Friday, October 28, 2011

Rules Change in the Middle of the Game

Occupy Nashville got rousted from their encampment at Legislative Plaza in Nashville in the middle of the night by 100 State Troopers obeying orders from their police state bosses.

This was a result of a new 'policy' put out yesterday by the state requiring time limits and permits with daily fees to protest on state (people owned) property.

Twenty nine protestors arrested early Friday morning at Legislative Plaza have been released.

They were issued a citation for criminal trespass and being in violation of general services policy. A court date has been set for November 18.

A judge said there was no probably cause for the arrest around 3 a.m. by Tennessee State Troopers on Legislative Plaza.

About 100 storm state troopers began moving around 3 a.m. using a newly enacted state policy that set a curfew for the grounds near the state Capitol, including Legislative Plaza where the protesters had been staying in tents since October 7.

Troopers gave the protestors 10 minutes to leave peacefully, but instead some of the protestors sat in a semi-circle facing outwards with their arms locked. Once the 10 minutes was up, state troopers came in and placed plastic cuffs on those that stayed and were forced to drag them off the property.
Whether one agrees or not with Occupy Nashville and their limited demands, it is obvious that the current Tennessee state administration thinks they can make up the rules as they go along and put in place police state policies that run contrary to 1st amendment rights. Not that we expected anything different from the slugs in charge.

Protesters claim victory. Perhaps now they can sharpen their focus and address more of the concerns that many of us see as important. We'll see.

TN Gov. Bill Haslam signed off on plan to arrest Occupy Nashville protesters

Safety Commissioner Defends Occupy Nashville Eviction: 'We Can't Babysit Protesters' 

It's a Homeland Security issue ...........


  1. “They were very aware that they were trespassing,’’ Gibbons said of the protesters.

    Members of the public deemed as "trespassing" on public property. That one would have done Orwell proud. It's interesting also they're dragging "Homeland Security" into it as an issue. So we have to suppress the protests to help keep us save from terrorism.

  2. Of course, Richard.

    Don't you remember that from the first (after the 9/11 false flag event), they announced in semi-private forums that protesters of government activities were their prey and were to be treated like terrorists.

    Remember the Rethug and Dem Conventions? The buses that took even Amy Goodman to jail for free speech offenses?

    And they're making it stick.

    (Those who still think the 9/11 event was not a false flag at least by now should have rethought their position.)


  3. Hi Richard and Suzan. It seems easy for us to see through all this but judging by the hundreds of comments at the Tennessean and other local news sites there are many who appear to love their knelling position in a criminal corporate police state. It's somewhat disappointing to say the least.

    I didn't know it until today but it seems the TN Dept. of Safety has merged with Homeland Security. I guess that explains them allowing the TSA to make 'random' vehicle stops and searches on our highways. The federal money influencing state law enforcement is dangerous.

  4. Hey Kenny,...Your on the money here brother, this is going to get global ugly, before ANY semblance of justice is reclaimed, or, for that matter, initiated!

    Contrived subservience is a tool to manifest tyrannical legislation - IN LEGISLATION PARK! Yeehaaaa! "What larks Copperfield, what larks!"

    Annie get yer gun!


  5. Hey there V. Annie says not to worry. She's getting ready.

  6. Kenny & cuzzie V,

    Wondering why Annie hasn't reached out for her gun yet? From what I've seen so far and this is alarming - too many Annies are married to either to Avi or Ariel in this country. Annie & Avi's kids grow up celebrating "Hannukahmas".

    That's why no one ever going to wake up in this country. Y'hids will flock to either India or China whenever they will be done with this country. Yes, just like locusts.

  7. This article is crap. Get a clue, Kenny.

  8. Please supply the clue anon, so I don't have to guess.