Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bearers of Good News

The weather is wonderful and I've been too busy and too tired to have anything relevant to say. Luckily the bulk of the bloggers carry on and keep us informed of the comings and goings of events.

Everything is in bloom and it could hardly be any more beautiful. Spring can never come too early.

Winter... what winter? Al Gore has basically been silent but he's just biding his time for the right moment to push for his carbon tax scam so all this unusual warm weather will just go away.

The good news is that folks over a large part of the country have saved billions on heating costs. The counter to that is what has not been paid out to the electric and gas monoplies can now go to oil companies and speculators for higher fuel costs. Things have a way of balancing out.

Many of us were heartened by the news of the meltdown of the Kony con man. Whether good drugs, bad drugs or maybe a dissociative split of his mind coming from the realization that his career as a top level propagandist for the elitists is over as soon as it got started, we can only hope that this is a sign of things to come. If this insanity is contagious, then bring on the pandemic.  Actually it's possible the guy may have been slipped a mickey to throw the heat off of his handlers. Sometimes a failed psyops needs a scapegoat.

More good news is that the ptb are still using the lone nut gunman theory. If that's the best they can do it's a sure sign of desperation and also a lack of imagination.

Locally the good news is that the state legislature doesn't have much of importance to do so they spent some time putting together a formal resolution urging Peyton Manning to come back to Tennessee and sign up with the Titans. If that's not enough to convince him, there's that offer of free pancakes every day of his career if it's in Nashville. Who could pass that up?

Eric Holder showed up in Nashville to talk about health care fraud. No word on gun running, drug cartel enabling, congressional bribery, illegal foreign lobbyists or Wall Street crimes. The good news is that no one is begging him to come back.

I was encouraged by Timster's call for less fear mongering and more real action but there's plenty of time for that later...isn't there?  Today is St. Paddy's day and nothing like another excuse to act silly and get drunk. We'll try and save the world tomorrow. Stay safe.


  1. RIP Rachel Corrie(day late)

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  3. Remeber the KONY2012 video that was sweeping the web?

    Well, seems the video maker is into public displays of mastubatation and vadalism. No, I am not making this up.

    "“Invisible Children co-founder and director of the “Kony 2012″ viral video Jason Russell, 33, is receiving medical care after witnesses reported he was seen naked, masturbating and disrupting traffic in San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood on Thursday, according to reports."

    Yes this just happened the other day. Here is a quick video shot by a neighbor.


    Btw, this all happened at around 11:30 in the morning in San Diego, just a block from his home.

  4. Jane ooops! Jack Russell is receiving medical care.....
    Must be with Dr. Marcus Bachmann, the other "straight" man in America! ;)

  5. bearers of bad news:



  6. Tennessee turns down agenda 21


    1. I see this story is making the rounds and the issue of agenda 21 is one that needs to be exposed but...these representatives are the same people that are pushing the Islamophobia psyops, especially Rep. Rick Womick. The legislature is being handed pre-written bills and resolutions and told to run with them. I'm of the opinion that despite throwing us a few bones to gnaw on, these reps are not friends of the people. I don't get too excited when Christian zionist warmongers get a few things right while still playing the false left/right divisive games.

  7. Israel.

    "an organisational centre for their international World-Frauds"

    A partial list of confirmed and suspected World-Frauds by the criminal state of 1948:

    Lavon affair - dressed as arabs bombing the hotel in Egypt

    Liberty attach - trying to sink the US boat to blame it on Egypt

    Holocaust embelishment - from 172,000 dying of sicknes and starvation to 6 million dying in gas chambers.

    The Fed and private usury central fiat banks in 193 of 197 countries

    AIPAC, ADL - controlling the American house of representitives

    9/11, 7/7, Spain train bombings - done by Mossad together with US and UK secret services.

    Fukushima 3/11 - Dimona dozen loaded Stuxnet and bombs disguised as cameras into the nuke plant during the weeks and months before
    the nuclear generated tsunami.

    2008 mortgage fraud - millions of Americans losing their homes and bailouts to banks paid by citizens

    Greek bankruptcy - to initiate world economic meltdown to ensure a need for a one world currency to be introduced.

    1. "Insofar as the Zionists have the world believe that their aims would be satisfied by the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine they have duped the Goyim once again in the vilest manner. They think not in the remotest way of building up a state in order to inhabit it and work the fields for their living. The sole reason why they want this state, with recognised rights of sovereignty, excluding the legal power monopoy of other nations, is to create an organisational centre for their international World-Frauds, a safe haven for unmasked criminals and a high school for trainee gangsters…

      Written 90 years ago, but could have been written yesterday."

  8. You know what is so f*cked up? That the people of Syria want a peaceful resolution to the violence - as eveidenced by two days of massive public gatherings in SUPPORT for the Assad government.

    What do the evil West do? They bomb the sh*t out of Syria for the following two days and falsely blame the Assad regime for 'killing its own people' (sic).

    And nobody gets it. USrael/Nato want regime change to a West chosen puppet and murder and lying are no hinder to achieve that goal. Kill women and children and just blame the regime desired to be changed. Shovel it on the MSM. Repeat the lie enough times and the goyim will believe it.

    Next stop Iran with its 'nuclear bomb factories' which do not exist.

    But nobody gets it, no body cares.


    "Eventually, those who are not at the top-levels but who are middle-managers in this nightmare are going to have to face the terrible choice of continuing to go-along-to-get-along and HOPE for their survival when the "jewish-Utopia" is formed, or blow-the-whistle on the whole God damned abomination after realizing that the fate that happened to those useful-idiots in Russia after the jewish Soviet Union was formed is going to be the very same fate that these non-Tribe members will face at the hands of their psychotic masters.

    Everyone knows that time is running-out for the ignorant-masses to know what is TRULY happening to them, and more importantly, WHY. God willing, there WILL be people coming-out-of-the-wood-work SOON before the heebie-jeebies fully-instigate their "Final-War," known as WWIII to those who do not know about what is contained in The Protocols."


    1. We get it Lindsey. A few more every day do. We just need more time and louder voices.

  9. "Iran is set to begin selling oil in currencies other than the dollar tomorrow. Combine this info with the fact that there are now 4 NATO aircraft carriers sitting on Iran's doorstep, and this week's Illuminati holy day of March 21st (Vernal Equinox), and the Greek CDS payments which are scheduled to be made after today's Greek debt auction, and the situation could not look much more bleak.

    We all know what immediately happened to the last 2 oil producers who announced plans to sell their oil in a currency other than the US dollar (Iraq & Libya)."

    F*ck yes, yes and yes!

    All these wars in Iraq, Libya and Iran are about ROTHSCHILD controlled dollars being the currency of trade so that ZIONISTS can continue to control the world through their private usury fiat banks where they CREATE and LOAN OUT all the money in the world.

    In other words the wars are gangland shakedowns of countries refusing to pay protection money. Using Rothschild controlled dollars is paying protection money to the zionist controllers of planet earth.

    To keep control the gangsters will bribe, threaten and/or kill anyone who gets in their way.

    Follow the money - all goes to zionist Rothschild castle.


    1. Ditto to all that but bleak does not mean all will go according to their plans. Keep spreading the word.