Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mark

art by Elise-nmfp

One of the definitions of mark is ... Slang - A person who is the intended victim of a swindler; a dupe.

We're the mark. Swindlers  prey on us.

One of the most ridiculous social engineering stunts of late is Marky Mark - Mark Wahlberg's tough guy rant to a third rate bullshit magazine, "Men's Journal," where he said of saving the day on 9/11:
“If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going to land  somewhere safely, don’t worry.’”
This is getting an inordinate amount of publicity, even on the local news. A little controversy generated to steer the folks towards thinking about 9/11. And what a coincidence, there just happens to be a new Hollywood 'blockbuster' 9/11 themed movie now playing in a theater near you. And what a great title,  "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close." The trailer is being frequently promoted on corporate teevee.  Greg gives us a preview so there's not much need to actually support the psyops with what little money we have  left.

As they always have, Hollywood and their criminal allies join hands together to try and keep an official story intact. This time just happens to be 9/11. I don't know about anyone else but I've gotten a good laugh from these pathetic attempts to manipulate our minds and have us voluntarily pay for it at the same time. Being a mark is not without its moments of humor.

The humor of the debates lessened a bit without Rancid Rick in the mix but there's still some laughs to be had.

What's with the big coin in the background?

As a little aside, you may get a laugh from this. The Book of Mormon


  1. 9/11.

    I sincerely cannot give more than the time of day to ANYONE who stills believes the government story that 17 arabs took down three buildings with two planes.

    Utter nonsense.

    Any person still believing this lie is a fool.

    It was Mossad and US secret services who did the 9/11 false flag/inside job for the geopolitical gain of Rothschild and the international usury bankers.


  2. Tom Hanks is in that bullshit 9/11 related movie. Hes also working on the film adaptation of Vincent Bugliosi' bullshit about Oswald acting alone. This after his bullshit propganda movie "Charlie Wilsons War". Who the hell got in that guys head?

  3. bullshit keeps a bullshit career going.

  4. “If I was on that plane with my kids"

    he lost me at that point.

    the Star of the new film will be CGI (computer generated images), just as CGI was the Star of the original CNN broadcasts

  5. Bullshit for breakfast, bullshit for lunch, bullshit for dinner and everything in between.

    Hope folks are reading and sharing this gem of an essay which brilliantly summarizes the historical record: The Jew World Order is Upon Us.

    Find it at

  6. My lil' music blog was shut down yesterday by hollywood cocksuckers so there will not ever be one dime of support from me, not that there ever was before, for any of their shitridden, third rate, hole punch in the upc, straight to the dollar bin product.

  7. Hi all, thanks for the conformations.

    anon @ 9:40am, interesting additional info on Hanks. I saw where it is reported that Bugliosi is being paid several million for the rights to his book 'Reclaiming History.' They say they want to air it on HBO near the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, in November 2013.

    It always used to amaze me a few years back when Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder" came out that so many people were saying 'now we're getting somewhere.' When you'd point out Bugliosi's ultimate cover-up treatise on Oswald being the lone nut, many didn't want to think that they were being had and that Bugliosi was in on the game.

    Big tools make the big bucks.

    anon @ 1:22, I listened to the ZCF interview with Deanna Spingola and it's worth a listen. ZCF claims to be 21 and he does sound like it. I'm impressed and hoping he's on the up and up.

  8. ZCF has a lot of good pdf books , like Juri Lina's 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion'
    The site has been taken down so often, i think it may have taken over by disinfo agents. It fails my 911 litmus test. The message is 'jews did it with planes' They say that'no planes' is disinfo meant to absolve the real perp- Israel. This is too simplistic because it lets too many others off the hook- CNN, CFR, CIA, FBI, FDNY, NYCPD, Pentagon, The White House, Larry, Rockefeller, The Port Authority, The City of New York, The Mayor's office, BBC..i could go on

    I liked the interview with spingolla, but I think the site is disinfo

  9. I agree completely that the "no planes" stuff is meant to absolve Zakheim and his Israeli cohorts. Its good to hear that ZCF gets it.

    As far as your(anon@7:08) list of perps who would be let off the hook if planes hit the WTC. Why? How does talking about planes hitting the WTC let them off the hook exactly?

    Many people were involved in 9/11, including people at some of the agencies you listed. I believe, based on the available evidence, that Israelis were the main perps behind 9/11. Meaning they actually came up with and executed most of the plan. It would make sense for them to try and divert attention with disinfo. Letting key 9/11 perp Rabbi Dov Zakheim off the hook by alleging that no planes hit the WTC is exactly what I would expect from them. Don't fall for it.

  10. 'How does talking about planes hitting the WTC let them off the hook exactly?'

    Planes= we were attacked= the war on terror is justified.

    no planes=no attacks=illegal war

  11. There was an attack with or without planes. Thats the whole point-Israelis and Americans attacked the US. Part of that attack included remotely flown planes hitting the WTC.

    I would grant you the possibility that the planes looked modified enough where the footage had to be manipulated in some way.

    You can have planes hitting the WTC and its still an "inside/outside" false flag which still makes the wars completely unjustified. How does having planes remotely flown by Israelis into the WTC justify the "war on terror"? I'm not letting Zakheim/Israel off the hook. You can if you want.

  12. 'There was an attack with or without planes'

    I disagree.

    there were no planes,
    no hijackers, no attacks.

    israel and usa set off bombs, used smoke machines, fake wittnesses, fake victims, CGi on TV,
    contolled demolitions.

    a false flag is not an attack

  13. To the commenter who insists that those of us promoting the "no planes" argument are letting Zakheim off the hook: we are not letting anyone off the hook, Dov Zakheim included. Our argument that there was video fakery, faked hijackings, made up victims, planted witnesses, staged testimony, no evidence of any 757/767s anywhere on 9/11, ect. does NOT let Dov Zakheim off the hook. You have not looked into the massive amount of evidence of video fakery my friend. And please tell me, what evidence do you have that support your contention remote controlled aircraft made by Dov Zakheim were involved in NYC that day? It's a nice theory, one which may in fact be true, but is there any evidence?

    If you are interested in pursuing this subject, you have to see September Clues and check out Dr. Fetzer's work. He's interviewed numerous people and discussed at great length the concept of video fakery and what did and didn't happen on 9/11. There is pretty conclusive evidence that virtually all of the videos we were shown of New York are fakes.

    Either way, your point is well taken: Israel and her agents in the US did 9/11, no doubt about it. The new Hanks movie is a major PSYOP.

    Hey kenny, ZCF is impressive and definitely on the up and up, no doubt about it. He'll be on Spingola's show early next month again. I believe he'll also be on Charlie Giuliani's show as well.

  14. Anon, you're playing semantics now. A false flag is an attack by another name. You didn't answer my question about how if planes were flown remotely by Israelis how is the "war on terror" somehow still justified? Its obviously not. I guess my point is you don't need to prove "no planes"(and I have seen nobody do so) to prove false flag.

    John Friend. Love your site. We obviously agree on who did 9/11 for the most part.

    Ive looked into it. Ive watched Semptemper Clues. I am open to video being manipulated but that is not the same thing as saying there were no planes at all. I do not believe that.

    How does it let Zakheim off the hook? You could still tie Zakheim to 9/11 considering his role in PNAC,his role as comptroller at the Pentagon and his ties to Israel. But the case is all the stronger when you factor in the SPC remote flight technology. Maybe "absolve" is too strong a word but I feel the purpose of this brand of disinfo is to weaken the case against Zakheim and ultimately the case against Israel.

    I'm off to sleep now. You guys have a good one.

  15. Who's Zion Crime Factory?

    He is known as MonkeySeeMonkeyDo/checkitb4uwreckit on The Info Underground/TIU.

    Whocares said...
    Freeyourmind that was excellent. Could you please go to that closet white supremacist(disguised as an Anti Zionist think tank) forum to write exactly that. Those white supremacists are spewing their WS agenda there. I tried arguing with those assholes in 3 different threads about Native Americans and of the threads was moved to the off lounge section bc the person that banned me was owned..

    January 26, 2011 3:59 PM

    Then Travis of TIU writes:
    Its time for those in charge of this forum to take control and sort their house out. This forum has become overrun by Zionist/Jewish conspirators. Even though I do not have clear evidence that they are physically working for Jewish groups I have empirical evidence that they are pushing their objectives and tactics.

    Firstly, MSMD started by attacking and insulting Islam and pushing Jewish rhetoric against Islam. Then he started attacking Christianity and Christ. Its important to note his tone has never be one of discussion but rather one of aggression and mockery and to insight infighting. The result of his attacks have been to disunite and cause infighting.

    Secondly, Yo Mama has started pushing racist Jewish propaganda i.e. blacks are dumb and whites are superior in terms of intelligence. The result of this again is to cause infighting and disunity based on race.
    Is it a coincidence that extremists Jews attack Islam and Christ and defame blacks, and MSMD and Yo Mama have been pushing these very same ideas to cause disunity?

    This is a two phased attack, first they get people fighting on religion and then they get them fighting based on race. From both their posts from the last month this is very clear. Are they actual JDF members I do not know, but that's irrelevant at the moment because they are doing their bidding.

    Think about it, think about their aggressive and belligerent tone. They use mockery and attempt to insight fighting based on religion and race. We see them attack what other people believe but do we know what they believe? Do we?

    TIU overrun by Zionist conspirators
    (**You have to join TIU to see the content.)

    Incog Man frequesnts ZCF's site, so does ProThink/Mike Delaney.

  16. Incogman is one of the most obvious provocateurs Ive ever seen. Not all white supremacists are paid tools(most of them are simply useful idiots) but Incogman is too obvious.

  17. Why do you have to join TIU just to read their stuff?

    Kinda makes the whole thing pointless if only a handful of people can see their "underground" info.

    Is TIU another controlled opposition front designed to keep the goyim going round in circles?

    Sure looks like it.

  18. Nice find, Kenny. I always miss "celebrity news" for some reason. Marky's rant is right up there with nut ward Napoleans dreaming of doing Waterloo right.

    Mark Wahlberg? He was once part of a word-origin contest. For awhile women porn stars call their customers "MOOKS" and it might be mook was a neologism for "mark". Marky played a thinly-disguised John Holmes in historical epic about the 70s porn biz.

    Mark wasn't a REAL porn star, he only played one in a movie. Makes him a real mook in my book.

  19. ZCF sounds a lot like Ryan Dawson, of Rys2cents...he does youtube vids that talk a lot about zionism and 9/11.

  20. copy paste from lets roll forum

    Phil Jayhan

    Re: Mark Wahlberg says if he was on the plane, 9/11 would never have happened
    This is an excellent example of hoax management. This is all pure drama, created for the sheer effect of establishing the 911 hoax, the 911 narrative, which of course never occurred. And Marky mark knows this.

    Mark Wahlberg is part of this circular misdirection and media deception, scripted boasts of super hero claims, then scripted media condemnation. All circulating around the lie of 911, which we all know was a hoax now.

    Hoax management!


  21. To Anonymous at the January 20, 2012 9:40 AM post:

    Charlie Wilson's War was a GREAT movie.

    It showcased what American "democracy" is all about, and the book it is based on is even better.

    Here, watch this:

    In fact, I will physically MAKE you watch this if you don't.

    You have been warned.

    That movie (and book) are perhaps the greatest exposes of American "democracy", with myself wondering how this movie got the green light from the hollywood kosher mafia.

    I was so moved that I wrote two posts on it:


    "As the book explains, all committees in Congress depend on the funds which are controlled by the Appropriations Committee. Of which he, Doc Long, was then the leader. Which gave him, de facto, almost dictatorial powers over American policy. Doc Long sneeringly defined other Congressional
    committees as "useless debate societies", which existed at his whim.

    After all, this one committee controlled how the money was spend. To make it clear, here is a money quote from the book:

    "His name is Doc Long," Wilson told the president (ed - Zia of Pakistan), "Forget the big name senators or even secretary of state; this is the man you have to win over. He's a very strange, if not bizarre, character, but he's the chairman of the Appropriations subcommittee that doles out foreign aid. He's so powerful that he can sabotage any program he doesn't like, or he can be a Daddy Warbucks"."

    The story of Congressman Wilson is also a (true) expose of how powerful the pro Israel forces are in America - electing him and, even better,

    Quote from the book:
    "Getting the Appropriations assignment as a junior congressman was an amazing political maneuver because his own Texas delegation opposed it; they backed a Texan with more seniority. The only other congressman to ever defy his own delegation and seek an Appropriation seat was Lyndon Johnson; but LBJ failed. It was Wilson's Jewish friends who made it possible".

    So, Anon, you are waaaaaaaaaaay off the mark with this movie and, by implication, the book it was based on.

    That is OK - I will forgive you, IF you see the movie again, and this time pay attention to the drug use, whoring, orgies subtext and the Jewish power in this country.

  22. What's with the big coin in the background?

    Symbolism? Looks like the coin is falling, just like the Fed funny money is falling down a bottomless pit.

    Marky Mark sounds so tough, he almost made me piss in my pants :)

    What an idiot.

    Here's the 'tough' guy in action in real life:

    At 15, he harassed a group of black school children on a field trip by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets.

    When he was 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and, using a large wooden stick, knocked him unconscious (while calling him "Vietnam fucking shit"). He also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye, and attacked a security guard (again using racist language).

    For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in jail at Boston's Deer Island House of Correction, of which he served 45 days. In another incident, the 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack.

  23. The no planes theory is totally new to me, I just read it from Henry Makow in his latest post. I have always thought 9/11 was probably something to with remote control because remote control terrorism goes way back with the Jews. The same time I ran into the Makow post I had just read this one about military PSYOPS and holographic images dated from 1991. Fasinating! And insane as hell. Has opened my mind to new possibilites with many things.
    I know about the video fakery and yet didn't know where to fit that in with the plot. Well, I never did get into the 9/11 technicalities because anything is possible and there were too many theories going around. Chi bono and I can smell a Zionist rat a mile away, that's enough for me. Now I am kind of interested all over again.
    For some crazy reason I followed the Mormon book link and breezed through it. Oh eew (o.O)
    Lots of interesting comments here today! One more thing, about that big coin in the background...I always get the feeling "they" are making fun of us...