Monday, January 9, 2012


In US discourse it is normally considered anti-Semitic to suggest that individuals are appointed to senior positions because they are Jewish, or represent the Jewish community.

      We'll suggest it anyway.

Jacob (Jack) Lew, an Orthodox Jew, will be taking over as the White House Chief of Staff, a position considered to be closest to the President’s ear.

Did Obama appoint Lew as a signal to jewish money and influence that he is on board with all things Israel or was he just the best man for the job?

New Obama administration Chief of Staff Jack Lew and friends talk among themselves at a celebration to mark Israel's 63rd birthday just prior to Netanyahu's 2011 speech.

Rumors of replacements for Lew at the Office of Management and Budget include more Wall Street insiders and Clinton administration retreads including Joshua Gotbaum who played a part in the 9/11 cover-up and money scam as CEO of the September 11 Fund or maybe Goldman Sachs boy, Tim Geithner counselor, CFR member, economic terrorist Gene Sperling. Both are good crime team members.

We talked about Lew back in July of 2010. Nothing much to add except that whether Obama wins or loses this year, Lew will probably get to light the White House menorah one more time.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov, the director of American Friends of Lubavitch, hanging on ot his hat, joins Jack Lew, and Rabbi Abraham Shemtov on a crane as Lew gets ready to light the National Menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House, Dec. 1, 2010.


  1. Hey Kenny,...Well, I have managed to open your comment section, which is better than Error 303 or whatever kept coming up. I have been hacked badly again and have been unable to comment at the Blogger sites I have in my List for some weeks, WordPress seems OK though, none the less; I am here now and hopefully this will get through...

    Here in rothschalia we have more yids, homosexuals and lesbians in Parliament than at any time in our history, infact, prior to the israhell false-flag of 911, there were NO yids in our Parliament, before that, over 40 or so years, there were one or two sabbateans that hid behind a fallacy of catholicism.

    At this stage in the war between good and evil - The only question is: When do we begin to fight back?


  2. Ummm...Paul Wellstone was his
    faculty adviser.


  3. Obama will win, since he's protecting the Wall Street gangsters and the Fed from any investigation into their criminal activities.

    He's a dedicated and loyal fan of Apartheid Israel, so he'll get another term, even if it means stealing another election, like was done for 'Junior' in 2000 and 2004.

    But to make it realistic, it will be another 'close' election, one of those 51%-49% cliff-hangers staged for our entertainment.

    Gotta give the slaves a little hope now and then.

  4. (BTW: I continually get errors or Open ID errors suggesting I am not signed in to Wordpress when I have my own page opened and have logged in).

    I'm not sure what's more disgusting: a Jew lover who falls all over himself for their favor or a Jew hater who does it without knowing the depth of their control.

    There are no coincidences and we all have pointed out the fact that such a very small percentage of the population has such prevalence in the higher offices of government.

    It is impossible except for infiltration and subversion. It should be obvious we have been hijacked, but most still don't see what is as obvious as the nose on my face.

  5. Maybe he was the one who alerted the 9/11 perps that Wellstone was sticking his nose into the cover-up.

  6. Obama did not choose him, he has choices. Lew was placed there by the same power structurethat placed obama as POTUS.
    I think they put him there to keep an eye on the boy, obama.
    Just to make sure he doesn't forget who massa is.

  7. * he has no choices

  8. All who comment here are enemies of the state and will be dealt with accordingly.

  9. Hi v, AP, b'man. Thanks for the input.

    Greg, I tend to agree that O will once again be the chosen one. b'man and AP may disagree but because RP is not going to get the nomination I hope he runs third party just to keep the anti-war narrative alive. Otherwise a Rom-Bama debate becomes just another sick slap in the face. What are those two going to argue about, health care and who's the biggest servant of Israel?

    anon, It does seem sort of odd that wikipedia by way of HuffPo would mention Lew's college adviser as Wellstone and that the entry was made yesterday.

    anon @ 2:18 PM, I would say you're right.

    As I've said before, the purpose of the NDAA is to try and make us afraid to speak out. It's not going to work.

  10. Just heard the Rom give his NH 'win' speech and said (talking about Obama)
    "He criticizes our friend Israel and I will never criticize our friends."

  11. Lew also made millions of dollars working for Citigroup's Alternative Investments division, where he and his buddies bet against the housing market, raking in big time dough at the expense of homeowners, many of whom were completely defrauded.

    As much as I can't stand Greenwald at times, he does great work and is a phenomenal writer. He destroys Lew here:

    I agree with you kenny, I hope Paul runs as a third party when the nomination is given to Mitt. David Sirota had a good article in Salon today regarding Ron Paul that I think addresses many of the concerns people here (including me) have with him. It's worth checking out:

  12. There seems to be a little mushroom cloud in the background of the celebration photo.

  13. For a mainstream-esque guy I kind of like Greenwald. Of course hes a coward on the topic of 9/11 itself but he still does a good job on issues surrounding the fallout of the false flag.

  14. Greetings Kenny.

    Heard about a new bumper sticker on the heals of sodimite pasts and prozionist presents:

    "Hey Obama, would you think any better with this menora shoved up your ass?"

  15. His previous C/S who has used CHI-towns POL SYSTEM to take over city,
    anyway look into his family roots mom was 1st airline stew of 1st zionist airlift to flood Palestine
    lands with thousands of jews,.
    Obama is NOT allowed to function without a zionist handler,this is nothing new for Obama