all humans, but some. Animals won't kill another prey if they are full - humans will kill over and over and want more and more stuff, even if they have billions already.

    Do something anarchic today.


    p.s. look at the site ''.
    p.p.s. OWS has distracted us all from the ongoing struggle for Palestinian statehood.

  6. Mark Twain's essay was called "The Damned Human Race" and can be found here:

  7. Ron Paul is at it again, I see.

    Looks like the plot to co-opt the street occupation movement has already begun courtesy of the Free Market Freemason and his fatuous followers.

    The Federal Reserve, of course, is a legitimate protest target but I was hoping it would be targeted by legitimate protesters....not frontmen who work for the banksters.

  8. Hey! Like the new look.

    I wish AJ and his clowns would keep their mouths shut. It would seem that they believe that the entire shebang is a Soros deal, when that is far from the truth.

    Of course they will try to hijack the movement. That's what they do.

    But to have that loud mouth keep blathering that it is ALL a scam is just another reason to turn him off.

    Oh yeah, fuck Moveon

  9. I don't think they(AJ,Kokesh etc.) "believe" that so much as they're trying to push that notion so their followers don't join the porotest and stay turned off to it. AJ mirrored the MSM precisely-ignored the protest at first and then switched to smearing it as "loony leftist liberal socialist communist Soros blah blah blah". Alex Jones IS the MSM.

  10. Of course the media is going to try to paint the #OWS movement as the "Liberal Tea Party." They've become a serious threat. Of course opportunists like Michael Moore, Ed Schultz and George Soros are going to try to co-opt these guys and shift their energy to align with their agenda. But consider how this started: for weeks a bunch of broke, but passionate and most importantly *persistent* group of people stubbornly held their ground with little to no media coverage. I remember how the astro-turf "tea baggers" got started: they all had identically made, very professional looking signs, nice costumes, and plenty of media coverage that took them very seriously from the beginning. They were obviously clueless people who were heavily funded from the very beginning.

    So people are attempting to co-opt and infiltrate a genuine movement. What else is new? They did this very successfully with the anti-war movement. But these guys are misjudging the makeup of the OWS people, mistakenly labeling them as a bunch of liberals. They aren't. I get the sense a good chunk of them are libertians, and they're very highly informed. Here's a list of their demands: Note that re-investigating the attacks of 9-11 is high on their list.

  11. For some reason my link isn't working. Try this.

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  25. Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Well, except for a few who don't seem to contribute to the dialog.

    Blogger is acting up again. Comments are going to spam, sometimes days after being written. Others are just totally disappearing even though they show up in my email.

    Jody, the link you gave contains some good issues/demands but out of 27 points none address ending the wars and bringing the troops home. What's up with that? I'm stubborn. The wars have to be right at the top of the list otherwise I have to question those folks awareness and motives.
    Plus, I don't know what the Buffett Rule on Fair Taxation is but with his name attached it brings up a red flag.

    The BEJ has been here before but has usually given hints at who he is. Anyway, some have nothing better to do or say.

  26. The hints are in the phrases he uses like "keyboard commando" and his railing against "cowardly anonymous cunts" etc.

    These are classic BEAJ trademarks.

  27. EV @ 6:54 AM, some good points. I'm going with door number 4. It's optimistic.

  28. Kenny, I'm certainly hoping you're right.


  29. Heya everyone, just put up a post on my blog that you all may be interested in regarding this Occupy San Diego stuff, I'll have some pics and videos by the end of the weekend hopefully. Getting ready to go down there now actually. They just kicked off this afternoon, just got home, and am about to head out the door.

    We have to address the Zionist occupation of this country, Jewish power, the fact that 9/11 and the War on Terror was/is a complete fraud done by these people, private central banking fraudulently loaning money at interest to our government and us, and all the blatant crimes we've seen. Bottom line: we have to start calling for arrests and executions when found guilty. Period.




    Peace and love yall, talk to you soon.

  30. Hey Kenny,..John Friend, why don't you do some into camera vox populi, it would be interesting to see you interview some of these occupiers, to get their perspectives and raison's d'etre.

    Keep your head down brother, genuine truthers stick out like sore thumbs at these NWO Drills/False-flag coincidences.


  31. Folks, other than a few butthead anons that are most likely from either Megaphony or the Jewish Internet Defense Forces or the Israeli FM, the rest are making some good points, but we seem to be fighting so much between ourselves that we screwing our chances to overthrow and or expose the PTB behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

    Could we please be a little more civil and let's drop the nasty faggot comments, since what purpose do they serve except to divide and conquer... But maybe that's the whole reason behind those remarks. If we continue down this road of hatred, the PTB won't have to lift a finger to destroy the 9/11 Truth movement, we'll do it on our own.

    We must hang together, or as Ben Franklin said, we most assuredly will hand separately.

    P.S. I too am having trouble with my Blogger account and I don't think the trouble is being caused by my computer.

  32. Jody nails it. Of course elements will try to co-opt but unlike the phony tea party this was not created by the PTB and MSM.

  33. Point well taken about including the wars in the official demands, Kenny. I just read this article from a guy who wants to merge the "End the Fed" movement with the current Occupy movement. Here are his suggested demands:

    1) The US Treasury seize the Federal Reserve and audit the books with complete transparency.

    2) Seize the assets of all Wall Street criminals. Arrest the criminals. Demand the return of all bonuses paid to banks that received Bailout money either from the Treasury or the Federal Reserve. Most of these men are Jewish and could receive Israeli citizenship if they do not already have it. Therefore they should not receive bail.

    3) Use seized assets to pay off all government debts that cannot be cancelled outright.

    3) Eliminate all CDS (Credit Default Swaps) which are unregulated insurance contracts. Currently, the potential losses from CDS is 30 times greater than the total output output of goods and services for the entire world.

    4) Eliminate naked shorting of stocks and commodities. It should illegal to sell what you do not own.

    5) Issue debt free money from the Treasury as President Kennedy directed shortly before the bankers murdered him.

    6) Raise tariffs to protect what few industries remain in America. Dedicate these revenues to Social Security and Medicare to relieve tax burdens on younger workers.

    7) Demand the release of all hidden advanced technologies held by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration.) The federal government to date has not even released the technology found in the labs and notes of Nikola Tesla nearly 70 years ago.

    08) The royalties for that technology must be given to American corporations in exchange for stock shares. This stock is to be deposited into accounts held at Depository Trusts in the name of younger employed citizens. These trust funds are to be in our name and in no way to be government accounts. Upon death all funds are to be inherited by the designated heirs.

    9) We demand a complete criminal investigation of both 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995.

    10) We demand an end to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. We also demand an end to all aid to Israel.

  34. Good stuff Jody.

    Check this out folks:

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  36. Hey Jody, I like that list at lot. Also, infiltrators and shills for the status quo would have problems with some of them.

    I would add end the war on drugs and the lobbyists and corporations as individuals with unlimited bribery.

    Now, how do we really do it? Protests are just a starting point.

    Hi John, great work. Looking forward to all your updates. If there's anyplace that can be truly grassroots, San Diego may be the place.

  37. The homosexual agenda is pushed by the Jews to weaken family values.

    a good read on the topic, Enjoy.

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  39. Good for you, Kenny, for recognizing the takeover of these protests. Left Jewish Zionists have invaded and occupied the peace movement just as surely as Right Jewish Zionists (actually Right AND Left) invaded and stole Palestine.

  40. Hey everyone, good stuff going on in SD. I'm getting ready to head down there. Bringing lots of good books and I made a really good double-sided sign. I'm going to hopefully be giving a lecture on the Federal Reserve, 9/11, and Zionism. This will be the litmus test for this movement! And thus far, everyone that I've talked to said it's cool! We want everyone to speak their mind about why they are participating in this movement. That's what I'll be doing. :)

    Good videos and pics here: