Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old Pearl Harbor, New Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor's to Come

"When you realize just about everything you have been told all your life is a lie, you are on the right track."

70 years since Pearl Harbor and many things stay the same. Wars are conspiracies. All wars are of lies. Wars are for profit. Few benefit, many die.

The so called 'greatest generation' was a great hijacking. Bodies for bankers. Planned destruction with the leaders in place to make sure it goes down. The rich get richer, the poor get dead. Repeated on and on.

Pearl Harbor was 'let it happen on purpose.' 9/11, the new Pearl Harbor was 'make it happen on purpose.' The next Pearl Harbor to lead us into more wars will also be a set-up, a death trap where 'the end always justifies the means' as the psychopaths say.

Butcher is a term used when it happens to Americans. When we dish it out ... Dresden, Hiroshima, Eisenhower's death camps, My Lai, Fallujah, etc. etc. etc., it is called a necessity of war or some sort of "Newspeak;"

We rounded up the Japanese Americans in the name of security.  We detained a number of Israelis after 9/11 then we let them go away. Muslims in Gitmo did not fare as well. American citizens could be  next with a few detainees to keep the rest in line. Many will stand by and watch hoping they will be spared and keep silent in despair for what else may be to come. 

History finds a few that speak up and try to stop the madness. After Pearl Harbor Jeannette Rankin was the only congressperson to do so. Before that, on September 11, 1941 (the same day as the ground-breaking ceremony for the Pentagon), Charles Lindbergh warned us in a speech to the America First Committee. Pearl Harbor trumped the anti-war talk. The term 'America First' is now mostly verboten in the globalist banker world but we'll keep using it as long as we can still draw a breath and not just for our own benefit but for the whole of humanity.

So what about the next Pearl Harbor? Can we stop it just by continuing to give the warnings that false flags are are the standard operating procedure of the ruling 'elite?' Or by repeating the truth of history that always repeats itself if we are not vigilant? Maybe not, but the killers and manipulators have to be a little worried that every day there are a few more catching onto their lies. The question is whether we will have what it takes to stop them. It will come first from our hearts and go from there.


  1. Very good Kenny.

    It's the Big Lie of course. And if you think about it, Hitler was to the Big Lie what Mythbusters are to science, ie. a hapless amateur. We in the West, the servants to the bankers, are our own gods of the Big Lie.

  2. The Anglo-phile Roosevelt was desperate to get the USA into WWII.

    As early as 1935, he had US Navy warships playing war games off the coast of Japan..what does that tell you about the planned war to come?

    He put in place economic sanctions against Japan, which are basically an act of war way before Pearl Harbor attack.

    The Japanese government told Roosevelt basically to quit fucking with them, or war could develop between the two nations.

    America had broken the Japanese armed forces codes way before December 7, 1941 and knew the attack force was heading to Pearl Harbor, but did nothing except to move the valuable aircraft carriers way out to sea, out of harm's way.

    To say the Pearl Harbor attack caught America by surprise is just another Big Lie, like the one repeatedly told to Americans that we were caught off guard during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

    War is one of the most lucrative money making rackets for the international bankster gangster crowd, and while the Wall Street honchos live like royalty off the profits, 'We the People' pay the price.

  3. Dude, your warped.

  4. Anon@7:12, dude, elaborate or shut the fuck up.

  5. it's a great article and more people are waking up everyday. Keep spreading the word. Put the banned books on flash drives, seed them on peer to peer torrent sites. i reject any site that re affirms any aspect of official 911- 3000 victims, hijackers, stand down, passengers, planes, its all BS. I reject any Hitler, Churchill, Rosenvelt hero worship- all banker puppets. the goal has never changed- one world communist jewtopia

  6. Hitler never claimed to have invented or employed "The Big Lie." He merely identified its source. Not even Wikipedia makes claims to the contrary.

    So then, even among otherwise intelligent people, The Big Lie lives on.

  7. i think the big lie was introduced by russia who were the source of the 6 million dead story and the fake Hitler skull they held for decades until dna proved it was a young female. Poles, who fought with the alies,(the invasion of Poland was Britains justification for declaring war) But Poland was handed to Russia after the war (with friends like UK and USA u don't need enemies), perhaps because it was the site of many camps and they needed to control the hoax. If Poland had been a western democracy after the war, the big lie would have collapsed long ago. If u conclude that it was a hoax, u must ask
    'was Hitler an illuminati agent, or did he just fail in his jew genocide?' and was his failure deliberate?

  8. Hey Kenny, many thanks! In one post you've exposed me to two things I was totally not familiar with: a) the Eisenhower death camps, and, b) the poetry of Adrian Mitchell. I guess like a lot of Americans I had had a mostly favorable opinion of "Ike". Never realized he had treated German POWs so cruelly.

    Mitchell was quite a talented poet. Somehow I missed coming across his work before.

  9. Excellent stuff kenny! And dublinmick is spot on, what ever happened to him?

    The US government and military were deliberately provoking a Japanese attack, knew about it, and, of course, lied about it.

    We actually did discuss this in my WWI/WWII history course in college, merely brushing over the fact that the US had broken Japanese naval codes and knew of the Pearl Harbor attack. As if WWII were necessary, justified, and honorable.

    I simply do not understand how people cannot wake up to this stuff. It's not that hard -- banksters, the politicians and media whores that they control, and various corporate interests associated with the military manufacture war for profit, and have done so throughout history.

  10. John...

    Fear, laziness and stupidity,
    combined with the most diabolical
    propaganda machine in human history.


  11. the japanese only destroyed ananchronistic naval vessels. For some reason modern aircraft carriers were out to sea that day. japanese must have had spotters on the island. they must have known the most important military targets were not there but they went on with the attack anyway. A huge blunder. The kind of blunder that can only be accomadated by the military mind.

    ww2 is a mystery. The german and japanese high command had to know they had no chance of winning.


  12. Hi everyone. Interesting additions from all.

    Dec. 7 is my grandson's birthday, an easy one to remember. He's 18 and at a dinner for him last night confirmed that under no circumstance was he going to join the military. Several of his classmates have already signed up and upon graduation will head off to basic training. But he is concerned that he has to register for the selective service and that the way things are going there may be a draft. We assured him that we would do everything in our power to keep him from ever being taken away against his will.

    It seems to me that many of these kids today are open to the truth of history that they have never been taught. It's just that few are being exposed to it.

  13. Good to hear about your Grandson Kenny.

    A copy of "War is a Racket" By Smedely Butler should be given to every high school student and
    outside every "recruitment" office.

  14. Hi, Kenny, great post. It's so depressing/distressing when you don't know what to believe in anymore, but that's kind of how I have to play it these days to avoid "coating my eyes with butter" as the poet said. I'm just relieved nothing really bad happened yesterday ... I was sure there was going to be a false flag or something when I realized "hey, today's the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and CNN didn't mention it once. What's up with that???" The "top story" was really useless speculation about the clown candidates for the GOP race. And I was thinking, those who don't remember their history are doomed to repeat it. So I spent a lot of time praying yesterday. Thanks for being one of those who remembered.