Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What If?

Just the other day I heard a woman say "You know what is the worst thing about growing old? It's looking back at all of the what ifs."

We've all had those moments. It does little good to dwell on them except in the faint hope that maybe we can learn something from them and apply them to the present.

That was then, this is now.

But we'll play along with this theme on this 48th anniversary of the assassination of John Kennedy. The 'what ifs' are monumental.

What if it had just poured down rain that Nov. 22th and the 'coup d'état' had been delayed? What if Kennedy had rallied his protectors around him, thwarted his enemies and had lived?

What if the Vietnam War had been stopped in its tracks, the cold war had warmed, the Federal Reserve abolished, big bankers and secret societies banished to the dustbin of history,  the CIA broken up and Israel was denied its nuclear weapons, lobbying and blackmail powers? What if rule by sociopaths and psychopaths was no more?

What if not only JFK had lived but also RFK and John Jr.? What if 'Camelot' had grown and matured? Could a handful of men and their allies, perhaps those allies being not only the American people but all citizens of the world, have changed the course of history? We know that where we have ended up today is the result of a relatively handful of people so yes, it is possible that a few could have led us in a totally different direction. 

It wasn't to be. Collectively we failed. That doesn't mean history must be forgotten and that 'what ifs' as an exercise in thought should be discarded.

We are here now. We cannot count on a few entrenched in the system to lead us to anything that might resemble humanity . It has to be what we as the majority do from this moment on. Otherwise we will all die with too many 'what ifs' left on the table.

John F. Kennedy. We hardly knew you.


  1. Sometimes I think "heaven" would be to live life over again knowing what I know now.

  2. Nice piece! I love playing that game...what if.
    Makana? Well, I guess every generation has to be taken in by its own Bob Zimmerman(grin).

  3. Richard, I thought essentially the same many times in my youth. It's faded as I have aged.

    Tim, yep, Makana is a Zim copycat. I tried to overlook that and listen objectively without the reference and doing so I actually enjoy the tune. You just had to remind me (grin). Upon reflection I removed it.

  4. Fine musing. I just don't agree with "Collectively we failed."

    Sychronicity Central: Just was cleaning my attic mess two nights ago and came on my old copy of Michael Kurtz's CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

    Kurtz is no "conspiracy nut" and his book was published by the University of Tennessee Press. It was state-of-the-art scholarship. It came out on the heels of the House Select Assassination Committee hearings of the 70s,; Kurtz covered tons of notes and the book came out in 1982.


    We did our job. The investigation was citizenship's finest hour. The Warren Commission (etc) stank to the sky of corruption and WE WERE ON IT.

    Then Reagan came to town as Kurtz (and others) were pushing hard for a real inquiry. And then you could almost hear the toilet flush. In just a few years, "debunkers" were ruling this discussion, and they have ever since.

    There was no American "citizenship suicide." We got killed. Reagan rebooted and reinforced the Security State. And the last president who tried to stop the SS was Kennedy...

  5. They would have slaughtered Kennedy another day, if not then.

    The way these scum chose to do it so publicly foresaw the horror to come, some of which we haven't seen yet.

    There is only one answer to such creatures: violence, applied to their person.

  6. Hey Franz, Kurtz sounds interesting but as usual, so many books, so little time. I did a little digging on him and he testified that he saw Guy Banister and Oswald together in New Orleans in the summer of 1963 when his was a student there. That was probably what triggered his intense interest in the assassination.


    Yes, many citizens did step up but ultimately it made little difference for what was to come.

    The debunker I despise the most is Vincent Bugliosi. What a self serving prick. The truth be known he most likely was paid upfront for his treatise on the assassination rehashing the 'lone nut' lie.

    anon, of course you're right. Kennedy didn't have a chance. No one had his back. Right in the open, a spit in our face just like OK City, 9/11 etc. Control the media, fix the investigation, repeat and rinse ad nauseam.

  7. Hey Kenny,...Revolutionary ideas are the seed, not the harvest, let's concentrate on manifesting sufficient public confusion about history and the PTB, that when thecognoscent chaos achieves critical mass, we might then call the people to Arms.

    I am more convinced every day, that the yiddish khazars know no moral boundaries, therefore, only by force of arms will we stop them from ravaging the planet and our children.

    Peace will not be achieved through peaceful protest; they co-opt the fucking protests - pacifism is fatal to your family!

    Tonight, I will be attending the first Branch meeting of a new Political Party here in Australia called the Katter's Australia Party after the chap that recently founded the Party - he is a farmer, a republican and a proponent of a Bill of Rights,(yep, rothschalians DO NOT have a Bill of Rights, how fucking dim-witted are we!?) It is my intention to use my influence to ensure that the Party maintains the rage!

    Free Tibet with every purchase!


  8. v, your plan B may well be the only one that will work. I hope not but my hopes don't always count.

    The new party sounds intriguing. Gook luck. One of the platforms should be to keep the yank military base out of your land. It would be to both of our best interests.

  9. Hey Kenny,...Many people aren't aware that there are already over twenty thousand (all Arms) joo.S war-slaves here already!!

    Pine Gap(D.U.M.B), Exmouth (Naval) etc...


    P.S. Yankee Go Home!

  10. Wasn't aware but I am now.

    Pine Gap - Australia's Area 51?

    Although I'd say there's more to it than what this guy says, I found it interesting:

    "Former prime Minister Gough Whitlam was deposed because he was going to try to get the base closed. He was mainly angered because he couldn't find out what was really going on inside the base."

  11. Hey Kenny,..."The base has had an average of 1200 employees over the years since 1964 when it was first commissioned." Yeah, right; the figures I have are approx' 1200 people per working Shift - this place plays a crucial role in the SETI program. The base is divided between Navy, Airforce, Military and Civil Intelligence - it's fucking huge! several levels of underground facilities - D.U.M.B means D.U.M.B!

    When I was on "pre-discharge" I stood several Guard Duties at bases that joo.S personnel are Posted - I had NEVER stood Guard Duty with anything more lethal than a truncheon at anytime at any Military Base in Australia prior to this; when standing Guard at the bases associated with our yankee "guests", we had magazines with live rounds loaded and in the weapons!!! Bayonets fixed, with some serious riot act chats prior to each shift: Locked and not cocked. This status is called "Action", from the "Action", one goes to "Instant" by cocking the weapon, engaging the safety catch to "repetition" and bringing the weapon up to the shoulder whereupon one identifies a target through the rifle-sights - the next Order is normally, "fire"! - the yanks are in Oz and they are in Oz, in a fucking big way! Which means the yiddish khazars already have their joo.S dogs-of-war armed and ready, downunder! The Ozzie bases were apparently tantamount to successful operations in Iraq and now play a prominent role in Raptor and Predator strikes throughout the world - waging war from these bases is illegal under the charter of the agreement for their intended usage! SOMEONE SHOULD CALL THE MEDIA!


  12. Stephen King's new book "11/22/63" about a guy in Maine who stumbles upon a time portal where 'one can change things' and THAT'S what the main character decides is what he'd like to change.

    That was, imo, the day the music died. When the anti-life regime took over and it did not take long, really, did it?

    Step by step, inch by inch...we are now living, at least 2nd generation, full bore psychopathic society.

    Just glanced at the side bar and see "November 22, 1963; A DAY ERASED FROM HISTORY"..."you have gotten sleepy-so sleepy..."

  13. Wonderful post kenny!

    I've wondered if I was my dad's age if I would have recognized the Kennedy assassination for what it was, because I stumbled upon 9/11 relatively early. Well, 8 years after it happened, but I was 15 when the event occurred. Without the internet, I don't know...it's tough unless you have an interest sparked. Most don't seem to unfortunately...

    And it all really points to people do not know how to think critically or rationally about these issues. Or they just psychologically will not confront the facts. Or they just ignore it and party on. It's just absolutely pathetic to me, to be quite honest.

    hey veritas, good luck at the meeting! Keep us posted!

  14. Kenny --

    I second the comment on Vince the Bug. What an sick insect.

    There's a long anniversary article at Global Research containing THIS little nugget:

    "There is for example an official in Obama’s State Department (Todd Leventhal), whose official job, until recently, included defense of the lone nut theory against so-called “conspiracy theorists”..."

    I am SWEARING I did not make this up!


  15. Stephen King is a fucking moron who was all over the media pushing his book and the notion that Oswald did the killing. I have no respect for that man.

  16. Isn't it obvious?

    The timeline HAS been altered!