Sunday, January 22, 2012

Onward Warvangelical Soldiers

Another Sunday morning, another march to the shrine.
Another merging of church and war state. 
Another mind confined.


The term 'Warvangelical' is a fairly new one.  Not yet in the dictionary and not yet overused, it does define a certain segment of our population. Not exactly a small one either. It doesn't even have to be used in a derogatory manner. It's basically just a matter of fact and not a new one at that.

Same old story, same old song. From their religion to their politics, some people are going to set the cruise control and stay on the road they are told leads them to where they should go. Not much need in making fun of them or they just dig their heels in harder. We are all subject to deception and one of the hardest things for folks to do is to stand up and say "Well, what do you know. I've believed in lies all of my life and I'm not going to play that game any longer." It rarely works that way.
photo by Malcolm MacGregor

Of course it's not just the Warvangelical right and their mega-temples. From the faux Christian lefties on down to the little church in the wildwood people are silent despite the storm clouds rising. They sacrifice their sons and daughters on the alter of the war god and few question why.

No matter what one believes in, it's not hard to see that the planned destruction of Christianity is well on its way. Mostly it's all from within with a lot of outside help from those who prefer murder and mayhem rather than the 'golden rule.'

"The Cult of the Warvangelicals." Sounds like the title of a bad 'B' movie but as fate would have it, it's now prime time baby.

"And after church, the ballgame."


  1. There are two types of 'Christians' - those who 'feed the hungry and turn the other cheek' and those who ignore the teachings of Jesus.

    The warvangelicals are the latter sort.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Don't forget that magical time in church when all are united in prayer for those making war on others.

    As a child it always made me scream.


    Now, not so much.

    Thanks for the term!


  3. aang, much to agree on there.

    Hey Suzan,

    "As a child it always made me scream. Silently"

    Back then we just couldn't articulate our frustrations. And we're still trying. It's never easy.

  4. when all are united in prayer for those making war on others ... I am praying for those who make war to be struck by lightning. It hasn't happened yet, but that hasn't stopped me, nor will it.

    The point is, all are not necessarily as united as they may seem. I invite others to join me in counter-prayer.

    Another really excellent post, Kenny. Thanks so much, as always.

  5. No matter what one believes in, it's not hard to see that the planned destruction of Christianity is well on its way


    When the proclaimed followers of the 'Prince of Peace' became some of the loudest and most enthusiastic supporters of these never ending wars, they were the architects of their destruction.

    Maybe instead these new, improved Christians should spend less time thumping the bible and more time listening to aging hippies like Leon Russel's "Prince of Peace" lyrics:

    Try and judge me only by my time and changes
    And not mistaken words, for I say many
    Listen only to my song and watch my eyes
    There's not much time to spill, there's hardly any

    Well, look at all the children living in the streets
    And they're looking, not afraid to touch each other
    They're not afraid to be themselves or someone else

    Never treat a brother like a passing stranger
    Honey, won't you always try to keep the love light burning
    Sing a song of love and open up your heart
    For you might be the prince of peace returning
    Yeah, you might be the prince of peace returning

    Oh, the love the blind and wounded as that you would yourself
    And the businessmen in cells collecting pennies
    Judge their wealth by coins that they give away
    And not the ones that they keep for themselves for spending

    Oh, never be impatient with the ones who love you
    It might be yourself that you're burning
    Sing a song of love and open up your heart
    For you might be the prince of peace returning

    Never treat a brother like a passing stranger
    Honey, won't you always try to keep the love light burning
    Sing a song of love and open up your heart
    For you might be the prince of peace returning
    For you might be the prince of peace returning

    Oh, if I pay me, if I pay you
    If I pray to your Jesus then you gonna tell us what you're about to do?
    What if I pay me and I might pay you
    Who's got the money? Who's got the money?
    Who's got the money for, sing the song?

  6. Hey Winter, "counter-prayer"
    Sort of a collective counter-balance. You never know!

    Greg, Leon is a favorite. Was fortunate to see him a couple of times.

    My picks.

    Roll Away the Stone

    Stranger in a Strange Land

    It's been a long night here. All the local TV channels have been on full time storm coverage but it looks like we dodged the tornadoes so maybe I can finally get some sleep.

  7. The New Testament teaches peace and love but the Old Testament (which was "borrowed" from Judaism) teaches violence and hate.

    Christianity is one of the most schizophrenic religions ever invented.

    Not surprisingly, most Christians hold views that are contradictory or oxymoronic which is why they can frequently be heard talking out of both sides of their mouth.

  8. Christianity is the New Testament. The Catholic Church used to know who the enemy was and the flock was instructed in the facts.

    Problem is the TV which allows Jews to use stooges like Hagee to great effect. Misuse the OT, stir in the Scofield garbage, and frighten the clueless with endless booga-booga and it's simple.

    I am awe struck at the accuracy of these 2000 year old statements about our tormentors:

    "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." John 8:44

    "'I know your suffering and your poverty-though you are rich-and the slander committed by those who claim to be Jews but are not. They are the synagogue of Satan." Revelations 2:9

    Hope that everyone has seen and saved a copy of ZCF's brilliant new essay:

  9. How did the Old Testament become part of the Christian Bible in the first place?

    I've read many different answers to this question but none of them make any sense to me.

    My suspicion is that the early church fathers just got lazy.

    They wanted to include an "origin of the universe" story along with the story about Jesus, but instead of coming up with one of their own, they decided to simply borrow the Jewish one which was already in existence.

    The fact that God himself is depicted in a very unflattering (and even blasphemous) way in the OT didn't seem to matter to them.

    It was a huge miscalculation on their part.

  10. Who would Jesus bomb? Those towelhead camel jockeys with all the oil?

  11. Update-radio is reporting Rand Paul was detained by the TSA for refusing a patdown. Sorry if off topics.

  12. Some, such as Dr. Matthew Johnson of the excellent Orthodox Nationalist program ( insist that the OT is vital. I think it's the OT prophets' criticisms of Judaism and the signs by which Jesus will be recognized. He may discuss it in this show (

    Mark Dankow is someone to listen to on the subject also. He's a frequent collaborator with Mark Glenn of

    The Catholic Church was effectively neutered by the Jews. Good stuff on the installation of illegitimate Pope in 1958 at

  13. Some of the comments are going to spam but I think I've restored them all.

    Been following Rand Paul's missing his flight out of Nashville because of the TSA. Hopefully it gets a lot of coverage.
    Local tv just interviewed him.

    anon @ 8:59 AM, go over to Richard Edmondson's site linked over at the right. He's done extensive research on the subject and may have something interesting. Just ask him.

  14. good one - Warvangelicals (i m gonna add this to my lexicon with Churchianity, Holocaustianity, ...)

    Warvangelicals "killing women, children, innocents around the world for Jesus and Israel"
    though they don't know how totally brainwashed they are, don't forgive them

    for the 66 million of former ussr, 40 million of communist china, Muslims, world-wide, whose plight was and still is ignored for 100 years and counting by the Warvangelicals, who looked the other way while hundreds of millions were enslaved, raped, pillaged, genocided for "utopia on earth"

  15. To Anon @ 10:14 AM,

    An edited version of the Old Testament might be acceptable but not the unedited one that appears in most bibles.

    The obscene passages where God orders people to do sadistic stuff (like chopping off the foreskins of helpless infants or gleefully slaughtering one's neighbors) are completely inappropriate and have no place in a document intended for reading by Christians.

    Furthermore, all of the passages which state or imply that Jews are superior to non-Jews are also completely inappropriate and likewise need to be removed.

  16. a guy on fetzers podcast said he got a pat down at a huston greyhound bus station,
    this shit didn't happen in communist eastern europe

  17. Rand thinks he and other 'tursted travelers' should get fast tracked. But he wont say the truth- the war on terror is a fraud.

  18. Exactly. Rand and his father Ron Paul do the right thing and fight the erosion of civil liberties as a result of the fake "war on terror" and 9/11 but neither has the guts to directly confront those massive lies head on.

    Off topic, but its amazing how little coverage that jewish writer musing about Mossad assassinating Obama got in the MSM. Not at all suprising but still amazing. Sorry to state the obvious, but had it been a muslim saying the same thing about Bush/Obama he'd be in Gitmo right now.

  19. Every time I hear Ron and Rand I'm thinking of all the things they leave out. They will not take it to the next level and that leaves several million nobodies to do it for them.

    Take it with a big block of salt but Duff and Dean at VT are talking about the 'proposed' Mossad assassination. At least Dean is calling the whole thing 'fishy.' It may well be some sort of psyops we haven't figured out yet.

  20. Very interesting post and good comments too!

    Curious, here: In 1970 I was in the navy and stuck in Dulles airport at DC, pretty good time to be reminded of hell. And saw a strange book by Hal Lindsay called THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH. Read it, shrugged, and finally got out of Dulles. Hal DID help pass the time.

    Ever thereafter it seemed to me something in Christianity, and something in America, started to mutate about then. Guys my age and even younger have mentioned this even in barbershops.

    "I knew Christians in America once. I sure isn't like the ones now."

    Right. I'm not blaming it all on Hal. He was a part of it, he got paid to help out. Still I keep wondering, HELP OUT WHAT?

    Just an odd old memory I'm sure.

  21. And after church, the ballgame. Grampaw always said the country would turn to shit while everyone was playing with balls but what did he know helping to beat the Japs and working for a big automaker for 40 years. Sorry if off topics but a forensic cop just called a local AM radio show talking about data mining and made the comment think 1984 on steroids about all the digital dossiers kept on people in the U.S.S.A, Comrades.

  22. Anon 8:59: There was a branch of early Christianity called the Marcionites who actually wanted to drop the Old Testament. Today the Maricionites are usually lumped in with the early Gnostics, who were of course regarded as "heretics" by the orthodox wing of the early church. I have a book written by a professor, I think at the University of Tennessee, who refers to the Marcionites as "anti-Semitic."

    "Warvangelical" is an interesting term, Kenny. I hadn't heard that one before, but, yeah, it certainly fits.

  23. Hi Kenny,
    Winter Patriot said :

    "I invite others to join me in counter-prayer"

    I'm with you on this one.
    Amen :)



  25. self declaring to be a christian dont make it so.

    these self declared christians are jews in belief and action

  26. Real Christians humble us all.

    The joy of helping others almost makes the life to come incidental.

    "Harry, you're the Chairman?"


    Pure poetry, Kenny.

    Pure poetry.