Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Dead for Donuts" and Other Events

Dead for Donuts

In an era where cops are killing citizens at every turn, many unarmed, I took a little comfort that it had not happened in my small bit of the world for over 30 years. Until last night.

This should not have happened. This young man did not deserve to die at the hand of Sheriff's deputies who were out of control.

Cannon County deputies shot and killed a man they claim attempted to run over them while doing donuts in his front yard. But the family is calling the shooting death senseless.
Richard Butcher, 28, of 2044 Petty Gap Road was shot and killed Monday night.
"One (deputy) was shooting this way, one (deputy) was shooting that way," the victim's brother Nicholas Butcher said.
Nicholas Butcher said he did everything he could to get the Cannon County Deputies to stop shooting last night.
"I came on the front porch and I screamed at the police to stopped shooting, and they didn't they keep going. I screamed three different times they had that much time to keep shooting," Butcher said.
Butcher says his brother Richard, known to his family and friends as "Rick" was doing donuts in the front yard; the tire marks are still visible. He said two Cannon County officers showed up, and things took a tragic turn. Lawmen claim he tried to run over them.
"It was pop, then pop, pop, pop," neighbor Becky Sherburne said.

Sherburne was standing in her front yard, and watched the tragic events unfold.

"After he let that first round go the car immediately had started to roll backward and he kept firing. He unloaded his gun on him, and didn't stop until it was empty I'm sure," Sherburne said.

The truck came to rest in a pit of mud. Authorities said Butcher was pronounced dead at the hospital. Family members aren't buying it.

"He died in the truck they let him sit in the truck for 45 minutes and bleed out. The ambulance was here. There were several witnesses," Butcher said. more

Other Events

A federal appeals court has ruled that California's Prop 8 mandated ban on gay marriages was unconstitutional but an appeal of the decision will likely send it to the Supreme Court. How this is a federal and not a states rights issue is up for debate but I suppose it falls into that 'pursuit of happiness' area and equal rights under the law. A federal judge has also ruled that a 'celebrity' polygamous family can pursue a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Utah’s bigamy law. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriages then logically polygamy would be next to be legitimized. 

The feds would love to overturn any voter approved propositions that don't fit their agendas. The war on state approved medical marijuana continues and the feds could use the gay marriage issue as yet another precedent for their all inclusive control over the states. Pursuit of health and happiness be damned unless it is federal and corporate sanctioned.

Anyway, the gay marriage issue is a minority distraction. A diversion from the things that affect the majority.

Things like ...

Obama escalates the election money wars by promoting his own 'Super PAC' for corporations and lobbyists to donate some big bucks to. Barry is having a hard time getting that billion dollars he needs to counter the Republican cash flow. The PAC, Priorities USA Action, is "No Threat to Democracy" says Barry as he looks over the list of favors his donors, who will not be disclosed, will demand.

Obama continues to pander to the Israel first money and even some at the Huff Post scratch their heads in disbelief.
President Obama went farther than ever before in stating his view that U.S. and Israeli interests are identical.  "My number one priority continues to be the security of the United States, but also the security of Israel."
Wait a minute -- shouldn't the security of the United States be the number one priority of the president of the United States? Rather than merely sharing the top spot on the priority list with some foreign country's security?

Syria? The psyops marches on. The slaughter in Syria is the work of foreign-backed subversives if you were wondering.

Iran? The jewish controlled media basically heaps lie upon lie to the masses. We're being primed for $4 a gallon gas by spring or sooner and all of the fearmongering plays that up.
I found this comment that sums it up fairly well ...
Israel, not United States, is Iran’s enemy. An Iran with nuclear weapons will disrupt Israel’s cruel and outrageously exercised Mideast hegemony. All our Mideast wars have been against our interests, yet successfully advocated by the jewish state. Again against our interests, Israel has involved us in increasingly overt operations against Iran. Spies and American military drones in Iranian airspace are the most recent revelations. Since before 9/11, American soldiers have been dying for the jewish state. We are at war. Who did this to us? Israel, AIPAC, the One Percent and other organized and monied Israel Firsters have corrupted our politicians and entire electoral system. Justice and the future of America demand that they be prosecuted and jailed.


  1. The cops almost certainly wont see one second of jail time for their brutal murder of an unarmed citizen. Its tragic and it happens all the time in this country. Not always murders but cops get away with basically everything.

    "If the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriages then logically polygamy would be next to be legitimized." And then people will be allowed to marry dogs! Or something Rick Santorum said like that. I gotta be honest, I laugh at all the hand wringing by some people(mainly the extra religious types) over gays getting equal rights. The same type of people claimed "states rights" when blacks were being hosed down and attacked by police dogs in the 60s.

    I used to think that marijuana would be legal by about 2020 at the latest. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise that by at least 15 more years based on the lack of real progress Ive seen there. Meanwhile big pharma has come up with tons of pills more powerful than most heroin.

    Obama is pathetic. Terrorist Netanyahu comes to the White House, lectures(lies to) Obama on national television and totally disrespects both him and the office(for what its worth at this point) and Obama turns around and kisses more ass every time. Makes me f'ing sick.

  2. In the early 70's I used to think marijuana would be legal by about 1980. I missed that prediction by a still unknown number of decades.

    A related interesting recent article with good links is "Psilocybin and the drug war."


  3. Hi Kenny,

    Did you see lord blankenstein is pushing for gay marriage?

    Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein, one of Wall Street's most powerful figures, has become the first major business leader to join a national media campaign in support of same-sex marriage.

    Gay rights advocacy group Human Rights Campaign published a video on Sunday in which 57-year-old Blankfein, who has headed investment bank Goldman Sachs since 2006, asks viewers to join a "majority of Americans who support marriage equality."


    Nice, now recruit hollyweird propaganda machine to make blankenstein look like a saint.
    That bitch should be in prison waiting for a guillotine to caress his fat neck if we had a system! Sadly the "evil muzzies" are running the country.

    They shoot you dead if you donut away your front yard.

    Don't mess with CrackDonalds™ either 'cause they will call in the cops to tase you down.

    “Two or three officers entered the car with her and started trying to forcibly drag her out of the car, and that’s when you could hear the clicking sound of the Taser one time,” Rich told the Fay Observer. “They pulled on her a couple of times, and then they Tased her again, and when they Tased her the second time, she just flopped out of the car like a fish.”


    Must be all the "pink slime" CrackDonalds™ added over the years, turns you into a McCrack addict and behave like one.

    McDonald's confirmed that it has eliminated the use of ammonium hydroxide — an ingredient in fertilizers, household cleaners and some roll-your-own explosives — in its hamburger meat.


  4. The medicinal effects of marijuana are simply too positive for Big Pharma to allow it to be legalized. It would put so many of them out of business on any number of ailments as medical science continues to show.

  5. Hi Kenny

    Thank you kindly for the link too.
    Much appreciated :)

    I'll take it your not a fan of "anonymous" either?

  6. Hi, Kenny!

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious that what's going on in Syria is nearly a perfect rerun of the MSM drumbeat that led us into Libya. Except Syria and Iran are much more closely tied together. They are absolutely not going to stop until they can goad Iran into doing something that gives Israel/the US an excuse to start bombing Iran. Which I'm very worried will put us on the fast track to World War III pitting us against Iran, China and Russia. Am I being paranoid? I just wish I wasn't right so often in the past ... the guys that want to do this don't seem to think they have anything to lose ...

  7. It almost doesnt matter at this point if "Anonymous" started as a legit group. Its clear that at least its name has been hijacked to serve pro-war interests. I agree with those who say that future "attacks" by Anonymous will be used as pretexts to clamp down further on internet freedom.

  8. Many thanks for the link.

    The police sometimes seem to recruit the bad guys.

    The fascists and Zionists do seem to be in alliance (in Turkey, USA, Europe, India, etc etc)

    - Aangirfan

  9. blankenstein is probably gay. but his aim is to marry his money. nothing would make him, his sort, happier than to make marriage to money legal. sleep, eat, make love to money. think of the many kids that will accrue.

  10. DARE-to keep cops off donuts.