Friday, March 9, 2012

Give Me the Money, Put It in My Pocket

Isn't that what almost every politician and the big time religious 'leaders' are all about? 

Early Obama body language.

I haven't yet figured out why Pat "hero of hippies" Robertson has come out for legalization of marijuana but somehow I don't think it's out of compassion or logic. What's next? He'll come out against the current wars and wars to be? Maybe invite Ahmadinejad to brunch? Hardly.

Anti-zionist Christians are few and far between but do exist. 

What is it about treason that the American people don't understand? Leon Panetta asserts that his gang of war criminals have every right in the world to shoot first and inform Congress later and that is exactly what they are going to do.

The report that the US has offered Israel some super-duper advanced weaponry in return for it committing not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities this year reminds me of the deal with Iran that in exchange for money and weapons, Iran would hold the American hostages until after the presidential election of 1980.  That sealed the deal for Reagan's election and it looks like Obama thinks this deal with Israel will assure his re-election. Deals with the devil usually end up not in our best interests.

A little delay in the action gives more time for the bankers and their allies to steal some more. It's all about filling the pockets of a few, isn't it?


  1. Like minds...

    The Pat Robertson thing bothers me, too. I have been working on a post that addresses the same topic.

    Another Preacher Man who is starting to get on board is Jimmy Swaggart. Yeah. He's still beating the TV Money donors.

  2. Yeah, I would almost rather a puke like Robertson didn't agree with us rational folk on that issue. Hes so wrong in so many ways its hard to reconcile him speaking the truth here.

    Off topic, but it sickens me how many people who should kow better are falling for this "Breitbart was killed" bullshit. The guy was a fat zionist cokehead who pushed the phony left/right paradigm. Hes no Gary Webb.

    1. Totally agree.

      Gary Webb was a great journalist in his area of reporting. I can't think of anyone who has stepped up to take his place but I guess most prefer to live and not be shot twice in the head and have it called suicide.

  3. What is Israel doing? Inviting an ill-fated attack on Iran that would leave Israel itself obliterated. Does that even make sense? Maybe that's the plan -- an excuse to release a second strike or strikes (with those nuclear subs dotted around) against various "enemies" in retaliation. Maybe TPTB don't care if Israel is destroyed. Maybe the whole game is to draw in Russia/China against the US, knocking their competitors' heads into each other.

    Is it really about central banking or nuclear capability? Or both - Iran printing its own money and creating its own energy results in an open-system whereby those currently at the top of the food-chain stop getting their food. But then whose next? India, Russia, and China have a high proportion of state-owned banks. Scotland now has RBS - state-owned as of recently. Do Brazil and Venezuela have state-owned banks? All these countries but China and India have their own oil, and India/China have nuclear power. These countries will be next until or unless they can be drawn into a fight to destroy themselves. Anyway, it will never end - until we get public banks and learn to create free energy (or do without).

    I don't care why Robertson is advocating legalizing marijuana - and I don't think people should wait to have their rights returned to them. We have an inherent right to grow what we want and ingest what we want and treat ourselves medically how we want. Don't wait for some bureaucrat to legalize it, make you fill out forms, and then tax it!!!! Fuck that shit.

    E Vero

    1. Maybe TPTB don't care if Israel is destroyed.

      i think that could be the plan-

      do a new 911 'investigation',let israel take the rap for 911 (did they even try and hide their involvement?) pile trillions of reparations on israel, rich jews bail out from israel, nuke the middle east, go back in when the dust settles, welcome to 'the new israel', the zionist extremists are gone, no liablility for the old reparations

    2. It makes perfect sense. The National Socialists and the Zionists were ardent admirers of each other's racial policies and both agreed that there was a Jewish problem. And yet when the Germans were hunting for countries to which they could ship off their Jews, the Zionists refused everyone who wasn't young and fit. Go figure. It's been a while so I can't recall exactly but if you google a book called '51 Documents' (even reading the product description at amazon will knock your socks off) it's there in black and white.

      It's my opinion that the Zionists wanted Jews (useless ones, sure) in concentration camps in order to make the strongest case possible for their victimhood so that they might shame the West into giving them an undeserved statehood. Not forgetting that prior to the seventies 'holocaust' had meant 'burnt sacrifice' and doesn't really make much philological sense in its current usage. However it does make a ton of sense if you view it as a sick joke about a sacrifice to the gods who would grant a nation in return.

      Anyway, the final punchline is that the bankers who made Israel don't actually give a shit about the place and only made it as a stepping stone to their true goal of becoming gods of the new world order. Do any Rothschilds live in Israel? Of course not. Why live in that shit hole when you have villas in Lago di Como and the Riviera etc?

      Anyway given the success of the first sacrifice why not pull the same stunt again only bigger and better? If a sacrifice of sundry Jews brought about a Jewish nation, imagine what a sacrifice of a Jewish nation could bring. The world!

      That's my best guess anyway. Israel, the plucky little hero/victim underdog will be destroyed and we'll all be forced to learn the shame that's been the lot of the Germans and thus submit to our own subjugation. That's my best guess anyway.


      The other possibility is that they have new EMP-like weapons capable of negating every possible thing that might be shot at them and they thus consider themselves impregnable. It's not inconceivable.

  4. p.s. Gary Webb was a terrific journalist.

  5. Iran's not going to bomb Israel using a nuke they don't have.

    Jerusalem is one of Islam's most holy sites and Iran knows that if that place blew up and the blame/false flag was placed on Iran, they'd have most of the entire Muslim world pissed at them.

    It's the same game. Keep gullible Americans scared shitless about non-existent Muslim boogiemen, while Wall Street and the Fed steal what's left of our wealth.

    And keep the weapons flowing to Apartheid Israel, even if it is blackmail.

  6. Greg, I didn't say _who_ would attack Israel if Israel attacked Iran...

    You're right about the weapons (and money) flowing to Israel. Nutty-yahoo did get some weapons out of Obama, didn't he? All that bluster may have been what salesmen call the "door-in-the-face" technique: Make an outrageous request; when that request is inevitably refused, ask for what you really wanted all is accepted because the chump is so relieved not to have to acquiesce to the larger request.

  7. If Israel was to take a hit...China has quite a bit of completely built empty cities just waiting for a couple million refugees (with money, of course) to move into.
    Google Chinas ghost cities - 4.1 millions results
    Here's one :-)

  8. How's the saying go: "when the fox preaches look to your hens." This endless focus on Iran makes me think I should be looking in the opposite direction. I found this article titled "Britian Threatens Nuclear Attack on Argentina"
    seems about right. Nuke a place west while we are looking to the east.

  9. What is the political fix on this one? It is going on all over the globe? it is going on everywhere. In Messina Italy they wanted to call in a priest. Said it was the work of the devil, everything is catching on fire. The earth is changing the magnetic field in resonance with the pyramid!

    "The Orion pyramids of Giza are designed to transduce this exact 1.45 Hz frequency, focusing a natural nonlinear energy field around our planet. The base length of the Great Pyramid has been calibrated precisely to this 1.45 Hz wavelength of 760'. An identical infrasound pulsation has since occurred in Atwater, California."


  10. copy and paste the whole link, it's a google translation, worth a look

    The U.S. Army has been taken over by a "world government"--

  11. excerpt from above site-

    Defense Secretary Panetta: "I want to again make it clear that there was no misunderstanding. When it comes to national defense of this country, U.S. President is empowered by the Constitution to take action. When it comes to operations in which we build coalitions of states to work together, such as in Libya and Bosnia, Afghanistan, we need the consent of NATO or the international community. "

    This conversation confirms the existence of an international conspiracy, in the form of a secret "world government" represented today by the UN, with the informal world army, which has at its disposal including NATO troops. Forces 'international' are to one purpose - to represent the interests of international bankers and Zionists. This has nothing to do with international law.

  12. Amerika and israel are being used as sacrificial pieces on a Rothschild thermonuclear chessboard.

    They will both be totally destroyed. Think Haroshima and Nagasaki but 50 times worse. 200 years of radiation AND one world zionist government creating and loaning out a one world currency backed by 500 billion in gold vaulted in Switzerland.

    Wonder why the chess pieces don't see they are being set up for glass?


  13. maybe no bombs, just 'accidents' like Fukushima for states that reject the new improved Rothschild scrip

  14. Give me the money (back) and put it in my pocket!