Monday, March 19, 2012

Deception is the Rule

The third shooting in the last week in France takes a different turn, this time at a jewish school where reports are a rabbi, his two young sons and a little girl were killed by a lone gunman on a motorbike. The beginning of a real French anti-zionist revolution? It's hard to say at this moment but most likely not. The narrative of eternal victim sometimes needs a reinforcing event and this shooting very conveniently serves the purpose. It's certainly a distraction from other current travesties and killing a few to further other agendas has precedents. We'll stay tuned on this one.

Speaking of eternal victims, a local 'Christian' school hosted a 'holocaust' survivor to speak to a captive audience of nearly 1,800 students. Her story sounded familiar. Father killed. She, mother and sister sent to the ghetto where the little kids were given no food so they dug a tunnel to get out and get some. Then the escape with days spent in a river until her mother disappeared. The next three years spent wandering the forest like an animal searching for her mother, food and safety. Cheating death but finally saved by the Soviets. Amazing tale eh.

The school's teachers teach fifth-grade students about the war and 'holocaust' by having the students participate in a boot camp.There were no more details on exactly what the boot camp was.

This school will never host a forum for the victims of Israeli land theft, displacement and genocide. No survivor of the USS Liberty will ever be invited to speak and tell that story. The systematic killing of maybe 60 million gentiles by the Russian Bolshevik jews will never be discussed. There can only be one 'number 1' set of victims for the kiddies to shout out 'never again' to. Selected and distorted history is a hallmark in the war for generation after generation of young minds.

There's been a number of reports like this one in the alternative media praising the Tennessee legislature for their 'fight' against the UN's Agenda 21. Not that this issue should be swept under the rug. Anytime something is funded by the UN, Rockefeller Foundations subsidiaries and the Clinton Foundation, one knows there are some high level criminal activities going on with the true agendas kept hidden.

That said, let's not get too excited over a group of right wing, often Christian zionist warmonger representatives taking outside pre-written laws and resolutions and then passing them. Things may not be what they seem.

These are the same lawmakers who push the Islamophobia psyops, especially Rep. Rick Womick who sees a crazed jihad Muslim behind every bush. Getting a few things right doesn't mean these reps are friends of the people. Their strings are being pulled and they play their part in the grand scheme of the false left/right paradigm. Deception is the rule.


  1. Hey Kenny,

    I saw the thing about the TN legislature and I felt something is not on the up & up, so I couldn't write about it.

    If they were up to some good, they would be voting some benefitial stuff in on many other subjects. It sounds like some sort of poltiical posturing.

  2. After WWII Poland (England's reason for enter the war, and one of the allies) was handed, by England and USA, to Russia. ALL Private property was lost.
    Today there is a court process for everyone, regardless of religion, to get ownership restored. You have to show up in courts with documents. What every Pole has to go through is not good enough for the Jews. They just did a 65 billion shakedown of the Polish government for lost property by Jews. It's Not a case by case payment, just 65 Billion. We all know that it was Boshevick Jews who stole the property in the first place, not the present Polish government or people.

  3. Whenever a new item appears that shows Jewish victims-
    like the entire family in Israel last year who were murdered, or suicide bombers in markets, or this 'event', i simply refuse to believe it. Especially if the source is Israel millitary, Mossad or MSM. THEY MAKE SHIT UP- REMEMBER 911???

  4. Kenny is probably right, when the UN begins running people off their land, somebody is bound to notice os legislatures can't just sit back and act like it is all news to them.


  5. "The school targeted Monday, behind a high white wall with few external markings"

    How does anyone outside of the Hasid community know about this place? There is an orthodox day care in an area about 7 miles south of where I live that is totally unmarked, on a side street out of the way of most traffic, and the only reason I know anything about it is because I had to go by there a few times on the way to point B and I'd spot one of the parents in the black coat + hat getup. I've been in this town longer than I'd like to admit, and I didn't even know they had a lot of Jews in that area until recently.

    The Mossad blamed the Iranians, and now Nazis are the prime suspects.

  6. Have you noticed that all the Holocaust™ 'survivors' stories seem like they were written down like a script and carefully rehearsed?

    The 'survivor' is usually the only one of the family to survive; they all met Dr. Mengele and many survived by living in the woods, even though the war years of 1941-1945 saw some of the coldest Winters of the 20th Century.
    I read one story that the Holocaust™ survivor lived in the woods in Poland in the Winter by digging potatoes out of the frozen ground with her bare hands. Try digging into hard frozen ground with a good shovel and see how long it takes before the spade bends over and is useless for digging, but she could do it with her fingernails?

    Germany just delivered--or is in the process of delivering--another sub, mostly paid for by the German people.

    How long does this extortion racket and con game go on, forever?

    Even now, there are reports of 2nd generation Holocaust™ descendants that need some of OUR money for psychiatric help, since they feel guilty they were born after WWII and have some type of survivors guilt.


    Isn't French prez Sarkozy up for re-election this year? If so, expect to see more of these FALSE FLAGS, so the sheeple will bleat to MOSSAD agent Sarkozy "Save Us!"

  7. So here's a little down-home Swedish theory.
    Carl Bild finally grew a pair and is taking on the zionist mammoth here in Svealand.
    Could it be during his time as prime minister of Sweden he got to know and respect Anna Lindh, who was very vocal about condemning israel's atrocities against Palestinians until she was assassinated by a Mossad agent with a patsy Serb taking the fall as a loon instructed by his toaster (sic)? She was FM and earmarked to be the next Swedish primeminister. The Mossad hit left two small boys and a husband in its wake.

    Forward to Dec 2008/Jan 2009 when israel was gunning down and whitephosphorising/bombing to death 1400 civilians in cold blood.

    Carl Bild cancelled his trip to israel in 2010.

    The zionist jewish (Bonniers) owned tabloid in Sweden did a hit piece on him trying to slander and defame him. Around the same time the Swedish report about the organ harvesting by israelis of (newly dead) goyim.

    Now Bild is concretely saying to israel that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and to cease any idea of attacking them.

    I posit Carl Bild has come into the realisation that collegue Anna Lindh was murdered in cold blood by Mossad for her support for Palestinians and he has had enough of the organised crime state of israel now and forever.

    Look for a major zionist hit (physical or otherwise) on Carl Bild - who was once a Bilderberger guest.

    When zionist jewish israel kills people you love and respect, it kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth for them - permanently.

  8. All that has to happen is that the nations of the world unite against Israel. Like a union - no scabs allowed.


  9. I have been harping on this a long time

    Nano gold and silver the soma of the Gods which produces the crystal skull! It is also apparently necessary for the vimana, or flying saucer of the ancient vedics.

    Like I always say

    Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher's Stone - Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)


    1. "vimana, or flying saucer of the ancient vedics."

      William Lyne (Pentagon Aliens) states that the Vedic scriptures mention of (what have been interpreted as) "ufos" can be compared to the ME stories of "flying carpets".

    2. Good link Dub. I sure would like to have a lot of that water. At least I have access to some good spring water.

      The orb photos reminded me of when I had a good camera I took a lot of photos in the dark looking to see if I picked up any orbs. The only places I ever did was in one cemetery and at a spring deep in the hills.

  10. Very good comments from all. Thanks

  11. Kenny I would like to try a few jugs of that myself.

    "anonymous" the Mahabharata took 600 years to write and is 2300 years old. Screw you and william lyne you moron.