Saturday, March 3, 2012


In response to ABC's new prime time show "Good Christian Bitches (GCB)," Goy TV is pleased to announce its soon to be an Emmy winner "Bad Jewish Bitches (BJB)." Based on teachings from the fraudulent forgery 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Goyism,' the first show will be an inside look at "The Bitches of AIPAC." Featuring jews and shabbat goys alike including Nancy Pelosi, Jane Harman, Liz Cheney and Kathy Ireland, the focus will be on bitches for bombing Iran.

Taking time away from his 12th meal of the day, Abe Foxman denounced the show as an affront to all jewish bitches everywhere and pledged to file a formal complaint with the FCC. "We rule Hollywood and no upstart 'Goy TV' will ever be able to challenge our domination," Foxman said as he twirled a fried chicken leg over his head.

Christian zionist spokesperson John Hagee also blasted "BJB" as a sacrilege to all of his jew worshiping followers. "We have not gotten this close to the apocalypse, armageddon, world war III and the rapture to allow this cattle production to succeed. "BJB" will be stopped through a concerted boycott of their advertisers," Hagee swore. Replying to Hagee's threats, Goy TV said that since it had no advertisers a boycott was a moot point.

Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano called "BJB" a threat to national security and said she would personally grope, uhhh search all those involved in the production. Joe Lieberman promised to immediately introduce legislation banning the show from the airways and likened the producers to 'holocaust deniers' and nutcase '9/11 truthers.'  Cass Sunstein smiled and said "We have ways of dealing with these things." Google, facebook and yahoo guaranteed to track all those who even mentioned "BJB" on their innertubes and to turn all the personal information over to the NSA, FBI, CIA and the Jewish Defense League.

"BJB" will air Sunday night in an alternate universe near you.


  1. Why isn't anyone in JewSA protesting? The mafia would execute anyone involved with BJB in that alternate universe.

  2. Bahaha. This is high satire. Excellent, great post. -Swits

  3. Kathy Ireland has shilled for AIPAC/Israel?

  4. Thanks. You made me laugh. Always needed. Well done, pithy humour is so welcome these days of political correctness. Not that that has ever stopped me either.

    In Canada they are broadcasting it as "Good Christian Belles. Same difference....

  5. Saw the billboard Yesterday down the street from Bank Leumi, {CA} ready for these "Aliens" to leave this planet. Jesus told me that they will soon be a crispy pile of ashes....! Anthony C. sez Hey !

  6. Hey Kenny,...Who'd have thought of twirling KFC? Brilliant, invaluable laughter in a time of despair, nil desperandum...


  7. LoL! hee hee *giggle*

  8. drowning in lies...

    Hillary Lucifer Clinton

    - a profile in evil extraordinaire

    A BCB (bad christian bitch) with her own reality show reaping shabbats goy shicksa death on innocent men, women and children anywhere oil or gas pipelines need to be built.

    Shape shifting reptile if there ever was one. Recently offered to show Nitwityahoo what her husband had learned from his intern.

    From the party-favours table at NWO buffets she usually prefers very young female treats.


  9. Wow, check out this propaganda:!

    Makes me wonder what these psychopaths have planned in the coming months...

  10. Yeah John Friend, it is propaganda.

    There even flashed up the words "The Truth" on the trailer. Hahaha!
    You think zio big brother is going to tell Joe Mainstreet and his wife that THEY did 9/11? Never ever.

    This film is just Titanic deckchair arranging before a real life armageddon takes place.

    "israel" is a fake country. Palestine which they stole is real
    "zionist jews" are a fake people. Ashekenazi khazarians have no right whatsoever to steal Palestine from the Palestinians.

    This is all about to end. Even orthodox jews proclaim zionism/israel to be against the will of God.

    Soon gone. Maybe then the world may work towards peace rather than a new world order where zionists had appointed themselves as king.

  11. Hey everyone. Thanks for dropping by.

    The movie John linked will be available in 'Christian' bookstores according to the trailer. More social engineering for the CZ's. I think I saw Randy Travis starring in it.

    Another little false flag in Iraq. 25 or more Iraqi police killed with a raising of the al-Qaida flag. Someone wants the chaos to be permanent.

  12. Oooooh, a must see. Based on the bestseller by "Christian" John Hagee. Produced and directed by jew, starring jew, jew, jew, jew...

  13. l'll vote for Shit OnMe