Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our basic common ground is that we don't forget ..... and we don't forgive

The celebration on Wall Street as Germany surrenders in World War I was for much more than the end of the war. Now it was pay back time. Investment = principal plus interest. It was also time to plan for the next round of theft, destruction and murder. The planning and execution of those crimes continue to this very day.

It's a cliche now but but every good criminal investigator follows the money. Cui Bono? Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the City of London and all the other affiliates of the international banking syndicate make their real money from chaos in the marketplace and death.

For many of us the Vietnam war was our awakening. We watched as our soldier friends who had little choice came home in boxes, damaged physically and psychologically and maybe even dancing with addictions from which they would never recover. We heard the stories firsthand but many times it was what was not to be said that was most telling.
Man Down

 Our idealism in the Vietnam era screamed it would never happen again. We would end war. We would stop the insanity. We're still working on it.

We have never forgiven the bankers and their hierarchy of minions for what they have done. It doesn't seem we ever will. Forgiveness comes only after justice and justice is in short supply.

A little over ten years ago the money handlers jumped the shark. They threw at us the 'all or nothing' and 'in your face' catalyst for all things destructive to come. They gambled that they could pull it off and by god they did. Questioners were met immediately with misinformation, disinformation and infiltration of the non-official narrative right alongside bits and pieces of clues as to the who, why and how. The 9/11 truth movement was from the beginning a divide and conquer playground for those tasked with the cover ups and continuation of a perverted end game.

After all this time we are still arguing about the hows and it plays right into the hands of the perps. Honest sincere people will agree to disagree no matter how passionate their viewpoints may be.  One person's analysis may not fit another's perceptions but among the honest there is always common ground and a chance to find allies even in disagreement of details. Goon Squad puts it in perspective:
Ladies and Gentlemen, what Ben Franklin said during America's Revolutionary War, where for once we breathed free air after ridding the USA of the Rothschilds agents and banks is true today and what he said was something like, "Gentleman, if we don't hang together, we most assuredly will hang separately."

Let us agree to disagree about the unknowns during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, as long as we stay on the path TOGETHER, seeking REAL 9/11 truth or the last sound you'll hear on this Earth will be the trap door swinging open, as we get picked off or picked up, one by one.

Our basic common ground is that we don't forget ..... and we don't forgive.


  1. All Your Blogs Belong to JewsFebruary 19, 2012 at 9:37 PM

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  2. @ the above...
    Trolls weigh in early and often. Punch drunk hasbara staggers to find meaning in their minimum wage pathetic existence.

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  4. Well what do you know. The delete button works.

  5. Great post kenny, one of the best I've read in a while. Greg definitely nailed it in my opinion.

    The 9/11 Truth community is definitely a divide and conquer playground. Everyone has their own perspectives and theories, and sticks to them. Few are willing to have an open mind and actually consider alternative perspectives, at least in my experience. These 'Deep State' events/black ops are designed that way - there are so many angles to analyze and consider, it's extremely difficult to figure out exactly what happened (look at the JFK assassination for instance). But we should all be searching for the truth, no matter where it leads us or what direction it takes us. And those that constantly snipe at others that bring up alternative theories or angles to consider are playing right into the hands of the perps.

    I don't know how we're going to change anything man. I'm relatively new to this game, but it certainly has been going on for a while now. The entire system is one big cesspool of filth, debauchery, corruption and lies. You have to be compromised or 'in on it' to even be involved.

    In my opinion, our only shot is convincing the military to stop playing the psychopaths game. Why are our guys and gals participating in this madness? These are the people we need on our side more than ever right now. I don't know if it can be done, but it's our only shot as far as I can tell. If history is any indication, it doesn't look good... we have to keep fighting though.

    I'm giving a presentation about Israel's role in 9/11 at a coffee shop in SD on Saturday, March 3rd at 5pm if anyone is in the area and wants to attend. We need as many military or retired military people there as possible. We need to start taking this info to the streets. The internet will only take us so far...

  6. LMAO! kenny, I think we have computers or robots posting bullshit comments on your blog! You clearly are doing a good job! Keep it up!

  7. working at the dead sea spa joint must be really unproductive!

    Damn "art" student, don't let the "art" drop on you.

    Kenny, delete button is our best friend.

  8. To the guy who keeps posting about aangirfan. Not to speak for kenny, but ive found him to be pretty good at allowing comments to stand. I actually agree with your comments about aangirfan but Ive noticed you go from thread to thread attacking them. Thats probably why kenny deleted your comment. It becomes spam when its the same comment over and over. As I said before, theres a thread right on this very page where people had their say about aangirfan. Kenny didnt delete the comments. Why not go there or at least wait until aangirfan shows up before you start to yell disinfo?

  9. John, good luck on your presentation. Hopefully it will be well received and that you can record it.

  10. "All Your Blogs Belong to Jews" is obviously the BEAJ.

    His threat about getting Kenny's blog deleted shouldn't be taken lightly.

    Him and his buddies were successful in getting Patrick Grimm's blog deleted as well as several other blogs.

    It's not difficult to do because when accusations of anti-Semitism are hurled at someone, Blogspot usually sides with the accuser.