Friday, December 2, 2011

Well Shut My Mouth

My favorite local news site to comment on has been The Tennessean. Until today.

Corporate parent Gannett has partnered with Facebook and has mandated on all their newspaper web sites that you must have a FB account to comment.

The article that announced the change had this title and byline:

More media outlets ban anonymous Web comments
Media outlets aim to tame discourse.

As of last night there were almost 500 comments at the article with at least 90% blasting The Tennessean and Gannett for their corporate big brother/sis move. They are all gone/deleted now with only a few facebookers leaving remarks.

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in 2010:
“Facebook is only reflecting the changes that society is undergoing and the loss of privacy is part of that change.”
The 'rumor' that Facebook was seeded with CIA and NSA money and that they are in bed with them is apparently true despite the movie that conveniently left that part out as well as not identifying Zuckerberg as a jew and who actually controls the media, social and otherwise. No surprise there and it wasn't as if we didn't know.

The Gannett logo doesn't even try to hide their mission. "It's all within reach" is talking about data mining and of course censorship and social engineering.

Where the Gannett/Facebook merging has been implemented for awhile, comments have been reduced significantly, sometimes a hundredfold or more which obviously relates to much fewer page hits and you would think some loss of advertising revenue if it is based on the number of views. The financial incentives offered by Facebook to Gannett remain to be seen. We know our tax money is involved through this invasive spying network. We pay for the corporate government entities to gather our data which is sold for target marketing and to keep forever just in case it is ever needed.

We're under no illusions that whatever we say on the 'net can be traced back to who we really are but making it easier for the spooks is something we need to avoid if possible. Make them work for it, not just say "here I am, take me."

For all the respect I have for bloggers and legitimate alternative media it is often preaching to the choir. We have our support group but trying to reach outside this limited area is going to get harder and harder. Comments on the Tennessean previously could be anonymous and if kept relatively civil would not get censored. Heck, my photo for my screen name was building 7. Being one of few who would ever mention 9/11 as a false flag or supporting Palestine and leaving related links may not have ever influenced a single person but I always thought it was worth a try. With an up or down comment rating system I took it as a badge of honor to get a lot of thumbs down when addressing certain issues and bringing out the hasbara trolls from their holes. I don't have a Facebook account so that ends that. It's all about shutting us up. The repression of free speech moves on down the line. A question is just how far will the tentacles of Facebook eventually go?

The passing of Senate bill 1867 is another step to try and shut us up. The ambiguity in interpreting it is by design. Whether or not there will be detaining of citizens by the military is the subject of much talk but the initial purpose of the bill is to more firmly plant the seed of fear that what we say may be used against us.

This will work to silence more than a few. For the rest of us, we'll continue to take our chances.
Shutting up is not our option or in our best interests .... for now.


  1. Facebook is shit, I wouldn't have an account with those Stasi wannabe scrunts if they were paying by the hour. One day there will probably no anonymity on the web, you'll have to log in with your real persona. Let's enjoy the internet as it is before the best government money can buy puts their shitridden hands all over it and ruins it. Sorry my browser is set on noid so anon is all I got.

  2. I shut down my Facebook account over a year ago and have never been happier : )

    What a zombie trap that is!


  3. More and more sites are doing this. Look at Veterans Today. Duff makes you either comment using facebook or by signing up to the site. But Duff is another story. My current "facebook name" is "Dov Zakheim". Ive had some fun with that one.

  4. The local paper here did that last year. Now they don't even get letters to the editor except from the drones who never had a clue to begin with.

    Our Harvard free trade elite knows what it does not want.

    The American Revolution was aided by a bunch of ink-stained & badly paid printers who "posted" under names like Publius, Brutus and Common Sense. Their side won.

    This time it will be harder.

  5. Franz, poignant words.

    gc, how do we talk to the facebook crowd outside of their arena when we don't want to join up? Many potential allies there.

    anon, I've noticed the Duff/facebook merger. Why am I not surprised?

  6. Because Duff is a complete tool. But his site does have a lot of quality writers and articles(even the people who apparently write under Duffs name churn out a good one from time to time) so its still worth linking to.

    As far as reaching people on facebook, just set up a dummy email address and post under a fake name like I do with "Dov Zakheim". I resisted posting on facebook for so long but sadly, as your story points out, its becoming increasingly impossible to post on most sites without doing so.

  7. I do not think the old way of U.S. Government spying and surveillance has become obsolete, but with the invention of Facebook, it has provided law enforcement with a wealth of information on the identity of people, the various alias they use, photos of family and friends, what city and state they live in, etc., and not to mention the incriminating chat that takes place on Facebook. Facebook is the new FBI dossier and it doesn’t require the manpower or the man hours, nor will it be met with the same public resistance of Cointelpro of the past. They have done a superb job of luring people to sleep with the whole concept of social networking and have relaxed the Sheeple so much that they are enjoying and having fun in their own demise. This doesn’t require coercion or interrogation (that was once associated with KGB, Mossad, CIA, etc.) and a covert government plot to accumulate or access intimate files on American citizens in particular and citizens throughout the world in general (not to suggest that the old mode of acquiring intelligence has outlived its usefulness). The people have become so dumb down that they are voluntarily providing law enforcement with massive data under the guise of social networking.

    Stay Awake Until We Meet Again,
    Fahim A. Knight-El

  8. I have a dummy FB page also. Since that's the way they want to play it.

  9. Hey Fahim, you're exactly right. People volunteer to be their own spied on slaves.

    Genie and anon, I know that can be done but I'm going to have to mull it over for awhile.

  10. Hey all, interesting that you're posting on this subject kenny, I just deleted my Facebook page. I signed up with Facebook back in the day when it first started, when it was only for kids in college. I think I joined in...2005? Or 2006? Either way, I did it for a long time, and the past 2 years or so I used it mostly to post articles and info relating to our criminal government and those that control it. Let me tell you -- I have basically alienated all of my "friends" and many other people. NO ONE ON FACEBOOK (OR IN REAL LIFE) WANTS TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING SERIOUS. At least in my experience...

    And there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Facebook is an intelligence operation. The control grid that has been established and currently being cemented does not look good for us...not that it matters or even registers in the minds of over 99% of the people in this country.

  11. “Facebook is only reflecting the changes that society is undergoing and the loss of privacy is part of that change.”

    Privacy? What privacy? The Pentagon has numerous spy satellites taking pics of 'suspicious' Americans, which is pretty much all Americans.

    The FBI and the NSA has been in bed with telecommunication companies for years, listening in on our phone calls and monitoring our emails and blogs.

    Americans are even encouraged to spy on their fellow Americans.

    As for Facebook, never been there and have no desire to visit.

    Facebook's seed money came from the CIA?

    The same place Google got their start up money.

    Fuck them all, privacy is a thing of the past and that's why I'm proud to use my real name on my blog and when posting comments to other blogs.

    If they want to know more, the can pay me a visit and I'll give them a very warm welcome.

  12. I automatically assume that most anybody with either a Twitter or Facebook account is a mentally-challenged, gadget-worshipping boob who is starved for attention, and doesn't have clue one about what is being done to physically track them as well as their information. If they had to go 7 straight days without being able to blab their inanities into their cell phones (read: government tracking/listening devices) or punch their thumbs at their texting devices like a chimp, they'd probably kill themselves.

    Now let the counter-attacks begin.

  13. Kenny you keep that jaw of yours flapping!

    My family uses FB to show off films and pix of babies and kids... and my daughter tells me to sign up to see what she is up to... I refuse. I had FB for about 2 years and found it to be a pain in the patootie. I think I went in at the MOST monthly only to see who had left what... I certainly said nothing.

    So THAT is why they want FB or Gooogle or something when you go to comment in some places. I did not know...

    Sucks... totally sucks...

    Genie that is an idea... but not enough for me... I refuse a cellphone or any GPS devices... and I refuse FB... guess I am a throwback to the old days of face to face conversation!

  14. Hey Kenny,...Yep and yep, FB is a yiddish data mining device, it's also full of wankers swapping blueberry pie recipes and smut appears to be fine to, so long as it is gratuitous and not associated with serious social commentary; much like schlogger and jootoob: HOWEVER! drum roll please, pa ruppa pumm pumm, parupa pumm pumm, I have no gifts to bring, pa ruppa pumm pumm, pruppa pumm pumm...I'll shave my bum for him, pa ruppa pumm pumm...No really, check this group out: I was invited to join about a month ago and it is a very satisfying and productive facility, one would need to do some serious joogling to find the kind of interesting and diverse info I see here:

    There are/were from time to time yiddish cretins trolling and false Posting, none-the-less the folks that run the Group are well cluey and dish the foot into the arse of anyone that comes across as remotely sayanim bottom-feeders!

    Go and have a look, truly worth the drive-by.

    Merry Christmas y'all!

    Can't wait for those New Year Sales at Yidmart - Remember a yid from downunder who was the scam-buddy of schillverstein when he perp'd 911 at the WTC, owns 80% of all Malls in the joo.S.A.

    Make your presents at home from Art & Craft products, because love is a major component of Cottage Industry products! If you have to buy, buy from your local market!

    Free Palestine! Fuck israhell!


  15. The same thing is happening in Europe. Gannett took over the Herald newspaper based in Glasgow. Now the Herald is 100% pro-Pentagon and pro-Israel propaganda.

    - Aangirfan

  16. Alot of newspaper comment sections in Canada use either face book or the google account as a sign in. Or their own accounts


    Whoever said this is 100 percent right

    ". People volunteer to be their own spied on slaves. "

    Chose not to

  17. Hey Kenny,
    Like your blog, keep up the good work. I have resisted numerous prods from friends and family to join up FB. When the government starts to round people up, they have a very convenient means at their disposal. There was a case recently up here (Canada) where an insurance company cancelled a persons disablilty claim because a picture of them in a bar showed up on FB. Welcome to 1984!!
    Griff from Canada

  18. Getting knocked down dont count so long as you get back up again. You did your whining, now go open a FB and use it in the infowar against the media mafiya.

    I've already been banned from most every forum/news site I've ever posted on, including Alex Jones Prison Planet (his entire family and payrole is jewish). You dont catch flak until over the target.

    FB allows a foot in the door again with some of these bankrupt corporate news sites.

    FB is also the most trendy with your idiot friends and family, who refuse to read your blog or website. So punch em in the head everyday on FB.

    BTW FB is planning a $100-billion stock ponzi scheme next summer. Just another scam by the jews to fleece the gullible goy.

  19. FB is not the way to go. I suggest proxy servers, used pcs bought for cash, bloggin from McDonaals with a disguise. we do not have a government. example - separation of church and state, yet 80% of the food u buy has u k mk cor parve etc religous tax, thats taxation without representation, no politician will touch the issue, to me it's just extortion - a shakedown. there is no separation of synagogue and state, they are one and the same

  20. I had this bookmarked one of those interesting stories..
    On the subject of info gathering on face book

    A study by researchers at the University of B.C. found that Facebook's security system failed to stop a large-scale infiltration in which computer-generated fake Facebook profiles collected personal information about thousands of Facebook users.

    In a paper to be presented at next month's Annual Computer Security Applications Conference in Orlando, Fla., the researchers said they collected 250 gigabytes of information from Facebook users by using socialbots - fake Facebook profiles created and controlled by computer code.

    etc, etc,...
    Ending with this

    Socialbots can command a high price tag. The researchers, who had 102 socialbots and one bot master in their Facebook infiltration, said socialbots command as much as $29 each on the Internet black market.

  21. Ain't it funny,these Zionist Jews are advocating the loss of privacy.


    Zionists such as Mark Zuckerberg INCORPORATE their businesses.

    Which is shielding them or may i say making themselves Anonymous from any responsibility and wrong doing.


    America is under Talmudic law

  22. I was watching football (don't start w/ me - it's the only TV I watch) and Bud Light was running a contest at where if you guessed the 1st play in the 4th quarter you were in a sweepstakes! I visited the site and could only participate if I had a Facebook account.

    I wrote to ask if I could participate without a Facebook and they said NO!