Thursday, February 23, 2012

Selective Censorship

Thanks to andie and w, we learn that google is rolling out its selective censorship program. Not being evil now means that upon request by intelligence services and law enforcement in a particular country, a blogspot  may be blocked from that specific country while being left open to others.

Where this will lead is anyone's guess but it seems to be just another day at the office towards repressing the semi-free internet as we know it.

As blogger's new comment word verification system with its often illegible secret words makes it difficult to post replies, I disabled the WV and what do I get? Foreign based spam bots are having a field day trying to infiltrate the comment section with their sales pitches for Viagra and knock-off watches. Over 50 of them the last three days and most not even in English. Many will suggest moving away from google but aren't all the 'free' but not really free blogging platforms going in the same direction; data mining, advertising and spooks keeping an eye on you? They don't call it Zio-blogger for nothing.

Apparently google, facebook and other major sites outsource much of their content moderation to low wage third world countries and are providing psychological counseling to workers traumatized by what they are seeing being uploaded. Internet and media users traumatized by the preponderance of political, social and economic lies are left to their own devices to try and cope.

When Gannett, the nation’s largest newspaper publisher, mandated a Facebook account to post comments on all of their 80 community sites, we didn't think it could get much worse. Comments went down by over 90% and almost all of the most entertaining and enlightening commentors dropped out.

Now Gannett has announced that by the end of the year all but their national daily USA Today will go to a 'pay per view' model restricting some access to non-subscribers. Do they really think very many will actually pay for their already limited highly propagandized 'news?' I'll admit to looking at a couple of their local sites daily, occasionally there's something of interest but it's rare.Corrupt capitalism is bringing itself down.

An international conspiracy to stop the information we need? No doubt it's heading that way.There still may be some time to stop it don't you think? 

Self-censorship is one of the goals.
Don't even think about researching and writing (or speaking) about a topic that some group or prominent individual declares insensitive and offensive.  It will only get you in trouble.
That is a trap. A mind trap where we question ourselves and the results are paralysis. We all know who benefits the most from this self-censorship. Let's not speak their names. Let's not talk about of what tribe they may be. Let's not wonder about the crimes past and in progress. Let's be silent ... and complicit ......
 or maybe not.


  1. Kenny wordpress always worked fairly well for me. It is very good at picking up spam, they almost never make it to the comment section. I tried them both. If I were thinking of blogging again I would certainly go back to wordpress. Some of the features were impressive, nothing like google. It was a bit like having your own server. Only thing that really bugged me was when you leave a youtube line, it always opened up.

    I just deleted all google accounts. Once in awhile perusing Rense I open a piece and it is the NYTs. I just cancel it without reading it anyway. I sure don't know of anything I lost at Gannet or USA today either.

  2. Great find about the "traumatized" workers... he he, as in, Don't go to bed till you've traumatized at least ONE low-wage scut-worker, people!

    In 1999 I was moderator of an anti-globalist at Onelist or Egroups, where we just forwarded mail to a few hundred active list members. It's my guess a new innovation along the lines of making the old system user-friendly is all it will take. Do an end-around googleface?

    On this one, I'm an optimist like that guy in Jurassic Park. Life always finds a way... lucky we're up against zombies.

  3. Hey folks,

    I'm switching the word verification back on. My apologies if it is an inconvenience. Blogger is sending the adverts to spam but I think those who subscribe to comments are receiving email notifications of them and there are too many coming through.

    anon, the problem I have with wordpress is that in the free version they force targeted advertising onto the page, often videos. I see it as a distraction that I would rather do without.

  4. Something related

    Google is bypassing the privacy settings of Internet Explorer, claims Microsoft

  5. Kenny I didn't sign in. You don't have to have advertising on it if you do not want to. I never had any on mine You can't even read the ridiculous lettering on this google sign in.


  6. I run the server for winterpatriot's community blog and don't have to worry about these issues. of course we don't have the nice user friendliness of mass production google, but we get by and mollom treats those spammers just right.

    If any other good bloggers would be interested in something similar (all free of course, no ads, etc) please don't hesitate to contact me over there at wp's.


  7. Hi Mick, I only know what I'm seeing on many wordpress sites and what folks have told me. It looks like if you are logged in to your own account you won't see the adverts.

    See this:

    I think the wv is by design to frustrate us.

    I'll try something else. Disable the wv and moderate comments over 14 days old which is where most of the spam goes.

    njt, thanks for the offer. I'll let you know if I decide to take you up on it.

  8. I looked at it, I see what you mean. Maybe there were ads on people who clicked on. But still it is 30 bucks a year to alleviate it. How much is it worth to get away from google? But hey what heck I gave it up altogether and I am still a believer the great spirit will solve a lot of problems. That was the gist of what I was trying to say anyway.


  9. In fact Kenny being on the net a long time SU over at easyrider conveyed one of the most striking statements I have ever seen on the net. She said I am hoping for a comet, a very big one to take down the whole satanic mess, make huge, make it redeeming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anybody following whats been going on with this crap "The Dictator" movie? I'm sure you've heard of the "comedian" Sacha Baron Cohen. A fake media story about how he was "banned" from the Oscars red carpet has been swirling for the past few days. He was never actually banned but that didnt stop the media from promoting the hell out of this movie without the movie studio actually having to pay for it.

    The movie, based on Cohens past and based on trailers Ive seen, is blatantly islamophobic. Brian Grazer, the guy running the Oscars, issued a statement saying hes not banned which was followed by Cohens statement, in the character of his "Dictator"-"VICTORY IS OURS! Today the Mighty Nation of Wadiya triumphed over the Zionist snakes of Hollywood. Evil and all those who made Satan their protector were vanquished and driven into the Pacific Sea. What I am trying to say here is that the Academy have surrendered and sent over two tickets and a parking pass! TODAY OSCAR, TOMORROW OBAMA!"

    Cute little trick. If you even use the word zionist you are "anti-semitic" and/or crazy. I'm sure many of you have heard that bullshit line before but that is whats being pushed here. In a previous Cohen movie, as the character Borat, he went to a bar full of rednecks and coaxed them into singing a song called "throw the jew down the well". Those rednecks would have just as easily sang a negative song about muslims but of course Cohen chose not to go that route and isntead stuck with the tried and true victimization bullshit that many zionists push.

  11. "The Dictator"(latest attempt by Hollywood to demonize muslims)-

  12. I just deleted all google accounts

    Good for you, but it's becoming increasingly impossible to gain access to sites like Photobucket and others if you don't log in with your Google password.

    As Sherlock Holmes might say, "There's something afoot here, Dr. Watson!"

  13. There is something on the verge of humanity that google will not be able to manage.

    I am pretty sure of this

  14. Aangirfan is a Mosaad front.

    On topic; The powers that be want nothing more than to shut down the vast amount of information sharing on the net.

  15. Gannett will go bust, surely.

    The circulation of their Sunday Herald is almost zero.

    Ada orang belum sekolah 01:04. Saya sudah bicara Mossad mau Putin meningal.

    - Aangirfan (Hebrew: המוסד‎, Arabic: الموساد‎)

  16. Another issue with

    I am now getting a ton of code in the post - can't see it under "compose" but can see under "edit html"

    I don't recall this happening before.

    you might want to check