Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Veterans Day: "Father, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do"

I don't often quote Bible phrases but it's all I could think of that seemed appropriate for addressing the veterans on their 'day.' 

Smedley Butler is rolling over and over in his grave because he gave us the warning that war is a racket but it never made it into the textbooks and rarely into the churches so most of the soldiers never had a chance to grasp the concept.
"WAR is a racket. It always has been.
It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes."

I don't want to call the vets names but don't those who use them for their own purposes refer to them as patsies, pawns and puppets? Useful idiots is very derogatory but I think they are called that too. Heck, the system can't even be bothered with keeping up with the body parts that get blown up in our latest profiteering in Afghanistan. Respect for the dead and their families is not a very high priority.
Mortuary officials at Dover were charged with improperly sawing off an arm bone from the body of a Marine killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2010 in order to fit his remains in his uniform for viewing before burial. The family was not asked about removing the bone.
At least I don't think that the body bags are being filled with heroin for ease of smuggling as they were during the Vietnam War. The CIA and military now have their own specially designated planes and trucks for that so I guess that's an improvement of sorts.

I'm just sick and tired of hearing that the vets did it for our freedoms. The fact is that every time we go to war our freedoms diminish, stripped and raped and forgotten in the fog of deceit.

I'll repeat it again and again. I know you're tired of it but I feel the need. Every dead soldier died in vain. Coming home in a box or bag was in vain. Every wounded soldier, physically and psychologically,  that did return home alive was damaged in vain. Every returning soldier that committed suicide or took the lives of others due to the war demons they brought home with them were lives lost in vain. Wasted lives and all for the few whose only desires are for money and power and blood lust. It's the American way. That's why I love the Star Spangled Banner so much. It's always been the perfect reflection of our warring ways.

I seem to get it all confused, now what freedoms did the vets kill and be killed for? Wasn't one of them something about free speech and  "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances?"  Maybe we should ask veterans Scott Olsen and Kayvan Sabeghi about that?

Veterans speaking out against the wars is a welcome addition to the dialog. After the fact but still better than silence and who knows, it may influence someone to not join in the genocidal rampage. 

For all their 'sacrifice' the vets get a holiday, a parade and some faux words of praise. For the dead there's a Chinese made flag placed on the worm farm they lie in and it's called remembrance. The wives, the children, the fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters cry real tears. All the rest is theater and lies to bring along the next crop of bodies to repeat the program.

For a quarter in 1915 folks could get a small education in how the bankers promote the war machine for their profit.

"Privatize your prisons and they will be forever full.  Privatize your wars and they will be endless and many."

Another wasted warning. Another typical day at the office for the war plotters. 

As if it's not bad enough that the vets, almost always the poor and working class,  fight and die for the rich, Wall Street, immoral corporations and their bought politicians but now it's that they are doing so for a foreign country and an illegitimate racist apartheid state at that. Chosen cannon fodder for the 'chosen ones.'   Mercenaries for hire and they come cheap for the monstrosity of Israel. Bribery, payoffs and blackmail are the tools of their trade so why not get the U.S. goys and girls to take care of the foreign slaughter so the Israelis can concentrate on their domestic land thievery and murder.  The American people foot the bill and the deranged call it God's will. It's a sickness and a tragedy. We allow it to happen and pledge our allegiance to the myth that it is necessary.

At one time it was the forced draft. Now we have the forced economic 'volunteers.' Another travesty is the great number who joined out of 'patriotism' in the wake of the big lie of 9/11.  The war on terror, the clash of civilizations, the contrived hatred of Muslims, all the result of the think tanks of depravity who propagandized the children to walk into the valley of the shadow of death without a real thought of their own. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they get their own 'day' for being such good sleepwalkers. 

Locally there will be a grand 'celebration' in the gym of the high school. Attendance is not optional. There will be bands and bagpipes, songs of 'service, testimonials and tales of the 'patriotic,' prayers lifted up to the perceived gods of war where we are the righteous and those we drone bomb are the sacrilegious. Displays of hummers, military vehicles, and Black Hawk helicopters and some sort of Special Presentation called SPECTACULAR . Of course there will be the parasitic recruiters, lurking and smirking in the background, whistling the theme song to "Have Gun Will Travel' and ready to pounce upon the youth to fulfill their quotas. I look at the kid's parents and think, "why won't you just so no."  Some do. Many don't.

I have been called anti-American and worse for saying these things. I've had people who have wanted to smash my face for daring to use the free speech that is one of the freedoms the vets supposedly died for. Show me one war, one skirmish, one invasion, one occupation since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that was not for the benefit of the money masters. Prove it with real unvarnished history and not the rewritten lore of the ' victors' and I'll shut up and go away. 

One day I may celebrate Veterans Day. That would be when all the troops are home and all the lies exposed. When the death cultists have vanished from the pages of time and the truth of why it all happened is taught in the classrooms. When we have some semblance of hope that it will never happen again. I know, that's a dream but the reality is that all good things start as a dream that through perseverance manifests itself in the physical world. Till then, I'll  just repeat myself again and again. There are no just wars. Never. Ever.

Thanks for wading through my standard Veterans Day rant. Yes, it's the same old, same old. But like I said, I just felt the need. 


  1. Truer words were never said, Kenny. Though I will say that Smedley Butler thought there were two things worth fighting for: the defense of our homes and the Bill of Rights.

  2. Man you hit the nail squarely on the head -

    regards missingarib

  3. speaking of war or a cause of wars:

    can someone explain to me how the report re mineta's comment re cheney and the stand down order for the pentagon on 9-11 meshes with a missile hit?

    i am sure a missile hit the pentagon. not a global hawk or plane.

    how would the stand down be relevant to a missile?

  4. Hi Jody, that's a very good additional point. We will fight in defense of our homes. That's a given. As the bill of rights is being continually trashed, I think there's a concerted effort to persuade us that to fight for it is not in our 'security' interests.

    missingarib, thanks.

    joe, I can't really answer your question but I've often thought that Mineta was in on the cover up and lying about there even being a plane and a stand down to muddy the waters and take us along the wrong road.

  5. Kenny, you said exactly how I feel about this. These facts can be shown to be true to anyone who wants to find out, but it seems almost everyone is happy to be deluded.
    Very depressing.
    I feel that this situation of massive lies and distorted information must be divinely imposed on the USA because nothing else explains the depth of it.
    Terrible times, and I guess we must wait and see where it goes.
    Always enjoy your writings. Thanks.

  6. Richard and anon, Thank you. It's always good to know that I'm not alone in my feelings even tho sometimes it seems like it.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with your post, Kenny.

    I got in a huge fight with a store clerk the other day - collecting money for the kids of soldiers. It's amazing that she or anyone believes all the lies, hook, line, and sinker! I walked away glad that maybe I at least planted a seed of doubt.


  8. Just about threw up on an empty tummy just now listening to some Sayanim schlepp schmuckk telling us Canucks how our boys are enroute to a heroes homecoming after 'protecting Libyan civilians'

    Can't urn on Robo-Radio or Television without being spoon fed this sour NWO gruel. So boring.

  9. Hi Kenny:

    Here is a video I recently posted on YouTube. It echoes your sentiments exactly


  10. Hey Kenny,...I believe the 'fight' that is necessary now, has nought to do with national boundaries - they are after all is said and done of the colonial past, an illusion. No, the 'good fight', if I may, is the fight for the most basic of all desires: Freedom from oppressive interference in our day to day lives. To wit; freedom from oppressive legislators whose interests are their own self-aggrandisement and their lustful self-indulgences. Basically: Freedom from the sales department of talmud inc. and their annoyingly nosy and murderous minions!

    If we are to manage our societies by established laws and representative congress and constitutional guarantees, then so it should be; those elected to office are administrators NOT superiors, they should bear the burden of office NOT the titles of rank and prestige, in fact, I believe the only conscripted office in government should be the representatives of the people - the responsibilities of governance should be a matter of duty NOT desire - they have the privilege of tax-payer expense accounts, they should NOT have substantial pay-cheques.

    I also do not believe in the division of state and spirituality - if the spiritual needs of the people are managed along the lines of government; there will be NO corruption in either, due to the severity of the punishment for those on positions of responsibility and privilege.

    I might add that I am not a supporter of institutionalised religiosity - it is just one of the controlling devices of the protocols IMHO.

    so endeth my rant...


  11. Hey Kenny,

    Another great post. SDB has been one of my long time heroes, along with Clarence Darrow, HL Mencken, and all the others in whose footprints we are following now if we have no fear.

    As for Joe Anon 1, whether it was a missile or a drone, the blip coming in from the west was a replacement for the alleged Flight 77 which made the-impossible-for-a-767 maneuver.

    Pilots have often commented that the trajectory of the alleged Flight 77 could almost exclusively be accomplished by a drone. The timing of its hit was synched with a flyover of a 7x7 or whatever painted in AA livery.

  12. @ joe anon 1 - Mineta's testimony is total disinfo, meant to establish and lend credibility (while getting all the real researchers off track) the plane (Flight 77) descending towards the Pentagon myth. Flight 77 was never even scheduled by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to fly on 9/11. In all likelihood, it was a missile that hit the Pentagon, with pre-planted military explosives detonating just prior to "impact". Check out Barbara Honegger and Dmitri Khalezov (I know, no one likes him, but he does have a convincing and credible story IMO).

    Hey veritas! Well said, as always!

    kenny! I'm buyin' the next round for this one man! Absolutely fantastic, needs to be read by EVERYONE LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA right now.

    "I'm just sick and tired of hearing that the vets did it for our freedoms."

    Yes, yes, yes. San Diego is very much influenced by the military. I went to the Padres game on 9/11 last season, and almost threw up with all the "patriotic" propaganda on display EVERYWHERE. And guess what? EVERYONE bought it. :(

    Keep saying it. Keep screaming it. I know I will be until I'm 6 foot under. As a society, as a human race, we are totally failing to think critically about the most important issues facing our existence right now. Well, I think it's been like this for a while now actually. We have the tools, technology (hopefully!), and potential to do something about this mess. Every day is an opportunity to fight against this New World Order. I wake up and think, "What can I do to derail and expose the psychopaths today?" LOL, well that's usually after I have a cup of coffee....

  13. Excellent post. Thank you from a reader in Philadelphia.

  14. Kenny,

    You hit the nail on the head and drove it home!

    I've always said,, "if you love your freedom, thank the ACLU." because that's the only group I've ever seen do anything to protect our freedoms. Yeah, I know, they're probably a suspect group (what group isn't?), but they do far more than any active soldier has ever done to protect our individual liberties.

    Most days I don't know whether to just sigh or open the window and scream, "I can't take it anymore!" when I read the news... or worse, see some knee-jerk patriotic thing my career military brother has posted... he's convinced that the west has been at war with the Muslims for hundreds of years... I guess the history he reads never mentions who started the wars back then, and that the same group is continuing to prosecute (and profit from) the wars today. Oh well, I love the guy and I hope he realizes how he's being used before he's used-up.

    I'm glad to know there are other human beings who realize we're each a sovereign nation and as such we can do what we want, regardless of what the PTB tell us. Of course sometimes it's best to keep quiet while tiptoeing thru the lions...


  15. Dmitri got owned over at American Everyman(Scott Creighton). Myself and Scott both asked him very specific questions about the drone industry and his possible ties to Dov Zakheim and other unsavory characters. Thats about when he bowed out. Not a good feeling about that guy.

  16. kenny and all before they are pulled

    get a copy if possible of SOLDIERS MAGAZINE, the official mag of the u.s. army, sept 2011 issue.

    see pages 24 and 28. army photos.

    you will know it was a missile strike.

    do it now.

  17. Where can we get this magazine Joe anon 1? I'm very intrigued. Cant you post the pictures?

  18. SOLDIERS MAGAZINE can be downloaded as pdf format from sept 2011

  19. Here's a link to the pdf of the Sept. issue of Soldiers.

    joe, I didn't see any smoking gun photos. There's the interior hole of the C ring which we've seen before and fires outside the building which did not show the entrance hole before the collapse. Let me know if I missed something.

    greencrow, John, veritas, Dave, lyrac ... thanks to all for the feedback.

  20. I keep waiting for the day when our military actually DOES in REALITY fight FOR our freedom. Maybe that's a pipe dream. On the other hand, maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised some day.

  21. Hey Richard. If you are hinting at a potential 'coup' where the military starts arresting government traitors and setting up a new civilian judicial system for prosecutions, I've heard for a long time some saying that may be our only way to take back our country. Others are not so sure.

    Just the other day someone asked me if in a SHTF scenario would the military refuse illegal orders and take the side of the people or not. All I could say was I don't know.

  22. Brave words Kenny, it take guts to write like that, but I agree with you. Pinheada is still calling these dupes 'heroes'. I'm sure most families have dead service members, and 'hero' is comforting, but it's a lie- murder is murder. They'd all be better off pumpin' gas.

    If anyone hasn't read 'dupes of judah', it's worth a look.

    it's stylistically simmilar to Pound's WWII radio speechs

    here is a song i like-

    Mercenaries (Ready For War) -- John Cale


  23. That's a great Cale tune eddy. I hear a lot of Morrison in it. My kind of lead guitar too. Thanks

    The Pelley link looks like a keeper. I've saved it for later.

  24. Somewhat related. I just heard from a friend whose grandson, 18, joined the army this year and the boy just called him and said he has some kind of health issue and is going to be discharged within the next month. My friend thinks it's some sort of nervous problem but wonders why the discharge is going to take a few more weeks.

    Anyway, hopefully he'll get out and maybe his life will be saved. My friend has been really worried about him since he joined. Everyone tried to talk him out of joining but you know how these kids can be, no convincing them when their mind is made up.

  25. Rocker, if you happen to read this ... thanks for the link over and the kind words.

  26. If you don't blindly support Israel, then you're called anti-Semitic.

    If you don't blindly support these endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' then you're called anti-American and not a patriot.

    Guess we'll have to wind up like post WWI Germany, with worthless money and no resources to feed ourselves before many of us wake up.

  27. COFFIN
    There's no one in that coffin, no body in that box

    There is nobody in there, it's just a pile of rocks

    ... There's no one in that coffin, no body in that tomb

    Just another crying mother,

    With a cold and empty womb.

    There's no one in that coffin, no body on that plane

    There is nobody in there, to heal a father's pain

    There's no one in that coffin, no body in that crate

    Just a little sign that says,

    'Property of the State'.

    There's no one in that coffin, no body in that grave

    The soldier who should be there, bravest of the brave

    There's no on in that coffin, no body in that space

    Just a sad reminder,

    Of a once proud nation's face.

    There's no one in that coffin, no soldier in that box

    They couldn't find no body, so they filled it up with rocks

    There's no one in that coffin, when they fire the guns at seven,

    When every soldier knows the truth,

    There's no medals up in heaven.

    Allan Spence

    16th October 2009

  28. While we'r remembering lets recall that panty wearing murdering base commanding Colonel from Trenton.
    Lets recall them nice airforce boys that begged for a ride back to their base from the pub, passing the hat to give me some much needed gas money to the tune of 15 dollars, the last one out the door stuffing the loot into his pocket.
    I should have drove over thm all in front of that shrine to cronyism corruption racketeering and greed, the main gate.
    Nice nice folks.

  29. War, truly is, the jew's racket.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 makes $400 million in 24 hours

    I've run out of words.

  30. sorry all.

    i thought a missile strike like hole would be a smoking gun. didnt know pics were well known. first time i had seen them.

    to me the inside c ring hole (tunnel like) shouts "missile". no warhead.

    also outside d ring there is a hole, tunnel like same as c ring that continues from e ring.

  31. i've tried links provided by kenny and musique. got july 09 and oct 11issues. tried entering soldiers for sept 11 got google overloaded try later. tried later several times. same message.

    how did you two get that issue on line? i cant get near to sept 2011 even doing a search from the magazine itself.

    maybe the public lib computer i use is not up to snuff like my computer skills.

  32. Great post Kenny.

    Well said.


  33. This was a real thought provoking piece and it is written totally outside the box. This is what real American patriotism should be about. Thus, debunking lies and half-truths by tearing at the root of propaganda, disinformation and misinformation this is the only course left to free us and save us from the slaughter—I am referring to speaking truth to power in observance of exercising one's First Amendment right. This Thread should be introduced on the Middle School, High School and college level in which to expose students to the value of critical thinking.

    Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
    Fahim A. Knight-El

  34. No vet "fought" for my "freedom" in the last several hundred years. This includes WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and countless other "skirmishes" all over the world.

    My freedom has NEVER been "defended" by ANY of these wars either. My freedom here in the United States (what little is left) was not made possible or even "improved" in the slightest by any of these foreign wars.

    I was free before these wars and I was still free after them. Therefore, no "war vet" deserves my respect for "fighting for my freedom". They did not, they have not, and they lay claim to what is simply not true.

    The only exception is these wars have brought extreme hatred to America and Americans, which is a real threat now to my freedom.

    So if you want to "thank a vet", remember this fact: they have killed and slaughtered around the world but they have done nothing for your real freedom but weaken them in reality. They have brought terrible shame to this country and its citizens.

    Veterans who have actually defended this country on the other hand are rare and far between. Defense of our own land, such as by the Coast Guard, and National Guard soldiers operating on U.S. soil are defending freedom (somewhat, many are helping take away our liberties).

    The rest of you pukes are not.

    You do not have my respect anymore then I would respect a gang banger raping a women in an alley. You may belong to the biggest "gang" out there, and you may have U.S. Government support and sanction, but that does not make what you do right. It is wrong and it will always be wrong.