Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yet Another 9/11 Post

Plante doing his best 'secret agent man' impersonation

I occasionally monitor a local neoconner radio station and found that they have added a new syndicated talker, Chris Plante.  As with many in the hive of left/right diversions, he has a 9/11 connection.

Plante was a CNN reporter at the Pentagon on 9/11 and one of the first to say anything on the air at 9:48 am.
PLANTE: Well, and speaking to people here at the Pentagon, as they're being evacuated from the building. I'm told by several people that there was, in fact, an explosion.

I was told by one witness, an Air Force enlisted - senior enlisted man, that he was outside when it occurred. He said that he saw a helicopter circle the building. He said it appeared to be a U.S. military helicopter, and that it disappeared behind the building where the helicopter landing zone is - excuse me - and he then saw a fireball go into the sky.
Whether or not the helicopter report means anything is unknown and up for debate but Plante was obviously not in on the gag from the beginning and as far as I can tell the helicopter story was not mentioned again. It's similar to fellow CNN Pentagon correspondent Jamie McIntyre's early report  of no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon. Down the rabbit hole, not to be discussed by 'serious' MSM journalists ever again.

Plante and McIntyre teamed up in Sept. of 2011 for revisionist remembrances of the fateful day, propping up the ailing official story as the good little cover-upers they are.

Plante's radio show is typical right wing drivel with fake libertarian leanings. Not worth the airwaves he occupies. I won't listen again.

Only at times is NPR any better but not when they promote an author who blends the military commission trial of patsy '9/11 mastermind' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed with the Nuremberg trials and says all is well in the bizarro world of  'holocaust' and 'terrorism' show courts.

In other 9/11 news, a local memorial site, complete with a rusty steel beam from tower one, just can't seem to get enough donations to complete it. I'd like to think that it's because tributes to lies don't deserve support but that's not it. This is an area that overall refuses to come to grips with the reality that yes, our own government will kill its own and allow a foreign tribe to help do the dirty work to usher in a profiteering war agenda and demonize a whole group of people who had nothing to do with it.

It would make a good gallows pole for the real perps and that's something a good number would donate to.

In another little tidbit, it has been revealed that the son of an Israeli diplomat designed the New York City WTC 9/11 Memorial. Keeping it all in the family.

One more thing.

For last year’s 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, U.S. Transportation Security Administration officials wanted their workers to remember the thousands who died. So the agency bought 70,000 commemorative bracelets -- made in China.

Can this criminal mob insult us any more than they have the last ten years? Indeed they can and most certainly will but one day soon our collective remembrances will be turned around ... one day soon.


  1. the puzzle was solved last year by Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams: the towers were hollow, gutted and empty. Years ago Simonshack solved the victims puzzle- they were made up morphs- vicsims.
    911 was a Psyop, media hoax, insurance fraud, flase flag conventional controlled demolition.
    - not one word of the official narative is true
    (someone please tell videorebel)

    CNN did the 911 made for TV movie, thats why these two stooges are still employed. at the pentagon there were no scripts, thats why there were no planes, at the BBC the scripts came in too early - Jane Standley, Plant, McIntyre all worthless pieces of shit

    I stumbled upon a TV profile of the late great guitarist Danny Gatton, narrated by Jammie McIntyre (before he became CNNs chief planespotter)

  2. I liked Danny Gatton. McIntyre should have stuck with things he didn't have to be a lying slut about.

  3. "the son of an Israeli diplomat designed the New York City WTC 9/11 Memorial"

    God, what a stupid country.

  4. Definitely no planes in New York or DC or Shanksville, at least no hijacked 757/767s. The entire story is a PSYOP. Victims were faked, too. At least most of them. Tom Hanks' new movie is meant to reinforce the 9/11 PSYOP -- victims, hijacked planes, ect.-- and it will do it's job. It's already nominated for awards I believe.

    It only makes sense an Israeli would be in charge of designing the memorial for an event his criminal tribe of deceivers and swindlers was responsible for. Only in America folks. God, what a stupid country indeed.

    Good video and great song! Does he need a roadie?

  5. I tend to agree that there were no planes in Shanksville or DC, but the idea there were none in NY is lubricious, as is the idea that there were no victims in NY.

    It is not legally necessary to file a death with Social Security, unless the decedent had been receiving checks from SS. The only other reason to file would be in the case of survivors' benefits which would go to a spouse or child. The 9-11 victims not showing up in the SSDI is NO proof of a conspiracy to make up deaths.

    In any case, thanks for the additional info -also enjoyed the video.

  6. There was a page based out of Germany, long gone now, that claimed the planes were remote controlled and it was an insurance scam. Speaking of the pentagram attack no one ever mentions the gas station security cameras footage anymore.

  7. The disinfo that there were no planes(in NYC) is a not so clever way of trying to absolve scum like Zakheim of involvement in the false flag. There were planes and they were controlled by Mr. Zakheim and SPC's "remote flight system". I wouldnt be surprsied if Zakheim himself is behind the "no plane" bullshit. 9/11 was an Israeli/American job and one of the clearest links is how the planes were flown.

  8. The devil's details are all interesting but I see our main challenge and objective to be convincing the average person on the street that the official story is a lie and that the perps, murderers and traitors and those that covered it up are brought down, regardless of the hows. A majority realization of this false flag would snowball to all areas of upper level criminal activity. It would end the fraud of war and bring all our troops home.

    Soldiers pissing on so called dead 'enemies' won't happen if they are not there to begin with.

    Harsh justice handed out to the real guilty ones would be a strong deterrent, at least for a little while.

  9. I couldn't agree with you more, Kenny.

  10. (a name goes here)January 13, 2012 at 1:47 PM

    Source: CNet

    STANFORD, Calif.--President Obama is planning to hand the U.S. Commerce Department authority over a forthcoming cybersecurity effort to create an Internet ID for Americans, a White House official said here today.

    It's "the absolute perfect spot in the U.S. government" to centralize efforts toward creating an "identity ecosystem" for the Internet, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt said.

    That news, first reported by CNET, effectively pushes the department to the forefront of the issue, beating out other potential candidates, including the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. The move also is likely to please privacy and civil-liberties groups that have raised concerns in the past over the dual roles of police and intelligence agencies.

    The announcement came at an event today at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, where U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Schmidt spoke.

    The Obama administration is currently drafting what it's calling the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, which Locke said will be released by the president in the next few months. (An early version was publicly released last summer.)

  11. They are saying the "identity ecosystem" will be voluntary. For how long is the question.

    It's been reported that Stalin required ID's and registration with the police for typewriters. So maybe this internet ID is an example of that in a police state, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

  12. The vicsim report is actually by Hoi.Polloi
    U can read it here-

    U may recall a recent court action against Iraq on behalf of 911 'victims'
    This is all just part of the theatre of psywar. Non existant people are suing a country to create a paper trail.
    Then the perps can say-

    "of course the victims exist, they are suing Iraq"

    But the truth is They don't exist and they never
    existed. They were made up

  13. actually I think the legal action ws against Iran, even more funny

    ' i lost my son, he woiked fo Kanta FitzGerrald, he wuz also a jummper frum the 87th floor'

  14. For those who prefer podcasts, here is a great page of 911 podcasts and mp3s explaining how 911 was done-

  15. I think most of the people that are capable of seeing the truth about that day have already changed their minds. I don't think most of the rest will ever come around. I've had people tell me they refuse to believe that our government would be involved in such a horrible crime.

    I think Jews invented the word chutzpah special for them. That is my response to the son of the Israeli diplomat designing the WTC Memorial. They know no shame.

    P.S. I hope I'm wrong about people waking up to the 9/11 attack. If anything will bring change, that will.

  16. Ron Paul has wagered his and his son, US Senator Rand Paul's lives, against conviction for capital treason, that the Jews who perped 911, who carry out similar terrorist attacks world wide, will never be brought to trial, thence execution .. I am gonna take his bet!

    Guided missiles slammed into the Pentagon, and the WTC in New York on 911, there were Mossad agents filming the drama amid “evident Jewbilation,” put options deals that made hundred$ of million$, traced to Mossad HQ in Yisrael, and 60,000 or so Jews absent from their workstations at the WTC on the day!

    According to Lt Richard Smiouskas FDNY, in an interview 27 November 2001, ..after the strike on the North Tower, "an engineer got me onto the roof of WTC 2," the South Tower, "I saw people in the windows, they weren't jumping, they were being forced out!"

    The NYPD refused to attempt helicopter rescues, for those trapped in the burning towers, while the official death toll of some under three thousand, is believed to be tailored to fit the 400 dead Jews on the list, thought to be Zionists, who stayed and threw others from windows, who were sold out when the NYPD helo's never showed up!

    Now let's talk punishment.. the United States Justice Department, must get summonses out to both Pauls requiring them to be in court, to answer charges of capital conspiracy, for turning away from this evidence .. put 'em on trial and hang 'em!

  17. Government is the problem. The man who deserves to be a king or whatever has never existed. I have yet to meet a man or woman I would call my leader. All men are prone to emotional/mental problems as well as stupidity. This is true for even the stongest and smartest amongst us. There is something seriously wrong with anyone who covets power which is why democracy is so flawed. No politician is going to save us.