Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pursuing trivia and the not so trivial

Exactly as last year, Obama's 2012 State of the Union address started at 9:11 pm eastern time. Hmmm.....

On cue, the celebrity SEAL unit of OBL fame makes a daring rescue of hostages in Somalia. Obama smiles and says "re-elect me and I'll get more of those 'terrorists'  no matter where we have to go to get them."

In other 'celebrity' news, poor Demi Moore, apparently non-jewish but still a Kabbalah kultist, has 'health' issues and is dropping out of a Linda Lovelace biopic where she was to play arch feminist and CIA asset Gloria Steinem.  I was looking  forward to not seeing it and now it's disappointing to not have Demi and Gloria in the same sentence to make fun of. Oh well, we still have another Kabbalah queen, Madonna, to ogle at the Super Bowl.

One more movie to boycott is the CFR asset Angelina Jolie‘s In The Land of Blood and Honey. It seems as if the Serbs are a little quicker than Americans in spotting blatant propaganda and are calling to boycott both the movie and Angelina. Maybe the whole world does hate us for our freedom to lie and profit from it?

Protests take on all forms. Let's all pee on Joe Lieberman's photo. Well, it's what he's been doing to us. xymphora had a comment that fits what we have often called Joe's dual citizenship/dual loyalty ...
'Dual loyalty' is an outrageous insult to any Jew.  How could sumpremacists be loyal to anyone other that the supreme group?  There is nothing 'dual' about the loyalty of the Jews.
Insert zionist into the comment if you are skittish about saying the word jew in a criminal context. Some people are you know.

The bottle caps for chemotherapy scam. It just goes to show how not asking questions is not in a humanitarian's best interests.

There has been a lot of talk about the 50 year old and soon to be decommissioned  USS Enterprise being a false flag target for dragging us into war with Iran.  That talk is a good thing. We never know when predicting such an event and it getting extensive coverage will stop it from happening. The Israelis will have to come up  with something that's more of a surprise. Then again, maybe they think their control of governments and media will be enough. Crying conspiracies and 'anti-semetic' does seem to often work but much of the world will be pointing their finger at Israel if the Enterprise goes down. My prediction is that nothing will happen and Newport News Shipbuilding will reap millions from deactivating and de-fueling the ship.....and the price of oil will still go up.

MegaUpload talk ~ here and here. Other sites keep going down but you never know if it's self-serving to give cred. Glitches do seem to be increasing for many of us and it slows us down.  Google continues to elevate its state of the art spy machine.

That brings up a question about the hackers 'Anonymous.' Are they an intelligence service original project or at the least heavily infiltrated? My gut feel says they are one or the other.

In memory of the megauploads of the world here's a repost of a never officially released bootleg. Listening to it may make you a criminal.


  1. Hi Kenny,

    You have covered sooo many things, ooh mine! Wondering what do you think of this guy below?

    Marine spared from jail time in Iraq killings
    CAMP PENDLETON, Calif (Reuters) - A U.S. Marine accused of leading a 2005 massacre of 24 civilians in the Iraqi city of Haditha was spared jail time when he was sentenced on Tuesday for his role in killings that brought international condemnation on U.S. troops.
    The harshest penalty Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, 31, now faces for his guilty plea on Monday to a single count of dereliction of duty is a demotion to the rank of private, the lowest rank in the service, as recommended by a military judge.
    Even before sentencing, word of a plea deal that carried a jail term of no more than 90 days for Wuterich sparked indignation in Iraq, where Ali Badr, a Haditha resident and relative of one of the victims, called it "solid proof that the Americans don't respect human rights."

    Among the dead were women, children and elderly, including a man in a wheelchair.

    women, kids and and a guy in wheelchair?

    That makes him a "hero", doesn't it?

  2. Hey Kenny,...It's so annoying when they cancel something you were looking forward to boycotting! me thinks the sacrificial hulk of the Enterprise has been gun-jumped and now might only obtain as a device of the false-flag kind if we are underestimating the arrogance of the tribe.


  3. musique, Heroes don't do that. Heroes don't let themselves be put in a position to even allow the possibility.

    v, We won't underestimate the arrogance but here's a toast to arrogance being their downfall.

  4. We should, I do) boycott every of the rubbish- and propaganda movies that come out of Hollywood. I also know that the sheeple are hooked and their brain is cooked!

  5. Does disagreeing with Zionist whingeing make one an anti-emetic?

    The USS Enterprise will be anchored off the US Coast and used as a prison-ship [ for soldiers recently returned from war and promptly made redundant].

    Demi Moore will recover and will play Gabby Giffords in next years big Oscar winner.
    Jolie can play Palin, madonna will play Debbie Wassermann Schultz while Ashton Kutchner plays Jared Lee Oswald Loughner.


  6. I understand Serbs hating Americans


    Thru the Jerry Sandusky case:

    *When rather than cheering when Joe Paterno got fired RIGHTFULLY SO.

    *Because Aided and Abetted in Jerry Sandusky in RAPING and MOLESTING little 8 to 10 yr old boys.

    *Thru Joe Paterno's actions he approved of Jerry Sandusky molesting little boys.

    *Well the Penn State Student Body and Alums Vehemently and Violently protested the firing of their beloved football coach OVER be happy that justice has been served for the molested victims.

    *These are the same people when you try to discuss Rothschild,City of London,Federal Reserve,Wall Street,AIPAC,ADL,Israel control of the American Government they either don't wanna talk about or snubb you.

    *When i tried to Veterans that they don't fight for our freedoms and tried showing them Smedley Darlington Butler's"War is a Rackett",Telling them to listen to Ike's Military Industrial Complex speech,What happened to the USS Liberty,and that Israel brought down the buildings on 911.
    They get Vehemently madd and say Egotistically and Arrogantly"I Defend your Freedoms""Only people that Served in the Military have the right to critize the Military".


    *Just recently told a Police Officer that i didn't approve of the actions of the Police in Occupy Wall Street,well he said "i pissed him off"and i replied"Well Good".

    Like part of Hosea 4:6 says:Americans have rejected knowledge.


    Thru the Jerry Sandusky case it's now beyond that.

    Prisoners have better morals and values than their counterparts on the outside.

    What i'm actually(coming from one born and raised in america)

    I Hate Americans!!!


    Thru the Jerry Sandusky Case when the Penn State Student Body and Alums Defended their beloved God.

    Who protected a PEDOPHILE,allow this PEDOPHILE access to Campus facilities.

    Who promitted Jerry Sandusky to run his Pedophile ring thru the Second Mile Foundation.


    The Penn State Students and Alums took up for the coach rather than for the molested victims.


    Told me about America's Pulse and Spirituality.

    It's now Rock Bottom,Disgusting and Sickening.

    America's Morals and Values are to be Abhored and are a Abombination!!!.

    Don't lie all other States and Sports you'll do the exact same thing.

    Yes,The Jerry Sandusky Case was the Straw that broke the Camel's back for me,it's Crossing the Rubicon.

    It's offical,I now Hate Americans!!!

  7. Anonymous is too amorphous to be controlled. Thats part of the beauty of it.

    Thats not to say that there wont be elements who take action under the "Anonymous" banner to discredit its causes. Thats a given.

  8. Kabbalahism: Judaism for gentile brown nosers.

  9. Many thanks for the link.

    - Aangirfan

  10. Hey Kenny,...Well here ya go Aan, I received this only moments before your comment came through; I was still trying to make head or tail of it!

    New joogle policies:


  11. I wouldn't be so quick to bash the young guys who fought in Iraq.

    They were fooled into enlisting, many with the best of intentions.

    As far as the Haditha incident, a comrad of theirs was litteraly blown into two pieces and bled out in front of them (in the morning hours of the day).

    Who wouldn't go balistic in that circumstance? Human nature dictacted their rage.

    This was not a pre-meditated action, it was war. A war that was sold to these young men by liars in the guise of defending America.

    Just because we know the deal doesn't mean they did. They were put into that situation. Blame the jew media and the sitting members of the govenment, not some 18 year old kids who were sold a bag of garbage.

    I am always discusted by you people when you bash the victims of the Iraq war, the young Americans who fought for a lie.
    The ones with PTSD and battle scars.

    Save your hate for those who orchestrated the war, not the kids who were decieved and put in hell.

    Shame on you.

  12. musique,
    Who the hell said they were heros?
    I doubt they would call themselves heros.
    You know nothing of what war brings out in people. Absolutely nothing.
    Re-guardless of thier misguided motives to enlist, I guarantee each and everyone of them has more courage than a person like you can even fathom.

  13. Anon@2:02, shame on YOU. The real victims are the dead Iraqis and Afghans. Funny how you forget them. Talk about media conditioning. 18 year old "kids"(and most of them are in their 20's and 30's) still have free will.

  14. R.I.P. to the real victims of the wars, over 1 million dead Iraqis and Afghans and counting. The ones who ACTUALLY had no choice.

  15. So glad I deleted my evil criminal music sharing blog after reading those terms of service faqs V6464. Sometimes my cookie cleaner will find a google cookie which is promptly deleted when the scan is over. Has anyone tried wordpress for blogging, checked their page out it looked like they had more control over layout and page format than goggle. -T.S. Garp-

  16. I used to think those who comment here were above average in the intelect category, Kenny.

    I was wrong. The Iraq war was a suverisve movement to both destroy the Iraqis and the patriotic sect of the American young.

    Sorry you and your commenters here are too shallow to see this. A war on two fronts if you will.
    Both fronts to feel the effects of death and demoralization.

    The US government is at much at war with us as it it with the ME.

  17. @ T.S. Garp, the problem with wordpress is that in the free version they inject advertising whether you like it or not. That's something many of us do not want.

    anon @ 11:51 pm, I don't know why you would suggest we are not aware of the two front war. It is something we have obviously known for a long while.

  18. xymphora blames muslims for 9/11. xymphora protects the Israelis and Americans who staged that event. Why?