Sunday, November 6, 2011

Looking Through the Knothole As We Pick and Choose

As if being myopic is not enough of a handicap, we hide behind our fences and think that it will keep us safe. Every now and then we peep through the knothole and marvel at what we see, not realizing that it is only a fraction, a fragment of what is.

We are beings of pick and choose. We choose our beliefs, our friends, our enemies, our poisons. Most of the time they are actually chosen for us and we go along for fear of being labeled an outsider, of not fitting in, of being so different. No one wants to be a freak in a freakish world, a leper outside the colony, so we take our indoctrination in stride, as normal.  Normal can never be defined but we still have these doctors, lawyers, merchants and thieves who always try.

We are caught in the crossfire of contrived cultures, inundated by those around us yelling "pick me, pick me, I am the one, I will give you meaning." It is an act of defiance to yell back "I don't know" but not knowing is slammed as ignorance and not as what it is, a realization of our limitations.  

The weapons of conformity go well beyond being cast as misfits. They become the tools of violence, the ultimate threat to keep us in line and accept our plight. We choose their way or die. Sometimes it's as simple as that. Sometimes it makes no difference. Many die so that the rest conform to the will of a miniscule minority. History tells this tale and history repeats whether we like the repetition or not.

Robert Johnson never had a thing on us. We are always going down to the crossroads to see if the trade is still on. Our soul for something or the other. Our choice or so we tell ourselves but often there's no choice to be seen, only a blind following of impulses and desires formulated in the back rooms and unleashed in the disguise of free will.

No matter what our philosophy or religion or lack thereof, it is all pick and choose. We take what we think we need and leave the rest. We like one part but maybe despise other aspects.  It all depends on our background, our learning, our self-deceptions. We may disagree but still share the the same roots, that of choice ... or at least we think of it as choice.


For an example of picking and choosing, we'll take a look at the team that is one of the most notable occult (hidden) story tellers, Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan. We'll pick and choose the words and some concepts. Bailey's baby, Lucis Trust, is now a UN control mechanism depicted to eliminate the chaos of orthodox religions in order to usher in something new. Bailey's words are portrayed as both Luciferian and new age. I suppose it depends on who chooses the definitions.

This is not at all a promotion of Bailey and Lucis Trust, only that over the past 40 years or so I have found the writings interesting and they were my first introduction to the jewish and zionist dilemma. Reading a number of the books long ago I was working from the premise that although I didn't understand much of what I read, maybe someday I would. Many of Bailey and the Tibetan's writings will rely on a belief (root word belie or to be deceived) system which I prefer to avoid. Still, there is a type of education involved even if we pick and choose what we want to highlight.

In the works of Alice Bailey, the process of creating a concept, or "building a thought-form" is viewed as a deeply esoteric magical act. We are, quite literally, talking about the construction of a form in the subtle matter of the mental plane. This form can then take an emotional body, and an etheric body, and go on to produce an impact in the three worlds of human evolution. While anyone who thinks is engaged in this process all the time, this is usually in an undisciplined and incoherent fashion. Most thought-forms are copied, with varying degrees of accuracy, from pre-existing forms, made either by the thinker, or by other thinkers, e.g. friends and family, co-religionists, media commentators etc.. Very few thought-forms are entirely new and original, as most people, most of the time, are quite happy to go along with the general flow of human thought-life. In one sense, this is fine, as the human tendency to conserve and repeat useful forms of thinking is what gives persistence to societies and civilisations. However, at times like these, when multiple global problems threaten to undermine the very basis for civilised life, the need for new forms of thought becomes more urgent. 
..... new forms of thinking in a group context. By jointly focusing our thoughts on a specific issue, we can hope to touch greater heights of inspiration; and a diversity of minds can offer a wider selection of viewpoints on one idea. The group thought-forms which we build can become magnetic beacons of intuitive wisdom, energizing new forms of service. Thus we can help precipitate the emerging evolutionary Plan.

Mediation, visualization, the building and projection of thought forms for the benefit of mankind are a little of the story. If interested there are extensive excerpts of the Bailey books available here although they do require a free registration. Much to ponder, some to reject out of hand especially if one is well versed in hidden history but lots to speculate on in light of the insanity of today's world.

The Lucis Trust has even been accused of being behind the "Occupy" movement but that's a stretch. For those looking for a freemason link, Bailey's husband Foster was a 32nd degree so that will lead to all sorts of speculation about Bailey's writings being used to lead to a one world government. With the UN/Lucis Trust connection, that kind of speculation cannot be totally dismissed.

Bailey and DK have been extensively criticized as racist and anti-semitic for their views on zionism and the jewish religion and history. Keep in mind that Bailey died in 1949, soon after the creation of the illegitimate state of Israel and so she never got to truly absorb the ramifications of what was to come although she did anticipate the implications. 

For an overview of their writings on these issues I'll refer you  here.

I'll pick and choose some excerpts ...

If Jewish religion (covenant-based identification) is evil, then Zionism, or identification with Israel, the ancient Land promised through covenant, is doubly evil. [Combine the two into the religious Zionist, and we have manifold evil! This implies that the Israeli settlers, so thoroughly group-bashed by global media for vague "crimes against humanity", are being viewed as transgressors on levels that go beyond political correctness.] The Holocaust, which justified a Jewish homeland in the eyes of the world, for Alice Bailey only had the unfortunate effect of bringing the Jews "under the control of a glamour" which encouraged them to expect a land of their own. She categorically states, "Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble.... They are claiming a land to which they have no possible right." Moreover, the motive was "greed and not any love of Palestine behind it." 
Bailey was horrified when the State of Israel was actually established, blaming the American Jews for coercing the UN into this "mistake". In fact, the Zionists single-handedly "lowered the prestige" of the United Nations and "made its position both negative and negligible to the world." (_Rays and Initiations_, p.681) Not only this, but "the Zionist Dictators... were attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to be to the Jewish people what Stalin and his group, and Hitler and his gang, have been to their people.... They worked through the same methods." (p.634-636) Bailey lamented that the U.S. had decided to support "aggression and territorial theft" when "they could have worked for the Principle of Harmony [achieved through conflict and destruction - p.623] and permitted time and the non-separativeness of the nations to adjust and solve the Jewish problem." (p.636)
How do the Jews perpetuate their separation and provoke nearly universal hostility? For one thing, "their extremely materialistic tendencies" have caused them to adopt "undesirable and devious business methods, which have made them greatly disliked and mistrusted in the world of business" - although at the same time they somehow built a reputation as "patrons of the beautiful" and "the world's great philanthropists". (_Humanity_p.97)

They "live off" the surrounding peoples and "take what they want... no matter what the cost to others," in order to survive through persecution and wandering. Add to all this the commitment "to preserve... their national religion, their national taboos and the ancient landmarks", and we have a picture of "the most reactionary and conservative race in the world." (_Humanity_p.97-98) All of these faults have been amplified by centuries of "racial purity" mandated by "the orthodox Jews". With such a history, it is no wonder that "as a race, he is nowhere liked and people are on guard against him and his methods," (p.99) and that "no country anywhere wants to open its doors and offer the unwanted Jews asylum." (p.104) [Something mysterious happened to the "welcome" waiting for them "in many countries throughout the world" which the Zionists stubbornly ignored. (_Externalisation_ IV, p.615, quoted above) ] And lest we try to belittle the effect of the Jews by noting other migrating peoples in history, the "Tibetan Master" emphasizes: "There is no other problem like it in the world today." (_Humanity_ p.103) The Jews are "the problem child within the family of nations." (p.104)
Strong words.

One may dismiss Alice and friends as new age cultists attempting to manipulate the masses as so many religions do. Could be but one thing we may agree on is that the 'teachings' are at least a step above the death cult of talmudic judaism/zionism and its bastard offspring christian zionism. That's not a good enough reason to become a 'follower' of the musings of Alice and DK but perhaps the point is that we do have choices, we can make a difference and it all begins with a thought.


  1. Wow, lots to consider here kenny. Bailey was quite insightful in her analysis of Israhell and the Jewish question.

    "Very few thought-forms are entirely new and original, as most people, most of the time, are quite happy to go along with the general flow of human thought-life."

    It's amazing how few actually use their brain these days. To me, the New World Order is a completely tyrannical and materialistic society lacking critical thinking abilities and the intellectual fortitude to face up to the evil confronting us all. And that's what I'm fighting against more than anything else these days.

  2. Esoterically speaking the star/planet of the Jews is Saturn/ Shabbatai and is connected with the humour - Melancholy. One notes that Israel was formed out of the 'world's greatest melancholy' that of the 'holocaust', as well as previous episodes in Jewish mythology - captivity in Babylon, Expulsion from Spain and other countries.

    Their culture seems driven by their singular plight which may then be easily used to justify the need for vengeance and acquisition at all cost.

    "A famous allegorical engraving by Albrecht Dürer is entitled Melencolia I. This engraving portrays melancholia as the state of waiting for inspiration to strike, and not necessarily as a depressive affliction." Wiki - Melancholia

    The above quote seems to have some parallels with the films of Hollywood.

    It's interesting that Melancholy became a 'cultural and literary cult' in England in the C17th. The Jews were invited back [ by Cromwell] to England and the doors opened in 1657, just in time to get the British-Dutch Empire into full swing.


  3. Hey Kenny,...A truly unique Post, as refreshing as lime in a mexican beer, "There is no other problem like it in the world today." There it is right there!


  4. mr squad as usual you have taken more time out of my day making me think about things again,you could put up a nice big splodge of blue paint or a nice picture of a countryside setting or a spirally thing which I could probably hypnotise myself too,but no you have put up deep thinking stuff again,,,I hope you realise our cat squiff is suffering,as I have already removed the tv,thanks to you,{squiff used too use the tv as a bed}and now she will have too do with less fusses again today,,,so mr squad I am blaming you for this whole escapade..:>

    respects neil

  5. sorry mr sideshow,I called you mr squad,it is probably because you are making me think ....

    respects neil

  6. The more I delve into historical documents and research makes me think that the 'Final Solution' was not the Zionist fairy tales of the Holocaust™, but a pact between Hitler and Zionist Jews to steal Palestine so the Zionist gangsters could have a fuck-proof base of operations from which they could terrorize the entire planet.

    P.S. Some group that has read and doesn't like the TRUTH must be out in force this morning, because I had a helluva time pulling up your blog.

  7. The gloves are off death is in the air. I smell sulphur. My handicapped girl left stricken from her moms estate. I told my ma if she intends to do the same to me I'll murder her right now.



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  8. Excellent post! I have read some of Bailey's stuff...and although I kinda disregard the metaphysical...her views concerning jews was way beyond its time and spot on. Thanks for reminding us all.

  9. Hey everyone, as always, I appreciate you coming by and leaving a few words.

    I just finished reading Pez's refresher course in some techniques of control. Check it out if you haven't. Much to keep in mind.

  10. Kenny this is a brilliant post. I hope you do not mind if I put it up. I know I will understand it much better as I prepare it for reposting. Yeah, it is early in the AM and I am still on my first cuppa so a tad slow. But not so slow I do not recognize the brilliance of some of your comments first time around.

    One thing Kenny. I have always thought that "new age" was synonymous with the "one world globalism" movement and you know where that leads us. New ageism was one of Oprah'a big projects to spread amongst eager middle class folks, primarily white if you noticed her audience, and spread confusion about their christian roots... IMHO. Ya think?

    Timster, NEVER EVER disregard the metaphysical; it is a major way to understand the motivations of the upper levels of puppeteers. It is a rather amazing "science" and they have it worked into to a deviously satanic tool and is also one of the aspects of pedophilia, child abductions and satanic rituals.

    In otherwords, you cannot truly understand the evil that is satanism without striving for a little knowledge about the metaphysical. After all the Cabala and most of these works behind the black side are metaphysical tomes.

    Just read Springmeier and Cisco's The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.The contents are appalling but you will become educated in too many things to ever look at the world the same again. You might say it is a life changer.

    Greg, about those Zionists and Nazis. For starters, look up The Transfer Agreement and see what that has to say. It lays out the whole plan down to finances involved.


    Zionists were not alone in the desire to create Palestine therefore involved in Nazism, so were the British peerage. The Churchill clan and Disraeli were a key players there.


    Thanks for the post Kenny, you are actually making me think. Damn you! LOL.

  11. Noor, you are much too kind. I basically just ramble on hoping to make a point or two.

    I don't know whether new ageism has been co-opted by the controllers or if its original purpose was to lead to a one world 'religion' and slavery. It's an interesting subject either way.

  12. I followed the link to the Lucis Trust website. Very interesting. I was reading "Purposes & Objectives" and I am going to quote something I like very much: "Humanity is never left without spiritual guidance or direction under the Plan."
    So true! Which is exactly why no one should ever throw their hands up in defeat! We don't know the endgame, no one ever does.
    "They plot and they plan, but God also has a Plan, and God is the best of planners."
    This Alice Baily has good insights no matter how she arrives there.

  13. Kenny...Great your insights ...your way ahead of the curve...if you haven't seen this "Conan", you got to see it!...........

  14. My mother read most, if not all of Bailey's books, which trust me, are very difficult to get through. She came to the conclusion, in later years, that Bailey could be the best thing that came down the pike, or the worst. Bush Sr. ended up quoting Bailey in his "Thousand points of light" speech - it seems like the dark side has co-opted her stuff - and I doubt if Bailey would have approved. She had a lot of positives to say about Jesus and little positive to say about the Jews. Interesting stuff in any case.

  15. Kenny,

    What a load of crap. Maybe if you spend enough time you can tie the jews into the false moon landing, ufos, area 51, the decline of the Mayans and everything else that ails the world. People who congratulate you on well written articles are hatemongers who probably are not able to hold onto jobs or have little to no self esteem.